'Liberal Rednecks' Trae Crowder, Corey Forrester & Drew Morgan Talk Being Liberal in the South

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Автор Benjamin Cox ( назад)
How can you say that Jesus was ok with being gay....it's in the Bible. Like literally in the Bible, so are a lot of other things that people choose not to talk about so I'm not bashing gays. I actually don't mind that mentality one bit. However, the Bible is pretty plain and clear in that aspect.

Автор Jenna Gass ( назад)
I love Trae and his friends seem cool as well, would like to sit down and have a beer with them.

Автор James Hulka ( назад)
The best part (I thought) was where when Corey said we wrote this book for 2 reasons. That there are people in the South who aren't the typical backwards, ignorant, redneck, bigots, etc... and also to point to their fellow southerners and say "Hey when you do stupid stuff like x, y, z, that's why the rest of America and the world thinks of the South that way".

A lot of things about the South that they enjoy simply don't appeal to me - but, those are merely personal choice differences. But, we do need more people like these guys to speak up. I readily admit I don't get all the joke references, but what I do understand... is smart and funny.

Keep it up fellas - can't wait to see your show next month.

Автор roof pizza ( назад)
A pic of a quiche? Shoulda been a pic of you giving her head you moroon.

Автор multiBurnfire ( назад)
This is awesome.

Автор GoldiorTM ( назад)
The view what channel is this where ugly middle aged menopausal women and very disturbing in the eye.
Gets wet and powder comes out instead. who watches this?

Автор MemphiStig ( назад)
i was raised in the Southern Baptist Church, among many fine people, and although my parents refused to talk politics, the general vibe i got from our crowd was conservative, ie Republican. But i read the Bible, i wanted to be like Jesus, and i discovered that the Republican Party was not the party of God as so many of them thought it was. In fact, it was and is the party of MONEY and big business, and as anyone who knows the Bible can tell you, the love of MONEY is the root of all EVIL. So, i cannot in good conscience vote for them, and in truth, i have trouble voting for some Dems, but at least they don't make lying to religion to stay in office the mainstay of their party. I know this is a broad brush, but the disenfranchisement many poor Republicans, like most of the ones i know around here, feel stems directly from the party they defend so foolishly, and they voted for a wealthy liar who didn't even know what 2 Cor means, nor did he ever express any sort of faith in God before it became politically expedient. This sort of susceptibility to the lies of those worldly types who love money and power is also clearly spoken against in the Bible, but that too is lost on the majority of Christians in this country. And me and Jesus are sad. Thank God these guys are being a light in the darkness, not that anyone thinks themselves to be in the dark, of course.

Автор Alyssa Vela ( назад)
They are all hot 🔥

Автор brad bolin ( назад)
It's not like homosexuality was never mentioned in the Bible though....yes, I disagree with it...but rest assured, it is part of a FUNDAMENTALIST belief system, it's not that they are twisting it.

Автор Michelle Raiford ( назад)
I do not over-explain or apologize excessively for being Southern. I don't feel the need to prove I am educated or progressive.

Автор Monster Monster ( назад)
mainstream media hate Republic

Автор Octavia Smith ( назад)
They're literally a RARE BREED...... I'm southern and have NEVER seen a group of attractive liberal red necks!

Автор Ghostlyking1985 ( назад)
Southern democrat from Florida here

Автор itsadogsworld yaknow ( назад)
Everything offends Liberals.

Автор Sean L. ( назад)
Why vote for Trump when you could have voted for Bernie?? Umm... because we don‘t want socialism?? F***ing retard.

Автор Chaitanya Reddy ( назад)
Good men are hard to find in the south but we found em

Автор Chaitanya Reddy ( назад)
You cant even call these guys rednecks. Whens the last time youve seen cousin fuckers in button down shirts and khakhis?

Автор PackerFan4Life ( назад)
I'm tired of seeing other people care about offending people. Unless you're in a position of leadership, why care what other people think?

Автор jackie83us ( назад)
Cute, funny, liberal, redneck like a dream come true.

