• Published on Jul 1, 2019
  • "PA PA YA!! (feat. F.HERO) "
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  • 陳傳竣
    陳傳竣 Minute ago


  • cph4
    cph4 3 minutes ago

    Owalah jancok

  • Tien1million
    Tien1million 47 minutes ago

    One of the girls is different.

    • Isa Subs
      Isa Subs 4 minutes ago

      yeah, yui left the band

  • RAMIH 猫猫
    RAMIH 猫猫 Hour ago

    Папа я сапоги ?

  • Fuck Google
    Fuck Google Hour ago

    What the fuck is this?

  • kai
    kai 2 hours ago +2

    the way this is my favorite song and i dont even like metal😭

  • devil Slayer the devil princess

    That was awesome and that was incredible of this summer you guys are the best keep moving on with Babymetal rock on forever✌😄✌👺👹👾

  • Ben Siener
    Ben Siener 3 hours ago

    No wonder they are so skinny. They are constantly bouncing around like an adhd kid on crystal meth lol.

  • 尾崎あやき
    尾崎あやき 4 hours ago +1

    鞘師さんが正式にメンバーになりますように( • ̀ω•́ )✧

  • Papel Caracol
    Papel Caracol 5 hours ago

    wow nada mal

  • Marjan Sven
    Marjan Sven 7 hours ago +2

    papaya is delicious and so sweet

  • Vicky Alvarado
    Vicky Alvarado 7 hours ago +3


  • Mr.Space
    Mr.Space 7 hours ago +2


  • Максим Шевченко

    Сильный вокал от Su!!

  • Deep Dubey
    Deep Dubey 8 hours ago +7

    MOA metal is a goddess😍😍😍

  • Deep Dubey
    Deep Dubey 8 hours ago +5

    Now papaya is my favorite fruit! How did this happen?

  • Deep Dubey
    Deep Dubey 9 hours ago +5

    The crowd is LIT!

  • かちた
    かちた 9 hours ago +3


  • Raven Kitty
    Raven Kitty 10 hours ago +4

    I have this on loudspeakers and dancing 😍😍😍🤣🤣🤣


    Fujihira Kano I love her!

  • Zach Frost
    Zach Frost 10 hours ago +6

    Not gonna lie i stumbled upon these group but totally worth it😭

  • Allen Jann
    Allen Jann 11 hours ago +2

    all this ppl just to sing a fruit.

  • 現場猫
    現場猫 12 hours ago +4

    I'm Japanese and I don't understand Thai but I can feel he's MASSIVE

  • Blair Ross
    Blair Ross 12 hours ago +5

    Heavy metal, rock, pop, rap...🤯 Keep it coming ladies. You just earned one more fan in the USA!

  • KHF-80 eg
    KHF-80 eg 12 hours ago +1


  • 絕對無感
    絕對無感 13 hours ago +2

    意外的好聽 wtf

  • Johann Hamel
    Johann Hamel 13 hours ago +12

    My first reaction to this band was : what the fuck. Then 30 seconds after: i love this. I introduced them to my 9 year old daughter, she love them. When we have car rides to do, we pop in a album.

  • らむ
    らむ 15 hours ago +3

    Fucking Heroe is lit.

  • patay Chanel
    patay Chanel 17 hours ago +4


  • Nox Box
    Nox Box 17 hours ago +8

    They are the most famous and Takae red Japanese artist known internationally.
    I also like it because they are not some weird J-POP or K-POP weirdo kawaii soulless group

    • blood moon
      blood moon 2 hours ago

      u might want to rethink that first idea cause i can think of a few other music artist out of japan that are more well known mostly because they have been involved in music longer and have stuff used for opening themes to some rather hugely known animes lol

  • mahiro _Lab.
    mahiro _Lab. 18 hours ago +6


  • i.k.X弐号
    i.k.X弐号 18 hours ago +5


  • Solid Snek
    Solid Snek 19 hours ago +5

    I think of this as related to Papayas Don't Die by Powerwolf

  • LakiPakki
    LakiPakki 19 hours ago +4

    Когда стал папой)0)0)

