Top 10 Game Show Fails of All Time

  • Published on Nov 8, 2015
  • Some people have won millions of dollars by participating in game shows, while others have won only embarrassment and a life of infamy. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Game Show Fails of All-Time. For this list, we're looking at those moments where game show contestants embarrassed themselves, or did something they probably weren't intending to do, which led to unexpected results, regardless of whether they won or not. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at :)
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Comments • 4 993

  • Steve Koenig
    Steve Koenig 4 hours ago

    On "Wheel of Fortune," the answer was "A Group of Well-Wishers." The contestant said, "A Group of Pill Pushers."

  • EdzHD
    EdzHD 4 days ago

    7:45 had me dying 😂

  • Jonathan Miller
    Jonathan Miller 4 days ago

    That got me laughing at 7:00.

  • Ajinkya Kakade
    Ajinkya Kakade 5 days ago


  • hotguyrule
    hotguyrule 11 days ago

    Richard dawson: what month does a woman look pregnant

  • Dave12395
    Dave12395 16 days ago +1

    Indiana university probably shouldn't feature that kid as one of their success stories.

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher 27 days ago

    The Chase
    Q: “What day is Christmas Day celebrated on each year?”
    A: “Wednesday”

  • TinnieTa21
    TinnieTa21 27 days ago

    #8 is not a fail!!! If anything, it is the best answer in game show history,

  • Skylar Noire
    Skylar Noire Month ago

    How is a rake a pleasure seeker?

  • Skylar Noire
    Skylar Noire Month ago

    "Name an animal with 3 letters in it's name"

  • Kathryn Ashworth
    Kathryn Ashworth Month ago

    No one is winning a million dollars on that version of Millionaire, they’re getting a million pounds (which is worth more at the time).

  • Simon Barr
    Simon Barr Month ago

    You missed out South Park; "name people who annoy you...."

  • Bєтα • Tнє Bяυтαl 7 Fσσт Kιllιηg Mαcнιηє

    Are you smarter then a 5th grader used to be called "Are you smarter then a 10 year old".

  • David Abbruzzi
    David Abbruzzi Month ago

    Name your favorite cartoon character? Old Yeller!

  • Lee T. Walker
    Lee T. Walker Month ago

    The "September" incident from Family Feud:
    The "French" incident and full puzzle from Password Plus:
    The "testimony" incident from Super Password:
    The "ho" answer from Jeopardy is probably the best one here:

  • TheOrichalcumSpider

    Family Fued Turkey

  • mary estes
    mary estes Month ago

    I promise, I was watching who wants to be a millionaire back in the late 90s and the first question was how many wheels on a wheel barrel and the lady said 3 final answer. I laughed so hurt my back hurt.

  • i'm an eagle
    i'm an eagle Month ago

    I like how Steve will ask a very sexual question and then is in shock when he gets a sexual answer

  • I Love Tacos
    I Love Tacos Month ago

    Alright it said name an animals hat has 3 letters in its name and the first dude said frog then y’all making fun of the dude who said alligator

  • John Stitz
    John Stitz Month ago +2

    A boys name that begins with k
    “Kentucky fried chicken”

  • Jason Juneau
    Jason Juneau Month ago

    "Hoe" could also be an answer

  • Troll Mctrollerson
    Troll Mctrollerson Month ago +1

    It really should have been worded "name an animal with ONLY three letters in its name"

  • nibsvkh
    nibsvkh 2 months ago

    Biggest Gameshow Description Fail...A MILLION DOLLARS IS NOT WON DURING THE REGULAR GAME!!!
    How the [email protected]#k do you post a video and make such an OBVIOUS mistake?

  • WinthropJQuiggy
    WinthropJQuiggy 2 months ago

    If not to 10 it should have at least got "Honorable Mention"... On Are You Smarter than a 5thGrader, guest contestant Gene Simmons, on the very first question, was asked a geography question "Which of these states is farther north?" As I recall the choices were Colorado, Idaho and Montana (I could be wrong on those). Gene picked one which was wrong, and Jeff Foxworthy said "what would your second guess be?' which Gene also got wrong. "Well, what would your third guess be?' Incredibly, Gene made it all the way to the final round on the game...

  • J Keeper
    J Keeper 2 months ago

    Give me a boys name that starts with the letter H , Jose

  • littlebitofbecca
    littlebitofbecca 2 months ago

    An animated banana? That's Mr Chips!

  • Steffen Schuchardt
    Steffen Schuchardt 2 months ago

    Whats wrong with Hoe? Using it on minecraft all the time. As a tool.

  • Mlpfanboy
    Mlpfanboy 2 months ago

    8:49 ok to any southern watching this is the kind of shit that makes northern states veiw you as stupid. I may not have automatically remembered hungery had Budapest but i at least knew it wasn’t france and it’s common knowledge Europe is a continent not a country.

