Pro CS:GO tricks that you will 👍

  • New tricks, old tricks? Something for everyone.
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    This video is about pro csgo tricks that you will hopefully like. I collected most of these tricks around different pro teams matches on different maps like Mirage, Dust2, Overpass, Inferno etc. Have fun!
    CS:GO pro tricks that will make you 😊:
    wait, what? CS:GO pro tricks?:
    Thanks to Dashel
    Audio credits (RUclip Audio Library):
    Asher Fulero - Liberation
    Aaron Lieberman - My Peeps

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  • NadeKing
    NadeKing  2 months ago +328


    • Pedram Abbasi
      Pedram Abbasi 18 days ago

      Nice work live from iran

    • Pedram Abbasi
      Pedram Abbasi 18 days ago

      Face reveal

    • Glória
      Glória 2 months ago

      You should make a list with that kinda Title "pro CS:GO tricks that will make you (and something more)"

    • Areesha Naeem
      Areesha Naeem 2 months ago +2

      Nais tricks :)

    • 0sKu
      0sKu 2 months ago

      @Nadeking DYCHA's nick you can read like HA, like laught

  • Julia
    Julia 2 days ago

    I love 1tap videos like this

  • Pedram Abbasi
    Pedram Abbasi 18 days ago

    Watched it a lot of times to remember it /: nice work

  • PRM Dusk
    PRM Dusk 23 days ago

    3:10 Cool idea, but tbh, just spend 300$ on a smoke and T’s don’t have intel on how much went B

  • James Watts
    James Watts 25 days ago

    3:05 when you are surprised by what you are seeing. (pro play completely legit btw)

  • Tarik Yasargun
    Tarik Yasargun Month ago

    "Aim like Shawn"

  • Zajcu13
    Zajcu13 Month ago

    9:32 too bad it's the last round of half XD

  • Marek Spevak
    Marek Spevak Month ago

    I always wonder, who is that Shawn?

  • ramin rastkhane
    ramin rastkhane Month ago

    when you guys trying to be funny and i laugh of how boring the comments is

  • Emiliyan Yankov
    Emiliyan Yankov Month ago

    It's not the lack of attention or memory span, it's just the matter of practicality. K.I.S.S. ;)

  • Paul Nosdo Jr.
    Paul Nosdo Jr. Month ago

    Whats up nadeking thank u for the tips and tricks now I am in master guadian I

  • Madmihai Ghej
    Madmihai Ghej Month ago

    I swere u are my sensei without knowing me haaha

  • Miles Wallan
    Miles Wallan Month ago

    talk "speed4k" like speeduck. That's be right =)

  • I Am h4mza397
    I Am h4mza397 Month ago

    This maybe the only guy with the least dislikes.

  • Sun Tzu
    Sun Tzu 2 months ago

    Extinguish *

  • YazoT
    YazoT 2 months ago

    *Trade me: **** 😁👍*

  • [BØ] BlackØut
    [BØ] BlackØut 2 months ago

    I liked!

  • K01E K01E
    K01E K01E 2 months ago

    10:20 it was last round of the half

  • TheNicolasRust
    TheNicolasRust 2 months ago

    How are these tricks, it's just a glorified nade lineup vid

  • Christoffer Dupont
    Christoffer Dupont 2 months ago

    4:00 Or atleast your very first TYYYYMEEE

  • lawful
    lawful 2 months ago

    0:36 extinguish, not "distinguish"

  • Furiosa
    Furiosa 2 months ago

    good one

  • Heroim
    Heroim 2 months ago

    Love ur vids

  • Noah skelkjær
    Noah skelkjær 2 months ago

  • Don B
    Don B 2 months ago

    2:44 man you sound like a drug dealer/kingpin

  • Papa Walter
    Papa Walter 2 months ago

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    I would really appreciate it if someone could use my lootbear ref link:
    thank you very much kind stranger.

  • Matthias Haltenhof
    Matthias Haltenhof 2 months ago

    Even if I never use any of your tricks, I always love your videos for the entertainment factor!

  • Wilkuuu
    Wilkuuu 2 months ago
    That's how u say "Dycha"

  • Levent Acemi
    Levent Acemi 2 months ago

    I bet u win safari mesh

  • humle bruh
    humle bruh 2 months ago

  • Regan Pasachhe
    Regan Pasachhe 2 months ago

    hello brother.i wanted to know about investing in shattered web it really worth it?will it be really profit if we hold upto 3 or 4 years

  • GFeel
    GFeel 2 months ago +1

    Play with sergey or the russian pleasee, its too funny

  • Deasy'
    Deasy' 2 months ago

    Taking a shit rn

  • Rudra Tyagi
    Rudra Tyagi 2 months ago

    Hello sir I'm a CSGO lover and playing on 30fps laptop but still I play well
    and learned every single smoke from you

  • Dran Braga
    Dran Braga 2 months ago


  • Ernest Ho
    Ernest Ho 2 months ago

    I could always imagine myself memorizing all these insane smokes and grab an easy win
    Me ingame:

  • raagod
    raagod 2 months ago +1

    Most of these tricks are useless in soloque because you will get rushed by a russian with a p90 while lining up nades.

