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Jon Hamm opens for Tina Fey, introducing her at the 2016 Women in Entertainment breakfast as a Sherry Lansing Leadership Award Honoree.

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Автор Arnuuld ( назад)
She's getting older but still funny as so fine :)

Автор Ten Kun ( назад)
Trumping is a word now!!!! hahahahahaha fantastic Tina Fey

Автор Michael Roberts ( назад)
Tina Fey lost all my respect. She used to be up there with Amy Poehler but now she reminds me of a witch.

Автор Smartass012 ( назад)
if pro-lifers were really anti woman they be for stem cell research. right know we grow organs and meats in jars soon we will be able to grow entire babies in jars and we can finally free society of our parasites

Автор redblackshirt ( назад)
What was the comedy show she was talking about?

Автор 1960jack ( назад)
Tina still rocks!

Автор frank aden ( назад)
She is such a role model

Автор Borj Bayot ( назад)
who's john hamm? super corny

Автор riskinhos ( назад)
tina fey @6:06

Автор Rex Strother ( назад)
Basement LuPones!

Автор winesap2 ( назад)
She's definitely a lot more than PBS pretty. I've had a crush on this woman ever since I started watching 30 Rock. She's hot! Partly because she's hilarious, but also because she's hot.

Автор Gemma Pettersen ( назад)
The brown hair bit is great because it's a major pet peeve of Tina's

Автор Grant Witham ( назад)
SMART & FUNNY; speak on and up TINA!

Автор Paola Colitto ( назад)
Love tina fey...you are the package...witty, hilarious, smart... and you like women ...and support women...you get it and you'll be around for a long time.

Автор Vainiaku Paea ( назад)
"... Start talking about how black people are funnier than white people." She slay.

Автор lil angel ( назад)

Автор mansoor ahmad ( назад)
A true man is a true friend. Plus it does not hurt if you also have a face like Jon Hamm.

Автор Harry Haller ( назад)
The day will soon be here when Fey will have the tables turned on her. It always happens to "these" type of Hollywood people. The "other" type of Hollywood people will take her off that pedestal that she believes she is entitled to.

Автор Jacqueline Lane ( назад)
was that dig about not fucking John Mayer directed at Taylor Swift!

Автор Jacqueline Lane ( назад)
just the fucking best. love you tina!

Автор Cara Parrish ( назад)
Who is here out of a sheer love for Fey and her work with Autism Speaks?

Автор Raphaela Wimmer ( назад)
you see Tina walking away in the 30 rock pilot😅

Автор Niki Stahlberg ( назад)
Okay, yes. So obviously Tina would play Dorothy, Maya would be Blanche, Amy and Dratch could arguably either play Rose and either play Sophia, but I'm thinking Amy for Rose and Dratch for Sophia, just cause Dratch can be a bit more dry than Amy, and Amy can play sweet really well. Kristen would make guest appearances as one of their daughters, probably Dorothys'. And also I'm thinking it'd be really funny if Will Arnett played Stan, even though Tina obviously wasn't married to him it would be a funny gag for him to play an ex husband. In a perfect world I would want Seth to play Miles, but that's just me being selfish of wanting to see Seth and Amy work together again.. AND I have officially spent way too much time thinking about something that will never happen so bye everyone have a great day.

Автор Leon Ruys ( назад)
Winner white example gang promote integrate.

Автор AF A ( назад)
I am speechless! What an intelligent and unpretentious woman!

Автор Harshita chaudhary ( назад)
I could listen to her all day long

Автор Andrew Thompson ( назад)
I really appreciate her genuine acknowledgements of Megan Kelly's work challenges and the solidarity she is showing.

Автор Ania D ( назад)
6:30 for people wanting to skip the bullshit opening...

Автор memekodd ( назад)
He was so unhinged in that presentarion that maybe his appearance reflected a little too much late night and not enough preparation.

Автор Hugh McAloon ( назад)
Who knew JOn Hamm was so funny? Too bad the room wasn't warmed to him. ... Ms. Fay: ALWAYS a hoot. Thanks for sharing!

Автор Jeanie Fedotov ( назад)
"It's a great time for women in comedy!" Yes, Tina it is.... for women who are actually comedically entertaining. They are the ones who don't have to put their heads down in despair like you have, because unlike you, they're funny.

Автор Hannah Taylor ( назад)
Could not be more in awe of her.

Автор Breeda Kennedy ( назад)
Bravo, Tiny, bravo.

Автор blognewb ( назад)
*GOD. Tina is so current. So accurate. TRIGGERING is the term, correct.*

Автор Elisa Samantha Tobing ( назад)
forever my Rockstar... :)

Автор Bob Trower ( назад)
Like most extremely talented people, this woman sets a very high bar, but she makes it look easy somehow. I am a big fan and am so glad my daughters can see such an example of a woman who succeeded on her own terms without sacrificing any of her feminine charm.

Автор didierrnt ( назад)
love it

Автор Andrew Glines ( назад)

Автор Raíssa Oliveira ( назад)
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is AWESOMEEEEEEEE <3

Автор Tilweseetheshore ( назад)
Anyone notice how the screen goes red at 21:26 ??

Автор Amy Hackmer ( назад)
wow, I just saw the last part of the vid.......so, hey, you guys---Tina Fey wants to help other women get jobs in HER industry!

To all the mind numbed Josie Grossies and male ones, thanks for giving the ultimate Never Been Kissed unfunny ogre of all time a place in Hollywood as a "mogul". #mediocrityintinseltown (not that all Albanians are Josie Grossies....but Tina Fey is a dead ringer for one)

Автор Nadine Schandry ( назад)
*Mic drop

Автор Alen_Egre T ( назад)
Love her!!!

