Gohmert Makes FBI Director James Comey Admit FBI Faked Hillary Clinton Investigation

  • Published on Oct 2, 2016
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    gohmert shows that the fbi did things in a way they never have before and he shows that comey admits that allowing certain things to happen and all the immunity agreements they gave they never actually could prosecute anyone or hillary because before investigating anything they gave immunity they faked this investigation made it look real but it was never real.. its a messed up world were living in now special people get special treatment.
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Comments • 921

  • William Gage
    William Gage Year ago


  • Craig Anderson
    Craig Anderson Year ago

    This guy is right Comey wouldn't even make a mediocre agent and shouldn't be in the FBI, much less it's director.

  • xVSupremacy
    xVSupremacy Year ago

    St Thomas a Beckett Tweeted Intent to Potus, using Professor ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿซ Daniel Richman Intent Menโ€™s Rea

  • Had Enough
    Had Enough Year ago

    Comey is a disgrace..Suddenly he's deciding if someone should be prosecuted.

  • Shannon Tidwell
    Shannon Tidwell Year ago

    This proves Comey is a crook working for Hillary.

  • K Mac
    K Mac Year ago

    Dirty Cop. James Comey is a Dirty COP.

  • ann hendrickson
    ann hendrickson Year ago

    bless you Representative Gohmert..You are inspiring for all voters disgusted with corruption in our national security and Justice. ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ—ฝ๐Ÿ’ก

  • Peter Paterson
    Peter Paterson Year ago

    your country is fucked because of your corruption in every field.

  • Chas Peking
    Chas Peking Year ago

    Howdy Doody Comey lets crime run free, to destroy the U.S. like a good loyal British freemason.

  • Craig Diamond
    Craig Diamond Year ago +1

    lock comey up for a long time

  • laylarose bass
    laylarose bass Year ago

    Comey is a dirty cop!!!

  • greg rupar
    greg rupar Year ago

    Not familiar with this gentleman, but already a fan

  • david jordan
    david jordan Year ago

    tell the f___ing truth! he was bought! it it is coming out.... Mueller next!!!!!

  • Jayde Smith
    Jayde Smith Year ago

    They Now come out with dirt, Only to Cover Their own Asses !!!

  • Repsychler 808
    Repsychler 808 Year ago

    Yes or no? Answer the GD question.

  • Short Shyt
    Short Shyt Year ago +1

    so why isn't he arrested? So many crimes .... so little justice in washington

  • michael murratti
    michael murratti Year ago

    Google Bribed FBI!..Comeys puss comes up!

  • Mr Pool Player
    Mr Pool Player Year ago

    Gohmert is a FAKE too... he is a motor mouth with no git' R Dun actions... He is shameless member of Congress... Nothing ever comes from his gum beating or saber rattling...

  • Daniel Stetson
    Daniel Stetson Year ago

    If James Comey wasn't corrupt when he took the job, he was corrupted by Obama, Clinton and Lynch.

    • Samuel Moulds
      Samuel Moulds Year ago +1

      Daniel Stetson he was chosen because he is CORRUPT!

    • Daniel Stetson
      Daniel Stetson Year ago

      He should have been fired on Jan 21st.

  • Selma Kelly
    Selma Kelly Year ago


  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson Year ago +1

    How many people can we put in prison? We need more prisons. Hillary, Comey, and many more.

  • Gail Shmail
    Gail Shmail Year ago

    If Hillary had been elected, she would have been the least intelligent President we ever had. But her Daddy, who also screwed the Haitians, told her she was great.

  • Louise Mae Brouder
    Louise Mae Brouder Year ago +1


  • maximum805
    maximum805 Year ago


  • ann hendrickson
    ann hendrickson Year ago

    Notice Corey's use of the word "matter"?

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Year ago +1

    Louie Gohmert is totally AWESOME!!!!!
    Comey should be in PRISON!!!

  • Dyann Jaxon
    Dyann Jaxon Year ago

    What Part of "Yes or No Answer" Don't These Liars GET?!