  • アタリキューブ
    アタリキューブ 20 hours ago +4

    I'm a recent fan and while I still have yet to remember their names i absolutely wanna go to their concert

    • FreddyYUL
      FreddyYUL 20 hours ago +5

      There you go :

  • PC Gamer18
    PC Gamer18 21 hour ago +6

    Pa Pa Yaaaaaa🤘🏻🤘🏻🇯🇵🇯🇵

  • Saul Enrique Gonzalez Espinosa

    thats the name of a fruit in Mexico xd

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner 8 hours ago +1

      @Saul Enrique Gonzalez Espinosa It's the name of a fruit in this song as well. : )
      And the rap section in Thai is about spicy papaya salad.

  • Tum SP
    Tum SP 21 hour ago +6

    Fc F.Hero 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭

  • Rizz _sui
    Rizz _sui 23 hours ago +10


  • Billie TheOne
    Billie TheOne Day ago +8

    I hope yui will comeback one day:)
    It's not easy to forget about her.. she had been a part of babymetal for 7 years. It's not easy to replace her with another girl. I hope those avenger girls will never be an official member, and the reason they exist is because to wait yui will comeback one day 😊
    I miss you yui chan😥😥

    • SugaryToxic
      SugaryToxic 6 minutes ago

      Billie TheOne they said she was doing better and that she wants persue her dreams as Yui Mizuno,not Yui-Metal. The 3 chosen avengers have already been revealed too

    • Billie TheOne
      Billie TheOne 41 minute ago

      @SugaryToxic and if koba decide to make one of the avenger girls become an official member I will stop hoping for her to comeback

    • Billie TheOne
      Billie TheOne 48 minutes ago

      @SugaryToxic no.. she has an illness right? Thats the reason why she has to stop. But let's wait for her to recover

    • SugaryToxic
      SugaryToxic 6 hours ago

      I miss Yui too,but we have to move on and hope the best for the band and Yui herself. She wants to follow her own dreams and i cant wait to see her doing whatever makes her happy ❤️

  • Mikays !
    Mikays ! Day ago +6

    let's go for 10 million views!!

  • Harry t
    Harry t Day ago +9

    After all the crap that went down with the Yui situation and the weird outfits I will always remember this song that brought me back to BabyMetal. Once you hear it you can’t stay away

  • henoheno moheji
    henoheno moheji Day ago +16


  • Kevin Thews
    Kevin Thews Day ago +38

    One million views a week for 7 weeks straight. That's awesome! Congratulations!

  • Mik MacB
    Mik MacB Day ago +6

    There's many directions BabyMetal could go and experiment that would be cool. Symphonic metal would be a great one, but this is really irritating me that they keep going deeper and deeper into the rap/hiphop direction. They were one of my very favorite groups for years but they're starting to turn me off now! Lose the hiphop please!

    • FloppyHares
      FloppyHares 4 hours ago

      It's just one part of one song on the entire album. This album has a wide variety of songs on it, like the previous albums, and this is just one small part. So, to say that they're "going deeper and deeper into the rap/hiphop direction" is unfounded.

    • Mik MacB
      Mik MacB 21 hour ago

      @Billie TheOne Hehe, I have, and I really like all the other new songs I've heard, but I want to like them all just like I did with their first two CD's, even the hip-hopy songs they did before I liked, but geees, at least take a brake from the rap, instead they make it a bigger deal, and I don't like it.

    • Mik MacB
      Mik MacB 22 hours ago

      @Kevin Thews Ya, I know that sir, I've been listening to them for almost 6 years now, but why do they keep coming back to rap? We've had it on all three CD's now and they seem to be making it a more important thing now by adding an actual rapper to their show. There's a lot of other things they could do. The Middle Eastern thing they did on this CD was new and very cool, but why keep going back to rap? It's just my opinion but I don't like rap and I know I can speak for a lot of metal fans who don't like rap and rap culture either. They're just going to lose some of their original fans if they keep doing that.

