Inside the Kashmir That India Doesn’t Want the World to See | The Dispatch

  • Indian authorities say life is returning to normal in Kashmir. But thousands of people have been detained, and the military still patrols the streets, firing pellet guns and tear gas to quell protests.
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  • mohammad amjid
    mohammad amjid Day ago

    Thank you for telling half the thruth

  • Yuvraj Paul
    Yuvraj Paul 5 days ago

    This news is rubbish!

  • bhat bhat
    bhat bhat 6 days ago

    India walo Kahan ho kaisa laga aaj gr mai beith kr kabhi hamara socha jb hum 8 month take lockdown thai aaj coronavirus k khouf sai aap lockdown ho balki puri duniya ko samaj aaya hoga what is lockdown

  • Topper 9.7
    Topper 9.7 7 days ago

    small correction it was not normal protest it was a violent protest killing countless number of military , police personell . they are brain washed by pakistan. kashmiris get a huge cut down in prices of vegetables, fruits . what else you require to live and still they are against government , they must be educated ,but they are not calming down for education to spread.

  • Shivdas Nair
    Shivdas Nair 8 days ago

    How to trust TNYT. I will not. U have sent news for Pak. Our enemy number ONE.

  • Niyati Chaurasia
    Niyati Chaurasia 9 days ago +1

    We never hidded the conditions but what do we do people are not understanding that if the terrist attack from Pakistan will not stop than this is what's gonna happen. And we love Kashmir so we definitely are not going to give our Kashmir to Pakistan

  • WaSiQ
    WaSiQ 11 days ago

    We kashmiris have been living in pain since 70 years how much more will india take to realise we don't belong to them!😢 Feeling so sad for my people

  • Shreyansi Gupta
    Shreyansi Gupta 12 days ago +1

    I just don't get why Americans always have to interfere with other people's business without knowing the complete deal
    Kashmir is a part of India and we are proud of it

    • Smayan S
      Smayan S 9 days ago

      @Ahmad Tauseef Kashmir was a part of India when the British had it captured and after the independence, its the people of Kashmir who want to protest - but they are being influenced by Pakistan and ISIS.

    • Ahmad Tauseef
      Ahmad Tauseef 9 days ago

      Don't u know that kashmir was never a part of India...
      Read some good history books, surely not the one's that are "Made in India"..

    • Smayan S
      Smayan S 10 days ago

      Well, India is not taking care of Kashmir at all, how can you be proud of that. India is a really good country but has some bad things as well like all other countries, other countries aren't proud of their mistakes. But I don't know why you are!

  • Zafar Ahamad
    Zafar Ahamad 13 days ago +1

    Ya Allah reham kr de Malik

  • Suman Guggal
    Suman Guggal 13 days ago

    It's Fully fake... Please don't belive this

  • Hasan Mohammad ziaul islam

    Shame on Indian government.

  • Wasim Akram786
    Wasim Akram786 14 days ago

    India shall see the wrath of God and Kashmiris for the attrocities and barbarism. Whole world stands with kashmiris. GoIndiaGo

  • kalpana thapa
    kalpana thapa 14 days ago

    kash ye muslim kahi pe vi nahi huie hote toh yesha kuchh nahi huwa hota

  • James John
    James John 15 days ago

    NY TIMES 😂 Nobody cares of your fake narrative

  • T G Nandish
    T G Nandish 15 days ago

    Look at your count of dislikes. No doubt about that you are number one criminal

  • Lill Tedla
    Lill Tedla 15 days ago

    There is no peace with Muslims

  • Vinay Bhilare
    Vinay Bhilare 16 days ago

    that is normal, abnormal is terrorists gunning down people

  • Bhat Iqbal
    Bhat Iqbal 16 days ago

    It's actually a continuous genocide by India from 1989. World is silent..? shame on UN..

  • funny entertainment
    funny entertainment 16 days ago

    I love india and indian, support to like only Indian

  • funny entertainment
    funny entertainment 16 days ago

    Feke video and nice editing

  • Sunil I
    Sunil I 18 days ago

    Usa first finish iran next after Iraq Libya afganistan etc. Then we will finally finish rest

  • Don Lal Lal
    Don Lal Lal 22 days ago

    new york times you are anti Indian hate mongers!!!

    AMAZING PEOPLE 22 days ago

    America should intervene for the humanity or the world must get ready millions of Kashmiri refugees.

  • taimur chohan
    taimur chohan 23 days ago

    Agly 2000 saal b India try kr k dekh ly kbi Kashmir py qabza Ni ho paye ga insha Allah.... Humari Dua hai Kashmir Azad ho .apni marzi ki zindagi guxaryn

  • raambabu veeravaalli
    raambabu veeravaalli 26 days ago

    repay ....

