Spandau Ballet - Gold

  • Published on Apr 29, 2008
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    Spandau Ballet are one of Britain’s great iconic bands having sold over 25 million records, scored numerous multi-platinum albums and amassed 23 hit singles across the globe since their humble beginnings as a group of friends with dreams of stardom in the late 1970s. It wasn’t long before they became fully-fledged members of the iconic Blitz Club scene and established themselves as one of the super-groups of the 80s.
    The band's classic line-up features brothers Gary and Martin Kemp on guitars, vocalist Tony Hadley, saxophonist Steve Norman and drummer John Keeble.
    After two decades apart, the band reformed in 2009, embarking on a sold-out tour. In 2014 the band released a critically lauded documentary film ‘Soul Boys Of The Western World’ and returned to the studio recording three new tracks 'Steal', 'Soul Boy' and 'This Is The Love' for the anthology 'The Story'. ‘
    This has been followed by the ‘Soulboys Of The Western World’ world tour wowing crowds and critics alike with the band making rapturous returns for the first time in 25 years to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and parts of mainland Europe.
    Spandau Ballet’s hits include Gold, True, To Cut A Long Story Short, Through The Barricades and many more.

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  • Neil Pavett
    Neil Pavett 5 hours ago

    Best karaoke song ever

  • vinto34
    vinto34 13 hours ago

    Comic strip presents...four men in a car.

  • John Juanda
    John Juanda 22 hours ago

    0:12 - 0:17 "Thank you for cumming umm sorry bout the jizz on the wall"

  • Tomstar124
    Tomstar124 Day ago

    Always believe in ngolo

    If you know you know

  • M.F.
    M.F. Day ago +1

    I love Peto!

  • Edna Rios
    Edna Rios Day ago

    I Swear This Can Be A Pokémon Theme Song!! Or Is It Just Me ? 😍

  • Quagliarella
    Quagliarella Day ago +1

    Jonathan Ross where's delboy at he got it right. 😁

  • Chase Sandman
    Chase Sandman 2 days ago

    The advantage of this song not being so popular among youngsters is that we don't have to read so many stupid
    "(Present year) anyone???"
    "Who's listening this in...?"

  • Carlos Izquierdo
    Carlos Izquierdo 2 days ago

    Gold , you've got the power to know , you're indestructible !!!!

  • Carlos Izquierdo
    Carlos Izquierdo 2 days ago

    Gold , you've the powers

  • Inma Lujano
    Inma Lujano 3 days ago

    Alguien me puede decir si este video fue realizado en ANDALUCÍA? Gracias

  • Galieo Galiei
    Galieo Galiei 3 days ago

    Who's From Gorillaz-MTV Cribs?

  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos 3 days ago

    It’s taken me so long to find this song, I remember hearing this when I was 4 years old.

  • Stefania Casu
    Stefania Casu 5 days ago +1

    Ho letto la traduzione e mi sono venuti i brividi!!!!!!!!!!!!! L'ho sentita in radio qualche giorno fa quando pioveva e quando ero piccola dai miei...intramontabile ❤🥰

  • Tessa Meijerink
    Tessa Meijerink 6 days ago

    This video was taken on an android

  • Genya Arikado
    Genya Arikado 8 days ago

    He looks like Louder with Crowder

  • Bernd Klüver
    Bernd Klüver 8 days ago

    Living in Berlin Spandau. 😂

    • Symbox 1
      Symbox 1 8 days ago

      Joa ist bestimmt richtig knackig da

  • Seru Navas
    Seru Navas 8 days ago +1

    Thank you for your music

  • Philip Torrez
    Philip Torrez 9 days ago

    80's like no other!

    GIUSEPPE ROMOLI 11 days ago

    Ho visto 2 concerti degli Spandau 1987 & 2010....veramente bravissimi.

  • City Of shadowss
    City Of shadowss 11 days ago

    All of the members when to my school and the old headmaster used to play this song at every open day we had 😂

  • Justyna Walska
    Justyna Walska 12 days ago

    Black Books series brought me here. 😉

  • Dragon Ball
    Dragon Ball 14 days ago +3

    I love this I listened to it when I was in year three and I just realised how good it is

  • K J
    K J 14 days ago +1

    I am 50 and still love it as when in my teens.

