• Published on Jun 13, 2019
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  • 영어를 똑똑하게 공부하는 방법[영어똑띠]

    식스틴때부터 진짜 좋아했는데.. 먼가 예전만큼 상큼한느낌이 이젠 많이 안느껴지는듯 ㅜㅜ

  • Noodles AndBTS
    Noodles AndBTS Day ago

    The bit before the singing started lowkey gave me high school musical vibes and idk why

  • anas ckck
    anas ckck Day ago

    Her voice is so nasally

  • Mora Reyuk
    Mora Reyuk Day ago

    El estribillo es igual a kokobop

  • Achelois
    Achelois Day ago

    ben ik nou echt de enige met een Nederlandse comments? 😂 dUde I lOvE Somi !! 💕

  • Jun Takeshita
    Jun Takeshita Day ago

    Well, my birthday is 15th July, thanks
    And in Japan, it is a holiday to celebrate my day from all of Japanese, very thanks too

  • 비엘Biel
    비엘Biel Day ago

    Lisa's Voice+Jennie's Voice= Somi's Voice

  • uWu
    uWu Day ago +1

    Oops you're not invited is the best line lol
    It is stuck in my head and I can't stop singing it

  • Bubly Nanda
    Bubly Nanda Day ago +1

    Its my birthday today😂

  • squishy ponyo
    squishy ponyo Day ago +1

    so happy for her i watched sixteen (the kpop survival show she was on - the same one that twice was on) and i felt so bad for her when she was eliminated but i'm so happy she finally got to debut 。also just a question is she under yg??i've never heard of the black label before tbh and the typography looks like the same one as blackpink's so i'm thinking she's under yg

    • katy_sone
      katy_sone Day ago +1

      The Black Label is a YG sublabel,
      The CEO of TBL is Teddy Park

  • かわいいねこ

    └(└ 'ω')┘〈Fooooooooo!!!!!!!

  • Sharmistha Mitra

    She looks like Miley Cyrus in her earlier days same swag same fun!

  • space][graveyard

    Love you somiii

  • BTSBlackpinkApink
    BTSBlackpinkApink Day ago +1

    She has that Unique Voice. You can really hear it’s her voice

  • Anusha Dahiya
    Anusha Dahiya Day ago


  • Ly Mai
    Ly Mai Day ago


  • Chào chị
    Chào chị Day ago +1

    Đỉnh quá idol oiwy
    BIS BIS 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Shahbahrain Iskandar

    No luck for 1st win . Hope another comeback get 1st win.

  • stupid TWICE IS IDIOT

    What entertainment she belongs?

  • Mia Amor
    Mia Amor Day ago

    YG will always be the FASHION KINGS!!

  • YVM
    YVM Day ago

    I love Somi

  • strawberry_ chaem
    strawberry_ chaem Day ago +5

    JYP, you made a huge mistake.

  • 별유희
    별유희 Day ago +2


  • Muhammad Binyamin Mohd noor

    THE thumbnail look like mina from twice and she sound Like meghan trainor

  • kelsey gogh
    kelsey gogh Day ago +2

    all them haters should wait for Somi release EP/Full Album and she gonna snatched all the trophies and archives so much in the near future ;)

    • kelsey gogh
      kelsey gogh Day ago

      @MOMOLAND BOY ITZY also have a debut only with a digital single too (no physical release) , maybe SOMI and ITZY gonna have a EP for there next comeback ♡♡

      MOMOLAND BOY Day ago

      Wonder why there's no EP for BIRTHDAY ...

  • Jen jenjen
    Jen jenjen Day ago +1


  • Kimaya Mehetre
    Kimaya Mehetre Day ago +2


    May I really know who really IS invited???

  • Lalisa Manoban
    Lalisa Manoban Day ago +1

    I love you somiiiii

  • June lee
    June lee Day ago +1

    40 million be here soon

  • Imelda Pujiharti


  • Hằng Vũ
    Hằng Vũ Day ago

    Somi is beautiful :-)

  • It's jicankyuu
    It's jicankyuu Day ago

    Black label plishh i want see somi in ioi again :"

  • Irina Jeon
    Irina Jeon Day ago

    Today it's my birthday and this song is the best way to celebrate

  • Arianna Montealegre

    I just keep thinking about how much money was put into this, I love it 🥰

  • Jayson lanoza
    Jayson lanoza Day ago +1

    Thanks you so I Birthday

  • Thịnh Phạm
    Thịnh Phạm Day ago

    Now i know why her debut is long

  • Angel Miralles
    Angel Miralles Day ago

    Somi!!!!!! i love you so much

  • Sachie Onayan
    Sachie Onayan Day ago

    Wow Ang Ganda ko

  • Tanzplay _
    Tanzplay _ Day ago +2

    Very very happy birthday
    너무너무 해피 Birthday 🌹💗

  • Hey Tayo.g
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  • Orbita de Loona
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  • Chiring Sherpa
    Chiring Sherpa Day ago +1

    Somunthe next queen of ya yooo

  • 검정바이크
    검정바이크 Day ago

    뮤비속 표정 눈빛 안무 퍼포먼스 합치면 완벽 그자체.....

