BTS performs 'Boy With Luv' live on 'GMA' [FULL PERFORMANCE]

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • The global music sensation rocks out the "GMA" Summer Concert Series to their smash hit in Central Park. LEARN MORE:
    #BTSonGMA #BTS #방탄소년단
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  • Bomdila Kena
    Bomdila Kena 12 minutes ago

  • boong boong
    boong boong 16 minutes ago

    왼쪽 할아버지는 인조인간가 얼굴이 상당히 부자연 스럽네.

  • Somii
    Somii 6 hours ago

    I really like all the fans singing along with them. Oh, I wish I was there!! I am so proud of them💜

  • Rolando Arañez
    Rolando Arañez 7 hours ago

    It's amazing how americans can sing along. I ♥️BTS.

  • Sadık Çolak
    Sadık Çolak 9 hours ago +2

    Ï love you bts love seokjin and rm

  • 이명중
    이명중 13 hours ago


  • Hạ Khả
    Hạ Khả 14 hours ago +1

    Love JungKook ❤

  • Eunkyung Shin
    Eunkyung Shin 15 hours ago

    I'm really proud of them as the first korean artist who are performing in front of many people in the center of NY. Even though they are singing in Korean, all of the audiences are following it. I'm sure that they deliver their message well through their music and lyrics.

  • riya thakur
    riya thakur 15 hours ago +1

    Bts, army are the best

  • Gairunisha Hailu Weldegbriel

    Absolutely love these guys. I love this song so much.

  • Syunie Ep
    Syunie Ep 18 hours ago

    Thanoss please come to earth....

    PRITAM KUMAR RAUT 19 hours ago

    The song and video don't match.
    Anyone else think so?

  • Huyền Nguyễn

    What a energetic performance 🔥🔥🔥

  • RKS Ratri
    RKS Ratri Day ago

    My love is Jungkook.....

  • Joanna
    Joanna Day ago

    anyone still watching this great performance? another group will be on GMA next month, probably we'll get another delete or private mv like with Idol. Watch it! now!!!!!

  • bigtaxrefund
    bigtaxrefund Day ago

    there are times when no one is holding the mic yet the singing goes on. there maybe some lip sync going on

  • Special Dude
    Special Dude Day ago

    Audience oh my my my in a weird ass tune

  • julieta cardozo
    julieta cardozo Day ago


  • B • T
    B • T Day ago +1

    Oh yeah i forgot why i see no bomb stick, security purposes, lol
    Better safe than sorry, you know it’s America!

  • Juno Kino
    Juno Kino Day ago

    V i love you

  • Maru Talar jr
    Maru Talar jr Day ago

    I can't see any male in audience 😂

  • Andy Serang
    Andy Serang Day ago


  • bpxl53yewz
    bpxl53yewz 2 days ago +1

    They always have the most original dance moves.

  • Tuckeylad
    Tuckeylad 2 days ago +1

    Fantastic group, fantastic performance, total entertainment !!

  • Charlie puss
    Charlie puss 2 days ago

    tf is this camera work

  • Luna Lover From Animals

    Cool to see the begin at the other side

  • Lia Eunike
    Lia Eunike 2 days ago

    V's voice 💕💕💕

  • ratih dwi zulya
    ratih dwi zulya 2 days ago

    I wonder since it morning show, how early they had to get up? I hope they got enough sleep.

  • Kalyan Nakata
    Kalyan Nakata 2 days ago

    Little will people knew these Koreans can break into UK and US market. They dont speak English and certainly dont sing English. Lesson learnt- never underestimate. You will never know. For those who hate k pop, eat this!!! Just cos some people hate k pop, doesnt mean the rest does. Just look at who are inviting them to perform and where they are having concerts. Congratulations to kpop.

