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  • Published on Dec 8, 2013
  • Very few things can come between a dog and its owner. Dogs have faced down cars, burglars, and even bears in order to protect humans. Yet there is one obstacle that continues to confound them: cats.
    Cats are capable of stopping a dog dead in his tracks no matter how badly he wants past. If a cat happens to sit on the stairs, in a doorway, or in a narrow hallway, everything is lost. Even when a dog's beloved human is on the other side. The pain etched across the dogs face is enough to make you want to explode.
    Based on cats other patterns of bullying dogs and humans, its possible that they are holding dogs hostage for their own sick amusement. That or they are on an important mission to protect the rest of the house from the dog because they have been watching too much "Lord Of The Rings".
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Comments • 179

  • PensiveCzar
    PensiveCzar 10 months ago

    This is humiliating to watch.

  • Mike n Ikes
    Mike n Ikes 11 months ago

    Cats are the real bitches

  • Hamza
    Hamza Year ago

    Basically, cats are assholes.

  • Lee Wood
    Lee Wood Year ago

    I can't understand why anyone would want to waste their time reading any of the LIES OR PROPAGANDA written by the HUFFINGTON POST...are you people really that BRAIN DEAD??!..

  • ImAightDoee
    ImAightDoee Year ago

    Lol funny when the cat actually takes a hit at the dogs when they walk past

  • Evan Bakerian
    Evan Bakerian Year ago +1

    I can’t believe they’re scared of something smaller than them! 😂

  • deran faith
    deran faith Year ago

    Cats are sociopaths and felines are one of the very few species who kill for pleasure. Those dogs aren't cowards, they're just very well-trained not to be aggressive, but it has been proven impossible to prove that you can't train cats properly. Those assholes who think it's "funny" to let your dogs be antagonized, dont. ONE day your dog will snap and it will absolutely destroy that cat.

  • Unknown ?
    Unknown ? Year ago

    -people who love cats and hates dogs and sees the dogs scared to pass-ya show those dogs-when dogs get pay back in a playful way-oh no poor car
    -me-I love both

  • The Stig
    The Stig Year ago

    My dog just wanted to play with my cat, my golden retriever seemed to be talking to my cat and being a bit stupid. The cat was like "You're an idiot".
    Anyway after some time it seemed like my cat had enough and done some rapid Mike Tyson boxing punches and freaked my dog out hahaha then chased him into the garden hahahah

  • dick castle
    dick castle Year ago

    As triumph said, cats are cunts

  • Sandra Buckett
    Sandra Buckett Year ago

    My Maltese chases my cat out of the bedroom. lol

  • somebody you know

    The boxer could have jumped over the cat

  • Joe Redfield
    Joe Redfield Year ago

    It does not always happen... My dog can never be bullied by a cat...

  • Lina Sithlady
    Lina Sithlady 2 years ago

    Guess who's not the packleader... 😸

  • Rational PoC
    Rational PoC 2 years ago

    what would a pitbull do?

  • LoneWolf Patriot
    LoneWolf Patriot 2 years ago

    One of my all time favorite videos on youtube. The way the dogs allow the cats to completely intimidate and dominate them just hilarious

  • MalliTrAxxZz
    MalliTrAxxZz 2 years ago

    There's a toll in the hall now... 10 bucks!

  • jesse h
    jesse h 2 years ago

    Cat are badass creatures 😎

  • Swati Joshi
    Swati Joshi 2 years ago

    I also have a German Shefford her name is ely. She never scared to cat. She hate cats. If she catch a cat she will kill that definitely.

  • Yahu Yahu
    Yahu Yahu 2 years ago +1

    Cats are unpredictable..Even dogs know that

  • justin daniels
    justin daniels 2 years ago

    bitch ass dogs 😂

  • Kiyahni Redd
    Kiyahni Redd 2 years ago


  • Emily S
    Emily S 2 years ago

    Cats rule!

