Are Mothers OP?

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019
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  • Eismael Hernandez
    Eismael Hernandez 16 hours ago


  • Koby Robs
    Koby Robs 19 hours ago

    Mom used parenting... It showed no effect.
    Son used gang signs... Son succesfully joined gang.
    (Mom is confused)
    Mom uses intimidation... It has no effect... Mom hurt itself.

  • James Cornell
    James Cornell 23 hours ago +1

    Excuse me, but can you please talk about the “Mating” Sidequest? How does each build complete it? It would be a good opportunity to talk about peacocks.

  • Johnberrys Official

    Yo After the 1.3.2 Karens Update My mom started to threaten Store managers. Pls nerf it

  • Nunyo Bisnus
    Nunyo Bisnus Day ago

    To unlock my Karen’s special ability all you need is a minimum wage worker

  • Matt Dodge
    Matt Dodge Day ago

    Where's the music
    At the end from

  • Vad Dey
    Vad Dey 2 days ago +1

    Mom approved.

  • Arcane Wizzy
    Arcane Wizzy 3 days ago

    Karen? Is that you?

  • -p Catalano
    -p Catalano 3 days ago

    I'm not even a gamer and I think these videos are brilliant. Here's a weird idea. How about a plant tier list? Tier... Farm?

  • Gam1ngK1ng 247
    Gam1ngK1ng 247 4 days ago +1

    Do y’all hear the discord notification sound at the beginning of all of these or am I crazy?

  • GoldDropper
    GoldDropper 4 days ago +1

    Everyone play hardcore mode
    Buddhists play survival mode
    Russians play creative mode

  • leopard
    leopard 6 days ago

    Not necessarily. Mothers when faced with the popular nerf, hunger, caused by the human build, may opt to consume their children.

  • Monochrome
    Monochrome 6 days ago

    6:06 Nope. Nope. Nope. Nooooope. *_NOPE!_* Just No......oh dear god why....

  • GodzillaVHs
    GodzillaVHs 6 days ago

    Has no one talked about the efficiency of the Karen soccer mom build?

  • Riaz
    Riaz 6 days ago

    Love that you snuck in a "massive damage" reference.

  • K M
    K M 7 days ago

    My mom is pretty op

  • Skulez
    Skulez 7 days ago

    The intro is of a ying yang vs a spiny thang

    If anyone gets that reference your awesome.

  • Get Ass
    Get Ass 7 days ago

    Only if they have a belt

  • GaChAzAc
    GaChAzAc 7 days ago

    As a geese main when ever I see a human main close to my nest I destroy them with my buff not killing them but keeping them away far from my nest and there’s a another buff parents can get when a child goes missing i often kill fish that try to eat my children to tell them to F off I’m only able to kill the tanks fish because of my two buffs
    P.S uncle jerry killed that human that was try to kill his wife and children HE IS MY HERO

  • Oshe Shango
    Oshe Shango 7 days ago

    Dimetrodon looked more like a rat with a sail than an iguana.

  • Loog Noog
    Loog Noog 8 days ago

    Parenting is basically boosting, allowing low level players to flourish. But if not monitored it allows them to reach levels with miniscule kits. Its not a bad strat, but in human builds, especially in the Asia server, it creates high skilled players with some even entering the pro league. Kinda broken. However, there's a catch, some of the players contract the depression debuff. This is most prominent in players joining the game around patch v.01.09.80 to patch v.02.00.00. It decreases the player's xp by half or even none and has tendencies to crash the client or permabanning the player. Probably a bug

  • Greatsaiyakirby
    Greatsaiyakirby 8 days ago

    The Mammal guild pioneered the "Live Birth" mechanic? I thought the Fish guild did, with some Shark players using it well before the founding of the Mammal guild.

  • Primum venandi
    Primum venandi 9 days ago

    Bloodborne beast sound effect lol

  • Nasty Dino
    Nasty Dino 9 days ago

    Do you believe in evolution???

  • sevenfourtyseven
    sevenfourtyseven 9 days ago

    When dinosaurs run they don't make all that goddamn noise wtf

  • Whoosh me If u have the dumb

    Bruh human mains can be quite effective. Spawning in as subclass “white male” and putting all your points into stealth and intelligence leads you to be bullied. You can then unlock the weapon “pump shotgun” and go on a rampage. So fun

  • Kean Hao
    Kean Hao 10 days ago

    Kakyoin: Yes

  • - Vintic
    - Vintic 10 days ago

    Karen in the thumbnail

  • win win
    win win 10 days ago

    There is no real birth.In fact , it’s just respawning process.

  • 1000 Subs By Comments
    1000 Subs By Comments 10 days ago +1

    No items
    Mother only
    Final Destination

  • Ryan
    Ryan 10 days ago

    Synapsids are stem mammals, we aren't descended from them.

  • Juan Esteban
    Juan Esteban 10 days ago

    I saw an overview of evolution (focusing on human evolution) last semester on University and now I'm like OMG I'M ACTUALLY UNDERSTANDING TIERZOO. (Sorry for the bad English by the way)

  • Dragon razor
    Dragon razor 10 days ago

    6:07 hey that from bug war
    spoiler alert one baby scorpion got knock over
    once it got kicked out of the team, it was considered as an enemy and that means the pro player can kill him so he lived on his own until he forced to fight a small experience spider after so sweaty moments the baby scorp got its first blood.

