SPEAK FOR YOURSELF Audio Podcast (8.23.19) with Marcellus Wiley, Jason Whitlock | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
  • Topics ► Brian Flores + Stills (00:32) ► Cam Newton (16:35) ► Pat Shurmur's shots (24:52) ► Women in the NFL? (36:02) ► Eric Reid's hit on Watson (41:14)
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    About Speak For Yourself:
    Speak for Yourself is an hour and a half sports debate show starring Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley on FS1. Every day, Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley will debate the day’s hottest topics in sports and offer their unfiltered takes.
    SPEAK FOR YOURSELF Audio Podcast (8.23.19) with Marcellus Wiley, Jason Whitlock | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF
    Speak For Yourself
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Comments • 23

  • Bryant Wesley
    Bryant Wesley Month ago

    Good organizations get behind oppressed communities that are overwhelmingly represented as employees. Especially when that cause is just and they can have a significant impact.
    But if you view your employees as commodity.. animals.. Inmates.. Then your company value statement becomes very visible and you WILL be caught off gaurd.
    This is misstep on Rodger Goodell. This is one of his main job reposabilities "Directing core organization values"
    Press conference detailing a strategy for halftime entertainment in combination with with a unclear undefined vision on community out reach.. While Mr. Goodell affirms what we are past "Kneeling" is a huge misstep. Once again these are his core job responsabilties.
    Can believe you have not critique of his leadership

  • Bryant Wesley
    Bryant Wesley Month ago

    Your absolutely right, he undressed him... TO SHUT HIM UP!! Just Like they SHUT players DOWN for kneeling Marcellus still need some education. ruclip.com/video/KrVF5rbady8/video.html

  • laserglider
    laserglider Month ago +1

    Unless you give girls red jerseys they won’t survive an nfl game they can really only play kicker. Not even kick off because KOS and P means being one of 11 responsible for hitting the returner or else you’re playing 10 on 11 in special teams

  • Makin' Plays Black Media Ent.

    His "percieved" injustices. White denial or ignorance.

  • Really Now
    Really Now Month ago

    Eric Reid just sad why is it so bad that other players or people in general are pushing this cause forward the right way I will never understand this

  • Morpheus Rising
    Morpheus Rising Month ago +1

    Did whitlock really warn people about anger leading to death? The man who constantly jokes about his weight and overeating.

    • STJ
      STJ Month ago

      He's too thick, literally and figuratively, to get the irony. He was probably thinking about all of the seven quarter pounders he was going to ram down his throat after the show.

  • jswartz87
    jswartz87 Month ago

    what happens when the snap gets mishandled on the kick, and the female looks up to ndamukong suh coming full speed to clear her out the way? I can only imagine the backlash...

  • Rodrell Green
    Rodrell Green Month ago

    Gentlemen was defending taking him at 6, not taking him. So yeah you have to speak to your intel to dismiss the idea of "reaching" bc he would be there later based on some random's "Big Board".

  • ch1kmagnet
    ch1kmagnet Month ago +1

    Whitlock is trash. I'm from New Orleans. There is no such thing as suburbs in Lousiana. You might not be from the cities but the smaller towns are just as bad. If your from a predominantly white area it's pretty racist.

  • China Expat
    China Expat Month ago

    Wiley is 190lbs but has 20 cameras on him

  • Fishing VA
    Fishing VA Month ago +4

    Best sports show for sure.

  • Vincenzo Costa
    Vincenzo Costa Month ago +5

    We got SJWs taking late hits if you disagree with their politics...smh lol

  • Milton Spence
    Milton Spence Month ago

    So....you can teach your son, but Kap and them weren't??? Lord the hypocrisy.

  • Erik Williams
    Erik Williams Month ago +1

    As DatDude said: It was a huge miscalculation on their part. They picked a fight with HOV who is certified, qualified and justified. Once that happened, the chains were off and forced us to take a closer look. people felt free to speak their mind and peal it back layer by layer. It’s sad because I respect the message but losing respect for the messenger day by day. This dude doing that dirty play wont help his story. Oh yeah- none of them are with black women, that doesn’t disqualify them but raises questions. I’m not black panther but I’m not pretending to be.

    • Morpheus Rising
      Morpheus Rising Month ago

      Frederick Douglass was biracial and married to a white woman. All that matters is the work you put in. I know a lot of black men who are married to black women not fighting that fight, including Willey and Whitlock who will date a white woman with the quicks. I've seen his resume.

    • Erik Williams
      Erik Williams Month ago

      Absolutely nothing wrong with it, however if your going to act like the purest Black Man and better equipped to speak on black issues than Jay-Z then that does make you say ... hmmmm🤔

    • Milton Spence
      Milton Spence Month ago

      Marcellus dated white women.... so what.

  • Miserable Goat
    Miserable Goat Month ago +2

    Women in the NFL?? imagine that ,those Hit are Serious, try it at you own Risk..

  • Miserable Goat
    Miserable Goat Month ago

    Everyone feels like they lived it,perspectives deferred,but it doesn't change the individual Experience.. To each their own..

  • Glissa Mane
    Glissa Mane Month ago

    Absoulty who need preseason these guys are veterans why play in a game that doesn't matter!