Graham Questions FBI Director James Comey

  • Опубликовано: 3 май 2017
  • During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on oversight of the FBI, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) questioned FBI Director James Comey.

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  • juuso m
    juuso m Год назад

    Jim Comey is the Man!

  • xerox o
    xerox o Год назад

    Come is a criminal idiot

  • channel1800dumb
    channel1800dumb Год назад

    how about some evidence?

  • Bobby Smith
    Bobby Smith Год назад +1

    The honorable???? James Comey... there is absolutely nothing honorable about this man ..he is a democrat and defends them at all cost he is extremely incompetent to do his job.... he has totally made a joke out of the FBI and all FBI agents....and destroyed the credibility of the FBI....

  • Chris Proctor
    Chris Proctor Год назад

    The US interferes in elections all around the world. Let's fix our own tapering before we point fingers. The FBI as become a joke.

  • Chris Proctor
    Chris Proctor Год назад

    Comey lied through his teeth.

  • C DUB
    C DUB Год назад

    Mr. Graham I love your support of Israel but please stop wanting to go to war with Russia. Where was the outcry when Obama was trying to interfere with Israeli elections.

  • Michael Brandt
    Michael Brandt Год назад

    Comey should be fired immediately!

  • opinionatorX
    opinionatorX Год назад

    When was this meeting held? When will Comey be locked up or resign?

  • Bobby Johnson
    Bobby Johnson Год назад +1

    jesus christ the Russians have been hacking for a long time for technology but now we are investigating something because it's politically convenient.

    BRIAN STOCKERT Год назад

    Lindsey go get the all the crooked swamp people and throw 'em over the edge!!!!!!!

  • La Chien
    La Chien Год назад

    Graham who votes for him?

  • xanh01
    xanh01 Год назад

    I can't say, I don't want to say, I am not aware of ..., I don't know ... That's all Comey knows. He can't stand on any of his statement.

  • John Rider
    John Rider Год назад

    So, what do you want Graham, a war with Russia???? How do you think that will affect the American people???? And the so-called American Gov. does it too.

  • BloodOfYeshuaMessiah
    BloodOfYeshuaMessiah Год назад

    *Comey needs to resign. It is unbelievable to me that people like Weener and BOTH of the Clintons are not behind bars. MILLIONS of people in America have NO confidence in Comey and believe he has turned a blind eye to much of the corruption perpetrated by Hilary Clinton and her associates. The FBI is FAST loosing credibility.*

  • David Argento
    David Argento Год назад

    That was great yes Anthony Weiner 2016 or any version should have NEVER had those emails. Why are people not in jail for this?

  • Andrew SF
    Andrew SF Год назад

    lol he didnt like Antony weiner having clearance

  • ElSmusso
    ElSmusso Год назад +3

    Very interesting, and brilliant questioning from senator Graham. Shows he's an old fox 🦊 :)

  • R Alvie
    R Alvie Год назад +1

    It is very apparent that if you listen to questions from both sides and listen to Comey's answers that there are many inconsistencies. I actually am getting to the point where it is difficult to believe the agencies that are supposed to protect us, and that they have a personal agenda to cover and protect themselves.

  • Will U. Readme
    Will U. Readme Год назад

    Two great people and a good solid Q and A.

  • Nicolas Perez
    Nicolas Perez Год назад

    Graham you are the man

  • Michael Rechman
    Michael Rechman Год назад

    It is a crime.

  • Harry Veras
    Harry Veras Год назад

    Hey comey stop covering for trump . Trump is a fraud . You didn't say trump was under investigation before becoming president. You are a lying coward comey .

  • 4LVOFCOUNTRY Americans1st
    4LVOFCOUNTRY Americans1st Год назад

    No asked comey about hrc and DNC Russia connection way more evidence with DNC Russia than RNC Russia what a joke

  • 4LVOFCOUNTRY Americans1st
    4LVOFCOUNTRY Americans1st Год назад

    Why is no one confronting comey about Obama using taxpayers money to fund the attempted overthrowing of isreals primeminester