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Автор Adrianna Reid ( назад)
No but can you tell me what lip color this is 😍

Автор Miss Germaine TAKEOVER ( назад)
ok....so Dubai is on the list next year! Thanks Vicky, super informative.

Автор NoOrdinaryGirl ( назад)
Wow! Very Good Info! Thanks!

Автор Adiam Daniel ( назад)
This is my first time watching your videos and I am not even going to Dubai or to any type of place for a holiday, but I literary just sat here and listened to everything you said without skipping anything. You're so informative about everything and I love that you don't just gloss over stuff but give an unbiased view of what you thought.

Автор neonatal97 ( назад)
Girl thank you so much for such an informative review. You just about covered everything I wanted to know. I'm travelling out there in August with my daughter. I'm so excited as I haven't been on vacation since 2004. Please continue to do more travel reviews. You're good at it.

Автор edolina2000 ( назад)
I like the way you think and see things

Автор Joanna Hellum ( назад)
Thank you let me know how it's not expensive in Dubai I want to go there

Автор Beauty By Haskel ( назад)
Really great video💕 it was interesting to watch, and you covered a little bit of everything, under 5k for 2 sounds legit👌🏾, definitely would like to see more travel videos👍🏾

Автор Kawale04 ( назад)
Amazing time , the sand dune roller coaster was fun but scary.. the best experience ever!!!!!i went out to the international market place called global village wow beautiful.. so many great finds! If you go there it has to be an all day thing.. definitely going back

Автор Stephanie Renee ( назад)
Hilarious about the Metro! My husband and I ride the Metro in Dubai daily together in Gold Class. There is a women's only section, however, the rest of the cars (Silver Class) are both for ladies and men to sit or stand together. 😂😂😂 After living in Dubai for 15 years as Black American expats, we can say that we love its evolution and the people. Glad you enjoyed your trip here. Do visit again! 👍👌❤

Автор TravelWithAshley ( назад)
I'm leaving for dubai in 2 weeks..thanks for this review!!!

Автор Jill Cook ( назад)
Thank you Mr.&Mrs.Logan for your quick response about needing a visa for Dubai. I watched all your Dubai videos enjoyed everything. Even before I watched your videos, I had all my tours booked thru Viator. I will be there for 9 entire days, not including the travel time. Tours booked: Marina Night Sightseeing Buffet, Desert BBQ Dinner/Camel/Quid-ride, Hot Air Ballon&Safari(bucket-list) Atlantis Water-park, and Sharkjet Thrill Speedboat. Booked Helicopter City Tour however later found out unavailable(also bucket-list). I will try again closer to date in May to see any availablity. Rest of the time I left open for the Gold Souk & Markets, the Burj Khalifa(love heights-going to the top 148 floor) and Old Dubia (extremely quite away from the tourism). Unfortunately the Miracle Flower Garden is closed in May until fall due to the heat. Last my hotel is within walking distant of 5 mins to the Metro and within 10-20 mins of the main attractions by taxi. Thanks again, will let you know about my experience.

Автор SolelyVanessa ( назад)
The mosque looks gorgeous!!!

Автор Annette Wambui ( назад)
@Vicky Logan, If i am not wrong, i think you stayed at Moevenpick, Batutta Gate which I was also about to book but then I saw another branch called Moevenpick Bur Dubai which is very near the airport and not far from Wafi Mall, the mall where the BIG BUS tours start. And for the rest, If you can also get a hotel near the Emirates Mall, that's another starting point for the BIG BUS tours. Warning, the tour is going to feel like a slower version of the Amazing Race but I can tell you that some of the activities we did we would not have afforded them outside the package. Dubai is no way a place to go and relax, you cannot experience the full Arabian adventure if you don't wake up early and sleep late just like Vicky said. That's for sure.

