Antonio Brown is just using race to defend personal failure - Whitlock | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • Marcellus Wiley and Jason Whitlock discuss on Antonio Brown on today's show. Hear what they had to say about AB's antics and how he's gone too far with racial criticism of the NFL.
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    Antonio Brown is just using race to defend personal failure - Whitlock | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF
    Speak For Yourself
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Comments • 446

  • Speak For Yourself
    Speak For Yourself  2 months ago +31

    Do the Raiders regret dealing for Antonio Brown?

    • Denzel from Washington
      Denzel from Washington 2 months ago


    • Steven Houle
      Steven Houle 2 months ago

      Speak For Yourself let’s wait until the season starts to answer that

    • J M
      J M 2 months ago

      Las Vegans, we are a renegade people. Pirates.
      We think Antonio should say more stuff lol
      Just win us a Super Bowl

    • J M
      J M 2 months ago +1

      In Las Vegas, behavioral issues or criminal background - these are all positives in this town.
      Las Vegans look up to criminals and attitude problem people

    • J M
      J M 2 months ago +1

      Im the top criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas. As long as he catches balls like the baller he is...
      Behavioral issues are irrelevant.
      That’s the Raider way.
      That’s the Las Vegas way too.
      Behavioral issues in Vegas are seen as positives lol.
      Diva? We are all law breaking divas in this town. Lol

  • Day Walker
    Day Walker 24 days ago

    Now.. when you was talking about Big Ben Rapelessburger..
    DId he not sacrifice money, bets, stats by taking control of the game by not doing anything and everything to WIN the GAME?? All AB is ask to do was CATCH the ball and on some levels help keep the team continuity.

  • Diana Garcia
    Diana Garcia 25 days ago

    Steelers MT is an enabler hes not the Steelers future, we'll never get back the steel curtain with him.He enables players to do what they want grandstanders .Under him we're not a team we're a mess.Ask any Pittsburgher if we think he should be our coach.the resounding answer is no,but we're stuck with him till he's old and one foot in the grave even if his players are in charge and not him.thats the way the Steelers are,they will beat a dead horse till it we're stuck.

  • filthybronco
    filthybronco Month ago

    Whitlock's man weave is a personal failure

  • Dan kool
    Dan kool Month ago

    Sounds like another T.O. beginning...

  • George Lapointe
    George Lapointe Month ago

    Guys defending Brown behavior at this point makes you look foolish and shreds your cred. You cannot avoid the optics and petulant behavior.

  • Madd Maxx
    Madd Maxx Month ago +1

    My Steelers departed ways with the problem and now the problem is causing drama as a Raider and they still pointing fingers at the Steelers. Kinda like you break up with a cheating GF and hear she now is cheating on her new BF and they blame you for her behavior. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • jnyfumare
    jnyfumare Month ago +4

    A.B. (Adult Baby)

  • landshark616
    landshark616 Month ago +1

    Ab would be on the practice squad with the pats lol..

    RONEL HAMMOND Month ago

    I’m trying to understand the title of this video. Wiley still ducking that DECONSTRUCTION of his dumb comments about Kap last week from Roland Martin i see. Keep ya mouth shut next time dude. You sound like an idiot.

  • Rahlo Sockem
    Rahlo Sockem Month ago +1

    Yall tryna dogg this man so bad...stop it🤚🏿not working

  • Cheap Shot
    Cheap Shot Month ago

    Race shield used? Ooooh that NEVER happens.

  • Elroy Hegwood
    Elroy Hegwood Month ago +2

    AB will get the last laugh on all of you, because you can't comprehend what you don't understand . He will be successful in Oakland, with Super Bowl Potential..Then all you will hear is "I always liked AB". Hypocrisy at it's finest.

  • Robert Parker
    Robert Parker Month ago

    Lies, he speaks his opinion and stands against what he doesn't respect or like, now he is " supposedly " hiding failure. I see Jason didn't get his Big Mac, Large Fries, extra large pizza, 2 dozen of Krispy Cream donuts, 2 gallons of ice cream, and 4 dozen of Chips Ahoy cookies, along with 2 cases Of Pepsi Cola for lunch. You see, we all have an opinion and we all have a right to that opinion; and to stand firm with our thoughts and beliefs. Whether someone believes or is offended we have rights. He doesn't want to wear that helmet for his reasons and not your reasons Jason.

  • Jeff
    Jeff Month ago

    A show that is about who's fault it is when a group of multi millionares act like little kids.....nonsense about its not someones fault cause no one held him accountable and told him he had to act like a team player? wtf Ab = cancer and raiders are going to find out ...some crazy contract to someone 31 years old......

