UFC 187 - Jon Jones Vs. Anthony Johnson Promo

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  • SchimmelHut48
    SchimmelHut48 18 дней назад

    Jones beat Cormier, Cormier beat Anthony, Anthony beat Jones.
    the unholy black trinity!

  • roopdog2675
    roopdog2675 Год назад

    Johnson can't make weight because he can't stop taking steroids the guy is so Juiced up it's ridiculous does anyone remember him back when he was on Ultimate Fighter the guy was a twig but cut at that,then watch his rise...All that said ,all you got to do with juice heads is take them into the championship rounds,their body's can't take it,just watch the Cormier vs Johnson fight for Jon Jones Belt they stripped from him case closed

  • bonito feio
    bonito feio Год назад

    hue não ia ter essa luta?

  • Daniel inAction
    Daniel inAction  Год назад

    Hi guys, please watch my new motivational video:


  • Derek Eldridge
    Derek Eldridge Год назад

    Actually LeBron is the freakiest athlete in sports...

    • suh dude
      suh dude Год назад

      no, bandwagoner fan

  • IKEA MONKEY *on lsd*
    IKEA MONKEY *on lsd* Год назад

    Who won

    • Daniel inAction
      Daniel inAction  Год назад


      Jon Jones was stripped of his title and DC came and won the fight against Anthony.


  • Unbroken Unbeaten
    Unbroken Unbeaten Год назад

    Looking at this now in 2016, Jon Jones will shut Anthony Johnson down.

  • Rax Lex
    Rax Lex Год назад +1

    Anthony "Rumble" Johnson will eat spinning elbows from Jon "Bones" Jones all day.

    • Zachary Thomas
      Zachary Thomas 4 месяца назад

      probably not.... Gustafsson was toe to toe with Jon Eye Poke Coke Jones for 5 rounds and Johnson took Gustafsson out in a few strikes

  • Idk
    Idk Год назад +2

    Wait... Is this MMADIGEST lol?

  • Lucas Rodrigues
    Lucas Rodrigues 2 года назад

    Jones é o mito !

  • Frikin Ninja
    Frikin Ninja 2 года назад

    When is the fight?

    • Jo Salgado
      Jo Salgado 8 месяцев назад

      Frikin Ninja L

  • The Ghost
    The Ghost 2 года назад

    Whats the song called when they start talking about jon jones

  • A Lee
    A Lee 2 года назад

    The answer of who will win this fight comes with a question. Who would win, Ali or Tyson? You now have the answer to who will win this fight

    • Daniel inAction
      Daniel inAction  2 года назад

      +Austin Marquez we all know prime Tyson would of win thisI think Rumble in the first 2 rounds will have the best chance.

      just like Vitor in the first two.

  • str8hick
    str8hick 2 года назад

    If Anthony loses I think it will be by submission. That being said I hope he wins.

  • Iyam tarole Ingyu
    Iyam tarole Ingyu 2 года назад +1

    Awesome promo, someone needs to give this man a job!! Keep up the great work

  • Denny Sensation
    Denny Sensation 2 года назад +1

    What a great card! 3 fights that I'm excited for!

  • jerry Martinez
    jerry Martinez 2 года назад

    Looks kinda like a young rampage jackson. Haha rampage 2.0

  • idabels mmafinest
    idabels mmafinest 2 года назад

    Anthony johnson, is on a rampage moving up the ranks at 205. anybody with any sort of coach skill would match up the stats of the style not by wins or loses. anythony has way too much power for Bones. Im not saying its going to be an easy fight either but AJ will be the new champ Almost guranteed lol

  • indigo20000
    indigo20000 2 года назад

    Finally, a techno song with decent lyrics.

    • Daniel inAction
      Daniel inAction  2 года назад

      Haha this genre called Psychedelic trance :)

  • optimospremo
    optimospremo 2 года назад

    AJ just needs to close the gap in his haymaker swings ! if he even gets 1 or 2 its gonna hurt jones but if he continuously misses he will get tired out

      TOMY BENNETT 10 месяцев назад

      +Iyam tarole Ingyu

    • optimospremo
      optimospremo 2 года назад

      i have not seen JJ KO anyone!! JJ will play the fingers in the face bullshit and run away from AJ so it's a matter of just catching up to JJ and not getting tired out 

    • Iyam tarole Ingyu
      Iyam tarole Ingyu 2 года назад

      If you look at Anthony Johnson's last few fights, he's been slowly but surely tightening up his kickboxing. He gets more impressive every time he fights... plus he's on such a tear right now it's hard for me to bet against him, even against Jon Jones (who's p4p in my opinion).

      One thing Jon does tho, he wins fights. No denying that... but if AJ hits Jones clean (which even Cormier had no problem doing with his 'short' reach), it's gonna be a quick fight & we'll have a new champ.

      If Jones wants to play his usual "beat you at your own game" thing he's been doing for the past few years, I don't think he'll win... as a matter of fact, I think he'd get knocked out for the first time in his career. But if he uses his wrestling, clinch-work, & threatens submissions on the ground, I think Jones will take it after gassing AJ out.

