Best of Drift Cars Goodwood FOS 2019 Flames, Burnouts and Powerslides!

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
  • Welcome back to another GoodWood Festival of Speed 2019 video where in this video i captured all of the drift cars full sending it at the end of the finish line with a few burnouts, power slides and some BIG flames!
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Comments • 328

  • Naruto Plays
    Naruto Plays 3 days ago


  • Cesar Velho
    Cesar Velho 7 days ago


  • Thirsty boi
    Thirsty boi 8 days ago

    What’s the second car

  • sophal pan
    sophal pan 10 days ago

    Josh the RTR mustang hurt my ears

  • Bill Wang
    Bill Wang 12 days ago +1

    Mario cart 2: drugs and drag

  • Max Soo
    Max Soo 16 days ago

    Is this in Melbourne Australia

  • Max Soo
    Max Soo 16 days ago

    Niasan gtr is my great car

  • Mashinka Grandia
    Mashinka Grandia 18 days ago

    *0:26** Когда завёл жигули*

  • ELOZ
    ELOZ 20 days ago

    The Lexus thoooo

  • Rickard The Inkling
    Rickard The Inkling 20 days ago +1


  • billy bob
    billy bob 21 day ago +1

    1:02 high speed drifting

  • Hf Bvc
    Hf Bvc 24 days ago +1

    90% of comments : announcer
    10% of comments: about the video

  • keithpagaduan
    keithpagaduan 24 days ago

    I love car is nissan gtr and she a drifting you'll get a music remix and i get a punching glove and i get hold a spoiler and well nothing broken and nothing out

  • sira chaliaokeangkai
    sira chaliaokeangkai 27 days ago

    Why every drifting car slowly drifting it never spun out

  • Kwol Kosa
    Kwol Kosa 27 days ago

    Supra and Gtr skyline is my fav

  • Kwol Kosa
    Kwol Kosa 27 days ago

    Race Cars can’t drift but they fast

  • Dean Rocco Sterling
    Dean Rocco Sterling 27 days ago +4

    5:09 the understeer is real

  • Isaac Ezekiel The color blind guy

    0:41 wut car it’s hella sexy

    • MDDeGrande1994
      MDDeGrande1994 14 days ago

      @Isaac Ezekiel The color blind guy Daigo Saito's 2JZ-swapped Mk5 Supra

    • Fxrget
      Fxrget 26 days ago

      Isaac Ezekiel The color blind guy Toyota Supra 2020

  • Light Dark
    Light Dark 29 days ago

    this is weird all the sports cars are slow

  • Ugnius Sarkauskas
    Ugnius Sarkauskas Month ago

    5:15 best drifiting car

    • Hf Bvc
      Hf Bvc 24 days ago

      Ugnius Sarkauskas 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fr U3
    Fr U3 Month ago

    Anyone else recognize the Ferrari powers toyota

    • lcvl
      lcvl Month ago

      That is why its called a GT4586

  • Denise Felix
    Denise Felix Month ago +4

    “I thrust it waaay too much, I thrust it more than I thrust my wife” 0:05 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ykskolme
    Ykskolme Month ago

    Those watchers must have great confidence in the drivers to stand inside the fence

  • 『RDØ』 XyLØ
    『RDØ』 XyLØ Month ago


  • Doris Cooper
    Doris Cooper Month ago +1

    to put a exhaust in the front of a lamborghini

  • Fuzzy Waffles Waffles
    Fuzzy Waffles Waffles Month ago +1

    why is the mustang not hitting the crowd

    • MDDeGrande1994
      MDDeGrande1994 10 days ago

      @Fuzzy Waffles Waffles I know and it's an overused one so it's not really funny anymore.

    • Fuzzy Waffles Waffles
      Fuzzy Waffles Waffles 10 days ago

      @MDDeGrande1994 its a joke dude

    • MDDeGrande1994
      MDDeGrande1994 14 days ago

      Because it's driven by a professional driver/drifter, that's why.

  • Owly
    Owly Month ago +1

    Is that a supraaaaa?!