  • Zafar allaha Brhoi
    Zafar allaha Brhoi 27 days ago

    Inde valo kote

  • Tajamal Anwar
    Tajamal Anwar 28 days ago


  • Lyndley Hillebrand
    Lyndley Hillebrand 28 days ago

    These people deserve justice and freedom no matter what their location. Thank you for sharing.

    • The Truth
      The Truth 26 days ago

      Lyndley Hillebrand They are asking for an Islamic state. Do you support it? Learn about the atrocities they did to Kashmiri pandits (Hindus) . When muslims are in majority they want separate Islamic nation and the minorities there will suffer forever. Please learn about the militancy in Kashmir before you support radical muslims. This is coming to Europe and Canada not too far from this day.

  • Darwis Bolilio
    Darwis Bolilio 29 days ago

    You Will Fight from inside and outside.

  • Darwis Bolilio
    Darwis Bolilio 29 days ago

    India Down

  • Nafees Iqbal
    Nafees Iqbal 29 days ago


  • HowTo
    HowTo 29 days ago

    Thank you NYT for exposing the radical Hindutva regime of India! Kashmiris are struggling to get freedom from Indian oppression

  • Justin Hopkins
    Justin Hopkins Month ago

    Blaming the US for everything isn’t going to keep you people from ripping each other apart.

  • the the
    the the Month ago +1

    Maderchod Brahmano shudharjao betichod brahaman Randi walo

    • swarajroy
      swarajroy 2 days ago

      aao toh sahi we are waiting

  • Awais raza
    Awais raza Month ago

    We want freedom inshallah

    • Debadatta Giri
      Debadatta Giri 14 days ago

      Please, leave kashmir... Your terrorism can't be freedom.

  • Keh SHIVA
    Keh SHIVA Month ago

    Please leave for Pakistan... Partition was done for this only, Muslims leave for Pakistan.

  • Suraj
    Suraj Month ago +1

    Remember what u hv done to kashmiri pandits before weeping here

  • Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson Month ago

    The people of Kashmir, like Ukraine from Russia, Palestine from Israel, should be independent of both India and Pakistani....people everywhere should be treated with dignity and have the right for self determination, how sad that so many innocent people are injured by military forces..violence only beget violence, even when violence is justified...

  • Dhananjay Jha
    Dhananjay Jha Month ago +1

    This is called tit for tat when they abolished and murder kashmiri pandit

  • NO17
    NO17 Month ago +3

    Thank you for giving voice to voiceless...

  • Hani Shah
    Hani Shah Month ago

    India is a rogue country just like Israel forcefully occupying natives territory..

  • CPatwal
    CPatwal Month ago

    Show about NATO as well :-)

  • Rafiq Ahmed
    Rafiq Ahmed Month ago +1

    India we'll be endia inshallah

    • Debadatta Giri
      Debadatta Giri 14 days ago

      Even Allah is not interested with your views.

  • Ashutosh sharma
    Ashutosh sharma Month ago

    Pakistan funded him to do this but now situation in very good now u come Kashmir and see how it was growing up special thanks too MODI 🇨🇮🇨🇮

  • nadeem mir
    nadeem mir Month ago

    We Kashmiri want freedom from endia. Save us from endia.

  • Fareeha Khalid
    Fareeha Khalid Month ago

    Laaanat hindustann key muh perrrr

  • Faris Iqbal
    Faris Iqbal Month ago

    hello sir
    i wana use your footage for my video can i?

  • raja ji
    raja ji Month ago

    Lolll why these womens are weeping their sons must be given plaintive death soo others would not be able to protest again their sons are militants not Patriots

  • Barzaboy
    Barzaboy Month ago

    *America, got guts to stop terror funding in Pak???* *I don't think so*

  • siavo sia
    siavo sia Month ago +1

    Ooo plxxx the new York times...first look at yourself....I'm from kashmir

  • Marvel 22
    Marvel 22 Month ago

    India is bad

  • Mohd Arif
    Mohd Arif Month ago

    All in ko koudh sabak daa.
    Mera allaha

    • Barzaboy
      Barzaboy Month ago

      Hahaha 1989 ka sabak abhi baki he Allahu fuckber.

  • Barna De
    Barna De Month ago

    This is Pakistan not India-occupied Kasmir

  • anurag sinha
    anurag sinha Month ago +1

    These are mainly videos of Pakistan occupied Kashmir , you are creating misconception by showing it as Indian occupied kashmir , the same thing was shown in Pakistan by showning protests in their area and terming it as protest in Kashmir , please dont propagate your feelings as news ,thanks.

