Table Talk Camera Hits!

I watched all 284 Table Talks (110+ Hours) that had the Topic Launcher over a 16 day span and recorded all the hits. Hopefully I didn't miss any. If anyone has any ideas for me to make a video let me know! Enjoy!
UPDATE: I did miss one hit.. I hope to have another video cut in a few days.

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Автор Chris Michaels ( назад)
Not to hate, but this video seems to be missing A LOT of them. There was that whole list, and someone mentioned DJ catching it, and Reina said she got one before Suptic's first one...

Автор Chris Michaels ( назад)
This video should be called "throw me a pen!"

Автор Dumb Bitch ( назад)
Where can I get one of these things?

Автор Navid's ( назад)
Number of hits each host made either to the lens itself or to the lens side (rime), up until 16 Feb 2016:

Steve: 7
Trisha: 3
Danny: 2
Bree: 2
TJ: 1
Matt: 1
Reina: 1
Maude: 1
Dj: 1
Phil: 1
Steven: 1

Автор Gillian Lynn ( назад)
I miss Reina ;-;

Автор BernieB ( назад)
You should definitely update this!

Автор Yagami Don ( назад)
Can we have an updated video?! There have been so many good one since the end of this that I would love to see again!

Автор Jackson Catlett ( назад)
Steve's a fuckin baller

Автор Zack Turner ( назад)
does sf kno about this cuz if not they need to

Автор Good shit right there ( назад)
Will is not amused

Автор NatalieSAYS ( назад)

Автор Kristhor ( назад)
Matt "I wanna thank strensmsh, my friends and the audience"
Joe "your parents"
Matt "no fuck them" xD

Автор Å F T Ę R Ñ Ø Ø Ñ P R Ø P H Ę T ( назад)
Lee really hated the topic launcher!

Автор ErikNorth ( назад)
The replay at the end is glorious!

Автор Rob Saunders ( назад)
Neat. Bree was wearing the same shirt both times.

Also, gotta chuckle at Will's "I've never even see you do it before" when he was actually present for Steve's first TWO hits.

Автор DweadPiwate ( назад)
I've only ever counted it if I could see the paper as it hits the lens.... but that's just me

Автор eddebrock ( назад)
I hate that launcher, I preferred it when they threw the papers.

Автор Nick Sandberg ( назад)
Steve has the same reaction every time someone throws the pen :'')

Автор obey guac ( назад)
no gosh darn ding dang way!

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