  • Jahquontei Whaanga
    Jahquontei Whaanga Month ago

    lol ken block shows up

  • Ahsen khalil AK
    Ahsen khalil AK 2 months ago +1

    I have Honda civic but I don't do drif son sad

  • Hypevasqz Zzz
    Hypevasqz Zzz 2 months ago

    Can anyone please tell me what car and model this is please thanks in advance 3:35

    • Onnitsu YT
      Onnitsu YT 28 days ago

      I think lexus Lfa

    • Carlos Vargas
      Carlos Vargas 2 months ago +1

      That's a Lexus RXF I think, I may be wrong but it's a Lexus 100 percent

  • JAK3Y
    JAK3Y 2 months ago +2

    1:09 R.I.P. headphone users :)

  • Gunguy3658 Robloxz
    Gunguy3658 Robloxz 2 months ago


  • Its Kaidin
    Its Kaidin 2 months ago +2

    3:00 "2JZ" lol

  • Pro_Gamer2916 0
    Pro_Gamer2916 0 2 months ago +1

    I want all these cars

  • Keksov
    Keksov 2 months ago

    Привет из России

  • Zero5 TV
    Zero5 TV 2 months ago

    Tractor Drifting ⤵️

    PLANKA 2 months ago +1

    2020 supra?

  • victor samoylov
    victor samoylov 2 months ago

    dodge viper is beautiful

  • Petra Odontologia
    Petra Odontologia 2 months ago +1

    0:28 sM0k3 w3ed everyday!

  • Joseph 117
    Joseph 117 2 months ago

    Ok so forza can’t get the regular 2016 Dodge Viper noise right but they get the FD one spot on

  • Lenonn Bizz
    Lenonn Bizz 2 months ago +1

    4:47 sideways nascar boi!!!!!!

  • Doubledrift bg
    Doubledrift bg 2 months ago


  • KeHan T
    KeHan T 2 months ago

    What?!! A small Toyota with a Ferrari engine?!! WTF!!!

    • MDDeGrande1994
      MDDeGrande1994 14 days ago

      It's a Ryan Tuerck's GT4586. The engine was derived from the Ferrari 458.

    • KeHan T
      KeHan T 2 months ago

      @vigilanteDMR Exactly!

    • vigilanteDMR
      vigilanteDMR 2 months ago

      KeHan T so?

  • erase yourself
    erase yourself 2 months ago

    *sniff* i smell some... 12 year old gtr fan boys

  • Bossledg56
    Bossledg56 2 months ago +3

    me : oh no my lawnmower doesn't work

    Vaughn: Say no more

  • G C
    G C 2 months ago

    I heard fos was quite sophisticated until madmike turned up.

  • Inline 3 FTW
    Inline 3 FTW 2 months ago +1

    Is that a really slow drift or a burnout

  • FlatlineRyan
    FlatlineRyan 2 months ago +9

    I really hope he didnt say “toyota in the lineup far from stock, 2jz under the hood”


    • FlatlineRyan
      FlatlineRyan 16 days ago

      Baby Chungus I know

    • Baby Chungus
      Baby Chungus 16 days ago

      FlatlineRyan well it is far from a 2j even though they don’t come stock with it, it’s a Ferrari engine.

    • Baby Chungus
      Baby Chungus 16 days ago

      Justin S. it’s a Ferrari engine lol get you facts right

    • FlatlineRyan
      FlatlineRyan Month ago

      Owly i know

    • FlatlineRyan
      FlatlineRyan Month ago

      Justin S. And no a gt86 doesnt come with a 2jz stock.🙃

  • phoenixsui
    phoenixsui 2 months ago +2

    1:00 love it :D

  • Rizal Manjorang
    Rizal Manjorang 2 months ago +1

    Super Dill

  • niggabenis
    niggabenis 2 months ago +2

    Vaughn gittin jrs mustang > any other car there

  • R M
    R M 2 months ago +2

    Awesome video! Smoking tires never gets old!

  • Brad Martin
    Brad Martin 2 months ago


  • budha59
    budha59 2 months ago +1

    Wonder what the IMSA Audi's are worth

    BLICK HIGH 2 months ago

    Кто из наших в коментах?

  • Ashton God reaper sans
    Ashton God reaper sans 2 months ago +1

    You know I was in those cars my friend

    • vigilanteDMR
      vigilanteDMR 2 months ago

      Ashton God reaper sans ur juet some faggot ass 10 year old that got called out on bs

    • Ashton God reaper sans
      Ashton God reaper sans 2 months ago


    • vigilanteDMR
      vigilanteDMR 2 months ago

      Ashton God reaper sans who tf you foolin?

  • MDDeGrande1994
    MDDeGrande1994 2 months ago

    Why do some drift cars have wings? I thought they were supposed to lose traction and grip, no have downforce. Or am I being wrong?

  • arsh lol
    arsh lol 2 months ago +3

    The lambo looked like it slow motionbut it wasn't

  • Will Carlson
    Will Carlson 2 months ago

    I couldn’t hear the gtR

  • RRJ.16
    RRJ.16 2 months ago +2

    Is it the Ferarri powerd GT458?