    • Elizabeth Harkness
      Elizabeth Harkness 7 days ago

      This song came out before I was born. However I love the 80s!

  • Jose Luis Cazador
    Jose Luis Cazador 14 days ago

    Camellos - Gol

  • Mateo Cesljar
    Mateo Cesljar 14 days ago

    Only fools and horses goldrush episode anyone? 😂😂

  • pepe Solano
    pepe Solano 16 days ago +1


  • Catherine Ama A.
    Catherine Ama A. 16 days ago

    Patricia Bright. ♡ RUclip Black. ♡

  • Heorge Garrison
    Heorge Garrison 16 days ago

    This was my favourite song as a 6 year-old lol

  • Andrea Esmeralda Sanchez Espinoza Vda De Cruzado

    Gorillaz Mtv cribs👊

  • Nilgün Türkoglu
    Nilgün Türkoglu 17 days ago +1

    Beautiful song ❤️ 💕 🌹 ❤️ 💕 🌹2019

  • Art A
    Art A 17 days ago


  • Ron Salas
    Ron Salas 18 days ago +75

    This is the best Bond movie theme that was never in a Bond movie.

  • GrieviousGeorge
    GrieviousGeorge 18 days ago +1

    Ah, the g'old 80s when music videos were filmed in exotic locales

  • Agus j ortega
    Agus j ortega 18 days ago

    Great song! Epic

  • M E
    M E 19 days ago


  • GrieviousGeorge
    GrieviousGeorge 19 days ago

    Lucy Westenra's gold indeed

  • Alex Lawton
    Alex Lawton 19 days ago

    I keep hearing this song on uk Gold radio love this song

  • jack horsey
    jack horsey 19 days ago

    Always believe in thatchers gold, ah!

  • YukitoOnline
    YukitoOnline 19 days ago

    You are *"OLD!!!"*
    Can't even walk down the road~

  • Junius Go
    Junius Go 19 days ago

    cool and suave.....great song....that's the 80's...

  • mrdanthemanfraser
    mrdanthemanfraser 20 days ago

    Think a million of these views are easily from me 😅

  • ScarpLander
    ScarpLander 20 days ago

    This man voice's is amazing

  • Juan Carlo Rodrigues dos Reis

    That Noodle intro ❤️

  • J B
    J B 20 days ago +4

    This could have been a James Bond theme.

  • Joseph Bienkowski
    Joseph Bienkowski 20 days ago +4

    I feel like this could have been a james bond song

  • Giovanni Contreras
    Giovanni Contreras 21 day ago

    - i love this song so much ( goldmember )

  • Diego Valdés
    Diego Valdés 21 day ago

    I think this song is truly a GOLD EXPRIENCE

  • Turbo BOI
    Turbo BOI 21 day ago

    Now we need a fighting gold x gold mashup.

  • Fletcher Raymond
    Fletcher Raymond 21 day ago +1


  • Allan Wright
    Allan Wright 21 day ago


  • brampies
    brampies 21 day ago

    noodle brought me here

  • Rebecca James
    Rebecca James 21 day ago

    If you like this, recommend another equally good song... go..

  • Mobey D
    Mobey D 21 day ago

    Bohs ⚫️🔴

  • Er Sturdevant
    Er Sturdevant 22 days ago

    Why is music very bad, presently. Trying to be objective, but...honestly. Sticking with my retro classics

    • var1328
      var1328 19 days ago

      People who live in the past are sad - People who live in the future are fearful - People you live in the moment are happy

  • llluuuyyyooo
    llluuuyyyooo 23 days ago

    I love you all love life love being alive love everything! This songs brings these feelings. Love❤💟😊

  • Jake Hills
    Jake Hills 23 days ago

    My favorite part is the bongos

  • Bo3 gamer 1738
    Bo3 gamer 1738 23 days ago +1

    Anyone whatching in the future 2057

  • KangarooRats
    KangarooRats 24 days ago


  • Impact Monster
    Impact Monster 24 days ago

    FIGHTING GOOOOOOOOLD oh wait, wrong song