As Seen On TV EGG Gadgets TESTED!

  • Published on Dec 9, 2018
  • We TESTED interesting "AS SEEN ON TV" Egg Gizmos, Gadgets and Tools to find out what's worth the money! Links To All Products Used (below):
    • Whisk (Scramble Egg In Shell):
    Egg Stripper (By Grania):
    • Mr. Sniffles Egg Separator:
    • Color Changing EGG TIMER:
    • Perfect Egg Cooker (Copper Chef):
    More EGG Gadgets Tested:
    --More As Seen On TV TESTED--
    • Weird Toilet Gadgets:
    • Home Gizmos:
    • Outdoor and Gardening:
    • Cleaning Gadgets:
    • Home Organizers:
    • Car Devices:
    • Pest Control Gadgets:
    • Cool Car Gadgets:
    • Bathroom Gadgets:
    • Kitchen Tools:
    • DIY Versions of TV Products:

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  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  10 months ago +709

    🐔- Cluck Cluck Ba-Gawk! Bawk cluck RAWK, bawk bawk 👉

    • Bad at Usernames
      Bad at Usernames 21 day ago

      Wise words there

    • 1980woodpixie
      1980woodpixie 22 days ago


    • canberk çavuşoğlu
      canberk çavuşoğlu 2 months ago

      4:17 If you are going to seperate the egg whites. Use a bottle cap or a plastic bottle. Best way with the plastic bottle is to first-squeeze the bottle then get the mouth of the bottle to yellow of the egg then suck it. It is the best way

    • Sploopyde
      Sploopyde 4 months ago

      Backa ka kaw

    • Ruby Cooper
      Ruby Cooper 4 months ago

      I’m pretty sure he’s saying ‘make sure you watch part 2 of this!’

  • Vikings are better
    Vikings are better 2 hours ago

    $35 gadget *VS* $200 powerdrill + $100 set of tops + $10 drill "top driver" adapter + 5$ rubberbands
    What a great hack! 😂

  • Mini Tefu
    Mini Tefu 5 days ago +1

    Eggselent video

  • storm endless
    storm endless 7 days ago +1

    2:10, 7:15: ??????????

  • MidPage Studios
    MidPage Studios 10 days ago

    *some body come get her shes dancen like a striper*

  • Crummii
    Crummii 10 days ago

    When my 2 hour nosebleeds (Yes I had 2 hour nosebleed) are actually good for something: 5:21

  • Monado6
    Monado6 15 days ago

    Do not buy egglets it leaves a terrible aftertaste.

  • Monado6
    Monado6 15 days ago

    I got the copper egg. Best purchase I ever made as an egg lover

  • Amelia
    Amelia 17 days ago

    0:09 How Filthy Frank died

  • cYbErBeAsTeR BR
    cYbErBeAsTeR BR 17 days ago

    2:37 how to basics wants to know your location

  • Guuse.
    Guuse. 18 days ago

    You can scramble an egg in its shell with a tube sock for free lol

  • Minor Pear
    Minor Pear 19 days ago

    Was that Myspace outro a joke?

  • Cartoon 89
    Cartoon 89 20 days ago


  • 1980woodpixie
    1980woodpixie 22 days ago

    a-a-bon rip

  • 1980woodpixie
    1980woodpixie 22 days ago

    JOE NO

  • 1980woodpixie
    1980woodpixie 22 days ago


  • 1980woodpixie
    1980woodpixie 22 days ago

    DENNIS NOooo

  • 1980woodpixie
    1980woodpixie 22 days ago


  • Percey Kransen
    Percey Kransen 22 days ago

    Egg jokes really?

  • Joshua Shuttleworth-Tuttle

    im glad joe dirt is remembered

  • Wait. That's a dead meme Vincent

    Can someone make the death order of the eggs?

  • Dan Nguyen
    Dan Nguyen 25 days ago

    2:51 did you put raw eggs in there?

