As Seen On TV EGG Gadgets TESTED!

  • Published on Dec 9, 2018
  • We TESTED interesting "AS SEEN ON TV" Egg Gizmos, Gadgets and Tools to find out what's worth the money! Links To All Products Used (below):
    • Whisk (Scramble Egg In Shell):
    • Egg Stripper (By Grania):
    • Mr. Sniffles Egg Separator:
    • Color Changing EGG TIMER:
    • Perfect Egg Cooker (Copper Chef):
    More EGG Gadgets Tested:
    --More As Seen On TV TESTED--
    • Weird Toilet Gadgets:
    • Home Gizmos:
    • Outdoor and Gardening:
    • Cleaning Gadgets:
    • Home Organizers:
    • Car Devices:
    • Pest Control Gadgets:
    • Cool Car Gadgets:
    • Bathroom Gadgets:
    • Kitchen Tools:
    • DIY Versions of TV Products:

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  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  6 months ago +647

    🐔- Cluck Cluck Ba-Gawk! Bawk cluck RAWK, bawk bawk 👉

  • The drawing club -_-
    The drawing club -_- 18 hours ago


    not a soul:

    ME: *whats a "my space"*

  • Edi David
    Edi David Day ago

    1:05 My mind during an exam.

  • Kirby Is breathing fire

    *shook the stripper vigorously*

  • ARandomPerson
    ARandomPerson 2 days ago

    This has been in my reccomendations for so long now

  • Wolsky Hubert
    Wolsky Hubert 2 days ago

    Soooooooo much egg pun

  • Yogurt Tophat
    Yogurt Tophat 3 days ago

    Don’t put all your baskets in one egg

  • Dr. Guru
    Dr. Guru 3 days ago

    That tenga egg at the beginning was great.

  • Ivy - the - Demon
    Ivy - the - Demon 4 days ago

    i fuckgn hate mr sniffles

  • THEeggster
    THEeggster 4 days ago

    I beat my mea-- I MEAN EGGS

  • AnNoYInG HUmAn
    AnNoYInG HUmAn 4 days ago +1

    2:40 LMAO, Dylan is hilarious sksksks

  • Brad Clark
    Brad Clark 6 days ago

    Anyone else get really triggered when they used the egg scrambler and then just cracked them into the pan instead of hard boiling them

  • Marc Louie C
    Marc Louie C 6 days ago

    If anyone buys any of this, you must be the most laziest person ever... I mean why not spend money on these if you can just whisk your self

  • Sporty Gorty
    Sporty Gorty 7 days ago

    Frank just fucking died in beginning

  • Jeff D
    Jeff D 8 days ago


  • TheBooBooBear
    TheBooBooBear 8 days ago +1

    I have that egg timer, it s actually really good!

  • Eric Holstien
    Eric Holstien 9 days ago

    Householdhacker is howtobasic!

  • levi nagy
    levi nagy 10 days ago +3

    "You wanna get Andre here,3000 revolutions/minute." Dont worry,I got your joke.

  • YourTypicalWolf
    YourTypicalWolf 11 days ago +1

    1:24 RIP Andre

  • Random Gaming
    Random Gaming 11 days ago

    No egg where harmed in the making

  • Kristofer Wood
    Kristofer Wood 13 days ago

    Have you ever made scrambled eggs with Pepsi, cause it's great

  • Link 2089
    Link 2089 15 days ago

    Mr sniffles is disgusting

    LIT VLOGS 17 days ago +3

    All these gadgets are


  • [DE]layed HoE
    [DE]layed HoE 18 days ago

    I've heard so many darkest dungeon references, that's great

  • Robyn LANE
    Robyn LANE 18 days ago

    Wait I am naming egg they are not my pet there food
    Random person.animal are food also
    Me.I know but eggs are not alive
    Egg.hold my beer

  • TJC Football
    TJC Football 19 days ago

    Can I just say, what has the world come to

  • Gaga Benson
    Gaga Benson 19 days ago

    I got the copper cheif maker works well

  • Ruby Cooper
    Ruby Cooper 20 days ago +1

    H-he killed my dog! HE KILLED MY FRANKIE BOY!