  • Mlpfanboy
    Mlpfanboy 2 months ago

    2:51 has competition now

  • TheHomeMediaCollector Productions

    You couldn’t buy those saucers for $89

  • Myathewolfeh1
    Myathewolfeh1 2 months ago

    Oh boy, that "age of consent guy." O_O

  • Mythic Gamer
    Mythic Gamer 2 months ago

    Who elses first though was ho too.

  • Ethan
    Ethan 3 months ago

    Obviously Steve Harvey would be in the thumbnail

  • Christopher Bingham
    Christopher Bingham 3 months ago

    I apparently would have been #8, #7 and the "Age of Consent" honorable mention if I were on Jeopardy and Family Feud in those particular episodes. These thongs happen when people get nervous and have to quickly say the first thing in their heads.

    MrNITROPSYCHO 3 months ago

    5:16 I would've said Paris Hilton for poops and giggles

  • rj1982ii
    rj1982ii 3 months ago

    You should have showed the contestant after the butt answer. You think that's a one time answer the next contestant said it also.

  • rj1982ii
    rj1982ii 3 months ago

    Whaat's a ho would have been my answer.

    • Christopher Bingham
      Christopher Bingham 3 months ago

      The reason it's wrong is because the tool is "Hoe" so the spelling is different.

      If no one else uses the word "Rake" like that, the Decemberists do, and that counts enough IMO.

  • Mikee Lewis
    Mikee Lewis 3 months ago

    What was the word that fat girl got blurred out

  • eddyvideostar
    eddyvideostar 3 months ago

    At 1:00 minutes: The stupid game show host could have explained to her. Not even I know every word in the dictionary. There are super affluent and educated people who do not know everything -- *nor do they NEED TO KNOW!* So, there.

  • PegCity Bandit
    PegCity Bandit 3 months ago

    Damn Jeff foxworthy that was a quick quip!😂 caught me offgaurd.
    "I'm listenin' to what you're sayin' but only hear what I want to."
    "That's just called being a woman"

  • meisryan98
    meisryan98 3 months ago

    "People who annoy you"

  • Vapa Man
    Vapa Man 3 months ago


  • F dL
    F dL 3 months ago

    I don't know that other meaning of rake, but I sure know what's a hoe...

  • Clifford Shafran
    Clifford Shafran 3 months ago

    I think you might want to add this to the list. From today's Price is Right:

  • Nich cooke
    Nich cooke 3 months ago

    9:39 had me dead... 😂

  • Brittany Bennis
    Brittany Bennis 3 months ago

    I guessed hoe too... seems like the most obvious answer 🤷‍♀️

  • Mohit Sharma
    Mohit Sharma 3 months ago

    Guy says Jose n family actual claps in support. I guess apple don’t fall far from the tree ever 😂😂😂

  • Renee Buster
    Renee Buster 3 months ago

    "What month of pregnancy does a woman start 2 look pregnant?" " September." Omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • F U B A R methink
    F U B A R methink 3 months ago

    give me a name begin with H,... "Jose" llf

  • Panikiller 2
    Panikiller 2 3 months ago

    That's just called being a woman LOL

  • Windows 95
    Windows 95 3 months ago

    "I hear what you're saying, but I only hear what I want to."

    "That's just called being a woman."


  • Patrick Kelley
    Patrick Kelley 3 months ago

    That last guy on Wheel of Fortune kills me!! It's like he was TRYING to get every one wrong lol 😂👌

  • Dougie Fresh
    Dougie Fresh 3 months ago

    mental note: don't send the kids to Indiana for college

  • Ty Tratar
    Ty Tratar 4 months ago

    Steve Harvey is a jackass! I will never forget that memo he gave to his staff, regarding privacy. That guy has a serious lack of intelligence!

  • Splatts 7
    Splatts 7 4 months ago


    *A C H I L L I U S*

  • NancyKTV
    NancyKTV 4 months ago

    Honestly hoe will always be equally correct. It’s jeopardy’s fault for making a question that has 2 answers

  • Jacob Richardson
    Jacob Richardson 4 months ago

    That animated banana is called Mr Chips you uneducated scum

  • Sairaj R. Kamath
    Sairaj R. Kamath 5 months ago

    Half the appeal of Family Feud these days is Steve Harvey overreacting to fails and raunchy answers.

  • ItzzMeB
    ItzzMeB 5 months ago

    6:52 Did y'all just call Mr. Chip a banana?

  • jaylecia davila
    jaylecia davila 5 months ago

    How was “in the a**hole” only an honor table mention as apposed to the number one answer? Literally the most infamous moment in game show history.

  • Andrew Novak
    Andrew Novak 5 months ago

    “On-the-spot dicespin”...freakin classic!

  • Zeb H.
    Zeb H. 5 months ago

    I guessed Hoe... never heard of Rake. Every generation beyond will agree. Hoe.

  • Lola Pulkin
    Lola Pulkin 5 months ago

    The age of consent one killed me

  • Devin Crum
    Devin Crum 5 months ago +2

    "What is the age of consent?" Wow what a chomo. That's hilarious though. That should have won.