  • R Mack
    R Mack Year ago

    I agree with you Douglas. Gohmert, for those that may not know him, is a former Texas State District Court judge, who tried numerous felony cases in Texas, including the worst of the worst, i.e. murder, rape, robbery, etc, before running for Congress.
    IOW, he knows his shit when it comes to the law and what constitutes "intent".

  • Zsazsa Crump
    Zsazsa Crump Year ago +1

    Stop your freaking lying comey you make me want to throw up

  • Hang Tough
    Hang Tough Year ago +1

    Comey a walking Constitutional nightmare. What a pussy.

    ALL AMERICAN Year ago +1

    comey is total lying dogshit๐Ÿ’ฉ

  • Emma Rose
    Emma Rose Year ago +1

    Stand up for President Trump! He knew who he was up against and reality just reared it ugly head! Stunning to the point of speechless with the corruption in Washington!

  • sarahgittel
    sarahgittel Year ago

    Comey comedy!!!! or tragedy

  • Robert Bone
    Robert Bone Year ago +1

    President Trump needs to start firing people and keep their huge government pensions.....

  • ArrowJ Smith
    ArrowJ Smith Year ago +1

    Gohmert burnt Comey!

  • Home_Fry
    Home_Fry Year ago +1

    ugh this corrupt Commie makes me ill.

  • Imustfly
    Imustfly Year ago

    Please lose the sub-titling,...we get it.

  • riff724 riff724
    riff724 riff724 Year ago

    im not sure if any of you remember the topic when bill Clinton became president , he removed something like 80 percent of the actual ground intelligence we had in the middle east and replaced it with technological intelligence . NOT TO SMART ESPECIALLY IF YOU COULDA HAD BOTH .

  • riff724 riff724
    riff724 riff724 Year ago

    these are the reasons comey git fired ,. he was incompetent , he played to much politics . and did not perform his duties , he picked and choose when to do them when it was convienient , ACTUALLY TRUMP WAS RIGHT ABOUT THE FBI AND IT BEING IN SHAMBLES .

  • Wendy Wo
    Wendy Wo Year ago +1

    makes Comey look like a rookie....

  • cathy perrault
    cathy perrault Year ago

    he needs to be hung up next to Hillary, Bill, Obama, Loretta, podesta, Sheryl Mills, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Palosi, Maxine Waters, McCain, Graham, Ryan...etc... it really not that hard to take down all of them at once. we have the resources, we are paying for this shit, we should be paying the prosecution of those nuts and making them pay back the tab.

  • Arthur Fiorillo
    Arthur Fiorillo Year ago +1

    Comey slings the shit to this bunch and it goes down the shit pipe he's Comey a liar covering up for the Obama gang no indictments it's a waste of time.

  • Lou
    Lou Year ago +1

    You and i know comey full of shit.He was paid by the clitons.

  • Lou
    Lou Year ago +1

    Comey needs to be hanged on a stick

  • Paul Bouchard
    Paul Bouchard Year ago +1

    comey disgraced the fbi

  • k Shultz
    k Shultz Year ago +2


  • Mike Sampson
    Mike Sampson Year ago +1


  • jannmutube
    jannmutube Year ago +1

    Why is Comey wrecked? Gohmert said its the DOJ who made the decision to offer immunity. A warrant has to specify exactly what they are looking for. If they don't find that particular thing, they can't use any other incriminating evidence that they find. It seems that Gohmert, who says he sat on the bench, is not being straight about the matter. What a waste of time.

  • Tony DeTuna
    Tony DeTuna Year ago +1

    STOP e-begging for money.
    AVOID all post on this channel.

  • Joe blo
    Joe blo Year ago +1

    we need more congress people to step up and crush this political correctness crap about islem.. it is what it is.. unfortunately , the islemic pushers use the guise of "religion of peace" as a cover to infiltrate.. trolls and shills, fuck off.. young people, research this carefully... spread the word..

  • Lee Kh
    Lee Kh Year ago +1

    comey has voilated so many laws, time for him to go to prison. Any agent let alone fbi chief all must sign non disclosure and yet this fellow wants to sell his story to the press??? He should be placed under hse arrest immediately.