  • Matt Jackson
    Matt Jackson 2 years ago

    It's just a cat oh yeah it's just a cat that slit a dogs throat if it wanted to

  • Paul Sawyer
    Paul Sawyer 3 years ago +1

    all thats happening in this video is that the owners dont know how to properly discipline a cat, you have to teach your cat to respect the other animals in your house. it shouldnt be surprising that the dogs would prefer to not get several puncture wounds to simply go say hi to their owner.

  • lu ross
    lu ross 3 years ago

    the dogs are not afraid of the cat, their afraid of being yelled at.

  • rochelimit's hangout
    rochelimit's hangout 3 years ago +2

    I guess cats emit death stares

  • VinnyI6420
    VinnyI6420 3 years ago +10

    Most of the smacks that the cats give the dogs passing by are just smacks, their claws arent out. Its more of a dominance thing, like "Yeah I let you walk passed, but I am still king"

  • Sari Salmela
    Sari Salmela 3 years ago

    1:15 what a cry baby, sissy dog :D :D :D

  • ShadowStarBlitz
    ShadowStarBlitz 3 years ago

    Thing is cats are very protective animals. They view us basically like their children when it comes to protectiveness.

  • betoen
    betoen 3 years ago +1

    Weird to see that the pussies here are the dogs.

    • Prof.Dr.Abbud
      Prof.Dr.Abbud 3 years ago

      You said that because you did not know my deceased cat: he terrified ANY dog.

    DA MAN WITH A PLAN 3 years ago

    Of course this was reposted by a disgusting islamic foreigner.

  • Bettina Helde
    Bettina Helde 3 years ago

    come on come on. You can come to me, if you want anything. Their sitting a tiger.

  • cheryl styczynski
    cheryl styczynski 3 years ago

    I have a 95 pound Golden and he is afraid of the cats, my question: why blame the dog?? cats know they dominate

  • TJ
    TJ 3 years ago +7

    This is why cats are evil and dogs are nice

    • Ms. Soviet
      Ms. Soviet 2 years ago

      that's why you are a fucking loser who can't dominate anything or anyone but your stupid mutt

  • Ka T
    Ka T 3 years ago +3

    1:35 made me laugh so much! So cute!!! 😍☺️

  • iforgot87872
    iforgot87872 3 years ago +26

    It's funny because the cats have no intention of hurting the other pets, they just like to bat at them and troll them, but it's enough to scare them.

    • George Smith
      George Smith 2 years ago +5

      Some of the cats were explicitly aggressive to those dogs.

  • biggles4441
    biggles4441 3 years ago +6

    these poor dogs are pussy whipped

  • RazzelDazzel
    RazzelDazzel 3 years ago +7

    Its in a cats nature to be an asshole.

    • Ms. Soviet
      Ms. Soviet 2 years ago

      I don't see the point of you being born... yet here you are, polluting the world with your existence.

    • rl 2
      rl 2 3 years ago

      Don't c the point in cats

    • leung
      leung 3 years ago +4

      +RazzelDazzel It's in the cat's nature to be a boss.

    HIGHSCORE AAA 3 years ago

    Wow I didn't know big animals could be so fearful what should be their prey.

    • MrAerohank
      MrAerohank 3 years ago

      It's just a weird animal things. Even elephants get freaked out by mice for some reason.

  • teranuki
    teranuki 3 years ago +6

    Dogs are pussies and that's why I love them:)

  • Ryusei Fox
    Ryusei Fox 4 years ago

    You go girl! dogs and cats are cute AF

  • asskobeler
    asskobeler 4 years ago

    now we know who is the villain.. and garfield comics are made based on facts haha

  • Maia Saptasari
    Maia Saptasari 4 years ago +29

    most of cats are fearless. my friend has 2 big dogs and 1 cat , and I learnt that cat is dominant of them :)

