Weekend Update: Senator Elizabeth Warren - SNL

Senator Elizabeth Warren (Kate McKinnon) questions Colin Jost about his salary and the swag bags he's received.

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Автор Brian Robertson ( назад)
Liberal propaganda for those of you who are too dumb to figure this out (that means most of you).

Автор Mary Jane ( назад)
Shit is Classic!!

Автор Liz Liz ( назад)
I hope they can come up with Bernie Sanders soon that will be awesome.

Автор shane murphy ( назад)
Warren bitches about equal pay, yet she doesn't offer equal pay to her staff. Typical hypocrite politician, and neither does Hillary. All talk and no action

Автор Jane graham ( назад)
my favourite bit is "my Fitbit says check engine"

Автор Henry Holleb ( назад)
Holy fuck that impersonation was perfect!

Автор Dennis Kramer ( назад)
Kate is just great.

Автор Geoff P ( назад)
Really good impersonation. I should know, I've been listening to Ms Warren enough recently cos she's one of the last sane people left in the US.

Автор Anne B. ( назад)
The cast of SNL comedians is the best we've had in a while. Every time I watch I'm in stitches. :D

Автор Ms Sandhu ( назад)
2020 - Bernie for President, Elizabeth Warren for Vice President .. a winning team all the way!

Автор Georgia Atkins ( назад)
Still; she, persisted! I Love Elizabeth Warren. Intelligent, strong woman! Would be good choice for our next Dem Presidential Candidate. IMO.
ACA, Stop Keystone xl. Agencies Identified For Funding Elimination In The GOP-Budget. http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2017/3/26/1646720/-ACA-No-Keystone-xl-Agencies-Identified-For-Funding-Elimination-In-The-GOP-Budget

Автор Rick K ( назад)
How can she possibly do a different character every week?
Every single one of them is dead on.
She is going to be an SNL legend.

I actually laugh out loud at the TV. I often find tv comedy amusing but it doesn't make me laugh.
She makes my sides hurt.

Автор Lindsay Scott ( назад)
Oh my god, I love this. I adore Elizabeth Warren and this is hysterical. Well done SNL! Warren 2020!

Автор Dylan Belcher ( назад)
I wouldn't get 10 ft. around the real Sen. Warren, but this actress.... you can play warren for me any day boo bee xD

Автор RobPaul ( назад)

Liz Warren's disgusting face is not even as putrid as her brain.

Автор Alpha male ( назад)
Warren #2020

Автор Jakob Schuetz ( назад)

Автор Ec123 ( назад)
Kate is a national treasure

Автор Katia Karenina ( назад)
Funny how every Youtube video about her and every tweet her accounts send inevitably has comments about her running for President. She can't even get through an interview without being asked about it. People just naturally recognize her leadership. Warren, if you don't want to be president, you have to stop acting like you'd make such a good one; otherwise the questions will never go away! ;)

Автор Miss Multifandom ( назад)
This is the best thing I've watched all day :)

Автор Jess S ( назад)
I absolutely love SNLs political skits. I also watched on CSPAN the sad discourse that led to this skit. Even as I laughed watching this, part of me remembered that Ms. Warrens tactics were to use irrefutable facts like a lawyer would and dissect the insanity that's going on among republicans. Convince them with reason and facts. Yet they shut her down with some obscure rule. I hope to see MUCH more of Elizabeth, Chuck Schumer, Keith Ellison, Bernie Sanders, and other fantastic smart natural leaders in the DNC these next few years. Thanks SNL! More political humor PLEASE!!

Автор ElectionUpdater 335 ( назад)
Elizabeth Warren is dumb

Автор Anna Leontaris ( назад)
Everything is better with Kate McKinnon #amazing

Автор invaderzimismyfav ( назад)
what an amazing impression! Kate McKinnon is one of a kind!

Автор Tony Rico ( назад)
Finally someone calls out Colin and Michael about their credits are cast members lol

Автор Andres Jordano ( назад)
I´d like to know that too 0:50 . Are these guys getting paid the same as Kate McKinnon or Cecily Strong? because it wouldn´t be fair.