  • John Allen
    John Allen Year ago

    Mrs. Bill Clinton wasn't even "Morandized" An FBI interview that didn't even rise to the level of a "Rights Warning"!!!!! It was a total joke!!! She should be polygraphed!!! The law requires a "Risk Assessment" if there's even the possibility "National Secrets" were in any way compromised. A "Risk Assessment" was never conducted, because the finding could become a"Public Record."

  • Jeff Craft
    Jeff Craft Year ago +1


  • Billy Bathgate
    Billy Bathgate Year ago +1

    this fucking comey guy is thr biggest piece of shit. he's a professional lying scumbag.. i bet he didnt think Trump would be his President and would be fired by him at this time.. cant anyone see the difference in how comey covered up the clintons shit but was desperately trying tp bring down our PRESIDENT

  • Donna Rupert
    Donna Rupert Year ago

    Louie Gohmert totally ROCKS!!โ˜บ๏ธ

  • dennis coates
    dennis coates Year ago +1

    how about we hang this treasonous bitch and let his body rot in public

  • jolllyroger1
    jolllyroger1 Year ago

    According to law every immunity deal that was made is invalid because the witnesses are proven to have lied and not kept their agreement.... Arrests are coming very very soon..... It looks like the swamp will be cleared shortly..... Those things that are not spoken of or reported in the lame stream! Media which is anything that is true lol... Meaning the news media is burying itself in a deep grave..... Those things that are difficult to find online like the howdy doody tapes and other pedo Island tapes.... The tapes from the tarmac.... And one big deal is that trump said the bummer was wiretapping him.... You all should like to know that Obama taped that Trump Comey meeting and thru Trumps power as pots has gained access to those tapes so yes Comey doody there are plenty of tapes... Shouldn't be long before your colleagues come and slap you in irons publicly.... The only question I have is will they give you immunity concerning some of the charges thereby shortening your sentence if you will throw the Clintons and all the other pedifile under the bus..... We all know that you will probably die from a gun shot to the back of the head.... I personally think your only chance to live is to turn full evidence on Clinton's Obama Reid lynch etc.... And then you can get protection.... Of course you are already being followed everywhere and watched 24/7 because your death will be caught on video and that will lead right back to the Clinton mafia crime family

  • Raybabin Raybabin
    Raybabin Raybabin Year ago +1

    unbelievable Comey is scared of the Clinton death squad wow somebody please let him know he can get the help he needs if he tells the truth dose anyone understand how many of our young and up coming kids are watching and seeing wt there own eyes how some people can lie and still get away with it with zero consequences this man is burying himself trying to cover all the lies for the Clintons and lying Loretta lynch call it a matter. Ya as matter a fact all y'alls assess are liars and and if they believed in god I would ask that he forgive them for they no not what they are doing but they know full well that they are deceiver s. of the deep state and what they do and get away with is only for the rich and powerful of the world not the hard working week to week pay check living folks because ordinary people would already be under the jail not in it

  • Margaret louise
    Margaret louise Year ago

    If Trump were accused of what Clinton did, he would be in jail... as she should be. But Comey accused Trump of just implying Comey should let Flynn go.... in an attempt to cooperate with the Deep State to make a case to impeach Trump. So in Hillary's case, outrageous and completely obvious intent is ignored and in Trump's case Comey's interpretation of "maybe Trump intended" to influence him is good enough for Comey to leak privileged information (which Trump says never happened) to assure an independent investigation of Trump would transpire. It's clear to me that COMEY'S INTENT is to continue to be Clinton's fixer and get even with Trump for his very legitimate firing. And if he thinks the public doesn't know that, he's a bigger fool than he looks.
    I believe Comey wrote that memo at home after his firing, because all of his records were confiscated by Sessions the day he was fired and in San Francisco, 7 hours from his office. How did he retrieve the memo if Sessions took all his files and he did not return to the FBI building as he said??