    • Billie TheOne
      Billie TheOne Day ago +1

      Try another song xq

    • fl7888
      fl7888 Day ago +3

      @Kevin Thews And Onedari Daisakusen (featuring Fred Durst's voice!), GJ! (Yui & Moa themself rap to the end), 4 No Uta (has great raggae parts where Kami Band show off their great abilities), these are awesome!!

  • randopersono 101
    randopersono 101 Day ago +15

    Ahh they grew up so much I can't, just the fact I'm the same age as the lead singer is just amazing to me because I can grow up along side them and watch them become more and more successful and enjoy what they do while I sit and watch them while eating doritos on my bed 😂❤

  • hirochi suzuke
    hirochi suzuke Day ago +4


  • danii so what
    danii so what Day ago +28

    I can't take this song out of my head anymore, it's ... it's ... it's ... PAPAYAAAA!

  • Diana Dianochka
    Diana Dianochka Day ago +10

    Какая прелесть!😍
    Даже жаль, что на тех же видео с откровенной фигнёй намного больше лайков и просмотров(

    • ZsGhost81
      ZsGhost81 16 hours ago +1

      @Diana Dianochka а, ну если про вообще всякую хрень с ютуба, то да, тут оно, действительно, временами за гранью понимания)))

    • Diana Dianochka
      Diana Dianochka 18 hours ago

      @ZsGhost81 я не про старлайт и дисторшен

    • ZsGhost81
      ZsGhost81 Day ago

      Это у каких же? Если речь про старлайт и дисторшен, то папая их уже обошла по всем пунктам

  • kian hoover
    kian hoover Day ago +37

    I'm an old fan and i had goosebumps the whole way through and almost cried.

    • Audra Sargent
      Audra Sargent Day ago +1

      Just admit it, you where crying (lol).
      Just know I am crying right now listening to them.

  • William of Y
    William of Y Day ago +14

    I shouldn't like this......really I shouldn't, but its kinda cool....I guess in between them solving physics and calculus equations they found time to perform too.

    • Kevin Thews
      Kevin Thews Day ago +8

      It's Party/Goodtimes music that feels strange to a Metalhead whose been bombarded by darkness in music for decades. It was awesome finding this music that feeds my light-side instead of the Darkness in me...

  • Tk Pj
    Tk Pj Day ago +3

    แค่วงไอดอลเฉยๆ ก็เป็นอะไรแปลกใหม่มากสำหรับผมแล้ว แต่นี่วงไอดอลที่+กับเพลงmetal มันเป็นอะไรแปลกมากๆและใหม่มากๆสำหรับผม ดูภายนอกเหมือนจะไม่น่าเข้ากันได้ แต่พอได้สัมผัสก็ดันเข้ากันได้แบบไม่น่าเชื่อ โดยเฉพาะเพลงนี้ดีแบบ ดีเยี่ยมยอดไปเลยอะครัล

  • NAVI zevs
    NAVI zevs Day ago +3


  • Direk Punto
    Direk Punto Day ago +6

    ใส่หูฟัง ฟังเพราะมาก

  • Basil salee
    Basil salee Day ago +3


    • LVK Channel
      LVK Channel Day ago

      เรียกง่ายๆ วงนี้มี เมมเบอร์ 3 คน กับอีก 1 วงแบ็คอัพ 3 คนก้ร้องหลัก1 อีก2 เป็นซัพ แต่ทั้ง.3 คือเมมเบอร์เท่าเทียมกัน

  • 阿賢
    阿賢 Day ago +5


  • Ekiz Jose
    Ekiz Jose Day ago +11

    Fuck, this is good! Especially the rap part.

  • みぁ
    みぁ Day ago +12


  • บังแจ๊ค จอมโกหก

    คนไทยมาทางนี้ดิ บอกเลย โคตรเดือด

  • Andrey Popov
    Andrey Popov Day ago +4

    Ждем их в феврале в Питере.

  • Joposhnik
    Joposhnik Day ago +3


  • Raynor696
    Raynor696 Day ago +3

    Papaya Metal?

  • 五郎玉乗
    五郎玉乗 Day ago +5

    Listen now?