  • Yuliani Wulansari
    Yuliani Wulansari 2 days ago

    I love you army

  • Explore Gun
    Explore Gun 2 days ago

    Heran, orang amerika ternyata banyak yg suka k-pop

  • ashh afrin
    ashh afrin 2 days ago

    I dnt understand this language but still i'm madly in luv with song nd BTS !💕❤😭😍😘 love u guys so muchhhh ❤

  • Sean sean
    Sean sean 2 days ago

    Good like

  • Sean sean
    Sean sean 2 days ago


  • Sean sean
    Sean sean 2 days ago


  • Kiwi Chan
    Kiwi Chan 2 days ago +1

    Living for the comments rn!! 😭💕

  • Anara Yespolova
    Anara Yespolova 2 days ago

    Красиво... Достойно...
    Спасибо!.. Удачи!..

  • Handsome Guy Jimin
    Handsome Guy Jimin 3 days ago +1

    Jimin and V are real charismas of the band. They have unique qualities that shine. They are all very talented. But there is something original about these two and I think it shows.

  • Hiolanda Barbi
    Hiolanda Barbi 3 days ago

    Amo vocês!!!

  • Akbar Hussain
    Akbar Hussain 3 days ago +1

    BTS must be tired doing the same dance over and over. So give them love for all there hard work #BTS4LIFE #SUPPORTBTS

  • Harris kim
    Harris kim 3 days ago

    as a korean army, I alway get touched by their performance..nowdays, I put some of issues related to BTS on my RUclip..give me some advice for this..

  • Zerah Bautista
    Zerah Bautista 3 days ago +3

    Jin is way too perfect for this world. He’s got visuals of a god and the voice of an angel. How can someone be so perfect???

  • Danilealeman Aleman
    Danilealeman Aleman 3 days ago +1

    Grupo de maricones ..

    • Nicoo
      Nicoo Day ago

      Danilealeman Aleman grow up pendejo, it’s 2019

  • Mic Drop
    Mic Drop 3 days ago +1

    Theyre in busan now and theyre wowww

  • Mina Malik
    Mina Malik 3 days ago +3

    All my classmates always talked about bts. I would get irritated. Now the song boy with luv has made me falling for bts🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Jasmine jamie
    Jasmine jamie 3 days ago

    Camera work is bad... just saying it should have been a little bit more professional

  • Sunset Flicks
    Sunset Flicks 4 days ago


  • Ferdi Flamboyan
    Ferdi Flamboyan 4 days ago +2

    Helo BTS how are you

  • Kyle
    Kyle 4 days ago +1

    KPop fans are beyond cringey.

    • Nicoo
      Nicoo Day ago

      Kyle we get it Susan, you’re edgy

  • Eva mpl
    Eva mpl 4 days ago

    Wtf is this camera work? It looks like an awfully made tik tok. We deserve better

  • Людмила Киевская

    конечно эти ребята не поют а танцуют и показывают свои одинаковые лица

  • Dillan Hasan
    Dillan Hasan 4 days ago


  • Gabrielle Mationg
    Gabrielle Mationg 4 days ago +2

    Kala ko sa pinas hahaha like if your from the philippines

  • Ayu Zahira
    Ayu Zahira 4 days ago


  • Ilsan Boi
    Ilsan Boi 4 days ago

    Rm is always so stable 😍🔥🔥 king

  • Ilsan Boi
    Ilsan Boi 4 days ago

    2:12 "Namjoon looks so breathtaking! Where is his modeling contract!" 🔥

  • Heisnam Naobu
    Heisnam Naobu 4 days ago +2

    Jin you shine the most with your powerful voice.

  • Mary Joy Abong
    Mary Joy Abong 4 days ago


  • NialteA xcx
    NialteA xcx 4 days ago

    Wtf is BTS hahahah

  • Septogani Wanto
    Septogani Wanto 4 days ago +1

    One Direction is WONDERFULL boy band 😃🙏🙏

  • pujang Indy
    pujang Indy 4 days ago


  • edi arwan
    edi arwan 5 days ago

    dont get me wrong when i'm talking about their outfit.. so upset,they deserve the best not like this!

  • shell4116
    shell4116 5 days ago

    It makes me laugh how people are recording them. When they first started we went to one of their shows and we were NOT allowed to record.

