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    Thanks You say Philipines

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    Sheq umal

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    contain university online approach step eye wear like scholar surface

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    Great thats nasty

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    2:12 rip monkeys

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    i hate that

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    Once again click baited
    Earlier click baited on snake spider

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    S a44

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    What's the movie called at the start I forgot

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    You mean bugs

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    I’m so 🤺😑🤑

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    Good to know!

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    And you are

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    the thumb nail is fake

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    Never water your plants

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    it didnt have eny more spase thats why you cant read

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    in my class my pepole have seen one and i have man it looks sceary i didnt even go next to it and i saw it eat a little bird i was so sorry for the little bird aneways it was a baby pigen but ibdidentvgo next to it not evan a bit not evan a step well a little bit for the little bird then i ran and told my perants and all my freinds i was like omg i need to tell my freind and my mum and dad then i told my mom and dad i showed it wher and i said that that plant eat a little bird i said it has a white and black skin

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    I had that  in  mine  book

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    This Channel is so cool!!!!😂😍😘😎

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    is that mark dumberg

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    Piz pa4 Dec

  • Adrian Ruiz
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    The next niec lol Sec.
    December 1

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    my favorite plant is the last one

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    It's true

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    plants vs zombies

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    Baby sharpe

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    Thanks ha

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    2:38, 9:36. Who are you to kill them, MF?

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    wft its work GTA v in my phone

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    Amazing plants

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    if it eats animals them why in thumbnail it ate/bit the guys finger

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    Venes fly trap

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    saint it's pvz

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    Sara what?

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    This is why I never have plants in my house. Nature is a cold hearted bitch.

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    So weard

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    u got a bit from jamanji

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    im gounna start a youtube channel

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    yeah I already know that

  • dragons love to fart
    dragons love to fart 24 дня назад

    UH WUT

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    I don't see Animals 😂📱🌎

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    why don't they have blood if they are alive?

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    😂😂😂😂😂 ye rite

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    The venus flytrap is named after da planet Venus

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    That's just eating boring animals

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    I’m in Malaysia

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    funny lol

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    Plus Venus flytrap doesn't hurt you

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    I've had a venus fly trap before

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    i think a finger isn't even an animal, just look at the thumbnail.

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    Alex Franzen 28 дней назад

    i hade a flesh eating flower... when i clicked The video i notesed he ... was dead D; 😢

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    it can eat people to

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    if anyone belive the thumbmail then you are a fcking idiot. because :
    -first of all no one will give his finger to this plant .
    -if he wasnt awar of what the plant do the moment it bait him a normal person will be shocked and will try to remove his finger not stand still.
    -the blood should go down not up and you can clearly see that the blood all over his finger which it dosnt make sense because if the blood realy was on all his finger why the plant have still clean ?
    thats just my reasons there could be something i dont know but i think if you read all of this then you got my point

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    Angelo and Bianca Tolerico tv Месяц назад

    This was scary and cool at the same time!

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    Thanks for telling me about this . ☺

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    Its his accent, i thought he was saying sun jew not sun dew lol

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    Did you copy of someone?😕

  • Warrith Winthrop
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    Sooooooo cooool

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    this is real

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    omg ew

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    I'm a vegetarian though.

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    humans are the most inelligent animals in the world becuse they can kill anyting

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    Find the difference


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    And yet the thumbnail is a plant eating human ...

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    Luckily I'm not a animal😅😅😅😅

  • yajna klopper
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    I love it!!!!!!!

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    That is scary

  • The Mario Cartoons And WTR
    The Mario Cartoons And WTR Месяц назад

    Number 1 mario plant

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    spot the difrintes

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    I love these videos always do more!😍😝😋🙆

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    Journey to the center of the earth

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    You are abasuty amazing don't ruing it ok.

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    Have you ever thought that this could scare children?

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    Im one of the plants who eat homework

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    A Venus fly trap can eat insect too