Автор elizabeth rhoades ( назад)
This is wonderful! Congrats to Tina!!!

Автор chas ames ( назад)
If Hollywood wants a Golden Age, it will give her all the money
and tell her to make a show a year.

Автор ExireHG ( назад)

Автор Concelhaut ( назад)
triggering lol

Автор Ali Akbar ( назад)
she's insufferable!

Автор Lee Alexander ( назад)
Ill gladly hold their handbags/toiletry items on set to be part of a Golden Girls reboot. Yes Please!

Автор Iain Brown ( назад)
she's great

Автор Syareza Tobing ( назад)
All Female Hitler Biopic
Yes please

Автор gigglyme2001 ( назад)
I love the mocking of the obnoxious celebrity "go vote!" Videos. 😂

Автор Jeanie Fedotov ( назад)
Guys and gals, I just want to ask you: how is Tina Fey funny to you? No snark, no attitude, I just want your op. thanks

Автор Katie Vasquez ( назад)
Very Liz Lemon haha

Автор Damanjit Singh ( назад)
LMAO @ The game of thrones guy reference

Автор Celeste DeCamps ( назад)
Tina Fey = Powerful Woman

Автор Liz ( назад)
Oh my gosh Jon Hamm is so cool! I love how well they get along!! They are funny in very different ways, I luv it!

Автор quoc0dile ( назад)
Is Tina the voice of Walgreens? Was that plug? LOL, oh classic Tina.

Автор Alex Diaz ( назад)
And that's how you drop the mic.

Автор Vasek Frank ( назад)
What a boss.

Автор blognewb ( назад)
*Yay Caucasian women. Iconic.* :|

Автор citronm1 ( назад)
When Tina said "Anyway what an amazing year its been for women!" laughed and put her head on the podium! I know how she felt. 13:34

Thank you Tina!

Автор Ben Pel ( назад)

Автор Ben Pel ( назад)

Автор L. Harrison ( назад)
"Butt First!" & head on the podium "amazing year for women".
"When I get written up...(Alt-right site)...I want it 2 B 'cuz they r mad at me for making an all female Hitler-Bio Pic". Comedy ladies getting up at 8a & putting on a dress. hahahaha Great talent, great lady.
Thank U!

Автор Koley W ( назад)
Oh man, you're the best, Tina Fey.

Автор Ann Cavanaugh ( назад)
Coincidentally, I happened to be eating pudding when I put this on. Haven't seen a copy of InStyle in years. Oh, dear! :-(

Автор tyro244 ( назад)
Basement Lupone. LOL

Автор Joanna Jendroska ( назад)
Beautiful, no need for botox...

Автор BamBam KapoW ( назад)
❤️ Tina Fey. Lol

Автор zen babaloo ( назад)
Caitlyn Jenner was robbed!

Автор Christina Levatino ( назад)
I would watch that golden girls reboot!

Автор SylvanaForrester ( назад)
I love Jon Hamm. I kinda wanted to think he was a douche in real life just because I'm jealous of him being so incredibly handsome, talented, masculine and apparently quite well endowed. But no. In every interview and podcast he's ever appeared on he comes across as nothing less than a 100% genuine class act.

Автор Brooke Villanueva ( назад)
throat opinion shake romance acquire annual surprising

Автор Queen S ( назад)
yes Tina, yes!!!! I love this woman so much!

Автор Aya Levy ( назад)
she said you are Trumpping me :)

Автор VM ( назад)
Tina Fey is a MILF

Автор TQM ( назад)
This dude can't get a damn word out of his mouth properly

Автор unfluster ( назад)
She's like a funny bureaucrat.

Автор Amanda Hatheway ( назад)
YES to Golden Girls with SNL ladies!
Tina, what an exemplary lady.

Автор Jacqueline Dwyer ( назад)
omg he is so gorgeous lol

Автор freewheelingit ( назад)
She's so wonderful.

Автор Taz Farrell ( назад)
I wish tina had her own talkshow. I heard she turned down one of the late shows?

Автор Vamanos Ninja ( назад)
Tina looks so good here! Great figure, makeup, and hair!

Автор TheLovenewyork ( назад)
Tina Fey is a National Treasure.

Автор Mehra Ahsan ( назад)
Oh Jonnnn 😍😍❤❤

Автор Gary Valdez ( назад)

Автор tom hanks ( назад)
narcissist environment & crowd , they think they know what is right or wrong (Classic Celebrity banter )

Автор Natasha Figueroa ( назад)
GOLDEN GIRLS REBOOT!!!!! (i just wet myself)

Автор rukeyser ( назад)

Автор Ed Igor ( назад)
She's very funny.

Автор Jolar70 ( назад)
Jon Hamm is just a great human being! Always.

Автор the3spirit ( назад)
Allegedly John is a huge douche-bag in real life. XOXO ;)

Автор Meghan loves Paget! ( назад)
"What an amazing year it's been for women! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" *face plants*
this is why I love Elizabeth Stamatina Fey.

Автор Dorothy Birtalan ( назад)
"your Trump-ing me..." #LOL

Автор Rita Jean Smith ( назад)
That laugh at 13:40 was awesome. Love Tina AND John Hamm. Although John Slattery is tied with him.

Автор TheSentientmeat ( назад)
I agree Tina, except for the Schumer part.

Автор phoebephoebo .sydney ( назад)
Should've had more women on 30 Rock.

Автор Turk Edwards ( назад)
"Everybod'ys pussy is still very grabbable..." classic and slappish

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