i used old fortnite memes in season 8

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
  • i used old fortnite battle royale memes in season 8 (OG season 1 nostalgia strategies) and got epic victory royales
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  • McCreamy
    McCreamy  Month ago +3512

    can't believe most of these still work

    • Twitch Rimzy
      Twitch Rimzy 6 days ago

      McCreamy have you tried tree camping 👍

    • DragonK
      DragonK 15 days ago

      McCreamy me and my friends sky based in close encounters and won 10/10 memes
      3 other teams did it too

    • eXotic Willbo
      eXotic Willbo 16 days ago

      It’s just that ur way too sweaty lmao

    • Tfue YT
      Tfue YT 18 days ago

      McCreamy crocky mate

    • Xxijustkilledu YT
      Xxijustkilledu YT 19 days ago

      Let a memer meme said the one who killed lazarbeam when he was stream sniping for fun but good saying

  • yeah its seb
    yeah its seb 51 minute ago

    Didn't actually have a challenge just wanted to put in a game if him Poppin off

  • Chris Christian
    Chris Christian 5 hours ago

    10:24 enyone

  • Emberrider
    Emberrider 8 hours ago

    he used a chug jug......for 25hp......IM TRIGERRRRD

  • Legend-brawl stars
    Legend-brawl stars 2 days ago

    What about the slow clap trick?

    MAXIMUS IS IN AW 3 days ago +1

    Imagine double gold pumping

  • Harry Sime
    Harry Sime 5 days ago

    Double pumping is not a meme strat it’s just called being a slut

  • Elboelboll 1
    Elboelboll 1 6 days ago

    R.I.P Pump😭😭

  • R13H_silk
    R13H_silk 6 days ago

    gotta love that GoT music

  • CookiePlayz 1475
    CookiePlayz 1475 6 days ago

    you forgot trap tower

  • Wesley Flanagan
    Wesley Flanagan 6 days ago

    By the way if you shoot with one pump then shoot two shots with la smug then shoot the other pump it semi works I do it all the time but they vaulted it rip

  • Ridhiculous Xp
    Ridhiculous Xp 8 days ago

    6:10 catypo when yu shove your dick in her mouth

  • xd blackninjā
    xd blackninjā 10 days ago

    Hey I’m a new member of xd I joined 2 days ago

  • Zebedee 899
    Zebedee 899 11 days ago

    Build a massive bass next meme video

  • lil boat
    lil boat 12 days ago +5

    I swear to god I’m gonna like this comment

    You got to now you swore to god

  • CannedBread
    CannedBread 12 days ago +1

    Double pump is apparently a ‘meme’

  • ink
    ink 12 days ago

    5:39 karma bi**h

  • I cool You stink
    I cool You stink 13 days ago

    The spongbob says, -GO DIE MOTHERF**KER-

  • NSD Kevin
    NSD Kevin 14 days ago

    The weakness to bush camping
    *Thermal Scope*

  • Pro—Pablo Cornejo
    Pro—Pablo Cornejo 14 days ago


  • James Cuber
    James Cuber 15 days ago

    Season 9 hype

  • TrolleyTreed
    TrolleyTreed 15 days ago +1

    We Want Face Reveal pls bro

  • Rammel4Life
    Rammel4Life 15 days ago

    People talk about how toxic fortnite is but play Rainbow Six Seige. Anyone who’s played that game knows how toxic it’s players are!!!!!

  • Rammel4Life
    Rammel4Life 15 days ago +1

    Noob hacker?????

  • Azza_j
    Azza_j 15 days ago

    Do u still hang out with the misfitz

  • pure sarcasm
    pure sarcasm 15 days ago

    who else is watching when these worked

  • colin steen
    colin steen 15 days ago

    “I’m going to win with the double pump” while he carries a scar and a heavy sniper😂

  • Fortnite-king
    Fortnite-king 16 days ago

    5:44 *INSTANT KARMA*

  • eXotic Willbo
    eXotic Willbo 16 days ago +1

    “But I accidentally ended up popping off”
    Gets a 11 kill win lmao

  • westtxplowboy
    westtxplowboy 16 days ago +1

    Go sub to westtxplowboy

  • Longrod VonHugendong
    Longrod VonHugendong 16 days ago

    You should try the no building challenge.. that will probably be tough right now

  • Will Shorrock
    Will Shorrock 17 days ago

    Just asking when would u do a face revival

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    i will sub on twitch if you friend

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    your to good

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    your better than zuckles

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    let me meme with you

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    i love the song paradise by coldplay

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    the zone is your friend

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    i wont to play with you

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    nice vic with bush

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    i love misfits

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    f homework

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    i watch you instead of homework

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    your best in world

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    if you dont i be sad

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    can i be in one of your vids

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    pls read these

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    i love mems

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    I have subbed
    you are best and so funny

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    ps dond be soccer again

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    your better than ninja

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago


  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago

    I will use creamy in item if friend my name is xd GAMERGEKKO123 or xd GAmERGEKKO123

  • DR duckling
    DR duckling 17 days ago


  • It’s free realestate FREE

    Hey Mc creamy my fortnite name is XD_CODE_CREAMY
    I changed it all for u

  • DenUkendteGris
    DenUkendteGris 17 days ago +2

    Wait why do all youtubers get in a bot lobby...
    When i play i get tryhard People?

