Is it Possible to Play as a Dinosaur?

  • Published on Aug 5, 2017
  • For my 100k view special, I'm talking about one of my most requested topics: the Dinosaur meta. Special thanks to Paul Refvik for letting me use his acoustic covers of OSRS music in my videos!(
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  • Lerggio
    Lerggio 2 years ago +5900

    I usually dont click dat like button right off the bat, but that Dark Souls riposte was too awesome to not like.

    • Reptiles OP
      Reptiles OP Month ago

      @TheBenvelope iI think that could be the right way to go but then again I just switched mains after some stupid human main killed my komodo dragon character for its skin for the 5th time so I don't know much about flightless birds yet

    • TheBenvelope
      TheBenvelope 3 months ago

      @TierZoo could flightless bird character spec in to a hooked beak like the terror bird players of the ice age expansion to be more viable?

    • Samuel Ricotti
      Samuel Ricotti 9 months ago

      ​@connor heide he is talking about real life

    • Samuel Ricotti
      Samuel Ricotti 9 months ago +1

      yea they were cool but sabertooth tigers were stronger and they wer stealing terror birds food

    • IOPSlayer Slayz
      IOPSlayer Slayz 10 months ago +1

      @Infantry tactics Yeah they went to N. america but their lack of team hunting got them beat out by wolves and wild dogs.

  • Jude Warstler
    Jude Warstler Day ago

    Most damage in a single hit my ass

  • WoogaChan
    WoogaChan Day ago

    Mega kick is a normal type move

  • Dylan Wayde
    Dylan Wayde Day ago

    Can't the ostrich one shot lions?

  • Dean
    Dean 2 days ago

    Former Haast's Eagle main.


  • Helly Candy
    Helly Candy 3 days ago

    Yo it’d be cool if you made a carnivorous plant tier list

  • Oshe Shango
    Oshe Shango 4 days ago

    Emus are close to forming bands, but the problem is that they are not carnivorous.

  • Kalahridudex
    Kalahridudex 5 days ago

    Pigeons are super common, im actually imagining some of them surviving the anthropocene mass extinction and causing the dinosaurs to make a comeback.

  • Destructo WIZ
    Destructo WIZ 5 days ago

    I like the old days

  • Alex Trickey
    Alex Trickey 5 days ago

    Pls do a snow leopard

  • godjira rex
    godjira rex 5 days ago

    Cassowarys are good i say b to a tier

  • 10,000 subscribers without any videos

    Well human mains scientists are trying to bring back elephant moas and moas back from the dead. They weigh 550 to 1,160 pounds that's the closest we'll ever get to having dinosaurs in the servers again.
    Until they get brought back . We still got crocs,alligators,birds of prey,amd large non flight birds in the servers for now

  • MC Comb
    MC Comb 6 days ago

    So uh... we going to talk about the fact that birds ARE dinosaurs or....?

  • raeltis
    raeltis 7 days ago

    tierzoo x sam o’nella

  • Tom Patterson
    Tom Patterson 8 days ago

    Secretary bird is good at doing Dino stuff

  • Tom Patterson
    Tom Patterson 8 days ago

    Komodo dragons are actual dragons, they fall under the drake category.

  • Tom Patterson
    Tom Patterson 8 days ago

    Emu war, cover it

  • Tom Patterson
    Tom Patterson 8 days ago

    After 1st question I thought of the griffonfly

  • MaxosGoji
    MaxosGoji 8 days ago

    I say that Flightless Birds mains, even with the teamwork perk couldn't keep up with the current S and A tiers. The fact that they have such a large mass and their primary dps is the toe claw perk hinders them. If they also specced into a bite attack, along with a debuff like the Komodo Dragon; and a small weight class, they could possibly be some of the high tier players possible.

  • TheFireaster
    TheFireaster 8 days ago

    0:12 anthropo.. oh yeh defo dinosaurs

  • Gigifabulous
    Gigifabulous 8 days ago

    Aren't all birds reptiles as well?

  • Joseph Halbohn
    Joseph Halbohn 9 days ago

    As an emperor penguin main I DEMAND s tier status i don’t CARE how dumb my movement is

  • Simon Bedardsimon
    Simon Bedardsimon 9 days ago

    Most damage done in a single hit???

    Let me tell you about the atomic bomb.......