  • Whit Rabbit
    Whit Rabbit Month ago

    Modi tari ma ki nazar na lag jaye bap ki 😂

  • Whit Rabbit
    Whit Rabbit Month ago

    India tu nhi bache ga kashmir hamara tha hamara ha hamara hi rahe ga modi tari bhul hai ek ek ko chun kar mare ga modi kuta ha kashmir par sa apni nazar hata la

  • Zaidi Bhai
    Zaidi Bhai Month ago

    I'm a Pakistani and we shall make IOK into Pakistan ni doubt

  • Cherubino
    Cherubino Month ago

    Sikkim happened, now this, Bhutan is next, then Nepal....

  • Preeti Shukla
    Preeti Shukla Month ago

    Kashmir is a Hindu native land and belongs to ancient Bharat eternally !! Also all of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc were all part of ancient India and will be taken back from the invaders and looters and also our Kailash Mansarovar will be integrated in Bharat

  • nithin s r
    nithin s r Month ago

    Why show only one side of the story ? Show the other side too. We indians know ur bias nyt. Kashmir is always Indian and an internal matter. So, mind ur own business

    HASEEB G Month ago

    Asslamo Alikum brother thank you to show the world reality of indain terrorist country.

  • Yogesh mehta
    Yogesh mehta 2 months ago

    kashmiries aree trators to india .. india has given them so much but they are so selfish and uneducated that they dont even know wht is rong and right

  • aroosa Akber
    aroosa Akber 2 months ago

    Mere lye ye ahmyt nahi rakhta k ye log muslim h ya hindu ahmyt is ki h k wo insan hai

  • aroosa Akber
    aroosa Akber 2 months ago

    Insanyat ka khoon krne walo apne apko mazbot krlo q k saza bht sakht hoga azab bht sakht hoga jo Allah tmmhe dega

  • Chetan Gondalia
    Chetan Gondalia 2 months ago

    this video is morphed with pieces of scrap videos funded by Enemies of INDIA...

  • David paterson
    David paterson 2 months ago

    Why are Indians scared of world knowing it

  • News World 24hours
    News World 24hours 2 months ago

    This news not true . Kashmir is normal .I love india
    I am kashmiri boy

  • Ashif Ali
    Ashif Ali 2 months ago

    God bless kashmiri peoples

  • Leftist No more
    Leftist No more 2 months ago +6

    This is an Islamist supremacist seperatist movement being fomented by terror state of Pakistan.

  • Harris S
    Harris S 2 months ago +1

    Shame on India always .

  • Showbiz Glam
    Showbiz Glam 2 months ago +1

    shame india

  • Souvik Mandal
    Souvik Mandal 2 months ago +1

    Fake narration everywhere

  • yogesh mishra
    yogesh mishra 2 months ago

    Don't sell yourself to Extremists, this very approach shows your respect and sincerity towards peace and prosperity everywhere, indian establishment is Democratic and gives rights to all its people, read bit more about it yourself and then come to conclusion, the society otherwise is highly patriarchal and oppressive. Idk about your motives but you are fundamentally on the wrong side

  • AbhisheK ShandilyA
    AbhisheK ShandilyA 2 months ago

    @0:42 says it all, which govt will allow these terrorists to destroy peace and nation?

  • Mehtab Siyal
    Mehtab Siyal 2 months ago

    No worry Muslims never ever give up in any condition. Because Muslims have ALLAH, Quran & MUHAMMAD SAW. Why we afraid with india.

  • Danish Ali ali
    Danish Ali ali 2 months ago +1

    Nice julus Acha lge to like kare 😆 😙 🙋 🙏 💑 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👎

  • Saurabh Kumar
    Saurabh Kumar 2 months ago

    Maderchor chinar wala desh hai america

  • Chetan Gurav
    Chetan Gurav 2 months ago +49

    Kashmiris: there is only one solution Gun Solution.
    USA: there is a good buisness opportunity . Let's support them.

    • janaparapu narayana
      janaparapu narayana 8 days ago

      @HASO Nhi LOTO they are living in India and protesting with PAKISTAN flag.They are making the day by stone pelting.they get 3000 to 4000 per day for stone pelting.if they do work they get only 500 per day

    • Smayan S
      Smayan S 10 days ago

      When did they support them? This is just a news service, not a government that is making decisions.

    • #Hashtag
      #Hashtag Month ago +1

      Btw Donald Trump is coming to India... Good luck

    • HASO Nhi LOTO
      HASO Nhi LOTO Month ago +3

      But they do not have guns & never in future, countless civilian will always be crushed/killed by the army of its own country. Bloody government of India killing own countrymen shame...

  • Saiyem Iftekhar
    Saiyem Iftekhar 2 months ago

    I immensely feel the need of options for sad or angry reaction at RUclip.

  • sohil parhan
    sohil parhan 2 months ago

    U should also show our media and what they are saying