Man Killed in Costco Shooting Was a ‘Gentle Giant’: Cousin

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • A family is in mourning after a California man was killed Friday by an off-duty cop in the frozen food section of a Costco. According to the Corona Police Department, the officer was shopping with his family when the man, identified by police as 32-year-old Kenneth French, suddenly assaulted him in an unprovoked attack. The officer, who was not identified, then fatally shot French and wounded the man's parents, Paola and Russell French, who were with him at the store.

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  • Billy Boy
    Billy Boy 5 days ago

    The cop is lying. That’s why it’s been a month and they won’t release the foorage

  • Betsy Arauz
    Betsy Arauz 16 days ago

    Absolutely horrible , freaking horrible

  • Barbara Nichols
    Barbara Nichols 17 days ago +1

    The cop Salvador Sanchez is a killer. I hope Kenneth's family gets justice and the cop goes to jail.

  • 1K-47 SgtRalph
    1K-47 SgtRalph 19 days ago

    For the people mad at the Lapd officer, this ain't the only self-defense gun case by officers.

  • Lil Shekel
    Lil Shekel 21 day ago

    I bet the deceased was unarmed and so were his family. The cop is a coward just lile the rest of the little boys in uniform.

  • Avenida De los canes


  • Vil Vil
    Vil Vil 21 day ago

    so a off duty cop open fire his gun holding a baby in a store full of people..... think about that for a minute. self defense?? i don't think so.

  • Steve Owens
    Steve Owens 22 days ago

    People filming deserve to be shot.

  • Boyd Cord
    Boyd Cord 22 days ago

    we just learned the mother WAS SHOT IN THE BACK, SHE TURNED HER BACK BECAUSE HE WAS SHOOTING..... SHE JUST WOKE UP.....police never reported that did they?

  • DrakeDude Studios
    DrakeDude Studios 22 days ago

    Why the parents tho

  • Kaitlynn Books
    Kaitlynn Books 23 days ago

    Oml!!!! My stepdad works there

  • spareplanet
    spareplanet 23 days ago

    At this point, Sanchez is trying to lay the groundwork to get off because of "reasonable doubt". Sanchez comes up with an alternative story, a false one, but if his lawyer can get some of the jury to even think that it MIGHT be true, he could avoid the murder conviction. Hopefully, the camera footage will remove all doubt about what happened. I don't trust the police to not alter or damage the video, tho.

  • Chris Lovitt
    Chris Lovitt 23 days ago

    Pro choice.

  • meena jones
    meena jones 23 days ago

    See, this is why I'm a Sam's Club shopper, Costco is just ghetto.

  • Harry Barnes
    Harry Barnes 23 days ago

    Mass shooting = white weak trash always

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 24 days ago

    DANG!! This free samples thing needs to be STOPPED!!

  • Young Giannis
    Young Giannis 24 days ago

    Costco doesn’t have surveillance cameras?

  • Boyd Cord
    Boyd Cord 25 days ago

    cop is lying, witnesses saw the whole thing. There was free food in the area, the KID too eager to get the food, so was the cop. who wanted the feee food too. THEY COLLIDED. Cop automaticlaly took the "i'm in fear of my life stance, shoot to kill" , The arguing was the father trying to stop the cop from killing his son... The father was IN THE WAY. so shoot him and the kid, Thern the mother came over and that was a bonus shoot to the head. She is still in a coma, HEAD SHOT.

    the cop was not kocked out. It was not a hard shove. the baby well I can't explain that.... I can't explain where the cop got 3 hands form too, holding baby, drawing gun , all while fighting hand to hand combat... he;s going to have to do a replay in court if I were a Juror.

  • Quentin Vega
    Quentin Vega 26 days ago

    Police overreaction can be the scariest thing nowadays

  • Garrett Burrows
    Garrett Burrows 26 days ago

    dirty pig needs to be arrested

  • mike lee
    mike lee 26 days ago

    Did the shooter cop on paid vacation now? 😂Lol

  • Chat
    Chat 26 days ago

    Cops lying put him away

  • Im Yu
    Im Yu 26 days ago

    Off-duty cop, holding young son, hit from behind, knocked to floor, temporarily Ko'd. Came to w/6'4" enraged young man on him. He shot. Bullets went through attacker & hit parents, who were on top of him, trying to pull him off cop. Attacker now known to be psychotic off his meds. Without gun, cop or his son might've been killed.

    • Manny G
      Manny G 14 days ago

      😂 youre trolling right?

  • Flawless Strategy
    Flawless Strategy 26 days ago

    lol more fake, clown news. Dude shouldn't have assaulted the officer if he didn't want to get shot. Lying news, as usual.