    • MM TAPEZ
      MM TAPEZ 14 days ago +1

      DenUkendteGris just be a RUclipr

  • m4fju
    m4fju 17 days ago +4

    Playing fortnite is already an old meme

  • Sam Belman
    Sam Belman 17 days ago

    U should’ve got a friend and did rocket riding

  • Dean Tomlinson
    Dean Tomlinson 18 days ago +1

    9:31 when ur name is FingerMe4Fun

  • J. Co
    J. Co 18 days ago

    Lol I heard The Incredibles theme song in the background 😂😂

  • Wylop YT
    Wylop YT 18 days ago

    Btec lachy

  • Overli X83
    Overli X83 18 days ago

    5:37 karma 😂😂😂

  • The Sun
    The Sun 18 days ago +1

    You’ve been hit by
    You’ve been stuck by


  • ViniH90
    ViniH90 19 days ago


  • Bomanjoe1234567 Ristau

    I won my first game of Fortnite by bush camping and had 0 kills (season 4)

  • Andrei Oltean
    Andrei Oltean 19 days ago

    If u shot eith the pump the reload and then switch tu the double pump and it will work

  • hollydixon_xo
    hollydixon_xo 19 days ago

    me and my friend made a 2019 sky base first try and got the dub 😂

  • Scottyyy newson
    Scottyyy newson 19 days ago

    Creamy: let’s find a good bush to camp in
    *proceeds to open chests and pick up shields ammo and guns*

  • Squishy cem
    Squishy cem 19 days ago +1

    One like one convince for epic to revert and bring back double pump.

  • Izzat Omar
    Izzat Omar 19 days ago +1

    Im still using this strategy when im lazy

  • ACE Elysium
    ACE Elysium 20 days ago

    No hate but imo for the double pump you should’ve only used pumps

  • Weird Thingz
    Weird Thingz 20 days ago

    Subscribe to me

  • fortnite destoyer
    fortnite destoyer 20 days ago

    What happened to xd clan

  • Emmer kr
    Emmer kr 20 days ago +1


  • Eric Zavaleta
    Eric Zavaleta 21 day ago

    this just goes to show you don't need any talent to have a successful RUclip channel... such a boring video as well

  • Mattmatters4 B
    Mattmatters4 B 22 days ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I hate epic games and so do you.

  • Angus Baldwin
    Angus Baldwin 22 days ago

    XDNATE is the best PS4 player around check him out and subscribe!!!!

  • Melted Wogs
    Melted Wogs 23 days ago

    I McCreamed your mom

  • Juxe Beats
    Juxe Beats 23 days ago +1

    for a minute I thought it was season 9 currently...

  • Sami Mansour
    Sami Mansour 24 days ago

    You are soooooooooo good

  • Not Ninja
    Not Ninja 24 days ago

    This video is already done by muselk

  • Virostep
    Virostep 24 days ago

    Muselk stole this vid

  • Andrew Cherny
    Andrew Cherny 24 days ago +1

    *cough* muselk stole your video *cough*

  • FORTNITE _god 87
    FORTNITE _god 87 24 days ago

    I used cod creamy

  • CrazyCookie 99
    CrazyCookie 99 24 days ago

    Mcreamy using old strats still makes him look like a god lol😂

  • lewis l
    lewis l 24 days ago

    I only liked this because of the ad at the start

  • Zachary Boots
    Zachary Boots 24 days ago

    stole muselks content

  • Consuelo Amortegui
    Consuelo Amortegui 24 days ago +1

    “Im going to double pump in this game” starts using sniper and smg and scar

  • Consuelo Amortegui
    Consuelo Amortegui 24 days ago

    U didn’t even use the bush strategy the whole game . U just started camping in a bush when there was 30 people left

  • The Infamous Gamer
    The Infamous Gamer 24 days ago

    Wait u didn't die?

    JORDAN LAW Army 24 days ago

    Bush camping is not old I still use it and win😂

  • YNW jay
    YNW jay 24 days ago +1

    your not funny but you good @ fortnite

  • Lieke Zorge
    Lieke Zorge 24 days ago +1

    Who else saw the name (fingerme4fun)

  • Filippo Molinari
    Filippo Molinari 24 days ago

    “HE DIN’T SEE ME” McCreamy 2019

  • Wackjack Likesbaseball

    muselk copy

    • Christian R
      Christian R 24 days ago

      This was uploaded before his came out

  • vPsyko FN
    vPsyko FN 25 days ago

    999th dislike... i love the vid but yknow

  • SuperGunShooter 117
    SuperGunShooter 117 25 days ago

    I didn't care about the vid I was just listening to the OG music "crying" "sniff" it's so much nostalgia

  • Vivek Kanani
    Vivek Kanani 25 days ago

    "we used the bush the entire game"
    *started using it at top 20*

  • the simplist
    the simplist 25 days ago +1

    7:45 me talking to my crush

  • Sheba Townsend
    Sheba Townsend 25 days ago

    Default dance on them sweatys