  • george rusch
    george rusch Year ago

    I say Rip COMMIE'S Arms Off and Hit Him with The Wet Ends! Cut Off his head and Throw it in his Face! Knock his head through his Leaking Diapers. Then really get Mean & Nasty! Force him to have a menage a trois with HELLIEary, and LOWretta (should be) Lynched. Then the Biggest of Tortures for him, make him Tell The TRUTH!! You Lying Snake BASTARD!!!

  • John Rambo
    John Rambo Year ago

    search comey HSBC and comey Lockheed and you wont believe how sick and corrupt this child is. How he sleeps at night really makes me question everything. dudes worth 33-50 million..,.he has been a lawyer but got vp job at a BANK and VP at a PLANE MFG COMPANY AND HEAD FBI with ZERO EXPERIENCE IN ANY OF THESE 3 FIELDS

  • Zha Zha Binks
    Zha Zha Binks Year ago +2

    Lock her up, ALREADY!

  • Mark Adams
    Mark Adams Year ago

    Question: Why did Comey discourage Hillary's conviction? Answer: He wanted to live.....

  • MrZcars
    MrZcars Year ago

    What a political tool. And SO full of shit.

  • thelindablair@me.com thelindablair@.me.com

    I'm sick of Comey's double talk, we may never know why he let her off but he did, was it due to a pay off, fear of being murdered, or losing his job ? There was a reason he let her off, why don't they use a lie detector to see if a he is lying, I know they are not 100% foolproof but they are pretty close, close enough.

  • Rebel with a cause

    Clinton didn't intend to break all the laws regarding handling of Top secret info. The Drunk driver didn't intend to run over the kid on a bike so he should not be prosecuted...That's Comey's logic.

  • William Rodgers
    William Rodgers Year ago

    The public will not rest until hillary, obama,Comey, Lunch, mills, Abedin, Susan Rice and many others are prosecuted and jailed. Nothing short of that will satisfy the public.

  • sjhtrueblue
    sjhtrueblue Year ago

    He's like Hoover .....corrupt

  • Gina Chu Cheong
    Gina Chu Cheong Year ago

    Comey is playing all of u for fools, the FBI has been corrupt and lazy, they were pay for play with the Obama govt. anybody can see that they are all tied up together. Loosen the tie and they will all fall apart and and u will catch them all, who is keeping the tie together. Let's find out!

  • Cindy Mobbs
    Cindy Mobbs Year ago

    these are some very intelligent Congressmen speaking to James Comey! when I hear that Congress does not work hard, I know it is said by ppl who don't take the time to watch Congress in action! The best are Republicans and you will note that most dems take up for their party not right & wrongness! It's not about a party to God, it IS about justice i

  • Charles Temple
    Charles Temple Year ago

    This was produced before the election. Gohmert now refuses to hold meetings with his constituents, won't respond to phone calls, and has shut down media contacts. Wonder why? Could it be he doesn't want to answer for Trump's screw-ups?

  • Alan Tally
    Alan Tally Year ago

    The Department of Justice has become the Department of INJUSTICE. America is DOOMED.


    dam the Democrats infested all they touched ,EVIL SCUMBAGS

  • brian walrod
    brian walrod Year ago

    84 gay guys who like Comey gave a thumbs down !

  • TheAxeman64
    TheAxeman64 Year ago

    Go, Go, Gohmert!!! Love this guy.

  • Lance Cochrane
    Lance Cochrane Year ago

    can you say " massive convoluted cover-up, to take the eye of prosecution off the perp, HRC".

  • Marie Bowling
    Marie Bowling Year ago

    Great Job brave honorable truth warrior!Thank you. Drain the criminal DC Swamp.

  • Walt Zabelski
    Walt Zabelski Year ago

    Pay attention.

  • ClubMayview
    ClubMayview Year ago

    The investigation was a crock, and our Senators continue to cover up the corruption that went on with this Russian hacking hoax.

  • DXWXMX44
    DXWXMX44 Year ago

    Dumb dumb - it was a get out of jail free card!

  • Harry Gasser
    Harry Gasser Year ago

    I love it when Gohmert speaks, it sound like Elmer Fud. James Comey should be charged with obstruction of justice. I call smell the Clinton Foundation in the middle of this. 50% of Americans are tired of this shit.