  • Kms Sad
    Kms Sad 26 days ago

    I read a story the cop and his wife where knocked unconscious so he shoot

    • Manny G
      Manny G 13 days ago

      @Kms Sad 😂

    • Kms Sad
      Kms Sad 13 days ago

      Manny G you keep changing your story. I’m right deal with it

    • Manny G
      Manny G 13 days ago

      @Kms Sad Did YOU read the story?
      1. He wasnt knocked unconscious, he was pushed to the floor, not punched
      2. He got up from the floor and said he was a cop and started shooting. 7 times to be exact. Hitting the elderly woman in the back of the head, the father in the chest and murdering the son. If he was arguing minutes AFTER getting up, he knew clearly what was going on..

    • Manny G
      Manny G 14 days ago

      @Kms Sad Did YOU read the story?
      1. He wasnt knocked unconscious, he was pushed to the floor, not punched
      2. He got up from the floor and said he was a cop and started shooting. 7 times to be exact. Hitting the elderly woman in the back of the head, the father in the chest and murdering the son.

    • Kms Sad
      Kms Sad 14 days ago

      Manny G he was scared of the son who knocked him unconscious so he shot without knowing what was happening for the protection of his family. Did you read the story? I’ve read multiple websites with the story. The police officer was self defence

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez 26 days ago

    In my opinion, officer Sanchez of the lapd should be shot dead. It's also sad to find out he was Raza. He couldn't take the fact he got knocked out.

    • Manny G
      Manny G 14 days ago

      I don't even think he was knocked out. We need the tapes. Lets say he was knocked out, wasnt he allegedly holding the baby? He woke up and shot 3 people? 1 elderly woman in the back of the head. He will get off tho

  • Felix Ramos
    Felix Ramos 26 days ago

    Why there is NO videos of what happened inside Costco? It looks like the police department, is covering-up something. Perhaps, the off-duty cop, was the one who started the whole thing. Why did he has to shoot the mentally challenged men, his senior father, and senior mother? They should charge that off-duty policemen with murder, and two attempt murders. Well, that's if the parents of the deceased, don't die too. Believe me, if the off-duty cop, wife, and daughter were the one who got shot, there will be 20 videos, showing all the angles of the incident, and what happened inside the store??? This smells very fishy! Those people need to hired a real good lawyer. I do hope they get one.

  • Ryan RyanRyan
    Ryan RyanRyan 27 days ago

    off duty cop with a murderer

  • •Ꝉꭵ꫰’ ꭿꭎꮪꮠꭈꭵꭤ•

    While I'm all for self defense, I'm not for this kinda of self defense.
    You use the gun when someone comes at you with a weapon. He'll, don't even use if if you don't have to, it's last Resort.

  • TriangleRobot
    TriangleRobot 27 days ago

    Now i'm scared to go to stores now.

  • Khánh Phan Quốc
    Khánh Phan Quốc 27 days ago

    Fucin pigs.

  • Vwat twa fudge ?
    Vwat twa fudge ? 27 days ago

    That cop is base as helllll, throw his ass in jail

  • Angelina Lansaw
    Angelina Lansaw 27 days ago

    Cop shoots up a family I did it in self defense

  • rdmeenk 1
    rdmeenk 1 27 days ago

    Even if he was a salted I don't think it deserves to murder someone I hope that cop rots in hell

    • Boyd Cord
      Boyd Cord 25 days ago

      so if you acceidently run into someone from behind it's assault with intent to kill? no more accidents...
      my sister was run over by a motocylist. doies she have the right to kill?

  • rdmeenk 1
    rdmeenk 1 27 days ago

    Shot and killed an unarmed man, wow!

  • robert perrotta
    robert perrotta 27 days ago

    This should be investigated in the same manner a civilian "self defense " CCW shooting would. Forget the fact that he is a cop. Would a CCW holder who acted similarly be charged with murder? In my opinion, at a minimum he fired entirely way to many shots. 8 shots for an unarmee man? Why shoot his parents? The whole thing already stinks. I can promise had this been a civilian he would already be locked up. Period.

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia 27 days ago

    I was literally right by there when it happened, cops everywhere and helicopters going around the area

  • Crystal Molina
    Crystal Molina 27 days ago

    So even off duty cops can get away with murder? .... damn ....

  • ComModity
    ComModity 27 days ago

    So the big 32 year old was a Retard/Mute🤔🤔

  • Irene Q
    Irene Q 27 days ago

    to understand the nature of "gentle giants" I suggest to read John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men"

  • Sam Cortez
    Sam Cortez 27 days ago

    As long as the cop says he feared for his life than all is good.