  • thefreakpriest
    thefreakpriest 21 day ago +1

    “Shake the stripper”

  • I'm a loser
    I'm a loser 22 days ago

    Why are these all eggs gadgets

  • Ms Geo
    Ms Geo 22 days ago

    8:15 "overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer".
    Why is there a darkest dungeon reference in an egg video

  • Jason & Jennifer Brunell

    No eggs were harmed during the making of this vid
    Me : welp that was false

  • Ricardo Trejo
    Ricardo Trejo 22 days ago


  • Katrina Williams
    Katrina Williams 22 days ago

    For anyone buying these products...please send me the money instead of throwing it away!!!!!

  • Super Matt 1234
    Super Matt 1234 22 days ago

    Mr sniffles reminds me of Carl from jimmy neutron but bald...

  • LesserLifeForm
    LesserLifeForm 22 days ago

    Whether your Eating em
    Secreting em
    Or just plain beating em
    Children are-

  • Pear Nation
    Pear Nation 22 days ago

    The egg stripper was kinda hot not gonna lie

  • boss hog
    boss hog 25 days ago

    This song rocks! 😎🤘🏻

  • Diane Newman
    Diane Newman 26 days ago

    Mr sniffles is gross, a glass jar and water shake and take the shells off the egg

  • Sword Slasher
    Sword Slasher 26 days ago

    This really makes me hungry for eggs

  • //Haxard SlayDudE//
    //Haxard SlayDudE// 27 days ago

    I like beating my egg

  • Chinken
    Chinken 27 days ago

    *No eggs were hurt in this video*

  • Andre Bowman
    Andre Bowman 28 days ago +1

    0:57 why you pick meeeeeee ?

  • dakota bruno
    dakota bruno 29 days ago

    wtf am i doing with my life at 1:21 am

    also i found out that if you put am or pm after a time on RUclip comments it goes from this 1:00 to this 1:00 am

  • Joseph Perkins
    Joseph Perkins Month ago

    8:14 was that a darkest dungeon reference

  • benjovi55
    benjovi55 Month ago

    Life hack for eggs. You can literally break them on anything, a counter, on each other, with your pimp hand. Pretty sweet.

  • Elias Gonzales
    Elias Gonzales Month ago

    Couldn’t you just shake the egg 🥚 and it will be scrambled 🤔

  • Bart Linthorst
    Bart Linthorst Month ago +2

    the egg timer only works once, I had one and after using it once it didn't get the red color back

  • MariDu
    MariDu Month ago

    In America is everything plastic. Even the eggs.

  • Faktor
    Faktor Month ago

    What the fuck is wrong with Mr Sniffles designers? They made a product to help with making food and associated it with something people find disgusting.
    That's beyond retarded.

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson Month ago +1

    Did they really say to follow them on MySpace and Friendster? Are you kidding!? 😂

  • 《 Tostito 》
    《 Tostito 》 Month ago

    0:01 hm.. I wonder what that tenga egg is doing there..

  • Young Playboi
    Young Playboi Month ago

    I watched how to play with eggs for 10:00 on RUclip at 2 am... help me

  • ofu lu
    ofu lu Month ago

    Is the spatula made of hot glue?????? What am I looking at? 1:32

  • Andini Wirawan
    Andini Wirawan Month ago

    Or... use socks to twist and pull the egg.-.

  • Noob9000
    Noob9000 Month ago

    I actually have an egg timer

  • Noob9000
    Noob9000 Month ago

    The whisk is more used for golden hard boiled egg

  • Tetra Digm
    Tetra Digm Month ago

    i hate eggs, but i kind of want that perfect egg maker.

  • Susan Merlin
    Susan Merlin Month ago +12

    Love the tengra egg in the carton at the beginning.

