My School Dress Codes

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • A look into the incredibly strict and weird dress codes I had in middle school and high school.
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  • Morgan Baumgartner
    Morgan Baumgartner 19 minutes ago

    My school had a dress code that was pretty chill, only rule that people hated but as a guy never understood it was no bra straps visible that is it

  • Alexh Deng
    Alexh Deng 2 hours ago

    The best advice I have is; every one is too busy thinking about other people judging them to judge you.

  • Mya Playz
    Mya Playz 3 hours ago

    2:50 the guy with the sweater saying “MY GRANNY MADE THIS”

  • Bengal Panthera
    Bengal Panthera 3 hours ago

    In my middle school, our dress code was no leggings without skirts above mid-thigh because it was evidently “distracting,” even though I happen to be the walking personification of “I’M GAY AND I LIKE GIRLS” and not once have other girls having leg shapes “distracted” me. The dress code never really bothered me other than that since I typically dress more conservatively... which is a bad idea when you live in Texas and it’s always 90 degrees fahrenheit of fuck you, but my gay, goth ass still dresses like it’s the wrong century to this day.

  • The Fancy Fox
    The Fancy Fox 4 hours ago

    Not the matrix 0-0. 10101010101010101010101010

  • Oz Brown
    Oz Brown 5 hours ago

    Hey I see that logo on ur pants mister

  • Spectrum
    Spectrum 5 hours ago


  • gacha chan
    gacha chan 5 hours ago

    We have a uniform in my school

  • Black Shadows
    Black Shadows 6 hours ago +1

    Boy’s Dress Code:We Don’t Give A F-Firetruck...

    Girl’s Dress Code:
    *1.Your Shoulders Are Distracting*
    *2.Your Knees are Distracting*
    *3.Your Ankles Are Distracting*
    *4.Your Toes Are Distracting*
    *5.Your Hands Are Distracting*
    *6.Your Neck Is Distracting WEAR A TURTLENECK*

  • a person you know
    a person you know 7 hours ago

    2:17 looks like ImSomethingElseYT

  • Cato Wandera
    Cato Wandera 7 hours ago

    "Want to stop climate change and wear a T-shirt promoting it?"

  • mass Despenser
    mass Despenser 7 hours ago

    pause at 2:59


  • Oosh flower
    Oosh flower 8 hours ago

    How do people tell you to wear things walking by the street even though its judging eachover i am a kid i dont know what that meant im confused

  • Dylan Ingram
    Dylan Ingram 10 hours ago


  • Summer The Fox
    Summer The Fox 12 hours ago

    When I was in first grade, I went to a school where the dress code was a bit.... Weird. In my Opinion. No jeans, piercings, dyed hair, flips-flops. Dresses, shorts, and skirts must come to the knee (like you Rebecca, if it was one inch over it was automatic detention). And for kids who were like me, very tall for their age, it was difficult to find pants that fit the dress code. I lost how many times a tall kid was forced to go to the principle's office because their shorts was one inch above their knees. We also were forced to wear collared shirts, to look more "Professional".

  • Idk Some random channel

    Crazy thing is...
    My imaginary audience was actually real and not an amalgamation of my brain

  • Helen Zhong
    Helen Zhong 13 hours ago

    The vice printable looks like a teacher from my school that no one likes

  • Agency of Minecraft
    Agency of Minecraft 13 hours ago

    I want my hair green. :|

  • Lilianae
    Lilianae 14 hours ago


    I've watched this video at least four times and I've never realized the blue girl's shirt reads "Cutie Pie" OMG That's adorable!
    Edit: and again @2:10

  • someone
    someone 15 hours ago

    Me: say menstrual cup, come on, say it!


  • Random Water bottle
    Random Water bottle 16 hours ago

    I don't have to do school :D I am here homeschooled punks

  • RL Owens
    RL Owens 16 hours ago

    I'm not in high school yet. I'm in 2nd grade.

  • Professer Cute_Wolf
    Professer Cute_Wolf 16 hours ago

    American children: I do not like my very strict dress code!!!!

    Me and every other Australian child: We have uniforms in every school! Us kids go BANANAS for that mufti day that happens every once or twice at school!!!!!

  • gabriela
    gabriela 17 hours ago

    *laughs in uniforms*

  • Do Horses Neigh?
    Do Horses Neigh? 19 hours ago +1

    Lol, I am one of the popular kids and have happily never had to experience this.
    And also my school has a uniform and we must have our hair up.
    My school is a public school and we still have to do this.