  • Ivy Baugh
    Ivy Baugh 27 days ago

    They need to release the surveillance cameras footage or this is going to cause outrage.

  • Alison P
    Alison P 27 days ago

    CA has open carry?

  • Javier Martinez
    Javier Martinez 27 days ago

    I hope that mother trucker pays for what he did!! Self defense my ass!!!
    Better look at those surveillance videos and take appropriate measures!!

  • Tami Pe
    Tami Pe 27 days ago

    Dude he needs to be suspended!!! He could've shot innocent bystanders! He was being reckless. How many times have people bumped into one another in Costco? Geez

  • Anfinity Warframe
    Anfinity Warframe 27 days ago

    Either they were fighting over a fresh fish discount or trying to put everyone at risk

  • theboogerbeater
    theboogerbeater 27 days ago

    Put the baby down you bastard. Why hasn't child services got involved? Or pass it to the wife. Sigh

  • Mud Puddle
    Mud Puddle 27 days ago

    We need video evidence of wtf actually happened.....

  • Laakona
    Laakona 27 days ago

    This "video" doesn't show anything!

  • K’Myah Moore
    K’Myah Moore 27 days ago

    If someone is a cop and shoots somebody innocent all they have to say is that is was self defense and they won’t go to jail or not even get their job taken

  • Besjana Krasniqi
    Besjana Krasniqi 27 days ago

    If he shot him in self defense why did he shoot the parents ????

  • hey its me patrick
    hey its me patrick 27 days ago

    We should get rid of cops tbh

  • Gabi Gutierrez
    Gabi Gutierrez 27 days ago

    I live by there

  • NHK Zombie
    NHK Zombie 27 days ago +1

    So we can shoplift in Whole Foods and get away clean hmmmm......

  • J1M1 H4GU3
    J1M1 H4GU3 28 days ago

    Citizens: dying
    Government:” eh let’s keep guns legal u get meh”

  • Edwin b
    Edwin b 28 days ago

    It would've been better if that off duty officer fired a taser instead of a gun. if that happen to me, I would tase the person who hit me and then I would kick'em hard in the face

  • Darren Gilliam
    Darren Gilliam 28 days ago +2

    Sounds like super cop jumps the gun over misunderstanding brave coward with a gun

  • Lovely Melie
    Lovely Melie 28 days ago +1

    First of all he was holding his child and shooting a gun right next to them? That is child indangement and most likely could blow the childs ear drums and second since he is a cop shouldnt he know self defense using his body or just for safe measures? If he was assulted and had his child with him I understand he was mad but a gun? That is an officer abusing his job and his right to have a gun. He is a cop he out of all people should have known not to open fire and he shot the parents too and could have harmed others. Charges need to be pressed that officer needs to be in jail.

  • James Mabry
    James Mabry 28 days ago +2

    I suspect the cop overreacted to an accidental bump.

  • A good name
    A good name 28 days ago

    If it was in self defense did he have to shoot the whole family

  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort 28 days ago +1

    Disgusting muggle police officer he gave the baby hearing problems he could of been a wizard

  • toiletpaper 73
    toiletpaper 73 28 days ago

    Here we go again

  • Kiki the Dork
    Kiki the Dork 28 days ago

    As a person who lives in California, I am very dissapointed and scared to go at any public place.

    UNCHAINED SHAMAN 28 days ago

    Clearly the cop is a brainwashed gun loving American

    HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN 28 days ago

    🐖 earning the hate

  • Ronald Negro Mejia
    Ronald Negro Mejia 28 days ago

    There’s something wrong with this “cop”.

  • Computergk91 Gaming
    Computergk91 Gaming 28 days ago

    I hope that they charge that officer with murder

  • Charles Darakdjian
    Charles Darakdjian 28 days ago +1

    Self defense is the new excuse for cover up. Los Angeles PD Public Relations, get to work! By the way, if you shoot my mom in self defense, I will also shoot you in self defense. Eye-for-an-eye baby! I like the self defense clause. You can shoot who you want (you just have to be a cop so that it is legal). Great country! Go Trump: support departmental cover ups. Let’s make america kill again #MAKA

  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson 28 days ago

    *No CCTV* ?
    WTF ?!!

  • Spetsgruppa V Kapkan
    Spetsgruppa V Kapkan 28 days ago

    As much as I support cops this cop should be in prison for shooting the parents...unless they were all 3 attacking the cop which is highly unlikely also where is the CCTV footage my local Costco has many cameras around the store