NYCC Cosplay Spotlight - NEW YORK COMIC CON 2015

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  • Otukh
    Otukh 27 days ago


  • Max Henning
    Max Henning Month ago

    what's the song called, i love it!

  • Tails XD XP
    Tails XD XP Month ago +1

    0:54 Sonic! YA! I’m being Tails when Comic Con is open in October

  • Socially frustrated

    Epic music

  • Eğlence İçin
    Eğlence İçin Month ago

    3:11 killa hakan

  • Andrés Peñuela
    Andrés Peñuela Month ago

    3:29 😏😏😏

  • taliouan live
    taliouan live 2 months ago

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  • Cent Sniffa
    Cent Sniffa 3 months ago +2


  • Robin Hyperlord
    Robin Hyperlord 3 months ago

    Cosplay is retarded.

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 4 months ago


  • Robert Dister
    Robert Dister 4 months ago +1


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  • funplayer1000
    funplayer1000 4 months ago

    Whats the namen of that catwomen cosplayer 😍😍😍

  • R Johnson
    R Johnson 5 months ago


  • michelle wolyniec
    michelle wolyniec 5 months ago

    Going to Philly Comic-Con this year...can't decide if I should be Link or Sonic...

  • Dan Mason
    Dan Mason 5 months ago

    i miss going to cons

  • The twash Kid
    The twash Kid 5 months ago

    The vibes man

    STATUE FANATIC 5 months ago +1

    Very nice imagery I was there too. Some amazing cosplay. Check our the Images I captured as well. Liked and subdued, please consider subbing to statue fanatic too ....nice work👍🏾👊🏽!!!

  • koipond æ
    koipond æ 5 months ago

    bro I am IN LOVE with half of the raven cosplays

  • Afotey Annum
    Afotey Annum 5 months ago

    This is #CinematographyGoals
    Nice work! What camera and lens did you shoot this with? Looks super clean!

  • Mathias Pedersen
    Mathias Pedersen 5 months ago

    Great video

  • Team Mwknights
    Team Mwknights 6 months ago

    Subscribe two lucky subscribers get ta go to next years comic con on me

  • In An Song
    In An Song 6 months ago

    이노래 제목 좀~

  • Wolf
    Wolf 6 months ago

    wow this cosplays is awesome 😎 great movie #beatdownboogie,good music in movie 😎🔥 God dammit this cosplay of #Aloy 💖🔥😎 Her IG someone ? 😊

  • Сергей Гусев

    It's so cool that with information age we experience both technological and art advancement! Too bad human age is almost over and it's synthetics time. :)

  • H8E8N8R8Y
    H8E8N8R8Y 7 months ago

    1.11 Link

  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck 7 months ago


  • Mathias Pedersen Explained

    I am going to new York comic con in 2019

    • Meghan Smith
      Meghan Smith 6 months ago

      Can i come with u guys considering i live in NYC heheh...Meow

  • DIOS OSIRIS Aldana
    DIOS OSIRIS Aldana 7 months ago +1

    Dirección por favor para ir vivo new jersey

  • Mikey Way Is An Angel
    Mikey Way Is An Angel 8 months ago

    That Edward Scissorhands and the Maes Hughes were awesome!

  • Lara Ocampo
    Lara Ocampo 8 months ago

    3:28 who is she?

  • MM18
    MM18 8 months ago +2

    4:36 super uncalled for

  • ali ceferzade
    ali ceferzade 8 months ago

    2:31 D piddy?

  • Inspektor Červený Rumcajs

    Comic con ... more like porn con :d

  • Laís Jesus
    Laís Jesus 8 months ago


  • xk84
    xk84 8 months ago

    Looks like so much fun. Can’t wait to attend my first ComicCon one day!