  • Jamison Palmer
    Jamison Palmer Month ago

    This show is lacking proper English.

  • Day Walker
    Day Walker 2 months ago

    You guys are eating up all the garbage that AB is putting out.. because in actuality, that isn't him. I have begin to see he has decided to put out this energy to garner attention to himself.. unlike other receivers who stay quiet and you do not hear anything about him. How do you guys gain subscribers and attention to your CHANNEL? If you stayed quiet with nothing but positive and humbling videos.. would you have as many subscribes in this type of society.. or would you realize you need to get your feet dirty so people can see your actual growth in order to respect your game!?

    Stop poo pooing AB and respect his game.. Its all good if you want to challenge and have debates on the dude, just do not LIE on what he has done because that is when you loose all respect and credibility. AB prove can handle the criticism of the energy he put out.. he has too, because its his fault.. but what he did to get out of Pitt Steelers was amazing. While trying to have a voice in the face of the NFL... was anyone doing that in the past couple of years? Tom Brady is literally on a "WITCH" hunt and you crown him for his wizardry.. while he talks about his witchcraft like its all fun games and both him and his wife holding and kissing GOATS. It is hilarious how confused society is with what you all are putting out.. And I am not hip to everything but in due time I will be when I need to and the writing has always been on the wall. Play your roll and bow out.. or get swallowed up by the beast.
    Its your turn.. are you ready?

  • Exodus 2020
    Exodus 2020 2 months ago

    Antonio brown just doesnt want to play that neanderthal sport of football anymore and is setting himself up for his exit strategy out of the league .dont be shocked if he walks out of the licker room during halftime during midseason and leaves the sport which is his right .thats what happens when your tired of your job and your ready to quit .

  • Jacques Franklin
    Jacques Franklin 2 months ago

    Nobody said anything about race whoever made this title just wanted this to become a race thing

  • Thomas Lee
    Thomas Lee 2 months ago

    You know you might have all the money in the world you know you may get bonuses and signed a billions and billions and billions of dollars know that makes you happy whatever okay cool you know the richest people on this Earth are the people that are rich in heart rich in mind and truly truly rich in the family this man right here he's not to be revealed it's not to be respected it's not to be looked up as a role model he is a tantrum tantrum throwing kit cuz just got paid a lot of money no he must have thought another fit get some more publicity it's just a buck. Just like Ezekiel Elliott can't keep your mouth shut the chat do their job when they need to do their job stand in the satellites when the game is on the line to go to the playoffs you got to put your stuff us sad play for the greater good and that's the team one man does not make a team

  • Shaun McDaniel
    Shaun McDaniel 2 months ago

    I wonder if AB were white, would Wiley defend him so adamantly!? I don't think Wiley is a "racist", but at the same time, with human nauture, you are generally going to defend someone that has the same skin color as you more so. Bias opinions, doesn't generally equal "racist", but I am just sayin.........

  • Charley Footon
    Charley Footon 2 months ago

    I have never seen Wiley talk bad about a black athlete. Mike Vick was Improved T. Brady years ago. And when it comes to black vs white? Forget about it. He did it again in this video.

  • Joseph Kent
    Joseph Kent 2 months ago

    Rich people do what they want to.....

  • JRockafella58
    JRockafella58 2 months ago

    Why are we talking Pittsburgh?! Come on guys!

  • Joey Perrotta
    Joey Perrotta 2 months ago

    While I can understand the point that the organization is more to blame than Tomlin, when do we just blame AB for being AB? “He was allowed to do these things” does that all of a sudden give AB a pass? The guy was clearly a problem in Pittsburgh and has been nothing but a problem since being traded to Raiders. Stop blaming other people for AB acting like an idiot.

  • Bonney Dahlquist
    Bonney Dahlquist 2 months ago

    Lol thats what most blacks do these days.

  • Bryochemical Intuition
    Bryochemical Intuition 2 months ago

    "Racist" is what everyone with a low IQ runs to when they're wrong.

  • Luke Main
    Luke Main 2 months ago

    Brown will miss week 1 because the dryer shrank his socks.

  • D DLedge
    D DLedge 2 months ago


  • Jorge Ford
    Jorge Ford 2 months ago

    Whitlock you sellout hehe.

    • Round Robin
      Round Robin 2 months ago

      what are you....10 years old?

  • Big E
    Big E 2 months ago

    Dont know who I am more tired of hearing about Antonio brown or lavar ball

  • DeAndre Berry
    DeAndre Berry 2 months ago

    AB is a bozo

  • Brittany Garrison
    Brittany Garrison 2 months ago

    Why does TJ speak jive?