Автор Jeanne Strauss ( назад)
That was the most awesome travel review EVER💕😊💞💛💕❤🎩💄👠🕶

Автор YB reformed ( назад)
"Is this google or is this God?" I asked myself that today too😔🙌🏾

Автор The LuxeTraveler ( назад)
I loved dubai. Just walking around the marina at night made it most memorable for me 😃

Автор 454chevy454 ( назад)
Waaaw im happy to see Americans talk positive..

Автор Stephanie Cole ( назад)
Dubai is definitely on my my bucket list of places I need to go to! Thanks for sharing your experience, but bive The D.R. a chance Vicky! I've been there twice (Punta Cana and Puerto Plata) and it's WAAAAAY better to me than Mexico. Mind you I've only been to Cozumel, but I think you and Cam would have a great time. There are plenty of nice inclusive resorts to choose from and plenty of fun things to do. :-)

Автор Hause Of Glam ( назад)
Dubai is amazing! One of my favorite places to go!!!

Автор Krizz'Tina Mitchell ( назад)
I loved this , Texas girl!

Автор sovereign blackwoman ( назад)
heading there in April thank you!

Автор John Ala ( назад)
Beautiful make up Mrs. Logan!!! Also, would you all consider Africa? Its a pity how America has not shown the beauty of it. I was blown away at Shelly and her sister's Lagos vlog. I have heard wonders about Nairobi Kenya, Accra Ghana, Lagos Nigeria, and South Africa. It would be so cool to see!! Oh, can you guys do an Ancestry.com results video. 😍😍😍

Автор Kori In The House ( назад)
That is an amazing deal!

Автор Chloe Elbert ( назад)
"Dubai might not be the place to cake..." lol, girl my friend told me you can't do many things there so if you are going to travel there, learn the culture dos and don'ts.

Автор Sydnee Love ( назад)
When you mentioned about the poverty in Dubai you don't see it because its behind closed doors and behind the scenes there are lots of documentaries about it but it still seems like a great vacation spot

Автор kelsssss ( назад)
this video made me wanna go to dubai omfg. i loved the way you spoke about the city! you really appreciated the difference in culture.

Автор Samina X ( назад)
great informative vid! go girlll xx

Автор Lindsay Lindsay ( назад)
There are no homeless people because it illegal to be in the city and beg and keep on the streets

Автор Seiko A ( назад)
i lived in dubai for 7 years and you can definitely turn up! there night life is amazing

Автор Belanja OnlineTerkemuka ( назад)

Автор Yolandaz NostalgicTv ( назад)
Gave you a like within the 1st minute. This was so interesting to me. And.. I lowkey was thinking how Dubai is like Janet Jackson's
home away from home.
Thanks for showing the beautiful sceneries..

Автор Kal3ido ( назад)
I agree with trips based on how you budget. I plan all my trips and do my own payment plans. Most hotels you can pay when you stay, so that cost you do not have to pay up front.

Автор Tasha Nichole ( назад)
"I just thought they thought I was cute." 😂😂😂😂😂 That's me lol

Автор shaunesty89 ( назад)
$4000? Thats it??! My family's trip to Disney world was more expensive! Let me start planning!

Автор Shev ( назад)
"Straight through or die" lol
Great tips! TFS!

Автор Jermeyah Beauty ( назад)

Автор Thankfull13 ( назад)
Very informative!!! 😍

Автор Natasha Reid ( назад)
I will be traveling to Dubai next year! Thanks for your review!

Автор Jailynn Allen ( назад)
Video on all about Cancun!!! 😭

Автор Peaches Monroe ( назад)
Travel is always good. It's an investment in YOUR LIFE. Yes! It's worth it.

Автор Deodat Glemaud ( назад)
This was the most interesting review ever! So informative. Now I really want to go to Dubai. Thanks for all the tips. Heading over to the blog now!

Автор creatingcreativity ( назад)
You giving me AKA vibes lol

Автор Elizabeth jean-mary ( назад)
Yes to the makeup ❤️, loving ittt

Автор MS AMY ( назад)
desert safari so cool!!!

