Bike on Water in Slow Mo

  • Published on Apr 5, 2018
  • Motocross pro Andy Bell attempts to prove physics in one of the coolest and trickiest motocross stunts-hydroplaning across Gav and Dan’s pool. Check out The Super Slow Show, only on RUclip
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    Jesus could walk on water
    Moses could split seas
    but heck this guy can ride a motorcycle on water

  • Pullin Slack
    Pullin Slack Month ago +1

    Should’ve leaned back since the front tire was breaking the surface tension

  • Pullin Slack
    Pullin Slack Month ago

    “It’s only been done a couple of times” yet there are many videos just on RUclip of people doing on bikes, four wheelers, and snowmobiles

  • Kein Tran
    Kein Tran Month ago

    Does anyone else think that he was probably going faster than he needed? Which doesn’t matter, but still

  • Elyx Shadow
    Elyx Shadow 2 months ago

    Show this to your kids if they don't get "Arriving in Style."

    Maybe they'll even take up motorcycling.

  • Monserrat Noriega
    Monserrat Noriega 2 months ago

    he is super nice jaja

  • Pyro Gaming Hound
    Pyro Gaming Hound 2 months ago

    1:45 weird al yankovich

  • vitesse4moi
    vitesse4moi 2 months ago


  • SpamReciever420
    SpamReciever420 2 months ago +3

    "Surface tension, labcoat guy!"
    -Andy Bell, professional self-harmer/entertainer.

  • Hero's domain
    Hero's domain 3 months ago

    that was cool i wish i never stopped riding even though i would never done any thing that cool

  • Triple Eight
    Triple Eight 3 months ago

    You should film it in slo motion under water

  • Byzantium
    Byzantium 3 months ago

    The back tire sunk deeper due to the front tire breaking water tension.

  • Richard Humiston
    Richard Humiston 3 months ago

    when Jesus returns

  • Jede traktor
    Jede traktor 3 months ago

    boooooring . Big expense , but your backyard videos were better

  • Usama Zaheer
    Usama Zaheer 3 months ago +1

    *The Flamingo's like "Daaaaaymn"*

  • luke juhasz
    luke juhasz 3 months ago

    how fast did he go!?!?!?!?

  • NievilliS
    NievilliS 3 months ago +1


  • Samuele Chetta
    Samuele Chetta 4 months ago

    Is a fake

  • UltanIsPotata
    UltanIsPotata 4 months ago

    yea hes just arrived totally unprepared

  • JGame87
    JGame87 4 months ago

    Landing flat on the ground like that can't be healthy.

  • Generic YouTuber
    Generic YouTuber 4 months ago

    3:38 he said pelican

  • vishal patil
    vishal patil 4 months ago

    if any undewater camera shud be appreciated, so we get confirm that the bike realy gone on water surface

  • The Sethioz Project
    The Sethioz Project 4 months ago

    you guys should have used that clip as intro, sitting there nice and chill and then the bike just "flies" past and you guys would have that that "WTF" face, would have made hilarious intro :)

  • Ursolina Silva
    Ursolina Silva 4 months ago


  • Gatlin Servis
    Gatlin Servis 5 months ago +1

    at 3:41 they call it a pelican its obvi a flamigo

  • I Am Not GOD
    I Am Not GOD 5 months ago

    Soo basically his the jesus of bikes

  • Nico E.
    Nico E. 5 months ago +1

    2:45 He is the modern Jesus

  • CAL
    CAL 5 months ago

    0:25 middle finger

  • Carthick Penugonda
    Carthick Penugonda 6 months ago

    Drone Shot Would Have Been Great!!

  • Fionnan Casey
    Fionnan Casey 6 months ago

    Who’s here from wired

  • KingQwertzlbrmpf
    KingQwertzlbrmpf 7 months ago

    Just wait till some redneck stumbles upon this video. It'll probably go something like this: "Hold my beer honey, i just found out my bike has jesus power!"

  • Phil B
    Phil B 7 months ago

    Look at that ol' washed up motorcycle rider

  • Caity Renee
    Caity Renee 8 months ago

    Andy got good 😂 travis will wanna beat this

  • Prasenjit Ghosh
    Prasenjit Ghosh 8 months ago

    The Best, I have ever seen

  • Mikoto
    Mikoto 8 months ago

    Best beginning of any episode

  • qwerty
    qwerty 8 months ago

    You think my 125 could do this?

  • Donald Deng
    Donald Deng 8 months ago

    0:27 I think that guy stuck his middle finger up

  • Adrian Palmer
    Adrian Palmer 9 months ago

    What about the entrance footage?

  • Konrad Barber
    Konrad Barber 9 months ago

    Flamingo but okay

  • Dragon Eye
    Dragon Eye 9 months ago

    Nice 4 stroke

  • Robert Heskin
    Robert Heskin 9 months ago

    Nice belly button Dan...

    Z&C CREATIONS 9 months ago

    Rhis was Definitely cool! And it was uploaded on my 36th Birthday! Sweet!

  • Rean Dash
    Rean Dash 9 months ago

    Earth Collision in slow mo, we wanna see it

  • The AsianPersuasian
    The AsianPersuasian 9 months ago +5

    I love this rings of water coming out of the tire

  • Malik Playz 2942
    Malik Playz 2942 10 months ago

    Andy's chill

  • E. M. Buck
    E. M. Buck 10 months ago

    Do it again with a camera in the water!

  • Zombies13
    Zombies13 10 months ago

    This looks like a tv show guys 👍

  • Drew Boyles
    Drew Boyles 10 months ago

    It’s been a long time since I have seen Andy bell involved in anything

  • ezmer2dragon
    ezmer2dragon 10 months ago

    I didn't know Weird Al knew how to ride a motorcycle.

  • jakesnake326
    jakesnake326 10 months ago

    I like the plastic Adirondack chairs they use, I live in the Adirondacks so it’s cool to see them on such a popular channel

  • #DFined
    #DFined 10 months ago

    Eh, no, this has nothing to do with surface tension. Still awesome though, but different physics

  • Earth Man
    Earth Man 10 months ago

    Physics misapplied. What would it look like with no water, and just momentum? Yes, some water was displaced, but it was not surface tension.

  • Extreme Watermelon
    Extreme Watermelon 10 months ago

    Problaby short pool filled up

  • Mandy Jo
    Mandy Jo 10 months ago

    That should be my entry to a pool party

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 10 months ago

    This guy is Jesus himself

  • MamKom79
    MamKom79 11 months ago

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  • Night Man
    Night Man 11 months ago

    I wish they just had the whole cast of Nitro Circus in this one

  • Mr Dinosaur and stuff
    Mr Dinosaur and stuff 11 months ago

    Bike on water = yuri on ice

  • Billie Sunderland
    Billie Sunderland 11 months ago

    This guy seems so chill, I love him