      Anthony Johnson would be a great champion, humble as they come but equally as dangerous & always exciting to watch

    • slicvm
      slicvm 2 года назад

      Yup so true. He needs to throw smarter punches.

  • nobody
    nobody 2 года назад

    not impressed with jones

    • nobody
      nobody 2 года назад

      +Morre Bella  his crazy testosterone levels before the DC fight are just as good as a positive test in my eyes. jones is juicing too. anderson is just the better juicehead. nothing jones ever did made me say wow. anderson has a few times.

    • M B
      M B 2 года назад

      +Filmfanatic Nah not after the steroid scandal. Jones is the GOAT

    • Robert Neal
      Robert Neal 2 года назад

      Silva is the GOAT. Jones isn't as lethal. Look at the battle he had with Vitor. Anderson put Vitor out with his big toe in 90 seconds.

    • slicvm
      slicvm 2 года назад

      Not much of a fan of Jones but wtf are you talking about. He's definitely the GOAT. I do wish that Rumble takes the belt.

    • Daniel inAction
      Daniel inAction  2 года назад

      Haha, Rumble was not imperssed by Gus :)

  • bampie1
    bampie1 2 года назад +20

    So it is worse to not make weight but it is ok to abuse illegal drugs mmmmm

    • bampie1
      bampie1 Год назад

      Hey your boyfriend is at it again broke his parole wasn't displaying a valid number plate called a policeman a pig. Way to go if I was the police I would have shot the BSOAB right there and then. Once again he will not make the fight due to illegal activity and you are going to defend him. Be honest you must be sucking his cock. But I will say you must have your children taken off you unless you take it UTA from black SNAFU

    • The Scamerican
      The Scamerican Год назад

      +bampie1 maybe you should go watch wrestling where they fabricate champions based on what looks good to children instead of people actually putting their skills to the test to find out who is the best. Just because some one has had problems outside of the sport doesn't change the fact they can beat the fuck out of every other person in the sport.

    • The Scamerican
      The Scamerican Год назад

      +bampie1 stop with All the goodie too shoes hippie bullshit. Jon Jones is the greatest fighter in MMA history not a fucking role model, In this BUSINESS you get paid to fight, win enough fights and you get what is called a TITTLE shot, win said tittle shot and you gain the TITTLE of the CHAMPION ! End of fucking story. Jon Jones was and will be the champion and if you dont like that then you are watching the wrong sport motherfucker.

    • bampie1
      bampie1 Год назад

      You just spout shit Couture would have wiped the floor with this idiot and he didn't need to eye poke anyone to beat them. A real champion is someone you can tell your kids to aspire to be like them. If my kids turned out like this low life I would kick them out.

    • The Scamerican
      The Scamerican Год назад

      +bampie1 what ever makes you feel better kid, there was no assault on a police officer that is something you have just made up. Jon Jones has achieved the recognition as the greatest fighter to grace the octagon, he was also the youngest champion in ufc history. Dana White did strip Jon Jones of his title and Jon Jones would have folded a prime Randy Couture like a piece of paper. 

  • NikkiNeversleep
    NikkiNeversleep 2 года назад +1

    I love this promo.

  • Manhalf Muslim
    Manhalf Muslim 2 года назад

    When is ufc 187?

    • Daniel inAction
      Daniel inAction  2 года назад

      UFC 187: Jones vs. Johnson is an upcoming mixed martial arts event that will be held on May 23, 2015 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada

      The co-main event is expected to feature a UFC Middleweight Championship bout between current champion Chris Weidman and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and UFC 12 Heavyweight Tournament winner Vitor Belfort.

  • Allan Sharp
    Allan Sharp 2 года назад +10

    Jon Jones will beat AJ
    Weidman will beat Vitor
    Nurmagomedov will beat Cerrone
    Just my opinion

    • Anderson Oliveira
      Anderson Oliveira 2 года назад

      +Allan Sharp Vitor will beat Weidman(popcorn), so easy

    • roland nielsen
      roland nielsen 2 года назад

      Jones - AJ will be very entertaining. Dont bet your money, depends on a good shot landing, Gufstafson and Cormier was both able to land. AJ is even faster, and more powerfull. (Not AJ fan)
      Weidman - Vitor I agree
      Nurmagomedov - Cerrone I started loving watching Cerrone fight, hes a propper man. Keeps going forward no matter what (recent fights). This is a true test for Nurmagomedov, believe me this. Cowboy gonna make this a very tough fight. I would even put him as close to 50% if not more. Depending on the shape

    • GRUpac
      GRUpac 2 года назад

      well you got nurmagomedov right

    • Daniel inAction
      Daniel inAction  2 года назад

      you've got to respect Cerrone for taking this fight, I love this guy.

  • Muyanzi Reid
    Muyanzi Reid 2 года назад +2

    Rumble will get choked out

  • Kolin Mademe
    Kolin Mademe 2 года назад +1

    GJ TY