• Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • oof owie ouchie
    This video is about a time I got hurt. I don't know how much of the video I should explain without spoiling it. Then again who reads the youtube description before watching the video? If you are that person: hello. You are using youtube wrong. You will be dealt with accordingly.
    This video took too long. I could have been done with it months ago but I kept second guessing myself and rerecording the audio and reformatting and blah blah blah. It was a terrible work flow and I think for future videos I need to just embrace imperfection and commit to what I have (if I don't want to take literally half a year to post something). The problem is that embracing imperfection is HARD. I said I would do the same thing in the last video and look where that got us.
    Anyway I have a flight to catch literally today so I'm glad I crunched this out and got it posted. I hope you are also glad, and I also hope you enjoy the video.

    bye ✨🤠✨
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  • yevgen fenoga
    yevgen fenoga 44 minutes ago

    R u a glove

  • NaCl
    NaCl Hour ago

    Ive been really sad today and literally this videp made my mf day :,)) i just want you to know that :)

  • Nin Morgano
    Nin Morgano 9 hours ago

    It’s not that bad unless you go to a different place that’s not energy Riley’s but really all you do is just get a cast on but my injury was worse Jack. In the temple and I got seven PIMmy arms

  • craig jackson
    craig jackson 17 hours ago

    I never broken my phone and also I'm also wiggly I'm very tall so I run fast but I'm still wiggly and I never broken my bones before but my dad broke both of hos legs before. when he was younger

  • Felix Not Pewdiepie
    Felix Not Pewdiepie 20 hours ago

    Falling down the stairs is pretty bad but have you ever stops your pinky toe on the edge of your bed

  • Mr. TORCHICK Plus
    Mr. TORCHICK Plus 22 hours ago

    Me when I fall in lava in minecraft with diamonds 3:39

  • The queen of Ducks
    The queen of Ducks 23 hours ago

    me: *breaks my arm*
    me: *violent screaming*
    my mom: shush youll be fine

    also my mom when i get a sliced finger: *we're goinG TO THe doCtOR HOly fUCK*

  • some one
    some one Day ago

    i broke my arm when i was 7, i don’t even remember it hurting that much 😂

  • Izhkoort
    Izhkoort Day ago

    Well, I punched a wall (don't judge me, it insulted my mother), the X ray didn't show anything, but it asked me to do a tomography, which I do, and with the result "hey, you're goo---- nope, you fucked up" and there was a incredible tiny little bit of my wrist that broke, so I go "fuck you wall, you won this time!". I still have problems too when training with weights handled with my hands, sometimes even with swords (yep, I'm prone to do stupid things for cool shiny and sharp metal). The weird thing was that it didn't hurt that much, but it hurt ALL the time, so I was in a REALLY bad mood, I think is the only time my best friend saw me genuinely angry. FUCK YOU WALL, I WILL WIN NEXT TIME!

  • DasDapperPineappel


  • KillJoy Lilis
    KillJoy Lilis Day ago

    I broke a piece of shin bone by tripping while running up some metal stairs
    And my right hand pinkie by falling off a roof

  • eva Kay
    eva Kay Day ago

    Some how I’ve never broken a bone yet I run around like I’m on crack

  • minty Ojo
    minty Ojo Day ago

    My worse is my middle finger my finger got sliced is supa short it got cut off Oof and my nail fell off -.-

  • Cameron Douglas
    Cameron Douglas Day ago

    Here's my own story. I was a younger *_magnificent bastard_* And I was SPEED. And I was on my way to the PC And the drum that was infront of me.. IT FELL I heckin JUMPED to the carpet and yet.. TWISTED MY ANKLE AND TOE mAh BiG tOe and couldn't walk for a week ;-;

  • Orly Z
    Orly Z Day ago


  • Freddy's Plays!
    Freddy's Plays! Day ago

    You know I actually sprained my leg too... I FELL OF A GATE

  • The Blue Hound
    The Blue Hound 2 days ago

    Worst ive hurt myself was.....
    i was playing a prank on my sister and
    it was a stuffed animal that was moving. They gave it a bowl of chips and
    i emptied the bowl (yes i know that is wasting food) and i heard them coming, so i rushed,
    and i fell, breaking the bowl and a shard got into my hand, cutting myself deep.
    Still have the scar to this day. I have also never broke a bone.