  • Jyush Box
    Jyush Box Month ago +1

    Lost my shit at the tenga egg. Wtf

  • Jam Hold
    Jam Hold Month ago +2


  • Dennis winterberg
    Dennis winterberg Month ago

    Dang:l I died

  • Not A bot I swear
    Not A bot I swear Month ago

    The egg puns tho

  • Nigel Lane
    Nigel Lane Month ago +1

    Boi was that a Tenga?? Dead!

  • Fortnite Pro
    Fortnite Pro Month ago +1

    Rip those eggs

  • Pyroman /
    Pyroman / Month ago

    That thumb nail ahahhah

  • Bango Azure
    Bango Azure Month ago

    Damnit with the hearthstone references XD

  • nxwhere
    nxwhere Month ago

    10:04 i was actually playing hearthstone while watching this and got really confused why my game was so loud all of a sudden

  • chris jackso
    chris jackso Month ago

    Will these inventions work on Crow eggs?

  • Paul Higdon
    Paul Higdon Month ago +1

    I like to watch these videos when it's past 3am and I've had 3 shots of whiskey.

  • Killerpanda21
    Killerpanda21 Month ago

    This vid was eggselent

  • watermellon the rainwing

    Idk why im watching this because im allergic to eggs

  • Sandi pro
    Sandi pro Month ago

    4:20 just use a plastic bottle plssss

  • FineDude
    FineDude Month ago



  • Nathan Trantham
    Nathan Trantham Month ago

    Did literally nobody catch the Andre 3000 reference??

  • Crunchy_ Meat
    Crunchy_ Meat Month ago

    These gadgets kind of ruin the fun of cooking

  • Animals K8 69
    Animals K8 69 Month ago

    That was an EGGXELLENT review 😂

  • Vladmir Putin
    Vladmir Putin Month ago

    4:04 tissue not found.

  • miku hatsune
    miku hatsune Month ago

    he made a hearthstone joke xD

  • BlueArt 1015
    BlueArt 1015 Month ago


  • 유창완
    유창완 Month ago +1

    I know that eggs aren't the things that are beaten in 0:02

  • Turtle Person
    Turtle Person Month ago

    Violet: 5:22

  • yootooberkev15
    yootooberkev15 Month ago

    0:00-0:03 that’s what she said

  • Nyx773
    Nyx773 Month ago +1

    6:25 Where can I pick up a 14-pack of eggs?
    If 13 is a baker's dozen, what is 14?

  • Aaron Ninja GG
    Aaron Ninja GG Month ago +1

    Everyone called me A A Ron for the first day we met

  • Jonathan Baughman
    Jonathan Baughman Month ago

    I was so mad when he didn't try scrambled boiled eggs


    It’s still spelled Dirt. It’s just pronounce Dírté

  • Tobias
    Tobias Month ago

    The old style yolk/white separators worked best and fast. Considering that I NEVER cook in plastic or aluminum or in a microwave all this stuff is just money extracting gimmicks. If you want a perfectly timed hard boiled egg, just sing the first 15 verses of "Where has all the custard gone" and voila!

  • TheGrimOne Playz
    TheGrimOne Playz Month ago +1

    A good alternate to all this items is

    Don't be lazy

  • The Golden minecart//TGM

    those pun's tho...

  • Anonymoose
    Anonymoose Month ago

    Brother, I was eatin' me some cheetos when your Thumbnail put an end to that.

  • Cristine Hodges
    Cristine Hodges Month ago

    you can just shake the egg

  • Baby Alive Day Camp

    The f strip club for eggs 2:37

  • Josh Verley
    Josh Verley Month ago

    Im an egg!!

  • Soul_ Eater2900
    Soul_ Eater2900 Month ago


    Thank me later

  • Simon S.
    Simon S. Month ago +1

    First one is crap. I use two or more eggs for my scrambled eggs.

  • Ardian Rahmatul Sugianto

    Do u eat all egg that your cook?

  • Maggie Givens
    Maggie Givens Month ago

    why am I watching this im allergic to eggs

  • Anna Gilhooly
    Anna Gilhooly Month ago


  • Adrian Flores
    Adrian Flores Month ago

    This looks eggciting. (Not)