  • Mazimai
    Mazimai 5 months ago

    The yellow man in catch phrase is a robot not a banana

  • Cynthia Chan
    Cynthia Chan 5 months ago

    How about the model that accidentally revealed the actual price of the car on The Price is Right?

  • Kris Valderrama
    Kris Valderrama 5 months ago

    is Kellie Pickler really that stupid?

  • Silentvhs
    Silentvhs 5 months ago

    owl wtf

  • Alyssa Black
    Alyssa Black 5 months ago

    There should be another ‘Family Feud’ moments list due to all sorts of epic fails that weren’t on the hilarious 1st one. These are pretty hilarious from classic shows

  • C.T. Warren
    C.T. Warren 5 months ago

    In all fairness, there is a prophet named Hosea with a book in the Old Testament, and it is pronounced the same as "Jose".

  • kem KuLa
    kem KuLa 6 months ago +1

    Witch part of a woman’s part are more sensitive A:Vagina hole C:Anal B: babyHole D:G-Spot I go with C C For Anal....?😨😱NOOO!!!! I meant G G For G-Spot

  • shrek gets dubs
    shrek gets dubs 6 months ago

    a hoe

  • John Christopher See
    John Christopher See 6 months ago

    Where is the Richie Belle from deal or no deal with $1 and a million and he won $1

  • John Christopher See
    John Christopher See 6 months ago

    I would have answered D. Paros Hilton

  • Eboni Love
    Eboni Love 6 months ago

    Dude said car even though "world" was already on the board and he sees there's no "r" in the end word. This dude is embarrassing forreal

  • Eboni Love
    Eboni Love 6 months ago

    9:30 My uncle is named this and spells it Hosea

  • Eboni Love
    Eboni Love 6 months ago

    Dude I thought the answer was ho!

  • 8senor origins
    8senor origins 6 months ago


  • 8senor origins
    8senor origins 6 months ago

    5:18 well that means Minecraft know almost everything about squids

  • Alice's Rabbit
    Alice's Rabbit 7 months ago

    The age of consent...OMFG, LMFAO!

  • KefoAtleta
    KefoAtleta 7 months ago

    What was the answer for the whoopie?

  • kezzo jones
    kezzo jones 7 months ago

    No i dont agree with one thing on your list you knobhead Mr chips is not a banana he is a robot ffs some people these days. If you can not tell the difference between a robot an a banana then dont do video's until you can

  • Eddie Reekie
    Eddie Reekie 7 months ago

    Family feud and other games shows that look for similar answers are just going for obvious shock answers "like the penis one" they lost their charm when you hear obvious dirty answers and the host acts shocked for ten minutes

  • Matt Sena
    Matt Sena 7 months ago

    "What happens around the age of 14 for boys and 12 for girls?" "The age of consent." Someone gotta keep an eye on that dude 😂😂

  • Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis 7 months ago

    But hoe was the right answer i think anyone would have said that lol

  • Dan Rogers
    Dan Rogers 7 months ago

    Hosea is a name beginning with H. So I don’t get how that’s even an honourable mention.

  • David Mock
    David Mock 7 months ago

    I take umbrage with the Steve Harvey one. Modern Family Fued is basically questions designed to make you think dirty answer so Steve Harvey can react.
    "Name a famous Dick."
    "My husband's."
    Cue Steve Harvey's shocked face.

  • pastelpaw
    pastelpaw 7 months ago

    8:05 I mean if you live in Alaska maybe

  • Simmlex
    Simmlex 7 months ago

    As a Hungarian, that hurt.

  • Vic P
    Vic P 7 months ago

    the weirdest place she made whoopie was in the a** lol

  • MissBuyNLarge
    MissBuyNLarge 7 months ago

    I don't think I'll ever forget the "pork-upine" debacle on Family of the best TV clips of all time

  • Navila Vazquez
    Navila Vazquez 7 months ago

    Family Feud- Describe a zombie? They’re black! Check it out

  • Sem
    Sem 7 months ago

    *a l l i g a t o r*

  • Michael Volpi
    Michael Volpi 7 months ago

    when I decided to watch this video, it was an on the spot dice spin

  • FsuarezJ 05
    FsuarezJ 05 7 months ago

    - It’s a living thing
    - Popsicle Bike

  • Robert Scott
    Robert Scott 8 months ago

    Wheel of fortune, what school did Mr. GENIUS represent. A village called they are missing an idiot.

  • Tammy Barnwell
    Tammy Barnwell 8 months ago

    It was a Latin person with an accent they would’ve won because they would’ve claim discrimination if they don’t. And this is coming from a Latin woman.

  • D Faymf
    D Faymf 8 months ago


  • Goofproofyew
    Goofproofyew 8 months ago

    3:10 he wasn't incorrect tho. He just found another answer for the question

  • rcairforceone
    rcairforceone 8 months ago

    Ken wasn't technically wrong though