  • Sienna Day
    Sienna Day 2 days ago

    *’a nurse thing’*

  • Grade A Wanker
    Grade A Wanker 2 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 my new favorite channel...that starting stair falling clip 😂

  • Jordan J
    Jordan J 2 days ago

    Oddly enough I’ve broken a bone before and sprained a couple but in the moment of actually breaking the adrenaline and shock factor of “well dadgum I finally did it” made it not hurt as much

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 2 days ago


  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 2 days ago

    Hurts self* aHhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 2 days ago

    there's every type of persons body but mines is wiggly

  • Gavin
    Gavin 2 days ago

    It says here on this fancy website

    *G A M E B O Y O P E N I N G*

  • numberblocks 1 offical

    Stop badabadabiduwila

  • möth
    möth 2 days ago

    0:00 he’s speaking russian

  • duck 1234
    duck 1234 3 days ago

    breaking a bone doesnt hurt that much, on time i fractured my forearm and wrist while playing footy, at first i didnt notice until a few more hits when it was a break.
    it happend 2(ish) months ago

  • Trcs
    Trcs 3 days ago

    I broke AND dislocated my elbow then had to sit in the car for like an hour litteraly screaming in pain with my backwards bent elbow

  • Chase WitherStorm
    Chase WitherStorm 3 days ago

    At the beginning turn your playback speed to x0.25 it is so funny

  • David Lawand
    David Lawand 3 days ago

    THAT MADE ME BLAST OF TO THE NEXT DOOR neighbour party thing 😂

  • David Lawand
    David Lawand 3 days ago +1

    THAT MADE ME BLAST OF TO THE NEXT DOOR neighbour party thing 😂

  • Carmelo Edwards
    Carmelo Edwards 3 days ago

    00:1 to 00:8 best

  • SmexyBread _Boi
    SmexyBread _Boi 3 days ago +1


  • Holographic wolf Z1
    Holographic wolf Z1 3 days ago

    My friend BROKE her ankle over tripping something while running for her bag. Like she did gymnastics and she just fell really badly and broke it like boy even while doing gymnastics she just tripped and tried to save herself because I think her leg did the same thing but just REALLY worse

  • SuperTeenager44
    SuperTeenager44 4 days ago

    One time i almost broke my nose O U C H I E O U C H

  • AmazingPlush Bros
    AmazingPlush Bros 4 days ago

    These are amazing hilarious videos please please make more

  • Mara Chomico
    Mara Chomico 4 days ago

    *The worst pain is falling in love with someone who doesn't like you*

  • Aye Playz
    Aye Playz 4 days ago

    0:00 *STEP*

  • Master doge
    Master doge 4 days ago

    0:01 "Step" halaptkskgiwbfiakfksmtjdj

  • Zøla studiøs
    Zøla studiøs 4 days ago


    Me:sees icecream sandwitch with a cowboy hat*

    Also me:yeehaw happiness noises

  • The pie Zaa
    The pie Zaa 4 days ago


  • Stanley Jiang
    Stanley Jiang 4 days ago

    I'm selling inhuman screams

    Also here's more

  • Stanley Jiang
    Stanley Jiang 4 days ago

    My body...

  • J Kopping
    J Kopping 4 days ago +1

    0:01 😂

  • Bailey Crestfell
    Bailey Crestfell 4 days ago


  • ֆהტϣ
    ֆהტϣ 5 days ago

    Who are you and why are you in my recommended?

  • herminia guerrero
    herminia guerrero 5 days ago

    i was siting in a chair and drinking soda and it die the soda look like blood becuse it was dark and it reminded me about this video's

  • Isaac Fields
    Isaac Fields 5 days ago

    0:36 Southern Sandwich

  • Jirachi :3
    Jirachi :3 5 days ago

    What if you didn’t look out the window?

  • Digitals WiFi :3
    Digitals WiFi :3 5 days ago

    I’ve never had a broken bone I’ve had a twisted ankle before but I have hit my head on a vent 2 times tho it hurt I had to have STAPLES in MY HEAD you now how much it hurt I cried so much I thought I would never stop crying

  • Sarah Stevens
    Sarah Stevens 5 days ago

    To be honest my sprain hurt worse than a break

  • Graig the default 2
    Graig the default 2 5 days ago

    When he said "punched through the ground" why does he sound like matpat/game theory or is it just me?

  • Cold Zera
    Cold Zera 5 days ago +1

    0:00 What IsThis Sound Effect From?

  • Emily Dolan
    Emily Dolan 5 days ago

    My mom accidentally hit me with a can of hairspray

  • Chilly Burrito
    Chilly Burrito 6 days ago

    Where is that noise from when he jumped off the slide?

  • Stick man World
    Stick man World 6 days ago

    He protec
    He attac
    But most importantly

    He be wearing his hat

  • minty karly
    minty karly 6 days ago

    I've broken a bone before but it didn't hurt until... I saw it the bone was out 😐

  • Marzbar28
    Marzbar28 6 days ago +1

    My favourite part was the start. This random dude just falls down the stairs. 🤣

  • Atlas Godz
    Atlas Godz 6 days ago

    Your math was wrong. It's 2 out of every 100 people. 6 goes into 300 50 times.

  • Scarlett Testa
    Scarlett Testa 6 days ago

    *Gets X-ray*

    All i see is red on his body and then i die from laughter