  • lilu globen
    lilu globen 27 days ago


  • Absolute Trash
    Absolute Trash 29 days ago

    "About 8 solid minutes later, you should have a photogenic omelette worthy of your horrible instagram!" 💀💀💀

  • Absolute Trash
    Absolute Trash 29 days ago

    Love how he did more effort on Danny Trejo's egg 😂

  • Jason Castillo
    Jason Castillo 29 days ago +1

    3:24 this is for me

  • Glacies.Yin
    Glacies.Yin Month ago

    Wait... So the copper chef egg maker is just... A steamer...

    OMXLS Month ago +2

    Seeing the thumbnail reminds me of allergy season oh dear god.

  • AnE none
    AnE none Month ago

    I shook the STRIPPER Vigorously until my song was up

  • Little Larvitar
    Little Larvitar Month ago

    "if you wanna see her flash it, put some cash in"
    never... ever thought id hear that in a video about eggs but... im not disappointed

  • Magick Li
    Magick Li Month ago

    Why would you name them 😂🤧🔥

  • Ben Hawkes
    Ben Hawkes Month ago

    That nose is ducking disgusting

    NACHO NATION Month ago

    6:11 *_Succ_*

  • Chandra Satrio
    Chandra Satrio Month ago +1

    Hold on! Is that TENGA EGG? I see what you did there!

  • Justin Yoo
    Justin Yoo Month ago

    No eggs were harmed in this video

  • VhorsG - Growtopia
    VhorsG - Growtopia Month ago +1

    so noone goin tall about that
    one of the eggs got named "Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch"

  • midnight craz Player

    Your supposed to put the top back on before starting

  • Gucci Mei-ne
    Gucci Mei-ne Month ago


  • Trendy Tendie
    Trendy Tendie Month ago +1

    This is my 5th as seen on TV video why am I watching these at 1 AM

  • Rolando Reyes jr
    Rolando Reyes jr Month ago


  • Meme Boy
    Meme Boy Month ago


  • Pyjama Kid
    Pyjama Kid Month ago

    Those are the egg that die (of course I edit so the reply won’t make sense)
    Eggs Benedict (I cannot see the last word
    Edit: I think that all there more egg but I think they don’t have a name:/

  • Tamara Gress
    Tamara Gress Month ago

    R.I.P Frank The Egg
    We Will Miss You

  • R. Wong
    R. Wong Month ago

    I love a stripper where eggs *strip*

  • Frog Jog
    Frog Jog Month ago +1

    egg stripper ha lol

  • Omar Santana
    Omar Santana 2 months ago +1

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  • legendXsniper 66
    legendXsniper 66 2 months ago +1

    9:30 I see what you did there

  • allen
    allen 2 months ago

    lul, i just noticed the tenga egg ref.

  • LaroTayoGaming
    LaroTayoGaming 2 months ago

    I will definitely put some cash on that stripper.

  • Search Seven
    Search Seven 2 months ago

    Mmmmm... Twenty eggs.

  • Unknown Demon
    Unknown Demon 2 months ago

    Buttered Side Down has left the chat

    *HowToBasic has joined the chat*

  • LudicrousEducation
    LudicrousEducation 2 months ago

    I lost my crap when I saw the egg strippers

  • Anderson Do
    Anderson Do 2 months ago

    I have the last one

  • Noah J.S. Photo
    Noah J.S. Photo 2 months ago

    The first one is good for pranks

  • XD Dire save pepol Plz subscribe

    No Dennis died

  • Helena Playz
    Helena Playz 2 months ago

    -most kind of eggs eaten in 10 minutes-

  • Dankreema Owo
    Dankreema Owo 2 months ago

    Frank died in the intro

  • LILLY9880
    LILLY9880 2 months ago

    I’m addicted to watching this i used to when i was little and forgot about it but i remembered it so here i am now 😅😂😄

  • xXwolf_playsXx
    xXwolf_playsXx 2 months ago


  • ClouT_Yapur
    ClouT_Yapur 2 months ago

    imagine all of these were sponsors