  • joinmarch76
    joinmarch76 9 days ago

    Oh, I'm salty; but not because of the lack of dinosaurs (though don't get me wrong, I wish we could relive those days just one more time. Before anyone asks, yes I know they died out long before people showed up, you know what I meant!). I'm salty because many of my favorite Ice Age megafauna have quit the server. Diprotodon, Megaladapis, Megalania, the Woolly Rhino and Mammoth, Elasmotherium, the frigging terror birds!

  • Jose the beast
    Jose the beast 9 days ago

    Me I'm a Troodon mean

  • Gabriel Silva Rocha
    Gabriel Silva Rocha 10 days ago

    Also teamwork would help them protect respawn points more efficiently

  • trvth1s
    trvth1s 10 days ago

    Birds have a size limit. The biggest bird species in the 150 million year history of the clade; the elephant bird, was smaller then bison.
    Dominant megafauna is always determined by size unless a megafauna is smart enough to make and use a spear.
    Male african bush elephants are loners but nothing messes with them when healthy.
    Dinosaurs dominated because they could get big. Sauropods seem friendly in fake hollywood movies but in reality they were monstrous.
    Birds have a size limit because of their stance, they have a zig zag stance which limits size thus the only survivors are those who can either run away, swim away or fly away

  • Super Mario Logan Fan
    Super Mario Logan Fan 10 days ago

    Talk about Asian Giant Hornets

  • Dhondu Rao
    Dhondu Rao 11 days ago

    Dinosaurs are basically the dragon rulers of outside.

  • Jonathan Schaffer
    Jonathan Schaffer 11 days ago

    Us penguin mains are being repressed!

  • Jonathan Schaffer
    Jonathan Schaffer 11 days ago

    I would totally get the Dinosaur expansion pack as DLC.

  • William Dunn
    William Dunn 13 days ago

    U should do geckos or crows

  • William Dunn
    William Dunn 13 days ago

    Komodo Dragon is ebic build

  • TonyFilip917
    TonyFilip917 14 days ago

    Bruh I remember maining the megalodon

  • got hacked! you are gunna get locked out

    Wouldn't humans hold all those records (except largest land animal) through tool use?

  • lucario monster
    lucario monster 14 days ago

    What would be like the perfect build (despite human build) an inmortal and broken build that could outstanding everything

    • Article 69
      Article 69 14 days ago

      some super Micro Life form wich can survive in outer space for an infinite amount of years

    • Article 69
      Article 69 14 days ago +1

      an human like build with max stats camoflage electroreception and other op abilities

  • Belal Abu Sultan
    Belal Abu Sultan 14 days ago

    there have been some leaks that the current developers will introduce (mechanical-based life forms) or as people call them : Robots.
    what are your thoughts on their overall potential on the next meta ?

  • Karl Hendrik Hammerberg

    Can you analyse an american lion

  • ShedGaming
    ShedGaming 17 days ago

    Why can no one pronounce emu. Here in Australia, its pronounced ee-m-yoo not ee-m-oo.

  • Why Are You Reading This

    Goddamnit dude, I’ve been maining Cassowary for a while as to relive the old Cretaceous period days but recently we’ve getting absolutely wiped
    cars op plz nerf

  • ANon_34
    ANon_34 22 days ago

    Damn it why did they have to Nerf us

  • Arklos
    Arklos 24 days ago

    Give me back my Dinos

  • Aczept Gili
    Aczept Gili 26 days ago +1

    Anyone else hacked the game?

  • Christian Enos
    Christian Enos 27 days ago +1

    #tierzoo Wouldn’t Paul Tibbets (a Human) hold the record for most damage of all time?

  • Deivi Nika
    Deivi Nika 29 days ago

    Well to sum it up...dinos are unplayable. They were almost all banned from all servers and even if some didn't get banned, they were surely nerfed so much they are unplayable and are now D tier or lower and they are propably never coming back unless a broken and OP build is formed that forced the devs to unban some dinos so they would counter the new meta.

  • walmartpimp2
    walmartpimp2 29 days ago

    I'll stick to my snail build.

    CHEESE JAC 29 days ago

    As an Emu main I find this video very bad rep for us because we beat the humans in a war

  • Sir Saucy Of Rose Garden

    Can you talk about the iron clad bug?

