Lolo Zouaï - Summers in Vegas (Official Video)

  • From my debut album High Highs to Low Lows
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    Directed and Edited by Lolo Zouaï & Tommy Nowels
    Colored by Stephen Derlugian
    Styled by Lolo Zouaï
    Produced by Keep it on the Lolo LLC
    Shot on location in Las Vegas, NV
    'Summers in Vegas'
    Produced by Stelios
    Written by Lolo Zouaï & Stelios Phili
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Comments • 80

  • Laura J
    Laura J 21 hour ago

    After listening many times to this album I think this song is one of my favorite I love it so much, the lyrics and the production ! When we'll be able to go out again I hope to see her in live !

  • jay
    jay 4 days ago

    this song does sum to me

  • Mr피자
    Mr피자 Month ago

    it's good

  • Olivia kIm
    Olivia kIm Month ago

    언니 사랑해 나 진심이야....

  • Dana I
    Dana I Month ago

    You don't know how much this song means to me 💕

  • xuanzhe1
    xuanzhe1 Month ago

    I’m gonna waiting for it to hit 1m 😬

  • Emanoel Sousa
    Emanoel Sousa Month ago

    Why soo perfect ?

  • Louna Jane
    Louna Jane 2 months ago +2

    I just divovered you. Actually, i'm a french girl and i hope you'll be really, really famous. You're to talented! You've got a new fan♥️

  • Juliann Allann
    Juliann Allann 2 months ago

    You look like the girl version of ben hardy here idunno whyy

  • Emanoel Sousa
    Emanoel Sousa 2 months ago


  • adhiambo olang'o
    adhiambo olang'o 2 months ago +1

    Major fan here🇰🇪

  • FabioSxO
    FabioSxO 4 months ago


  • pie khan
    pie khan 4 months ago

    Your aura is running out of issues ;*

  • Kedili Unicorn
    Kedili Unicorn 4 months ago

    i love that

  • Maria fe Ignacio
    Maria fe Ignacio 4 months ago

    Love you Lolo from Philippines

  • Norrin Radd
    Norrin Radd 4 months ago

    Just visited your recent concert in Berlin/Germany....youre great. Your presence make someone feel good. Wish u all the best. This song is one of my all time favourites.

  • Love Dream
    Love Dream 4 months ago

    The worst is that she's french (like me) and we don't even talk about her in France, it's disgusting knowing that some French singers are famous but they are (in my opinion) "trash" (no offense, don't wanna hate) and it's why I don't like french music

  • 핑쿠
    핑쿠 4 months ago

    어 이거 모자 한국에서산건가

  • Joao Ninguém
    Joao Ninguém 5 months ago

    Everyone from Deezer will know you, JUST WAIT

  • Thomas Lioux
    Thomas Lioux 5 months ago

    T’es super talentueuse meuf, this song touched me, keep it up 👍🏼

  • H Sam
    H Sam 5 months ago

    She Got IT!

  • Johnson RoS
    Johnson RoS 5 months ago +1

    Lolo Zouai Nice Name I really Like This Name Soo Good She Sing nice ❤

  • bngbee chu
    bngbee chu 6 months ago

    omg why is she so popular in korea

  • MG 51
    MG 51 6 months ago


  • lrdly carlne
    lrdly carlne 6 months ago

    You were surprisingly featured in MTV Hits. Congrats!! First achievement and more will come. ILYSB.

  • neema harumukiza
    neema harumukiza 6 months ago

    zouai gang till the end

  • Joe Blue
    Joe Blue 6 months ago

    Def hear the frank ocean influence but I don’t mind! Dope track

  • Joon Choi
    Joon Choi 6 months ago

    this atmosphere 😍

  • C T
    C T 6 months ago

    Hard not to cry

  • B A L L I N '
    B A L L I N ' 6 months ago +1

    keep in mind 360p

  • christal cephas
    christal cephas 6 months ago

    Heard it once.... fell in love❤

  • Dead Cherries
    Dead Cherries 6 months ago

    Joy from Red Velvet got taste

  • H Sam
    H Sam 7 months ago

    Enchanting Vibes

  • Timothy Wilson
    Timothy Wilson 7 months ago

    Super song caffeine

  • Timothy Wilson
    Timothy Wilson 7 months ago

    Your music is excellent

  • Timothy Wilson
    Timothy Wilson 7 months ago

    Not to try to scare you, but it was -40° Fahrenheit in Tupper Lake New York at night In January 1994

  • Josephine Marie
    Josephine Marie 7 months ago

    omg duudddeee >.< this song is soooo good

  • Natalia Medrano
    Natalia Medrano 7 months ago

    I have to meet you! You’re so spectacular!