  • Aironas Dranginis
    Aironas Dranginis 2 months ago

    Face reavel at 1mil?

  • Lionel NK
    Lionel NK 2 months ago


  • SGT_Rizky
    SGT_Rizky 2 months ago

    First clip,I actually do that accidentally xD

  • y0utubion01
    y0utubion01 2 months ago

    Ill feel free to use these in all my games.

  • //404
    //404 2 months ago

    Ты что русский? 😞😞😞

  • FanBøy
    FanBøy 2 months ago

    hi allu

  • vickeyperfect
    vickeyperfect 2 months ago


  • Joshua Chen
    Joshua Chen 2 months ago

    now have pimp show them

  • Филипп Филиппов

    Vido is very goooooooood. But your accent is very hard to heaaaaaaar. Please do something with iiiiiiiiiiiit.

  • rAiGuLiZzz -
    rAiGuLiZzz - 2 months ago

    Huhh... Someday i will too get knife :( nice stricks mate :)

  • The Lucky Scout
    The Lucky Scout 2 months ago

    NadKing 2020 : EzPzMELONsquizy

    FUTWRECK 2 months ago

    i just try them all its very hard but it still useful

  • Phoenix Badger
    Phoenix Badger 2 months ago

  • VenomElixir
    VenomElixir 2 months ago

    Been watching you for about 2 years now, today i realized i was never subscribed.

  • Máté Jenei
    Máté Jenei 2 months ago

    One question: who is Shaun?

  • Jinxzzy
    Jinxzzy 2 months ago

    aye i’m the dude in the vid 😂😂

  • Balkan Ciganluk
    Balkan Ciganluk 2 months ago

  • Ser Wasp
    Ser Wasp 2 months ago

    it was last round of the half 9:51, plant mony dosent matter XD

  • John Michael Elizares
    John Michael Elizares 2 months ago +1

    I love ur fckin voice can't get enough of it dude.

  • Walter Olsson
    Walter Olsson 2 months ago

    700k subs btw

  • Tarun
    Tarun 2 months ago

    Dude srsly the last smokes for me

  • Poisunousp
    Poisunousp 2 months ago

    This video titles are really up to something

  • Matija Filipovic
    Matija Filipovic 2 months ago

    A lot of these smokes, nades etc can be just thrown to the position. Without any certain lineup😂

  • Johan Rode
    Johan Rode 2 months ago

    Nice video

  • Kasper Winther
    Kasper Winther 2 months ago

    10:20 it was the last round of the first half, so i didnt Think he did it for the money, But still a smart move from him

  • WeeeAb
    WeeeAb 2 months ago

    so why melon

  • Jomari Germino
    Jomari Germino 2 months ago

    Thank for tricks

  • Abhishek Sathe
    Abhishek Sathe 2 months ago

    Nadeking coming in with them puns

  • chubbyninja
    chubbyninja 2 months ago

    i really need that 10 $ to add ppl

  • Ian the Explorer
    Ian the Explorer 2 months ago

    is it me or first time i listen to nadekin what i hear is "aim like shawn" lmao

  • A3I7FBI
    A3I7FBI 2 months ago


  • CraftingGen
    CraftingGen 2 months ago

    The only smoke I will be remembering is the goldfish smoke lmao

  • Abdul Basit
    Abdul Basit 2 months ago

    700k Subs Congrats NK!!!

  • Kheian _YT
    Kheian _YT 2 months ago

    Please Dont Say bad words

  • Sanket Patil
    Sanket Patil 2 months ago

    i liked this give me a skin

  • Ту Плей
    Ту Плей 2 months ago

    *Хочешь хороший буст CS:GO тогда тебе на эту страницу Инстаграмма ник: boost_csgo_1*

  • Marcus Bryan
    Marcus Bryan 2 months ago

    I liked the tree branch part like the pronounciation

  • Mutahir Ahmed
    Mutahir Ahmed 2 months ago

    I always forget those lineups...... these lines ups are just like Multiple Choice Questions which dot nadeking metioned....? this dot,or that dot..... ....? :p

    STEALTH KING 2 months ago

    Love ur videos

  • LateNight
    LateNight 2 months ago

    Stop exxagerating the last word of each sentence and you'll get less downvotes.

  • Abcydy Lucero
    Abcydy Lucero 2 months ago

    128 tick hahaha

  • UraGun Crunkmasta
    UraGun Crunkmasta 2 months ago

    8:43 Speed4k - 4=A, so its not 4k, its SpeedAk )

  • Askhat Bekbayev
    Askhat Bekbayev 2 months ago

    Speedak* not four k