  • Stalin
    Stalin Month ago

    I think part of the problem with flightless birds is that they don't have tails. If they had tails, they could balance out their bodies more and adapt a more non avian dinosaur play style with bigger heads and beefier bodies. Unfortunately, it seems that birds are limited to no tails, no teeth, and a weak neck and head. This really seems to limit their offensive capabilities.

  • Stalin
    Stalin Month ago

    Actually, it's extremely unlikely that ceratopsid's horns were used for defense, as their skulls didn't have the structure required for ramming. It's much more likely that the horns were for show.

  • Edgy Child
    Edgy Child Month ago

    Wait, did you just call velociraptors "powerhouses"? Hahaha.. You got tricked by that player Steven Spielberg, the guy who tricked most of the human playerbase into thinking velociraptors were scaly and viable.

  • Moist
    Moist Month ago

    I was just watching sam o'nella

  • The Dinosaur Man
    The Dinosaur Man Month ago

    Bro if you were a Dino don’t waste you’re time on ratites, play the secretary bird

  • Paweł Nowicki
    Paweł Nowicki Month ago

    What about crocodile?

  • Vicky Flores
    Vicky Flores Month ago

    Funny he mentioned sam o'nella academy, especially because I'm here because thanks to his channel always recommended this one.

  • Squirrel Darling
    Squirrel Darling Month ago

    I did the squirrel build, has been working at well so far.

  • Arleen Vasconcelos
    Arleen Vasconcelos Month ago

    Its Simply A Yes Because Birds Are Dinosaurs And Your Able To Play As Birds

  • Max Boyden
    Max Boyden Month ago

    I have a question: could you maybe take a look at creatures from other games and see if they’d be Viable in Outside?

  • Ron the Annihilator *definitely not peter*

    isnt the most powerful sinlge attack a nuke?

  • GD Stupid
    GD Stupid Month ago

    In my opinion a lot of dinosaurs should be S+ tier

  • JurassicSmackdown
    JurassicSmackdown Month ago

    I'm seriously a salty former dinosaur main, dude. What even happened? I went to sleep and I woke up as this dang thing. What dinosaur was I? .... I forgot, but it was awesome.e

  • Andy Butof
    Andy Butof Month ago

    3:17 no u

  • Reptiles OP
    Reptiles OP Month ago

    I think if I were in charge of making a game like this I would keep humans semi nerfed to were they were still top tier but not completely destroying the planet so that people could see what the world could be like if we stopped global climate change so they have more of a reason to commit to the cause

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith Month ago

    Terror birds have the ability of most small dinosaurs, and some speculate they even hunted in packs. The only reason they got banned was because the game devs thought they were going to get too powerful, so they allowed the large feline players in the north America's to come in to the terror birds home territory before they got too powerful. If anything, flightless bird players should rethink putting points towards being more like the terror birds.

  • S W
    S W Month ago +1

    Moa were driven to extinction by human hunting and habitat destruction, that doesn't make them low-tier trash. The same thing happened to the giant ground sloth and you still rank that as high-tier.

    • Alexander R. Jaruk
      Alexander R. Jaruk Month ago

      Seriously, Hunting Moa were as close as possible to the old school tyrannosaur builds without getting automatically banned by the devs: and the devs KNEW IT, so they put a bounty on them and the human mains went after it like "Woop-Woop! Slaughtering time!"

  • Hunter XXL
    Hunter XXL Month ago

    Why u dont talk about my saltwater crocodile :(

  • facts about ur mum
    facts about ur mum Month ago

    i'm a roadrunner build and if i could just raise my brawn and mass stats high enough, i'd be S class.

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Tyrannosaurus Rex Month ago +1

    Here's a tip to become a dinosaur, Wait for an old man to find a mosquito in amber, and bam, your a dinosaur!

  • Wurzy Man
    Wurzy Man Month ago

    Can you analyze the humans diet so i can replicate the power?

  • nottology
    nottology 2 months ago

    the komodo dragons ancient ancestor the megalania

  • Grant Greever
    Grant Greever 2 months ago +2

    0:18 humans

  • Animalish Guy Acevedo Hernández

    What if we made a hybrid of a ostrich And a komodo dragon

  • MineXplousion
    MineXplousion 2 months ago

    Potential history video of Emus is way better

  • Alex Spittel
    Alex Spittel 2 months ago

    Do the Condor build

  • Colton Curran
    Colton Curran 2 months ago

    Is there a shark tier list??