Автор Lisa bowdry ( назад)

Автор MS AMY ( назад)
true Google does know your life...thanks for sharing you sound like me, lol...

Автор Porchia Barrett ( назад)
I didn't like Dubai I went in January for my birthday... but it was boring seems like a trip for a man to me...

Автор MsNett yC ( назад)
Thank you for sharing! Greatly appreciate it!

Автор Bradley Ammons ( назад)
$1,000 in another country?? That's a BARGAIN! And the lack of pda and conservativeness is perfect for me. btw, you dress very modest. i love that about you!

Автор Trisha Anderson ( назад)
Did you noticed that the malls and hotels smelled good? Lol 😂
We drove done there. It wasn't bad. The car kept going off when we went over the speed limit.

Автор DINADIVA82 ( назад)
Great video. Minus the travel amount $1000 for a weeks vacation is pretty good especially to go to Dubai, I took my daughter to Disney World last year ( and other FL attractions) and spend nearly $2k.

Автор Virginia Santos-Vellon ( назад)
I'm Dominican I've lived in DR and have vacationed there. I love my country but it really is like going to another tropical island. It's beautiful but there is no much more in this world to see

Автор LaTeisha Clement ( назад)
This video was so helpful. You were very specific about everything! Thank you. And I pretty much feel like I too have no idea why I want to go to Dubai, other than that it's luxurious. And maybe it'll make me "want to do better in life" too. You had me rolling when you said that, lol.

Автор Black Ivy ( назад)
Dubai cost just as much as Disney 😂😂

Автор Te'Erica Lynnette ( назад)
Is this google or is this God 😂... im rewatching all of them later.. everything seemed nothing short of amazing 😍😍😍

Автор bandlupos ( назад)
Wow 4000 dollars for 2 people for 6 days . We are a family of 4 and we spent like £15000 for 4 weeks but we own a car there so maybe that's why.

Автор huntingtonparkway ( назад)
"They recognized the fleekness." Lol

Автор Jay's World ( назад)
Hi Vicky,

Love your channel! I am going to Dubai In April and I would like to know what area should I book my hotel in? I want to be close to the tourist areas.

Thanks for sharing your journey!

Автор Your Dream Interpreter ( назад)
Thanks for the summary.......Nice matching top and eye shadow:)

Автор Kufre Akpan ( назад)
your hair color 😍

Автор x0PaMi20K ( назад)
This video is perfect I'm planning to go to Dubai for my birthday so much info and ideas of things to do

Автор MsCandacee ( назад)
Thank you for sharing the actual prices for the people who may be planning a trip

Автор ki Ja ( назад)
looking fabulous

Автор Thesunshine1224 ( назад)
Wow, that was not that expensive at all. My hubby and I will be going soon. Thanks for the video.

Автор CareerAKAsskeewee ( назад)
Info on point #puredoll

Автор prettyinme ( назад)
Hopefully I can make it to Dubai one of these days. I'll be traveling to Costa Rica in August! So excited!

Автор Fashion786 xx ( назад)
Love the video

Автор DeAndra LeMelle ( назад)
You should travel for Bali next it's beautiful

Автор Natalia Angeleu ( назад)
love love love your personality!

Автор elaine smith ( назад)
Very interesting. I have always wondered what Dubai was all about, so now I am a bit more enlightened.  Thanks for sharing!

Автор supermakeupable ( назад)
That sounds really good! I actually think the trip to get over there is the part that turns me off not the price. 14 hours just to get there just sounds so daunting.

Автор Porsha Cierra ( назад)
Vicky looking like a cute Now&Later!

Автор Finding Feem ( назад)
"Is this Google or is this God?" 😂😂😂

Автор camille le gall ( назад)
how expensive are the kaftans? I am so obsessed!!!!!