    • Nolan Grizzard
      Nolan Grizzard 2 years ago

      dogs could win in a fight

    • karz12
      karz12 3 years ago +2

      the cat is the king of the jungle

    • Ryusei Fox
      Ryusei Fox 4 years ago +11

      dog: OK OK ok

  • Cbaby
    Cbaby 4 years ago

    both dogs and cats are great and I've had both..but they are completely different creatures and you can't say one is better than the other. All cats, big or small house cats by nature are solitary animals..They are independent and they tend to hunt alone, etc. I think due to this they tend to give off a confident vibe. Where as dogs thrive more in a pack situation just like their ancestor, the wolf, and where a hierarchical system exists between an alpha and omega. With dogs, ideally the human owner should play the alpha role.

  • Cbaby
    Cbaby 4 years ago

    hahaha the power of the cat....hilarious

  • Huldah 2
    Huldah 2 4 years ago

    can someone explain what could potentially be the problem when dogs, such as these, are terrified to pass by cats? Are the cats abusing the dogs? What should an owner of both animals do to fix this problem?

    • Huldah 2
      Huldah 2 4 years ago

      Ahhh I see what you're saying. Thank you

    • sydandtaytum
      sydandtaytum 4 years ago +3

      +Yolanda King it's a dominance thing. dogs are pack animals so they always look for a leader, which is usually just the owner...cats, not being pack animals, can also act as a leader to the dog. that's why the dog is more likely to obey the cat when they cat isn't happy with it. it isn't really a problem, as the cat won't hurt the dog once the dominance has been established.

    • Huldah 2
      Huldah 2 4 years ago

      +Thunder Lord Pikachu OK thank you for your feedback! 😃

    • Thunder Lord Pikachu
      Thunder Lord Pikachu 4 years ago

      @Yolanda King They usually get used to each other over time as long as you don't force their interactions and let them go about it at their own pace. It would be wise to look it up though because all of my cats and dogs have been abnormal and I'm no expert.

    • Huldah 2
      Huldah 2 4 years ago

      +Thunder Lord Pikachu to your knowledge, what should be done to correct such an issue because some of these dogs look so distressed

  • 08071991S
    08071991S 4 years ago

    These dogs are huge pussies man.

    GREATBUMEST 4 years ago

    This just proves that dogs are angels hehe. Not all dogs are bad. I havea dog who is a friend with a cat.

  • Lady Red 1992
    Lady Red 1992 4 years ago

    cats are the best

  • Moshugaani
    Moshugaani 4 years ago +6

    Those cats are a bunch of dicks.

    • Moshugaani
      Moshugaani 4 years ago +2

      Some of those kits are clearly seen reaching and hitting the doggies!
      And I was half-joking. :D
      I'm not saying every cat is a dick. I love cats in general!

    • cariko
      cariko 4 years ago +2

      +Moshugaani yes because they are just sitting/lying there. hate to know what that makes you since you are doing a lot more than sitting.

  • Hanna S.
    Hanna S. 4 years ago

    i love cats, but i also love dogs, so this made me kinda pissed off

  • Legacy403
    Legacy403 4 years ago +11

    every single one of dem dogz knew if they walked passed they'd get clawed lol

  • Shadow A.I. Striker
    Shadow A.I. Striker 4 years ago

    Whenever I see something like this I laugh. XD

    • Shadow A.I. Striker
      Shadow A.I. Striker 4 years ago

      My small dog is scared of my cat even though my cat does nothing. XD

  • The House of Jokes
    The House of Jokes 4 years ago

    Fine effort on building your video. Many thanks for revealing.

  • Luzitanium
    Luzitanium 4 years ago +26

    the dogs are the real pussies, not the cats.

  • Page
    Page 4 years ago +11

    HAHAHAAA! The cats were just waiting to swipe at them. Purely out of sadism it seems

  • VCVerse
    VCVerse 4 years ago

    My favorite is the stubborn corgi!!

  • siobi69
    siobi69 4 years ago

    Cats are assholes.

    METAL1ON 4 years ago

    Brought to you by Minecraft.