  • Don Emerson
    Don Emerson 8 months ago +1

    4:59 the woman is stunning.😍

  • Jai Coyote
    Jai Coyote 9 months ago

    if you think it was big to like

  • Jai Coyote
    Jai Coyote 9 months ago

    dude sooooo big

  • Tiết Hạnh
    Tiết Hạnh 9 months ago

    Poor superman

  • Somat Tempur
    Somat Tempur 9 months ago

    I like it

  • çļæw 22 xd
    çļæw 22 xd 9 months ago

    Wtf cat woman 0:26

  • Cat lover with insane obsession with cats

    Wow this is WAY better than Melbourne comic con

  • lost cloud
    lost cloud 9 months ago

    ive never seen so many virgins in one place

  • I Fcking Hate Humans save me god Please •_•

    When u notice the song after 2 years

  • lukkygirl creatief
    lukkygirl creatief 10 months ago +1

    First ting you see is peter griffen

    J&V GAMING 10 months ago

    3:43 am i the only one that knows this or came here because of it (btw its raiden if you dont know)

    J&V GAMING 10 months ago

    Came here for raiden and when i saw him omg yee

  • SuperMarioZachary
    SuperMarioZachary 10 months ago

    Wtf!!! 4:36

  • Ashley Piazza
    Ashley Piazza 10 months ago

    I really appreciate the dope ppl who take the time to put this together for us non attendees.

  • Darth Traya
    Darth Traya 10 months ago

    okay if revan is there then were is darth traya or bastilla shan

  • Jun
    Jun 10 months ago

    2:19 I see/hear what you did there

  • Ken Adams
    Ken Adams 10 months ago +1

    Thank you all. Much love.

    RAFAEL BERNABE Soto 11 months ago +1

    La humanidad , se esta llendo a la mierda lpm , 🤦‍♂️👎

  • mamat metal
    mamat metal 11 months ago

    4:47 what is her name?

  • Mark Constantine
    Mark Constantine 11 months ago

    We have great catsuits such as that at

  • Mistah J
    Mistah J 11 months ago

    I love that Anthony Misiano was in this video. He was the Joker actor toward the beginning. Best Joker I've ever seen!!!!

  • Layla Gavaghan
    Layla Gavaghan 11 months ago

    Those men sailor moons where my fav!

  • Toni JF
    Toni JF 11 months ago

    Cómic from BArcelona

  • Mono Kuma
    Mono Kuma 11 months ago


  • 君の友達
    君の友達 Year ago +1

    0:49 She did bowsette before it was popular lol

    • OPJuiceBox
      OPJuiceBox 8 months ago

      Polska Hachikuji :3 oh wtf

  • Milton Cubillos
    Milton Cubillos Year ago

    Hello, I present Comic Con Colombia
    Share it, Comment, like it and please SUBSCRIBE.

  • snow boarder
    snow boarder Year ago

    Love the dj daft punk!

  • Matus Jacek
    Matus Jacek Year ago

    Japan cosplay is the top in the world!

  • Richard Ikin
    Richard Ikin Year ago

    3:14 and 3:28 Guys, Remember when you used to get bullied at school for being geeky and into comics? Here is your reward.

  • ッ•DarkAesthetic•[DWAI]

    In the beginning was that peter?

  • Ger-Man
    Ger-Man Year ago

    Awesome 😍 😍 😍

  • El Nieto
    El Nieto Year ago +1

    Mars rover, you will be missed.

  • Honey Senpai
    Honey Senpai Year ago

    No jojo😞

  • Darius Watt
    Darius Watt Year ago

    Shyt looks fun af.

  • Taco Timmer
    Taco Timmer Year ago

    Me! Me! Me!

  • 満賀道雄
    満賀道雄 Year ago +1


  • Banks Thanks
    Banks Thanks Year ago

    4:36 gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy

  • Logan Aucoin
    Logan Aucoin Year ago +2

    We need more destiny crossplay

  • MarieGemms
    MarieGemms Year ago

    0:10 human happy from fairy tail?????? I want that onesy

  • sweetchaos Fox
    sweetchaos Fox Year ago

    is it me..or do that big guy looks just like peter griffin 0:00

  • Mathias Pedersen Explained

    I am coming to New York comic con in 2019 😎👍 i can’t wait 👍

  • Mariam K
    Mariam K Year ago

    It's really difficult to design a Venom costume. Isn't it? 😞

  • Mariam K
    Mariam K Year ago

    This is like Halloween. But much advanced.

  • Mariam K
    Mariam K Year ago

    0:29 Daaamn those eyesss! He gave me chills 😂😂