Автор Squad Plus One ( назад)
Dubai is going to be my dream trip for me and my future husband one of these years lol

Автор Pascale Jean ( назад)
Great review!

Автор Pascale Jean ( назад)
Definitely want to go to Dubai next year 🙌🏾

Автор Reka ( назад)
Just read your blog post! Love the humor and the realness....thank you!

Автор dasianewman ( назад)
AWESOME informational video!!! thanks

Автор xoAngelicaF ( назад)
I used to want to go to Dubai but not anymore. But I def wanna go to DR.

Автор JeNeevaLove ( назад)
i miss dubai best experience ever!

Автор R Davis ( назад)
I'm from Detroit and grew up near dearborn (a Arabic community) so I'm used to seeing women in full Muslim garment at Walmart. It's like a regular part of my life. the Arabic signs, prayer, etc.

Автор LIFEWITHVEE Rob ( назад)
I lived there 4 2years and loved it. they way they treated us AMAZING. I would move back any day .when you covered u either engaged or a older married lady

Автор Cassie380 ( назад)
Great video, very informative.. thanks for sharing ❤️

Автор Naturally Speaking ( назад)
So glad you had a great time. this really help me decide on this vacation spot.

Автор Taylor Wright ( назад)
I just came back from Dubai last night! It was literally amazing and like nothing I've never experienced before. Since I studied abroad with my University, I was able to see the good and bad side of Dubai and I definitely learned A LOT about their culture, their wealth and the workers. If you can, have dinner with an Emirati, their hospitality is like nothing I've experienced, even though I'm from the South. AND VISIT THE SOUKS TO BARGAIN!! I'd definitely recommend anyone visiting to have a tour with a free agent if you want to learn more of the bad side since the tour guides work for the government, they really can't tell you much and everything is filtered. Just go with your third eye open, and think to yourself HOW were all of these huge record breaking buildings and malls built.

Автор Nesha J. ( назад)
Thank you for all the info, I love this video. I'm hoping we can save enough to make a trip next year

Автор Miss Kia ( назад)
I LOVE THIS VIDEO! Very detailed of your trip. I learned so much from just your video. I like all the tips you gave especially planning a trip in general!

Автор GISELLE MARIE ( назад)
So, as a Dominican I just want to help you out in correcting you on how to refer to the country lol. Referring to it as "The Dominican" is kind of weird and annoying at least when you're around actual Dominicans. Especially because there's the Dominican Republic and Dominica in which ppl from both countries are referred to as "Dominicans" so ppl may not know what you're referencing to (even though majority of the pop. will know it's DR)

So I suggest saying "The Dominican Republic" or "DR". It just sounds better lol, and it doesn't sound like you're cutting the name short out of laziness or something. Just throwing that out there girl.

Автор Ebonee Davis ( назад)
Very informative! And "yass" to this makeup look. Can you bless us with a tutorial. 🙏😍

Автор IrisBeautifulMarie ( назад)
lol I'm sorry idc how you slice it or dice it..4K is a lot of money.

Автор ohhireneexo ( назад)
bahaha the broken dreams comment! I can't take u. 😂💀 **wipes tears

Автор Zanya Carey ( назад)
Thank you for thissss!! 😊😊

Автор Yvonne Lutunacevamaca ( назад)
Love your makeup Vicky and yes DXB is totally in my bucket list 🙌🏾🙂

Автор Loyalty 77 ( назад)
happy you loved your trip...have you ever been to Africa?.. I never wanted to go to Dubai.. Spending money for a country where u have to follow rules.... no shade..

Автор RiRi J ( назад)
"Is this Google or is this God?!"… 🙌🙏

Автор StarringShameka ( назад)
I love your eye make up!!! 😍😍😍

Автор oyato11 ( назад)
The mall is free, I don't know why this mad me laugh so much 😂

Автор Jeanell Dixon ( назад)
Thank you for this video it seem so amazing.

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