  • trueblue
    trueblue Year ago

    Comey so slippery - so corrupt.

  • Virginia Soto
    Virginia Soto Year ago

    what are waiting for arrest him comey just call it. like it is covering up Hillary come on people get is guilty. they should hire a investigator cause his comey not telling the truth he cannot answer. no but put a investigatior about the Russian Trump is right . that he innocent they puts a investigatior on him but the ones that are criminals u don't. u only use the law when it's your convenient or people u don't like. what happened to justice .can u see he is covering up

  • xVSupremacy
    xVSupremacy Year ago

    Comey will only give evidence if he is televised just for the power hugs ๐Ÿ˜œ

  • Liberty News Philadelphia

    That man is a savage. Comey can't bullshit someone with his balls and experience.

  • Blue Gray
    Blue Gray Year ago

    Agree, also Flynn, if you want a lot of valid information, that take down exobama's administration.

  • Joan De Freitas
    Joan De Freitas Year ago

    comey is fucked....

  • KELLI2L2
    KELLI2L2 Year ago

    Yes Comey, we know what immunity means, but WHY give immunity to star ๐ŸŒŸ witnesses when you could force them (with a warrant) to turn over device, it's not THEIR choice you idiot!

  • Amoral
    Amoral Year ago

    some loves

  • Wilson Ball
    Wilson Ball Year ago


  • The Grappler 6
    The Grappler 6 Year ago

    What fuckin idiots are giving this video a thumbs down? How blind and ignorant must you be to do that?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Year ago

    they will keep throwing things in your path to keep people away from the real issues Obama and Hillary

  • Walt Gibbs
    Walt Gibbs Year ago

    where was the fbi when constitution oh yea there was no such thing. thats just another government agency thats really not needed just another way for the government to take more supposed tax dollars from hard working americans.

  • David DeRolph
    David DeRolph Year ago

    How about a video showing a mutual discourse between the parties? In this video, Representative Gohmert goes into a rant and monopolizes the discussion instead and allowing Comey to respond. I was anticipating hearing a reply to some of Gohmert's comments but he just goes on talking until his time is up. How does that accomplish anything?

  • Von Dutch
    Von Dutch Year ago

    James Comey violated the constitution of the United States everyday he went to work spying on Americans.. That's how he did his job and now he's covering up for the Hildabeast
    Man child committed treason right in front of comie

  • ckaz007
    ckaz007 Year ago

    Watching this video now, after Comey was fired by President Trump, you knew Comey was falling on his sword when he made the infamous press conference, exonerating Hillary of a prosecution for her mishandling of classified information. Comey's pay back would've been to stay on at the FBI if Hillary won the presidency. Thankfully that didn't happen.

  • carolynn markiewicz

    No matter how many different people question Come on all the very obvious errors he made he is full of lies that he pours out.This in itself makes me see people gave this man much to much respect and belief of being the boycott type person as I heard some say.Thid man is a very strong liar, ou don't learn to lie like this overnight.He sold out the integeity of the FBI.He sold his sole to the darkdide.

  • Elizabeth Torres
    Elizabeth Torres Year ago

    Wow!! I wouldn't have made any deals. I would have spoken to my superiors. Asked for a subpoena to get all the documents, electronic devices, emails, and names of all closely working with Ms. Mills. Also, search warrant for her home(s) Some people tend to take work home. Never know what's on her laptop. It's a shame, I respect what the FBI, Interpol, CIA, NYPD and other intelligent agencies do. They put their lives on the line every day to protect us. But this, is...command sense. I guess he didn't want his Clinton's connection or his brother's revealed. We need to go back to the Elliott Ness days, when investigators did EVERYTHING BY THE BOOK. Ten years ago, I had an idea in Globalization of all intelligence agency. One agency working with all nations. One goal in mind. Global security. GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE. We can not afford stupid decisions or mistakes, when it comes to protecting our data and the lives of people. Sorry Comey you had to go.๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Robbie Mesler
    Robbie Mesler Year ago

    This is the kind of theatre required to keep you complacent. These guys could all make a living in Hollywood.