  • mnk972
    mnk972 7 months ago

    c'est beaaaaau

  • Juls B
    Juls B 7 months ago +2

    came here after seeing exy and seola from wjsn attend her concert, good music

  • Jahani Alexis
    Jahani Alexis 7 months ago

    This song gives me so much throwback because I was actually born and raised in vegas,and even though I'm still under 18 this song throws me back and brings back memories

  • Taekai Lee
    Taekai Lee 7 months ago

    I just love how her voice sounds so great and how good it goes with the music

  • the Ji더지
    the Ji더지 7 months ago


  • Valter José
    Valter José 7 months ago

    B lack de Brasília

  • 장반슨
    장반슨 7 months ago

    배경이 플로리다 프로젝트 거긴거 같은데

  • Sophie
    Sophie 7 months ago

    This video is everyting

  • 둥둥
    둥둥 7 months ago

    I love it❤❤❤❤

  • 死J I S A T S U
    死J I S A T S U 7 months ago

    I day i want to producer for her 🙏🕊

  • Tauã Darwing
    Tauã Darwing 7 months ago


  • fire water
    fire water 7 months ago

    très belle découverte tu chantes très bien , une belle voix envoûtante bonne continuation👍

  • 4 Us TV
    4 Us TV 7 months ago

    Your voice is so melodic and sweet, the low frequency 808s complements the subtleties of your voice, the ambient keys in your music carries your mind deeper into your lyrics it's really cool.

  • Kpop Lover
    Kpop Lover 7 months ago

    I really just love her she is my idol. I look up to her and she is super pretty I which I could see her one day. And what I love about her music is that she talks about her personal life and her lyrics have meanings her music is so beatiful and her voice is so sweet.

  • Quana Kim
    Quana Kim 7 months ago +1

    Joy redvelvet brought me here! demn she likes lolozouai she even went to lolozouai concert OMG Her music taste is great i love this!

  • Alexios
    Alexios 7 months ago

    Why so many Chinese?

  • Hong Lena
    Hong Lena 7 months ago +3

    WHO else is here because of joy

    • JM Kirisaki
      JM Kirisaki 7 months ago

      Im here because of seulgi. She posted her song in her 'my day'

  • CY MOB
    CY MOB 7 months ago

    this is dope!! fr fr

  • Daniela
    Daniela 7 months ago

    Hola 👋🏼 acabo de descubrir esta chica y canta muy bien 👍🏼

  • madameraymonde
    madameraymonde 7 months ago

    Elle est tout simplement géniale
    😊😎👍. Un vrai bonheur cette fille

  • Hojin Choi
    Hojin Choi 7 months ago

    원산면옥이요,,,? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    PATRICK LUNA 7 months ago +8

    I suddenly wish I was in vegas

  • jumandschi
    jumandschi 7 months ago

    please sing in french or make a french version ... i don't mean franglais but completely french pls pls pls

  • Expastelline jd
    Expastelline jd 7 months ago

    What a strong powerful women who doesnt care what other people thinks...A POWER GIRL.

  • Al Iya
    Al Iya 7 months ago

    The fact U are half Algerian makes me feel so happy! Because U made it and I am so proud of you. U will blow up even more in th future because U are indeed A talented singer that sings from her heart💗 ALWAYS and forever Your fan.

  • marvin Haus
    marvin Haus 7 months ago

    Any germans love her songs ?

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    Put it on 360p for the full experience lol

  • oliphly
    oliphly 7 months ago +1

    I'm just sitting here waiting for Lolo to get the fame she deserves

  • pado kkk
    pado kkk 7 months ago

    진짜 1년 안에 엄청 유명해진다...진짜..

  • Sa N ta PV
    Sa N ta PV 7 months ago +1

    من مصر وبحبك فشخ وأغاني جامده وكسم جمالك🙄💙
    Love you and your songs

  • M
    M 7 months ago

    This is so dope

  • Talisson Jiu Jitsu ريال

    Chills and eargasm !🔥🔥🔥 J'etaime

  • hmza shakeel
    hmza shakeel 7 months ago

    this girl gon get famous and we early;)

  • hmza shakeel
    hmza shakeel 7 months ago


  • Popular Loner
    Popular Loner 7 months ago


  • Efisio Cross | Orchestral


  • Cyclone 0
    Cyclone 0 7 months ago

    I came here from trying to get investment advice... Majin to this lol

  • G
    G 7 months ago

    she is gonna go places guys we're early

  • Carpe Imodiem
    Carpe Imodiem 7 months ago

    Hi I'm old. This is fantastic. Thanks.

  • daedae
    daedae 7 months ago

    We're early yasss 😝😝😝

  • oliphly
    oliphly 7 months ago +2

    Pour your wine in a red cup
    I saw you hide it under the register
    The desert strip is no place for a kid
    Oh whoa
    Summers in Vegas were boring
    My lucky days were when you would take me
    To your pizza place in the morning, oh
    Pay me in fresh dough and Mexican Coke
    Or take me home
    You don't say you love me, ooh
    Do you think about me?
    You don't say you love me
    (You don't say you love me)
    Do I make you happy?
    Staring down at the blue dots
    Why do all the houses look the same?
    Cold cigarettes and money slots
    Rolling the dice won't take your spot
    Summers in Vegas were boring
    My lucky days were when you would take me
    To your pizza place in the morning
    Pay me in fresh dough or Mexican Coke
    Or take me home
    You don't say you love me
    Do you think about me?
    You don't say you love me
    (You don't say you love me)
    Do I make you happy?
    You don't say you love me
    (You don't say you love me)
    Do you think about me?
    (Do you think about me?)
    You don't say you love me
    (You don't say you love me)
    Do I make you happy?
    Summers in Vegas
    All those
    Summers in Vegas
    Summers in Vegas

  • 살자
    살자 7 months ago

    Why is danielle cohn having millions of view for her songs filled by autotune and in the other side you have lolo with puuuuuuure talent and she still don’t have the fame that she deserves.
    Sorryyyy if I made some mistake english is not my first language~