Автор Don't Have A Cow Man ( назад)
I didn't know there were 3 liberal rednecks

Автор Smiling Dog ( назад)
There are few liberals in the South. Did you not notice the maps on November 11? The uneducated are my people. The South has risen again...for me. Make the South Great Again.

Автор Anton Leimbach ( назад)
There are plenty of us that grew up in the South that are Liberals. The DNC just has an image problem where all Liberals have been defined by the far right instead of Liberals themselves.

Автор d d ( назад)
lol at them all having their shirt buttoned slightly too far down

Автор usfdave10 ( назад)
That's how it always starts. Fine, until it happens to you. A friend is gay, a relative is a women sexual assault survivor, another is sticking to their values.

Автор Amber Shockley ( назад)
Holy chest hair.

Автор Isaac Gage ( назад)
These men are the best diplomats for the South. I'm sure there are many who share their philosophy.

Автор Denise R. ( назад)
I love me some Keith Whitley! RIP buddy!

Автор Julisa Brown ( назад)
Leviticus 18: 22. Leviticus 20: 13

Автор UMANEDAKIDD19 ( назад)

Автор Jennifer Robles ( назад)
okay but why does trae seem attractive all of the sudden.. is it the glasses... the beard... who knows

Автор Mel ( назад)
Normally I'm annoyed with that accent because I live in texas and I'm so used to hearing people who talk like that say intolerant things, but when they talk it's something special 😍😍

Автор PolySimian ( назад)
The first and likely last time ill watch "the View".
Trae and friends - keep on truckin'

Автор Diary of a Fat Middle Aged Ginger in Portland, Oregon ( назад)
Trae is pretty hot!

Автор blognewb ( назад)

Автор Ellis Heindselman ( назад)
I love these guys. I would love to party with them!

Автор 818ification ( назад)
He's funny!

Автор johny five ( назад)

Автор Sandra Jacobson ( назад)
Red neck and smart.....SEXY!!!!

Автор Isabelle Belle ( назад)
Does it matter really why separate ourselves

Автор Greg Raines ( назад)
thank you so much for showing that the South isn't just full of right-wing morons.

Автор surgedeb ( назад)
It's always people who don't know the Bible always talking about what Jesus said and didn't say. Complete morons!!!

Автор Clanton Blaylock ( назад)
These dudes are golden and awesome.

Автор The 5th Danger ( назад)
I like blowing stuff and I am most definitely not racist. . .just saying.

Автор Moviemusiclover198 ( назад)
They are so genuinely funny

Автор Edruezzi ( назад)
Subtitles may be necessary for this.

Автор CJ ( назад)
"Why vote for Trump when you have Bernie?"

Um. Do you know how elections and primaries work??? They may very well have voted for Bernie in the Democratic primaries, but voted for Trump in the end because Bernie lost his primary.

Автор A Robb ( назад)
LMAO don't listen to ya boy Jedidiah. I promise if you bring up fried chicken to try to curb Whoopi's disgust with virtually everything you say, it's not gonna end the way you want it to. SMH.

Автор Wake Updead ( назад)
Without tying issues to left or right, 90% of issues Americans agree on! The people in charge however use the 10% we don't agree on to keep us fighting. Im done with their game, I wont play it anymore and if we all did the same?

Автор Benji Graham ( назад)
drew is soooooo cute, but trae---lord have mercy.

Автор segil123 ( назад)
Trae is adorable. Like a little panda bear.

Автор Nicole Mckee ( назад)
I thought stupid jed said she was a liberal and she didn't vote for trump, now she's saying she's a conservative in New York?

Автор Nicole Mckee ( назад)
I love this

Автор Diana H ( назад)
where's Whoopi Goldberg

Автор muc405 ( назад)
I'd love to see these guys put that twit Tomi Lahren in her place.

Автор Michael Clements ( назад)
drew is sexyhot.

Автор Michael Clements ( назад)
drew is sexyhot.

Автор Crosby4hyg ( назад)
I never thought I'd click "like" on a video from the View, but here I am.

Автор InfinitySplitDa456 ( назад)
Trae's seethingly fake southern accent...