  • Brittany Garrison
    Brittany Garrison 2 months ago +1

    It can't be racism. Raiders helmet is black. We've been told time and time again that black can't be racist.

  • Saint Michael
    Saint Michael 2 months ago

    My 13 year old son is more mature than AB. I don’t know who is advising him, but they’re giving him some really bad advice.

  • Ivan Sanchez
    Ivan Sanchez 2 months ago

    If it wasn't for Antonio Brown none of these old heads would have anything to talk about. They're like a bunch of cackling chickens.

    • Round Robin
      Round Robin 2 months ago

      how stupid you sound, dude. congrats!

  • hamzatu
    hamzatu 2 months ago

    The Al Jolson Show featuring the Black Face Boys

  • King 27
    King 27 2 months ago

    All Ben Roethlisberger do is whine, and blame everybody else for his mistakes. And Jason Coonlock is a joke. This is the same man that said racism only affects poor black people but turned around and said the Patriots experience reverse racism because they're white and dominant. FOH

  • Jack Matthews
    Jack Matthews 2 months ago

    Why is JuJu involved in this discussion? What exactly did JuJu do besides ball out for the Steelers?

  • Sean Mccarty
    Sean Mccarty 2 months ago

    Wiley acts like that was first time Ben tool players to the lake house.

  • Rich B
    Rich B 2 months ago

    Look at that diversity on the panel. Now this is what white liberals have been fighting for!

  • Angel G
    Angel G 2 months ago

    Whitlock sounds like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about

  • scott szpyrka
    scott szpyrka 2 months ago

    I didn’t hear anything about race, shame on you for mischaracterizing this!!! SHAME

  • Dan R Goodnight
    Dan R Goodnight 2 months ago

    Divas gonna diva

  • Ronald Russoe
    Ronald Russoe 2 months ago

    The only knuckle head here is a man accused of multiple rapes "Big Ben"

  • ange boudle
    ange boudle 2 months ago +2

    AB. An N word being an N word

  • Presley Mitchell
    Presley Mitchell 2 months ago

    AB All baby

  • Keb
    Keb 2 months ago

    I only regret watching this expert analysis for over 6 minutes.

  • Gregory Wright
    Gregory Wright 2 months ago

    Its Antics not Annex lol ... Send these Men to a grammar class.

  • Astro Rockets
    Astro Rockets 2 months ago

    Antonio Brown is pro black rah rah for “the cause”......but sleeps white. Which is a contradiction. He colours his moustache blonde. To me, this scream OREO. This has nothing to do with football but since he brought up race with his version of the acronym “NFL”. I thought to bring this up about him.

  • Rondough Howell
    Rondough Howell 2 months ago

    Well at least AB know who he is unlike Whitlock wishing who he was(white man)

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 months ago

    Marcellus obviously is bad at math. Ben put up with what ur seeing for 6-7 years. And wasn't till last year Ben started showing frustration. Us that live in pgh know.

  • Matthew Wilson
    Matthew Wilson 2 months ago

    You have to blame the coach. The front office ain't out there.

  • Ziggy Doom
    Ziggy Doom 2 months ago

    Everybody calling him TJ because they cant spell his last name.....

  • Kristoff3334
    Kristoff3334 2 months ago +1

    Considering how crazy AB has seemed since he's been in Oakland? I'd say Roethlisberger handled it pretty well, especially since all these same announcers completely trashed him when AB wanted out. Now who looks like the bad teammate?

  • Elijah Parker
    Elijah Parker 2 months ago +1

    Pittsburgh Steelers will be better in 2019

  • sydIRISH
    sydIRISH 2 months ago +1

    Who uses the race card MORE than blacks? Well, I mean the race card was invented for, that's a dumb question. Who's dividing who?
    If I didn't know any better....I'd say most blacks were RACISTS!!!!!!! When you see, smell, taste, eat, sleep might be a RACIST!!!!!!

  • Zack Amig
    Zack Amig 2 months ago +1

    What is tj's opinion of juju? Wtf does he have to do with any of this

    • The Locker Room
      The Locker Room 2 months ago

      Zack Amig Hey 👋 ! If you like NBA/NFL commentary give us a listen 👂. We just started and were growing fast 💨. Please subscribe 💯

  • Shane H
    Shane H 2 months ago

    Ab quit week 17,enough said!

  • Shane H
    Shane H 2 months ago

    I hate the Steelers but Ben was not the problem!