  • cat silver
    cat silver 5 days ago +2

    i love you bts from the people of philippines in bicol region

  • khoulouda army
    khoulouda army 5 days ago +1

    i love you my cute alien and my sweet dream

  • Chaton Swagé
    Chaton Swagé 5 days ago +4

    Taehyung and jin's voices were so STABLE AND STRONG IM-

  • ks raimy
    ks raimy 5 days ago

    Sad song to me..

  • Hazel Galleposo
    Hazel Galleposo 5 days ago

    Jimin 😍😍 omg! 💞💞

  • Kim Tae-hyung AORTA
    Kim Tae-hyung AORTA 6 days ago

    04:11 *my v* 😔💍.

  • kssgpv
    kssgpv 6 days ago

    they are my sunshine

  • Jonny Jeon
    Jonny Jeon 6 days ago

    !!!!! what a lovely sound

  • TashaMelvin
    TashaMelvin 6 days ago

    0:13 , the guy in red white striped tshirt😂

  • Jinhit Ent. CEO: Worldwide handsome Jin, you know


  • 우리 준Youtube
    우리 준Youtube 6 days ago


  • Halimah Tusadiah
    Halimah Tusadiah 6 days ago


  • Halimah Tusadiah
    Halimah Tusadiah 6 days ago


  • janggi kimbap
    janggi kimbap 6 days ago +1

    am i the only one who misses bangtan's casual clothes for their performance? not suits, not formal jeans yet casual. im not crying, you are

  • Chocolate Sweet
    Chocolate Sweet 6 days ago +2

    Jin jin jin, god see it, i'll give all the world for Bighit if i can, i just want Bighit to give Jin more line. OMG, his voice is so goodddddd

  • Billie Lambert
    Billie Lambert 7 days ago

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  • Roy barfin
    Roy barfin 7 days ago

    are they boy? or girl? or both? definitely not a man i mean real men like the jackson 5 ,nsync, backstreet boys, westlife, nkotb, boys to men in my opinion, sorry. (waiting reply from bts fans lol)

  • Việt Nam Vô địch truy kích

    Oppa bts beutiful I love you

  • wovazilvova lai
    wovazilvova lai 7 days ago

    It's gonna be interesting to see what going to happen to them when they have to do their military services.

  • jose luis
    jose luis 7 days ago +2

    1:56 damn army yelled for suga 🤣 it has broken my headphones

  • Phan Anh
    Phan Anh 7 days ago

    Gayband from Korea

  • tbyjb
    tbyjb 7 days ago

    Omg I’m soo crying.

  • 네온
    네온 7 days ago

    와..엄청나네요 ㄷㄷ.

  • Yatinangin Naim
    Yatinangin Naim 7 days ago

    Rombongan plastik menari2 nari lebay

  • Baby Shaii
    Baby Shaii 7 days ago +2

    JIIIIIN 😍😍

  • 신하늘
    신하늘 8 days ago +1

    굿 👍입니당^^/

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 8 days ago +1

    lowkey angry cuz I live literally an hour away but I had school ;-;

  • clara costa
    clara costa 8 days ago

    I love you BTS

  • pnoi808
    pnoi808 8 days ago +1

    Gotta love the ARMYS you always make me happy when u do the fan chants.

  • izzzul
    izzzul 9 days ago


  • Roberto Lima
    Roberto Lima 9 days ago

    where is the joy of these people?
    It looks like they left home without eating

  • Roberto Lima
    Roberto Lima 9 days ago

    Cadê a animação desse povo??
    Parece que saíram de casa sem lanchar

  • P H Ư Ơ N G V Y
    P H Ư Ơ N G V Y 9 days ago +7

    Since no one is gonna talk about Jungkook I just wanna say that his voice is stable as always. Really love his adlib at the end it amazed me everytime i watch BWL 🙆‍♀️

  • JJ Toys
    JJ Toys 9 days ago +2

    Me: Well V is in a good mood.
    ~( ̄▽ ̄~)

  • Annie Lu-Ann
    Annie Lu-Ann 9 days ago

    Really amazing !

  • Hoàng Makan
    Hoàng Makan 9 days ago


  • Jungkook x V
    Jungkook x V 9 days ago watch and subscribe💕 borahae💜