Dodger Players Play Never Have I Ever

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • LA Dodger's Tony Gonsolin, Dustin May, and Matt Beaty are here to play Never Have I Ever. Have any of them ever fallen asleep during a game?? How about worn another player's pants? ⚾
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Comments • 338

  • dreaming
    dreaming 6 hours ago


  • Addison M
    Addison M 9 hours ago

    Never have I ever seen a World Series ring ..

  • Petrovich 93!
    Petrovich 93! 9 hours ago

    Could you play next time " Never have I ever won a WS"

  • JDG
    JDG 23 hours ago +2

    Never have i ever lost to the nats

    All I haves go up

  • Lucas R
    Lucas R Day ago +1

    Never have I ever won a World Series

  • Francisco Perez
    Francisco Perez Day ago

    Never will they ever win a ring with kershaw pitching in the playoffs.

  • chad garganta
    chad garganta Day ago

    BuzzFeed: Never have I ever choked in a game

    Kershaw: I have.

  • Patrickhoey13
    Patrickhoey13 Day ago +7

    Never have I ever won a World Series in the 21st century

  • Jack Block
    Jack Block Day ago

    Tell me Tony Gonsolin doesn’t look like Dutch Van Der Linde

  • Trevor Leach
    Trevor Leach Day ago +5

    Never have I ever “won a World Series” lmaoooo

  • sotomoto1984
    sotomoto1984 Day ago

    Love these guys!

  • Liangebo Ball
    Liangebo Ball 2 days ago +13

    Never have I ever won a World Series

  • The Vice Mice
    The Vice Mice 4 days ago

    GINGERGAURD !!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Lehman
    Jennifer Lehman 6 days ago

    Do some brewers players next

  • Legendary C0dez
    Legendary C0dez 10 days ago +3

    Never have they ever won a ring

  • Dick Long
    Dick Long 11 days ago +96

    Never have I ever choked three years in a row

  • lucas
    lucas 11 days ago

    Do nfl

  • Noelle Soto
    Noelle Soto 14 days ago

    My boys in blue!! 💙

  • C
    C 19 days ago

    Do Kikè!!!!

  • Karina Cortes
    Karina Cortes 24 days ago

    go giants

  • Brianna Rosas
    Brianna Rosas 25 days ago

    make this again with Seager, Verdugo, Hernandez, and Bellinger you'll get so manyyyyyyyy views

  • xiisapphirez
    xiisapphirez 25 days ago

    omg cutiesss

  • Xd Darmv YT
    Xd Darmv YT 25 days ago

    Where’s klaten

    JEFFREY ADLER 26 days ago +2

    Never have I ever won a World Series

    • Petrovich 93!
      Petrovich 93! 9 hours ago

      How'd you know they'd blow it again? 😯😯😯

  • Sereyna Lam
    Sereyna Lam 26 days ago

    Lol I knows they would mention atl’s suntrust latk

  • Aloha Alo
    Aloha Alo 26 days ago

    Lmao ask Belli to sign it 🤣😂

  • Juan
    Juan 26 days ago

    Beaty has Bellis Bat ??? No wonder

  • ObsidianHope
    ObsidianHope 27 days ago

    I need kershaw on this lmao

  • josh robertson
    josh robertson 27 days ago

    Who the hell are those dodger players in this video?

  • Janice Ford
    Janice Ford 27 days ago

    Ya need to do thirst tweets with Bellinger 😍😂

  • Gregory Durant
    Gregory Durant 27 days ago +7

    This is glorius, even though im not a dodger fan

  • Chiwee Topete
    Chiwee Topete 27 days ago +5

    No one:

    Not a single person:

    Matt Beaty: In Atlanta…🤣 Love you Dodgers we bleed blue 💙

  • Will Shad
    Will Shad 27 days ago

    These guys remind me of Beevis and Butthead

  • Addie Sweet
    Addie Sweet 27 days ago +1

    i was only here to see if i could see david freese😤✊🏻

  • Landon Moras
    Landon Moras 28 days ago

    Put Cody Justin and klashaw

  • Eddie Ah
    Eddie Ah 28 days ago

    Have they forgotten how a World Series championship feels like ?

    • Israel Uribe
      Israel Uribe 27 days ago

      Eddie Ah they rookies, at least you tried🤷🏽‍♂️

  • eli wawie
    eli wawie 28 days ago +1


  • another dude in the world

    Damn these cut4 videos just make me love baseball more and more

  • BruhMomentom
    BruhMomentom 28 days ago +1

    Won a world series: Never

    DON RIGHT GAMING 28 days ago

    Where r the real dodger players lmao

  • CJ1219
    CJ1219 28 days ago

    Did they really pick September call ups? Lol

  • Marcus Perez
    Marcus Perez 28 days ago

    Let’s go Astros!!

  • ItzWick
    ItzWick 28 days ago

    Okay I may be stoned, but that guy in the middle looks a lot like Clint Frazier...

  • Jadon Whittemore
    Jadon Whittemore 28 days ago

    Do padres with machado tatis and paddack

  • The Fastball
    The Fastball 28 days ago

    Imagine how many views this would have it is like bellinger seager jt kersh or walker

  • Joshua Wazny
    Joshua Wazny 29 days ago

    I'm just being honest, Dodger Dogs aren't that good.

  • Jenna Deagle
    Jenna Deagle 29 days ago

    as a Blue Jay fan, or should i say former. I LOVE THIS ♥️💙

  • josh
    josh 29 days ago +5

    It must be nice knowing you are guranteed a playoff spot a month before the season even ends and your team has time for this...freaking cubs...

  • Laura Kennedy
    Laura Kennedy 29 days ago

    do Red Sox now pls

  • polite spoon
    polite spoon 29 days ago

    well buzzfeed has finally done something right

    • Zarrakon
      Zarrakon 28 days ago

      They do alot of stuff right. Watch unsolved or worth it.

  • FranklyFranks
    FranklyFranks 29 days ago +1

    Tony Smokes will pitch and hit a homer very very soon.

  • Valentin Aguinaga
    Valentin Aguinaga 29 days ago

    You should do Chuckee Cheese workers play never have I ever

  • Armando Bugarin
    Armando Bugarin 29 days ago

    Beli: “hey can I get my bat back?”
    Matt: “I don’t have it”
    Beli: “dude 69 told me after he saw buzzfeed”
    Matt: ....”imma head out”

  • Nathanator
    Nathanator 29 days ago +2

    Where’s Corey seager or Justin turner?

  • queenhiphop1002
    queenhiphop1002 29 days ago

    Do this with the maple leafs

  • Lesley Ann
    Lesley Ann 29 days ago


  • Destini Kristal
    Destini Kristal Month ago +2

    I’m gonna request Yankee players: Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Brett Gardner OR CC Sabathia. Two vets and a “newcomer.” I can imagine the stories

  • Ivette Trejo
    Ivette Trejo Month ago +3

    Only here cuz im a dodger fan 😌😌

  • Ilse Haro
    Ilse Haro Month ago +1


  • BrightenedLeaf
    BrightenedLeaf Month ago +4

    *You showed falling asleep twice.*