  • 龍之介みつき
    龍之介みつき Day ago +8

    I Love This Music

  • BlockFamDex
    BlockFamDex Day ago +9

    2:58 - I got total goosebumps when that breakdown hit

  • Noushino Reigns
    Noushino Reigns Day ago +5

    Leave the papaya alone!🤣🤣

  • Fran Carabajal
    Fran Carabajal Day ago +10

    They're so iconic

  • Dubstep Queen
    Dubstep Queen 2 days ago +15

    English lyrics
    Is your talent the best yet strongest? You know what?
    Let yourself lit on fire, all through your body and soul!

    Bring it on bring it!
    Bring it on bring it!
    Bring bring bring bring it!
    Bring bring bring bring it!

    It's the festival! It's the festival!
    It's the festival! It's the festival!
    Make it loud! Make it loud!
    Make it loud! YO! PA PA YA BOYS
    Dance! Dance!
    Dance! PA! PA! PA PA YA GIRLS

    Best yet strongest, bring them on! You know what?
    Let themselves lit on fire, all through its desperate situation!

    Bring it on bring it!
    Bring it on bring it!
    Bring bring bring bring it!
    Bring bring bring bring it!

    It's the festival! It's the festival!
    It's the festival! It's the festival!
    Make it loud! Make it loud!
    Make it loud! YO! PA PA YA SONG
    Dance! Dance!
    Dance! PA! PA! PA PA YA DANCE

    Rap, Rap, Molam, Rock, Rock
    Let the fortunes bring something to us, knock, knock!
    Life is like a Chocolate Box Box
    Mix and mash up like Papaya-Pok-Pok
    Knock, knock, knock, struggling
    Pound our lives with some happiness and sadness
    Papaya needs to be pound hard
    So it can be yummy, crispy and delicious
    Live your life fast like Thailand rider.
    Make your life feels hot and spicy cause this is summer!
    “I was Lightning Before the Thunder
    Som-tam and Sashimi we’re gonna have some fun.
    Baby, girls, Hanaka
    Go order your bikinis from Lazada
    Jumpin' in the Pool La La La
    Let the sunburn. We’re gonna PAPAYA

    Bring it on bring it!
    Bring it on bring it!
    Bring bring bring bring it!

    It's the festival! It's the festival!
    It's the festival! It's the festival!
    Dance! Make it loud!
    Dance! Make it loud!
    Dance! Make it loud!
    Make it loud! PA! PA! PARTY TIME!

  • Jo_kai 394
    Jo_kai 394 2 days ago +28

    This is not the music I normally listen to...
    This is japanese...
    What am I doing here?
    Anyway...I'm staying. :3

  • siXsiXsiX 666
    siXsiXsiX 666 2 days ago +12

    I LOVE MOA 😍😍😍

  • n.e. newlight
    n.e. newlight 2 days ago +7

    7.17862 @ 450am
    view : 6,912,961++++
    'ment : 15,310

  • oddity3927
    oddity3927 2 days ago +12

    OK want more like this.

  • The Giant
    The Giant 2 days ago +10

    I wanna have a very adorable mosh pit to this......

  • Ryu Sensei
    Ryu Sensei 2 days ago +1

    Watashi wa sore ga sukidesuga, watashi wa anata no koe o yoku kiku koto ga dekiru yō ni isutoru no oto ga sukoshi chīsakereba yoi to kakushin shite imasuga, watashi wa fande wanainode machigatte iru kamo shiremasen

  • MicShazam
    MicShazam 2 days ago

    They can sing, they can dance, but otherwise, it doesn't really sound that good to me.

    • Kevin Thews
      Kevin Thews Day ago +2

      This is one song. They do not have another that sounds like it. Every song in their repertoire is VASTLY different from the next. No other band even comes close to covering all the Metal sub-genres they have in every show. They even create new sub-genres with their experimentation. They are the greatest Metal tribute band that has ever existed (ever song is a nod to a band or a tribute to a style or now, culture). Check them out Live with Live audio before you make judgements (This is the over-produced studio audio over concert footage). Glastonbury's audio was poorly mixed by a technician used to Pop, plus a kick mic wasn't working, so other Live than that show.