Anthem Legends : Exodus

  • Published on Feb 22, 2019
  • In Apex : Fall of Man play as a robot and recover the Cradle of Exodus in order to vanquish an ancient race of aliens known as the hive.
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  • zarlus8
    zarlus8 15 hours ago

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones 17 hours ago +1

    I'm confused, brain hurts, must, buy anthem? 😅😮😖😵

  • NeWorldVision
    NeWorldVision 18 hours ago

    Donkey this is probably my favorite book of yours

  • pokiyapa
    pokiyapa 23 hours ago

    video games

  • David Brown
    David Brown Day ago


  • Aznaxeman228
    Aznaxeman228 2 days ago +2

    I remember Brute Force. Now that was a cool game.

  • Will Cooper
    Will Cooper 2 days ago

    Totally forgot about Brink!!!

  • Damn Son
    Damn Son 2 days ago

    "Things change"

    MICU PRINZZ 2 days ago

    Ooooh i member

  • D Gayle
    D Gayle 2 days ago

    Does he say "I don't" after he says "Remember Brink?"

  • Gareth Cartwright
    Gareth Cartwright 2 days ago

    This game really makes you feel like things changed

  • drescrubb
    drescrubb 2 days ago

    Wait what game are we reviewing

  • Conner Anderson
    Conner Anderson 3 days ago

    Remember League of Legends

  • dex
    dex 3 days ago +1

    we will remember them.

  • Hernando
    Hernando 3 days ago

    He predicted the shitty driving of rage 2 lmao

  • SATAN Xy
    SATAN Xy 3 days ago

    remember half life 3

  • Penwood
    Penwood 4 days ago

    Too bad for you because I am the BEST lifeline, IN. THE. GAME. 1v1 me scrub, no items, final destination, knack only.

  • Jack Benedetti
    Jack Benedetti 4 days ago

    You should watch this video everytime you are about to buy a new AAA game

  • AceNumber2 Gaming Channel

    I always wait for Dunkey's game review before buying any games. Knack was definitely worth it....don't get me started on Knack 2.

  • Willie Caolho
    Willie Caolho 5 days ago

    Ok, this was a mastapeece

  • Christian Stout
    Christian Stout 5 days ago +3

    I really can't tell what kinds of games Dunkey actually likes.

    • Nick Tempo
      Nick Tempo 2 days ago

      Knack. There is only Knack babyyyyyy

  • Roomy
    Roomy 5 days ago

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  • Delvy
    Delvy 5 days ago

    Saturation: The Game

  • imawasteofair
    imawasteofair 5 days ago

    I know what game he’s talking about yet I also don’t know what game he’s talking about

  • Luuk de Wijse
    Luuk de Wijse 5 days ago

    Insulting the Halo CE AI are we?

  • Sean MacIntyre
    Sean MacIntyre 6 days ago

    there really do be a lot of games tho

  • Arturs Beikerts
    Arturs Beikerts 6 days ago


  • EFEM Z
    EFEM Z 6 days ago

    Finally I found someone that knows the game "Black" that game was so fucking good

  • KelpyG Shakes
    KelpyG Shakes 7 days ago

    Remember Snake Fortress

  • Patrick
    Patrick 7 days ago

    i remember army of two that shit was fun

  • NM10
    NM10 7 days ago

    Freedom fighters best game ever

  • crazypigeon3
    crazypigeon3 9 days ago

    Damn, this game looks good

  • MrDevo55
    MrDevo55 10 days ago

    Yeah i membah

    SEAUNY 10 days ago


  • Badbad Fishy
    Badbad Fishy 11 days ago

    Oh I member

  • Insculption
    Insculption 11 days ago

    oh i member

  • pavlov58
    pavlov58 11 days ago

    F for all the fallen studios ;_;7

  • Swagni667
    Swagni667 11 days ago +4

    What was the game at 1:05 i forgot what it was called and am now dying to know

    • jorge gonzalez
      jorge gonzalez 2 days ago

      +Swagni667 what the hell is lawbreakers?

    • Mister Noob
      Mister Noob 9 days ago

      +Swagni667 ooh lol, i didn't read it, sorry

    • Swagni667
      Swagni667 9 days ago

      +Mister Noob ur trolling right? Have u even looked at the gameplay and i already said its lawbreakers.

    • Mister Noob
      Mister Noob 9 days ago

      +Swagni667 damn, if it isn't apex, it could be destiny, but I really tought it was APex

    • Mister Noob
      Mister Noob 9 days ago

      I think it's apex legends

  • Crazybloo3
    Crazybloo3 11 days ago

    Someone has a case of the member berries

  • William Smith
    William Smith 12 days ago

    The bongala wars 😂

  • Jeremy Glover
    Jeremy Glover 12 days ago

    Pepperidge farm remembers

  • Riley Flarity
    Riley Flarity 12 days ago

    Argg where that theme music from that comes on at 2:38

  • Grizzly- T
    Grizzly- T 12 days ago

    Me: Endgame is the most ambitious project of all time
    Donkey: Hold My Beer

  • Blaze Hill
    Blaze Hill 12 days ago

    What is the game at 0:34?

  • Mockrin
    Mockrin 12 days ago

    remember brink? i dont.

  • Jakub Łuczak
    Jakub Łuczak 14 days ago


  • Marion Maddox
    Marion Maddox 14 days ago

    No I actually don't remember 🤔. Could you remind me real quick?

  • Lord V1LE
    Lord V1LE 14 days ago

    I member!

