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    This is disguSting but awesome! xD

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    Nepenthes is my fav Plant!
    Why it killed animals?

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    I am from Philippines I not see a nepenthes in our country thank you

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    Um, what movie is 0:03?

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    Downvoted for feeding incests to plants.(Reported as well)

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    I thought that was a narrotor

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    you should make a game video

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    i have the plant 0:19

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    Is boring video😴

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    It looks ugly

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    Spot the difference kind of hard write

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    I am feeling so disgusting

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    Sounds like it is dangerous when people, bugs, fishes, and animals. It is so creepy living on Earth! What idea do you have in your head of yours right now?

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    Needs more ads.

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    Just though I should give a heads up for a few corrections; during the Genlisea section, the videos for the above ground leaves show Heliamphora and Sarracenia psitticina. Also, there is Aldrovanda shown in the Utric section.

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    Do the plant eat

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    ey Malaysia my home

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    Good job.. However, one misconception about Venus Flytraps is that you can grow them indoors easily. They are not easy to grow as houseplants as they require full sunlight to survive. Growing them indoors is usually a death sentence for the plant unless you supplement with several thousand lumens of artificial light and are capable of providing for their 3-4 month winter dormancy.

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    the thumbnail is so fake!
    venus fly traps cant hurt you.
    the things that look like claws are actually flimsy

    look it up

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    Hadlok Ka ana Oieys?

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    lol the start it like the plant talked XD

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    good video

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    u are soo smart

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    i live in Malaysia

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    Nice video

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    10 plants can eats any small sizes of animals or insects or mammals

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    Am I the only one who thinks that the Venus Flytrap looks like a taco?

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    Oh my god

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    It's very very fake

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    I got me one too it's in my house right now I don't have enough time to watch all of this but I'm going to watch it all but he might have showing me cuz I'm going outside now everybody is yelling looking please give me a thumbs up cuz I don't get that many shows up on mine so bye bye please take care of this plant kill it it's so tiny and it's growing and growing really really really really come help me I'm outside of her friend my house please

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    Where is the Piranha Plant?

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    *Broccoli was never meant to be eaten*

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    Find the difference
    Easy right?
    Ok now this is hard
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    perfect for stupid flies

  • Chris Talmage
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    pretty scary

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    Make me wounder what would a real man eating plant look like? us humans would be to smart to be tricked by a sweet smell and with our hands and fingers would be able to clime up most of them, I think something like the Venus flytrap in an giant form and hidden well to take a human by surprise.I am not sure how a plant could evolve to be too deadly to human.

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    A venus fly trap

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    See, vegans? Even your food thinks you're wrong.

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    My frinde have this plant 9:40

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    10 plants that eat animals...and the plant in the thumbnail is biting a human..pretty accurate

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      Daily Laugh no

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      That dumb

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      Daily Laugh Human are animals, extremely intelligent animals which you are not ;)

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      HooDaVie Nightinhan some are dumb like some hunters

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    Wow, they eat you!

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    0:49 ha

  • Fishers Games with an S XD
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    Top Ten Insect Tower Defense Plants! XD (=

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    1:21 one direction lol

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    2:33 is that a blue sea monkey moving above the ants head?

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    A Venus fly trap could barely even hurt you the spikes are soft as your eyelash they are used to keep the animal in place to suffocate the insect. But the pot plant can easily kill and small rodent :)

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    10 plants to use in man vs plants

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    Maybe,it's a good thing I live in Kansas

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    The mid roll ads are crazy

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    Venus flytrap's are cool, sitting in plant stores or bunnings warehouse sticking twigs in its mouth.

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    6:17 is that ant rescuing that other bug?

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    That Thumbnail, 100% legit lol

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    Lucky me I live in GB

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    Ahhh ja, krasses thumbnail

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    Funny, I own most of these. One he did not feature, the octopus plant.

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      Milton Holecek a octopus plant is a sundew and same I own about 7 of these

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    pitcher plant

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    Victory bell!

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    Vegans eat plants, plants eat animals, so vegans eat animals too, SHUT UP

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    similar to jew? ju? joo? what are you saying?

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    The plants gave me chills. :(

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    you are weirdos its boring watching this

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    7 midroll adds?

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    Thats some crazy stuff !!!

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    Hello there is a guy named Mentale Zuflucht which is copying your stuff.

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    if you are calling insects animals ...... misleading titul

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