This Rainbow Six Siege Video Can't Be Explained

  • Published on Jul 22, 2019
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    Sometimes when you play Rainbow Six Siege, the moments that come out of the gameplay don't make any sense. This is an entire montage of "IDK WHAT'S GOING ON MAN!" ENJOY.
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  • McNasty
    McNasty 3 months ago +2990

    sorry for the late comment, my mental latency got the best of me

    • UW EX
      UW EX 2 months ago

      you can stop worrying about grenades now

    • akm2547
      akm2547 2 months ago

      Kowalski analysis

    • hot thedog
      hot thedog 2 months ago

      @Zaelot Vaelir ah

    • hot thedog
      hot thedog 2 months ago

      Tux when you are playing with cob,evan,or Yumi i dare you to scream at them across your rooms

  • Freddie Bambury
    Freddie Bambury 5 days ago

    Hi nasty fuck you yumi

  • Craz3 Milkshake
    Craz3 Milkshake 9 days ago


  • Dark_Shadow 627
    Dark_Shadow 627 9 days ago

    Tux's name is Kaden. Cool.👌 its mine too.

  • Nicholas Bender
    Nicholas Bender 10 days ago +1

    I will challenge you with my cheeseburger towel

  • Aiden L
    Aiden L 11 days ago

    is it just me or did it sound like patrick said tuxbird when he got lassoed away😂

  • Inside Video
    Inside Video 14 days ago


  • Gandhi’s Gay cousin
    Gandhi’s Gay cousin 18 days ago

    Gandhi wants you all to subscribe

  • Purps
    Purps 19 days ago

    Where did tux go

  • Anthony Fontana
    Anthony Fontana 23 days ago +1

    So much happened at one time wtf

  • Paper
    Paper 23 days ago

    I almost fuckin' died by choking with a god damn chips - 2:30

  • logan Rakes
    logan Rakes 25 days ago

    the cost goes off of how many std's you want

  • Diladrix
    Diladrix 27 days ago

    Ya my sister has that towel

  • TheMystery63
    TheMystery63 28 days ago

    Around 4:45 I wasn’t expecting the scream and dropped my phone in the tub. Thx tux. My phones waterproof

  • cYo Official
    cYo Official 28 days ago

    It's a rainbow six siege gameplay with people in background talking and laughing

  • Der Knilch
    Der Knilch 29 days ago


  • Jonsey_deafult_boi69 Remieraz

    So no head?

  • 1 maand geleden 785k weergaven

    Looook THIS !!!!! 9 - 1 KILLLSSS (RANKED) MUCH KILLLCAM!!!!!!

  • Onestoneyboi 2252
    Onestoneyboi 2252 29 days ago

    Dude the eyebrows are ducking the size of a fun sized kit cats

  • ChromaticCluck
    ChromaticCluck Month ago

    8:22 I understand that some people like to switch to pistol cuz theyre about to be out of ammo. BUT U HAVE 150 FUCKING BULLETS IN THAT GUN MATE.

  • Kaleb Price
    Kaleb Price Month ago

    She goes by the pound

  • K Kona
    K Kona Month ago

    EdgarAllenHoe, what a name

  • Colin Krysta
    Colin Krysta Month ago

    i have a little brother called kaden

    he's autistic af

  • Brawniestpack7
    Brawniestpack7 Month ago

    Tux we have the same name but mine is spelled Kaiden

  • Max Thompson
    Max Thompson Month ago

    It's funny how the demonitized joke came right before an ad...

  • Anthony Jaimes
    Anthony Jaimes Month ago

    Childhood friend:Can you get the fuck off of blitz!!

  • MrFr0stycave
    MrFr0stycave Month ago

    0:24 why is there some wierd man talking who sounds like you while you sit in the corner with crippling depression.

  • Florent Lee
    Florent Lee Month ago

    I have tuxbird and varsity at my school :)

  • Ghost
    Ghost Month ago

    Wait did you refer your forehead because it's big?

  • Mobi Thicc
    Mobi Thicc Month ago

    I a sad too bruddah

  • Slimey1211
    Slimey1211 Month ago

    wait his name is kaden

  • RaSkill
    RaSkill Month ago +3

    Kadens actually my name :D he spelled it right too!

    • Not My Username
      Not My Username 12 days ago

      Cause it's his name? Why would he just Witte Kaden without a cause

  • GamingDepresso623
    GamingDepresso623 Month ago

    Dude trim your eye brows

  • Fortnite Sexy
    Fortnite Sexy Month ago

    1 minute in nice unibrow

  • Anxity
    Anxity Month ago +1

    Pretty sure tux has a unibrow but got imbarresed so he shaved the middle off

  • november 59
    november 59 Month ago

    Mental latncey is called dispraxya

  • Craz3 Milkshake
    Craz3 Milkshake Month ago

    So tux is kaden...

  • Pandemic Surge
    Pandemic Surge Month ago

    Cringe with the towel 😂😂 😂

  • diego covarrubias
    diego covarrubias Month ago

    Me da risa y no entiendo ni la mitad

  • Wombat Merc
    Wombat Merc Month ago

    @tuxbird you should sell tuxbird towels

  • Hushpuppy’s Channel

    wax your eyebrows

  • IJ20 MAN
    IJ20 MAN Month ago

    I shouldn't be watching this with speakers.

  • Jacob Back
    Jacob Back Month ago

    I would play soups outro song

  • Cyber
    Cyber Month ago +3

    8:05 This is the point where Yumi becomes John *FRICKING* Wick.

  • Zach Federman
    Zach Federman Month ago

    Tux it was 12:30 in the morning and my Uber was 20 minutes away, I was in a very scary part of town, but ur videos got me though it. Thank u

  • Zombie Huntermz
    Zombie Huntermz Month ago

    I started the trend of tux birds big ass forhead🤣🤣🤣

  • Vertigo_ 37
    Vertigo_ 37 Month ago

    Leave it to these fuck sticks to cheer me up on a bad day fucking hell I was having a bad day till I watched this.

  • Magnus Anderson
    Magnus Anderson Month ago

    @Tuxbird He rides the short bus

  • beandab haha
    beandab haha Month ago +2

    Got that avocado towel in the clarence section at Walmart.

  • Katie Suloff
    Katie Suloff Month ago

    I love you and Yumi and cob

  • Joshua Weppelman
    Joshua Weppelman Month ago

    Fo gfr fab

  • xclusive._.kishan
    xclusive._.kishan Month ago +1

    FaRt On My BaLlS

  • HD Clorox Bleach And Oxi Clean

    Upload or I unsub: biggest hostage situation ever

  • X
    X Month ago


  • Sub to pewdiepie
    Sub to pewdiepie Month ago

    Tux got them eye brows

  • dimitris_x719
    dimitris_x719 Month ago


  • GODdamn- BoB
    GODdamn- BoB Month ago

  • Roman
    Roman Month ago

    big forehead bitch LOL

  • Mitch Comer
    Mitch Comer Month ago

    Hey I made a siege game for y'all! It's for Android phone did you'll testbit out for me. Here ya go!

  • Gaith Ammar
    Gaith Ammar Month ago

    Sub to Marley help my boi out plz