  • Unicorn Peanut butter
    Unicorn Peanut butter 20 hours ago

    Can i just say how much I love Rebecca’s dungeries skirt and blue shirt

  • ChubsLoid
    ChubsLoid 20 hours ago

    guys:walks around shirtless with saggy shorts
    girls: wears a hoodie with the hood on.
    teacher: principle. now!

  • Grappy Day
    Grappy Day 22 hours ago

    *sees college Becca wearing a Beatles shirt*

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa loookat allthelonley people

  • Maille O’Donnell
    Maille O’Donnell 23 hours ago

    Things teachers say to kid at my school:

    “*someone wearing socks with stripes*
    ThOse ArE nOt UniFoRm ApPrOpRiAtE”

  • ItzYourGirlLayla 10
    ItzYourGirlLayla 10 23 hours ago +1

    In Australia we just have unifroms..


  • Emily The Furry
    Emily The Furry Day ago +1

    I like how the list of dress code has fursuits on it XD

  • Christopher Lubrano2019

    Rafe Khatchadorian: Middle school has been the worst years of my life for me
    Rebecca: Hold my beer

  • Camryn w
    Camryn w Day ago

    And girls would literally walk around in bra’s and I would be in a sweat shirt and get dress coded

  • Camryn w
    Camryn w Day ago

    I can so relate to this because I have been wearing bandannas since I was little and then the vice principal told me at the end of the year that I couldn’t wear it because it was associated with “gangs”.

  • Peyten Henke
    Peyten Henke Day ago +1

    My school dress code
    No midriffs
    No crop top unless you’re wearing overalls
    No booty shorts or shorts above your finger tips
    No weapons
    Basic stuff

    But then the rules 😭
    No snapping in your mouth
    No flirting with male staff
    No whistleing underwater
    No kissing (even family members)
    No hugging a boy if your a girl
    No hugging girls if your a boy
    No candy before lunch
    And no band shirts 😭 there BANNED

  • Shaun Casey
    Shaun Casey Day ago

    2:56 the mlp shirts lol

  • NatureGirl567
    NatureGirl567 Day ago

    My school dress code is the usual. Other than the fact we can't wear tanktops due to showing shoulders (I'm serious) or the fact our shorts have to be fingertip length which is almost impossible to find (especially during the summer). The strange thing is they allow colored hair of any type and flip flops but not shoulders?!

  • StarchyMC
    StarchyMC Day ago

    Girls: **get dress coded for wearing booty shorts and crop tops**
    Girls: OmG wHy ThIs Is So StUpId!!!!111

    GOD-DAYYUMM. How hard is it to find clothes that don't look like a bathing suit? Jesus.

  • William Patchell

    Grumpy State, voted #1 school in Disneyland. Best debate team in the country, I tell you! =D

  • FoxyGamer 7
    FoxyGamer 7 Day ago

    Ohhh so now I know why the teachers accepted shirts with stripes nd yeah sucks that we still have to follow uniform

  • Weird T
    Weird T Day ago

    Heh lucky we cant have backpacks at all

  • PKgirl 101
    PKgirl 101 Day ago

    My everyday school day.

  • Daniel Juárez
    Daniel Juárez Day ago

    My school's dress code was not to wear t-shirts with skulls or any representation of an outgoing authority figure from the school and black t-shirts or other dark-colored jumpers

  • Computer and The Internet

    Philippine dress code:
    public or private you still need to wear uniforms.....

  • Provo Canyon Relief Society

    If I see a RUclipr in real life I would be like NOTICE ME SENPAI WHATS YOUR PROBLEM? NOTICE ME SENPAI YOU KNOW IM AWSOME! NOTICE ME SENPAI I TRIED TO CALL YOU. (Even tho don’t have a phone) NOTICE ME SENPAI TRIED TO SEND A TEXT (we already talked about this XD) Fudz:Nope unnoticed

  • Taehyung Army
    Taehyung Army Day ago

    Hello, I watched this a long time ago. And I came back. And it's..


  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix Day ago

    @0:51 Except in countries with mandatory schooling, in most circumstances ,you have a choice.

