Etna Eruption - 19/7/2019


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  • shu tong
    shu tong 25 days ago

    we were there that night, on the elevation 1950m!

  • Allan Still
    Allan Still 3 months ago

    Raining fire

  • MeargleSchmeargle
    MeargleSchmeargle 5 months ago +2

    I'm in Sicily now, and as we were driving to Syracuse we could see an ash plume coming from the summit. Right on cue, my volcano app tells me explosive activity has kicked up a notch, and a fissure has opened up on the side of the volcano facing our direction.
    I have waited a very long time to get to see Etna do its thing in person, and tomorrow's my chance to really get a good look at it (excursion). The hype is real AF right now.

  • Carol Lina
    Carol Lina 6 months ago

    So after that are they still having tourists over there? I didn't find anything saying thta the funivia is closed. I was there last summer feeling comfortable with the risk. Now I found it so scary :-(

    • CutiePie-}Queen
      CutiePie-}Queen 5 months ago

      When the vulcano erupes,it goes to the ocean,andd lava+water= rock so this is well,I can say it is safty.. a little,but I think if U are on the vulcano,in the time that it erupes,well,goodbye,rip. TodayvI was to this Vulcano,it is super cool! And cold.. ;(

  • oskithetrainandbigcatkid3809

    I did it.
    They call me a madman.

  • Rosario Barbagallo
    Rosario Barbagallo 6 months ago


  • Francesco Paris Roma 79

    So cazzi 😨

  • Fini Momak
    Fini Momak 6 months ago


  • Christian Leroy
    Christian Leroy 6 months ago +3

    L'Etna c'est moi.

  • Anne abe
    Anne abe 6 months ago

    Mère nature s'impatiente....merci .l'ordre mondial des jésuites et la monarchie européenne les sionistes les frères musulmans calqués sur les frères maçons création jésuite.....ça suffit. Patrick aliane hoffman

    • nandofigueira2005
      nandofigueira2005 6 months ago +6

      Je vous recommande d'arrêter de prendre des drogues, elles ont détruit votre cerveau.

    • Naerah
      Naerah 6 months ago +4

      wtf de quoi tu parle l'illuminée? L'Etna entre en éruption 3 à 4 fois par année, les FRANC maçon (au moin écrit le comme il faut) ou tout autre "nouvel ordre mondial" ont rien a voir la dedans.

  • Filip Mendel
    Filip Mendel 6 months ago +1

    End of The World?