  • 검정바이크
    검정바이크 Day ago

    뮤비 매일 봐도 좋음~~잘찍은듯

    • Yeah Right
      Yeah Right Day ago


  • 검정바이크
    검정바이크 Day ago

    감상중 ~~ ㄱㄱ

    ANDRAFKY BORNEO Day ago +3

    I think Somi The best debut solo ever ^^

  • 실패한!빌런

    감상 ㄱㄱ

  • Cindy Alicia
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  • Gojira
    Gojira Day ago

    who dis?

    • Yeah Right
      Yeah Right Day ago

      A Queen named Somi full name Jeon somi, a solo artist and only 18 years old born in 2001, half korean,dutch and Canadian :D

  • yushabelle robles
    yushabelle robles Day ago +2

    Looking forward for more of Somi's music video

  • Jamilah Landicho
    Jamilah Landicho Day ago +1

    Hey guys! Pls check out my Dance Cover of BIRTHDAY here:
    Thank youuu

  • 원스Once_Pineciwii

    언니 내가 넘 기다렸다귱! 그니까
    이제부터 스밍돌리고 지갑다 준비됏옹!
    Waited for her more than year so yeah Im ready with all the money and everything lets go Somi Nation!

  • Soobunnie
    Soobunnie Day ago +1

    *dang this isnt even bad*

    • Yeah Right
      Yeah Right Day ago +2

      In fact it's actually Good and A BOP

  • Iahrat jahan
    Iahrat jahan Day ago +1

    She's so cute

  • blabla bla
    blabla bla Day ago

    she lost all her visual😥😢
    she is really fat😨😱

    • Miz Dans
      Miz Dans Day ago

      blabla bla seriously skin you are body shaming. You can be thin and unhealthy and you can be fat(not obese) and healthy

    • Yeah Right
      Yeah Right Day ago +2

      Lol you want attention that much? Hahahahha PATHETIC LOSER HAHA TRY AGAIN LOSER. SOMI IS A GODDESS

    • Hey Tayo.g
      Hey Tayo.g Day ago

      Oops ur nof invited

    • jeda nim
      jeda nim Day ago

      blabla bla : (G) I-DLE fans here i like your comment (G) I-DLE the best group ever 😭😭

    • Ooi Kok Loang
      Ooi Kok Loang Day ago +1

      Bitch go away. Fuck ur mother and father

  • Snap chakzone
    Snap chakzone Day ago +1

    Today is ma birthday!

  • SugaSweet Kookies

    Lemme just try and stop by the comment sectio-
    Oops, you not invited. 💅🏻
    Now find the door 👉🏻🚪👋🏻

  • Ngọc Oanh Dương

    I love Somi

  • SugaSweet Kookies


    Yes Somi !! GO 👏 OFF 👏 honeyy!!

  • All About Audrey

    Im addictedd keep on steaming somi fans im a fan
    Favorite line: *oops ur not invited*

  • Micaela CM
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  • Itzzz_JISELLA !
    Itzzz_JISELLA ! Day ago


  • Uknow BTS
    Uknow BTS Day ago +2

    First listen : “um I’m not really a fan”
    Second listen :”it’s not that bad”
    After having it stuck in my head the whole week: “ OoPs YOuRe NoT iNviTed”

  • pnsbn
    pnsbn Day ago +1

    I had no idea she was born in Canada

  • 별이달이
    별이달이 Day ago

    여기서 한국어 찾고있는 내가 바보지.........

  • dont tilt me tho
    dont tilt me tho Day ago +2

    Garbage should have stay in a group

    • Do you know GOT7
      Do you know GOT7 Day ago

      your just jealous because she is better than your faves

    • dont tilt me tho
      dont tilt me tho Day ago

      Salty fan boys lmao yup i be in the bin with her too lmfao smd

    • Yeah Right
      Yeah Right Day ago

      Garbage like u should be in dustbin. Not in group

    • ak0n12 X
      ak0n12 X Day ago

      Garbage should be in a dump site. What are you doing here?

  • momoland and bts only bolo

    she's indian?

    • momoland and bts only bolo
      momoland and bts only bolo Day ago

      @123 ImOne okay! she's look indian for me! she's 18? she looks so matured! and i like her rap!

    • 123 ImOne
      123 ImOne Day ago

      momoland and bts only bolo No! Somi is half korean,dutch and canadian and she’s 18 years old born in 2001

  • micc bebebe
    micc bebebe Day ago

    I don't like the song hehehe but doesn't mean i hate it okay

  • Moonberry
    Moonberry Day ago

    i like the song but i dont like the song...but still i dont hate it

    • 123 ImOne
      123 ImOne Day ago +2

      That mean u like it lol xD it will stuck in your head

    • micc bebebe
      micc bebebe Day ago +1

      Lol same