Автор mw10259 ( назад)

Автор David Reed ( назад)

Автор David Reed ( назад)
Please bring Kate McKinnon back as Elizabeth Warren, she is dead on!!!! "Scu'dme, scu'dme, sh--he's writin' on the desk!"

Автор Rushabh Bhakta ( назад)
Solid AV Club shoutout

Автор Orian10 ( назад)
The way she said "swag bag" and "razzmatazz" sounds like it would be dead-on how Warren would say it.

Автор Ariel Steinsaltz ( назад)
Proud to call her my senator.

Автор Alec Sander ( назад)
Kate is so fucking funny. She can emulate just about anyone.

Автор Jeffrey Riley ( назад)
She's an awesome Liz Warren. I hope they have her do it more.

Автор Anthony Malshyti ( назад)

Автор chiefdancingostriche ( назад)
yes, they're trying to silence her, to shut her up. it's true, i saw it.

Автор Jerri Lyn ( назад)
@SNL yall just need to make all your skits based on all the characters in washington dc.. no other dumb skits that arnt funny.. just skits makin fun of everybody in DC

Автор Jerri Lyn ( назад)
love kate!!!!! she makes the show.. her plus alec baldwin mocking trump, and now melissa mcarthy mocking sean spicer.. finally love snl again!!!

Автор Jerri Lyn ( назад)

Автор Cool Cars 19528 ( назад)
Wow she sound just like Warren LOL Crazy

Автор Alex Do ( назад)
Kate is the damn star!

Автор Chris C ( назад)
Don't laugh. Loony Liz Warren is NOT fighting the good fight.

Автор Paul Johnson ( назад)
Check twitter in two minutes 😂

Автор pmwedoable ( назад)
LMFAO that was hilarious ,it's true it seems like her and Bernie are the only ones active on the democratic party

Автор E9Project ( назад)
wow! not a bad job playing Elizabeth Warren! I hope she got a kick out of this XD great work lately SNL!!!

Автор thumper6988 ( назад)
I love Kate, but give the rest of the players something to do SNL.

Автор zatara727 ( назад)
I agree, Jost's hair makes him look like a Goldman Sachs businessman. Lol, how many hair jokes are they going to throw into SNL?

Автор Andrew McCarter ( назад)
Wait, does Elizabeth Warrens sound like Jodi Foster?

Автор Mallory's Ex ( назад)
Goddamit, how many f-ing characters does Kate play?

Автор julia chudnovsky ( назад)
Kate McKinnon deserves a fucking OSCAR !!!!

Автор Connor Hein ( назад)
I don't like warren as most people. She's just so angry. She kinda seems like that bitchy ass teacher we all had

Автор Katie Johnson ( назад)
I am loving this cast of SNL. After decades of not-so-funny skits, suddenly they are hitting them all out of the park.

Автор William Debianchi ( назад)
holy shit she nailed this hahaha

Автор Saiyanprince1114 ( назад)
Holy shit, Kate McKinnon is a good impressionist. She's got some monstrous chops

Автор nick sears ( назад)
is that really her, or Kate is a really good actir

Автор Gabe S ( назад)
"My fitbit says 'Check engine'" LOL

Автор Zayn ( назад)

Автор Ex Rays ( назад)
"My fitbit says 'Check Engine'."

That was funny.

Автор David Samolkin ( назад)
who else checked twitter?

Автор Robert Christensen ( назад)
not funny.

Автор Michael Wheland ( назад)
Elizabeth Warren violated the rules. she was told to stop violating rules. cry about it.

Автор Stephen ( назад)

Автор Only Seth Davis ( назад)
Wow. That's great haha.

Автор C Pele ( назад)
She's pulling from her Native American roots.

Автор Herbert Byrd ( назад)
God damn Kate McKinnon plays the best characters!

Автор Patrick Hoeppner ( назад)
Republicans will not play the victims here. They don't get to fool and trick audiences. That's not their fucking job.

Автор Patrick Hoeppner ( назад)
Not President Trump. He lost by 3 million votes.