  • Rahman Ishtiaque Joy
    Rahman Ishtiaque Joy 15 days ago

    yeah i member!

  • Nightwalker
    Nightwalker 15 days ago

    Pepperidge Farm remembers...

  • Timhouse
    Timhouse 15 days ago

    Today dunkey reminds us that the FPS is dead by drawing attention to the irony that a genre once called the "doom clone" has moved so far from its roots that it has stagnated into a bland morass of boring sandboxes

  • blew4200
    blew4200 15 days ago

    I member BLACK. Oh yeahhhh I member

  • Cody Mcneill
    Cody Mcneill 15 days ago

    I miss Black-PS2 & Darkness-PS3 😩

  • Manning Runyon
    Manning Runyon 15 days ago

    please do not talk bad about time shift its the best gta

  • Logan
    Logan 15 days ago

    This is like the current gaming industry posting on r/RoastMe and Dunkmaster just goes the fuck in.

  • Atomic Optimist
    Atomic Optimist 16 days ago

    E3 2019 im going to count “Fight for survival”

  • Cryax The Fellarm
    Cryax The Fellarm 16 days ago

    i remember brute force

  • zoheb saikia
    zoheb saikia 16 days ago

    Ooooooooooo I member

  • Richard Eldridge
    Richard Eldridge 16 days ago

    Time shift is so good tho

  • oragam1
    oragam1 16 days ago

    can anyone name every game here?

  • WaterTCup
    WaterTCup 16 days ago +1

    Memberberry’s ?

  • Julián Díaz & Noches

    Loved it

  • Ace Games _
    Ace Games _ 17 days ago

    remember star wars lego III

  • Alec McInnis
    Alec McInnis 17 days ago

    I actually remembered all those games lmao

  • MasterJedi04
    MasterJedi04 17 days ago

    I know he was trying to be funny, but I actually do remember all of the games he named at the end.

  • FosterFox16
    FosterFox16 17 days ago

    "Things changed"

  • James Hagberg
    James Hagberg 17 days ago

    I remember Lost Planet, game is classic to me, and the sequel.

  • Mike Herman
    Mike Herman 17 days ago

    Remember League of Legends? Yeah sucks doesn’t it?

  • Enchanted
    Enchanted 18 days ago

    damn i salute you dunkey you are really gaming cultured... youve played games most people dont even know about

  • Timedar
    Timedar 20 days ago

    yee i remember

  • Quinn Lord
    Quinn Lord 20 days ago

    This sounds actually kinda good. But you know it's gonna.cost 2400 dollars because of how many gamrs. It stole

  • sushileaf
    sushileaf 20 days ago

    God damn! What is the game at 0:31? I've been trying to remember this game for years! (the "will it be this guy, or this guy" bit)

  • David Kafka
    David Kafka 21 day ago

    what does this mean lol

  • That Meme
    That Meme 21 day ago

    Metro Exodus is still the game Fallout 76 wishes it was. You forgot Super Mario Bros. 2 as well.

  • Nick Armstrong
    Nick Armstrong 21 day ago

    This video brought back so many amazing memories

  • Ethan N
    Ethan N 21 day ago

    This shit has given me PTSD flashbacks of horrible games.

  • Goji Dude
    Goji Dude 21 day ago

    I never new dunkey would say remember Evolve, good memories

  • Big A
    Big A 22 days ago +1

    Me: ReEmMbEr mE? Donkey: ....

    Me: that's what I thought...

  • Cantoxii
    Cantoxii 22 days ago

    I remember

  • Nitro Maniac
    Nitro Maniac 23 days ago

    Yes.. I remember them all

  • OldGerard
    OldGerard 23 days ago

    I 'member

  • 『 crayøndølf 』
    『 crayøndølf 』 24 days ago

    It’s sad how real the description sound

  • Sod
    Sod 24 days ago


  • PepperMintBox
    PepperMintBox 24 days ago +1

    Antum legends - SURVIVE - batte royal 35

  • Game Light
    Game Light 25 days ago

    Remember Brink

  • Corus
    Corus 25 days ago

    So which game is he talking about?

  • Kangaroo Madness
    Kangaroo Madness 25 days ago +1

    Idk y but I lost it wen he said “climb on walls like in the game prey, remember prey...remember prey?”

  • Luke Pires
    Luke Pires 25 days ago

    “So why do you own a switch?”

  • Nicolas Dubois Bergevin

    I know you meant your video to be funny, but I felt it was equal parts sad and terrifying.

  • Eric S
    Eric S 27 days ago

    Hey man Rage 2 looks sick and Avalanche has vehicle combat down pat.

  • Spy Fox
    Spy Fox 29 days ago

    Remember spy fox

  • Akintola Ayomide
    Akintola Ayomide 29 days ago

    Well somebody ate all the remember berries....

  • diggideimer
    diggideimer Month ago

    dunkey is our prophet

  • Zander Jacinto
    Zander Jacinto Month ago

    remembering zombie u actually made me cringe in pain

  • Gabe
    Gabe Month ago

    Mainline gaming industry is Bad....Terribad.... Where is the content? Behind a Huge Paywall?

  • Alex Ceja
    Alex Ceja Month ago

    Its sad to know that games will never be the same like they were before

  • Jacob W.
    Jacob W. Month ago

    holy shit that last 20 seconds was a wave of nostalgia

  • gerd
    gerd Month ago

    0:42 what game is that?

  • Rollan Wise
    Rollan Wise Month ago

    They don't member, but not us........not us.

  • Kindle Bomb
    Kindle Bomb Month ago

    AHHHHHHHHHH so many games 😂