  • Dragon razor
    Dragon razor 10 days ago

    4:56 IT THE GOOSE

  • lusciouslou
    lusciouslou 10 days ago

    To be fair. That mother moose player already has a huge intimidation stat. That bear player was looking for some easy xp targeting low level players. He didn't want the challenge in the first place.

  • Dakoya
    Dakoya 10 days ago

    Smash much

  • Kristoffer Craig
    Kristoffer Craig 11 days ago

    Mammals dominated the strategy because they are MAMMA Ls

  • Gabriel Borges
    Gabriel Borges 11 days ago

    If she got a chancla she is op

  • Abduwahab Moalin
    Abduwahab Moalin 11 days ago

    The dislikes were from the scavenger dinosaurs killed by the dimitreons

  • Aodds
    Aodds 11 days ago

    Bro if it kills at 0% you know it’s powerful.

  • Lyri Metacurl
    Lyri Metacurl 11 days ago

    Patch "1".1.6 = Permian (for those who didn't know)

  • Altin Misini
    Altin Misini 12 days ago

    Mothers intiminate is sky rocking

  • Harry Almond
    Harry Almond 12 days ago

    Funny Informative and less then 10 minute videos as well as hooking us up with many different free trials. what a guy

  • Chanuth Gunawardene
    Chanuth Gunawardene 12 days ago +1

    Once Mom uses the shout ability its game over!

  • Sunny shine
    Sunny shine 12 days ago


  • Pickle Person
    Pickle Person 12 days ago

    Mothers are op? But I killed like 10 of them already, wasn’t that hard.

  • mariomusicmadness
    mariomusicmadness 12 days ago

    Do a tier list for the planets.

  • Joel Cruces
    Joel Cruces 13 days ago +2

    All I could think of while watching this video was “KARENS, ASSEMBLE”

  • Kameron Davis
    Kameron Davis 13 days ago

    So is this really a game. I’m confused!!

  • I Don't Get It's son.
    I Don't Get It's son. 13 days ago

    Is the John wick build OP

  • Okeh Okeh
    Okeh Okeh 14 days ago

    Another op thing mothhers have is

    Can i speak to ur mannager
    Or karens

  • Nick Wyllie
    Nick Wyllie 14 days ago

    5:48 when daddy's load is too big for you

  • Bears Msp
    Bears Msp 14 days ago

    What game is this, or is evolution being talked about as a game...

  • Bean Drag
    Bean Drag 15 days ago

    What about cichlids?? Especially geophagus and other fish like that👀

  • Charmant_Playz
    Charmant_Playz 15 days ago


  • Caleb Petit
    Caleb Petit 15 days ago

    spawned into a server, and there is a huge clan called the "us government" as a noob, had no idea, so i joined

  • Kevin Bollinger
    Kevin Bollinger 15 days ago

    This is all guessing tho there is no way tp tell how intelligent a animal is when it is extinct lol

  • The Tig Way
    The Tig Way 16 days ago

    Wait what game is this

  • Sir Sandshrew
    Sir Sandshrew 17 days ago

    What the hell type of animal is that at 0:53, the one being ganged up on

  • box assassin
    box assassin 17 days ago +2

    fun fact:Turkish moms can do slipper attack with a buff of 200% extra damage.they can throw the slipper from a distance of 50m.

    • po t
      po t 12 days ago

      damn you beat me to it

  • Aliant
    Aliant 17 days ago

    So many Human mains in the comment section.

    • PRGME7
      PRGME7 14 days ago

      Aliant what you maining?

  • Bahamut Zero
    Bahamut Zero 18 days ago


  • Kell DnB
    Kell DnB 18 days ago

    I’m kinda mad Leaps in Evolution portrays dinosaurs with pronated hands :/

  • Yukon Animations
    Yukon Animations 18 days ago

    my mother was dueling a dog that got too close to her mount while her intimidation was max lmfao

  • Nathan
    Nathan 19 days ago

    Can you tell the devs to nerf the belt item!
    Everytime i get hit by a Mother equipped with the belt my character dies on the spot.

  • Zayden Edwards
    Zayden Edwards 19 days ago

    Talk about superbugs. They're overpowered NPCs that spawn when a character overuses the item "Antibiotics" to balance them by wiping out a large quantity of their team. One very dangerous one is "Candida Auris" a superbug that has a 79% chance to kill the players with low health upon entering a healing structure.

  • The Mantis Shrimp
    The Mantis Shrimp 19 days ago +1

    “(Mammals) in particular were the first to unlock live birth”
    Sharks: Am I a joke to you?

  • catty cat queen
    catty cat queen 19 days ago

    Wait humans are supposed to protect noobs? My mom support isn't do a good job

  • Pdog 10
    Pdog 10 19 days ago

    *cough*how does this work for a karen.

  • Jake playzstuff
    Jake playzstuff 20 days ago

    Yo what you play as I be eagle

  • Izamanaick
    Izamanaick 20 days ago

    Yeah, go ahead and joke. Just you wait until she wants to talk to the manager.

  • DP&NG city
    DP&NG city 20 days ago +1

    My mother's base stats in attack: 540
    My mother's base stats when she's mad: 540 trillion

  • Mango Mangay
    Mango Mangay 21 day ago

    Parenting is just a nice way of saying power-leveling. I hate mammals so goddamn much.

  • LaurentRun
    LaurentRun 22 days ago


  • Donkey Kong Jr.
    Donkey Kong Jr. 22 days ago