  • Eva the Wol
    Eva the Wol Day ago

    HEY HEY oh hey rabeca have a good day sweethart HEY

  • Bisexual Witch Ahni

    My school had its own little protest because the dress code rules were really unbalanced. Guys would wear shorts as short as they wanted ans shirts that showed a lot of skin (as well as pictures on the shirts of naked women), but it was only the girls who had very strongly enforced rules on how short their shorts could be, and what shirts were prohibited. There was the obvious no midriffs and no shoulders (which became one of the defining points argued), shorts couldn't pass the fingertips, which got really messy because people come in all shapes and sizes and the same pair of shorts would be okay on a short girl, plbut prohibited on a tall, lanky girl because her arms were just longer. This was another major point in the protests. It got to the point where the news got involved and made a whole story, interviewing a few girls (btw, all the girls they interviewed were popular cheerleaders and student council presidents). I don't know what came of the rule, that was during my junior year and I had already made myself out to be a "good kid" among the faculty. I wore shorts that were technically too short (even though my fingers nearly come to my knee and the shorts were at the middle of my thigh), and I flaunted them around the security guards, but they did nothing. I also wore a shirt that showed my shoulders very obviously for school picture day and it got into the yearbook. Idk what happened in my senior year, I stopped going to the assemblies by that time and I had a friend recap the events. I just kept doing the same thing and I never got dress coded. Moral of the story, be a good kid or a sneaky kid and you'll get away with a lot of stuff.

  • Nicholas DuBose
    Nicholas DuBose Day ago

    Wait why you need cloths when we don’t see you

  • stars
    stars Day ago

    Tbh I could care less what people think about me and I’m in middle school

  • clopingirl
    clopingirl Day ago

    I was in a school where we all did different handy work and my workspace was the only team without a uniform(the others wore special clothing for safety reasons, they worked with cars and wood).
    We were the sewing team, so we didn’t have uniforms and when they tried to implement a “dress code” that said “no revealing items that could distract the boys” we all showed up in short skirts and see-through stuff. Not today, patriarchy

  • Xavier Conrow
    Xavier Conrow Day ago

    1i could be saying mean stuff about you 2 you don't no what were wearing 3 you don't no anything about me hahalol

  • Miku Riku
    Miku Riku Day ago

    Every school in my country (public or not) has a uniform. :/

  • chloesreviews toys and more

    Teacher : CHLOE!!!!

    Me : What did I do wrong NOW?! 😰

    Teacher: to the principal young lady!! DRESS CODE VIOLATION!

    -in the office-

    Me : look.. I’m very confused..why am I here?

    Principal : young lady it’s not hard to tell..LOOK AT YOURSELF!


    Me: i don’t see it..

    Principal : blind’s obviously the fact that you have a *SINGLE STRAND OF HAIR* out of place of your ponytail!
    Me: ..(is Texas on crack..? 😐 )

  • Autistikhan Jeff
    Autistikhan Jeff Day ago +1

    You know when I grow up do you know what I want to be. Take a look let me tell you my ridiculous dreams I want to rap......

  • Wolfy Rock
    Wolfy Rock Day ago

    In jobs in restaurants passing by on the streets
    My mom made a dress code for my oc 😑😑😑

  • kalyan manjula
    kalyan manjula Day ago

    Wait do u no lme

  • 5JLazerMan YT
    5JLazerMan YT Day ago

    Me: oh crap I’m ded please god save me.

  • Nnn Nnn
    Nnn Nnn Day ago

    I have that

  • Sni iper
    Sni iper Day ago

    Lol Adam 😂

  • Klaus O'Shaunacey

    I didn’t know Jaime Lee Curtis was your vice principle.

  • ConnorPlayzSuperGamez

    I want them to make Season 10 a "Recap" or "Nostalgia" type season. I mean, it is the first 2 digit season, so, why not? 👍🏻

  • Ethan Vo
    Ethan Vo 2 days ago +1

    *someone gets bullied*

  • Defaulty Elite Agent

    Odd1sout went to a prep a Tory school

  • Kawaii Nalee
    Kawaii Nalee 2 days ago

    Becca: So if you want less protection from the elements...
    Me: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind,......, Boys.....

  • Ana m
    Ana m 2 days ago +1

    At my elementary school, we had uniforms and had to wear green, blue, white, or black socks. If we had ANY patterns AT ALL on our socks, we were sent to the office. I even remember in 2nd grade getting in trouble on time for having little butterflies on the tops of my socks.

  • Brianna Hight
    Brianna Hight 2 days ago

    The imaginary audience is real elementary school

  • Tatiana Itara
    Tatiana Itara 2 days ago

    I’ve been using the same notebooks the whole school has and I’ve always worn uniforms. Im having a mental breakdown about what notebook to pick cuz I’ve never had the chance to get notebooks. I’m ravenous for more freedom

  • TE4M 101
    TE4M 101 2 days ago

    Hey I’m a vloger