Автор Patrick Hoeppner ( назад)
Don't feel threatened Colin Jost. Keep being liberal, otherwise there's no point in working at a comedy show. Because you'd be doing it for the wrong reasons.

Автор Patrick Hoeppner ( назад)
Keep fighting for the American people Colin Jost. I misjudged you.

Автор TheAFGFilms ( назад)
Can Kate McKinnon run for president?

Автор lobecosc ( назад)

Автор rialou22 ( назад)
"My fitbit says check engine." Bahahaha! Love Kate and love Senator Warren.

Автор Neloth Telvanni ( назад)
I think this is a terribly inaccurate depiction of Warren. It twists her fight for accountability into some kind of socialism. We must be very careful not to confuse accountability with socialism lest we inadvertently strengthen the case against regulation for conservatives. I can't imagine her making that argument about pay unless it was rooted in some kind of criminal corruption. It also paints her as a goody-two-shoes which betrays her true drive which is passionate anger.

Автор insert name here or else ( назад)
ya know i really like Warren, shes more down to earth, and honest than Hiliary, yeah shes as uptight as Clinton, but shes got that Bernie Sanders fire to her. i like it.

Автор Baxtron o ( назад)
This is perfect holy SH.

Автор scot2313 ( назад)
It would have been much funnier to have her let loose, insulting Trump. She's a smart fiery woman, not petty. Turn her loose and let her go full bore against Trumpworld. That could be funny.

Автор queun ( назад)
A joke about her 1.3 million dollar Bank of America line of credit would have been funny too.

Автор Días con Sandía ( назад)
Elizabeth Warren is my Valentine this year, check it out in my channel ;)

Автор Matthew Kitson ( назад)
Kate for every role known to man

Автор Giaguaro Pappagallo ( назад)
She looked a lot like Warren, but she needs to improve her vocal impression; it was too breathy.

Автор scot2313 ( назад)
Kinda got the voice, but lame writing, narrow, not funny.

Автор Usman Mumtaz ( назад)
Mitch McConnell looks like the turtle from Kung Fu Panda

Автор sugarholic14 ( назад)
I hope she runs in 2020. I want to see more Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren!

Автор jjj1951 ( назад)
I liked the underlying dig in which she says that while the weekend update guy's bit is only ten minutes; he's paid the same as a 'certain' cast member who is in almost all the sketches.

Автор VoteForBurr ( назад)
She nailed Elizabeth Warren, I love the both of them

Автор High Velocity ( назад)
On the 9-16 crazy cat lady scale, I think she's at 14 cats...

Автор Gregory Bradley ( назад)

Автор Naomi Talking Money ( назад)
Amazing! Love this & Both LizzyS!

Автор RMG, LLC Media Partners ( назад)
the failparade of Fauxcahontas.

Автор Mar Stal ( назад)
A mediocre rendition of Elizabeth Warren, tisk tisk.

Автор Bluemgwes ( назад)
Kate McKinnon is a gift from God.

Автор Jaye Maelle ( назад)
My fitbit says 'CHECK ENGINE'

Автор Flatdinosaur ( назад)
Warren 4 Presi-..........oh wait 4 years DAMNITT!!!!!

Автор Spiderswebable ( назад)
can I get a Hell Yeah for someone on the show finally mentioning the fact that SNL did in fact ask Donald Trump to host their show and help him on his path to legitimacy?? even if she was cut off mid sentence, kudos

Автор Nick Damours ( назад)
Is there anyone she can't play?? She plays Elizabeth perfectly 😂😂

Автор rbass bass ( назад)
Kate is Incredible

Автор rbass bass ( назад)
yes she is awesome

Автор Mine Allmine ( назад)
100% Propaganda, to push Warren into the race in 2020. She is not always working as they say here.. Warren made a few million flipping distressed property.. what a woman of the little guy! 2 course hours for a 400K a year Harvard gig.. Job she was a shoe in for as a self proclaimed Native American! Liz is all about Liz and a huge fraud!

Автор lakeasha martin ( назад)
I would hope she runs for ptesident next

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