Автор Roar ( назад)
Joy does not know what oxymoron means, clearly

Автор joe smith ( назад)
who even believes this trae dude? to me he is pretending to be liberal to sell tickets and make money..

Автор Huan ( назад)
Trae is right. Growing up in Los Angeles in the 90s, my family started sewing clothes. After NAFTA, these jobs left and the industry pretty much died here. My parents still hold a grudge against the Clintons for that. (btw they still voted against Trump).

Автор Daniel Burgess ( назад)
Country don't mean dumb.

Автор xvx4848 ( назад)
Bernie would've​ won.

Автор Allan Powell ( назад)
Liberals kicked me out for thinking for myself

Автор christle nwole ( назад)
I love their accents lol

Автор Resonate Redemption ( назад)
Look. A table full of idiots.

Автор Jacqueline Beaupre ( назад)
Does Jed need to make everything about her

Автор Mintfudge Andchocolate ( назад)
If any food is offensive it's a quiche... Egg-filled atrocities!

Автор edwin washington ( назад)
if these guys voted for trump joy would have called them a racist and bigot

Автор tikab ( назад)
these guys are awesome and hilarious!

Автор Serai3 ( назад)
Jeez. what idiot would be offended by a picture of breakfast? As a woman, I officially absolve him of forcing the whole world to contemplate an egg dish for three and a half seconds.

Автор Andy D ( назад)
Why would Tennessee continue to vote republican when their leadership in that state have done nothing for them?

Автор Darkdejaj ( назад)
is just me or are they extremely attractive?

Автор Inner Machinations ( назад)
Trae is my Bae xoxo

Автор Inner Machinations ( назад)
Trae is an otter xoxo

Автор bluedasher74 ( назад)
Listen to their accents. THAT'S what passes for the English language? Wow, unreal! I sure hope people who pronounce things like that don't complain about others who can't or don't speak English.

Автор Lucas Peder ( назад)
These girls are creaming their panties.

Автор biggb ( назад)
that drew though....😍

Автор sweetybutton ( назад)
The real question is, where's Whoopi? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Gregory Reed ( назад)
God!!!! Drew in the blue shirt is soooo fucking sexy

Автор Gigi ( назад)
LOVE LOVE the Liberal Rednecks! I so relate!!

Автор m o ( назад)
Love this guy. He was great on Bill Maher.

Автор Katherine Nobles ( назад)
We were on a cross country trip from NC to Oklahoma, and listened to the audio version of the book on the road. Beautifully said, sad and funny. And listening to them made it even better.

Автор Teresa Weaver ( назад)
Good job Trae.  They're nice ladies, but Whoopi should have been there. She really gets Appalachian people. So glad to have you out there representing us TN liberal rednecks. You're #1 with a bullet in my book son. Appalachian Heiress

Автор PhoenixPsilence ( назад)
Those southern boys are hot.

Автор Fka Twigs ( назад)
As much as I disagree with Jed, it's clear that she's highly intelligent from the questions she asks.

Автор LeslieU1999 ( назад)
They are super funny

Автор Millsy Kooksy ( назад)
His accent sounds fake.... 🤔

Автор Jeau ( назад)
I love these guys!

Автор kgoldmon ( назад)
I'm southern, but these guys' southern accents have me dying over here!!! I love it, though!

Автор adriene stephens ( назад)
These guys are very like able! And Jed asked them the best questions!!

Автор Hedgehog4real ( назад)
more people like that in the spotlight. americans need to understand that south isn't necessarily synonymous with failure and stupidity. south is a beautiful place if you give it a shot

Автор Jason Johnston ( назад)
HAHAHHAAHAH 60 million, she cant read 0's, he has 6 million youtube views

Автор Independent Politics ( назад)
Jedediah Bila isn't the only conservative voice. Paula is on the show as well, and Sarah Haines seems non-partisan, so Jedediah isn't all alone.

Автор tangled55 ( назад)
I know this is wrong, but I'm very mistrustful of people who speak like these people do initially. The accent in general just automatically makes me mistrustful upon first impression, and I'm trying to work through that.

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