Conor Mcgregor "I'm gonna stop floyd! The world is gonna eat their words! I am boxing!

Conor Mcgregor "I'm confident as a motherf*cker! I'm gonna stop floyd! The whole world is gonna eat their words!

In this Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor Mcgregor video, Conor Mcgregor goes ape shit and says he will stop Floyd Mayweather and the world will eat their words!"

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Автор g35x s ( назад)
this is something out of a movie.

Автор rloft123 ( назад)
aside from range and power the one big thing he has on his side is the mental edge. Floyd has EVERYTHING to lose in this fight, and if Conor gets boxed up to the decision it won't make him lose any hype at all, because he would have just gotten out boxed by one of the best ever who is 49-0 in a sport he really has nothing to do with.
It's a win win for Conor, and that will make Floyd nervous, because he KNOWS Conor will look for an early finish and start out as dangerous as possible, that'll weigh on anyone's mind, especially with someone who has his potential GOAT status on the line.

That said Floyd should box up Conor, but there are variables people are ignoring that can help put the fight in Conor's favor

Автор necrom21221 ( назад)
People who buy this fight on PPV is stupid. Connor wont last an entire 12 rounds he has no stamina. He is slow as fuk if he fought Manny he would get knocked out.

Автор Cheddah C ( назад)
Mctappy sounds like a crazy obsessed ex.

Автор Worchester 750 ( назад)

Автор Tim Hall ( назад)
can't wait for money Mayweather to shut him up

Автор Dave Grant ( назад)
coked up Connor.

Автор Grim Affiliations ( назад)
Floyd will still be 49-0 after he beats this leprechaun's ass. No real boxinf fan will see this as a legitimate fight. Floyd would have a better challenge against an amatuer

Автор sunny sun ( назад)
too much blah blah blah....just the big pay cheque you're after

Автор Supercat Gaming ( назад)
"the whole world is gonna eat does words" nah I'm kinda full right now

Автор Sam Beso ( назад)
Precision beats Power , Timing beats speed .... that's what you will see there ...

Автор Alan Alan ( назад)
I'm from cork . Connor keep off the coke...............

Автор DrummX ( назад)
Holy shit, I actually really hope Connor wins, what a story that would be. I can already see the movie lmao.

Автор Randy Dodd ( назад)

Автор Don Man ( назад)
Lmao Jessie Vargas was right there smiling like a bitch fan boy. But in that esnews interview, he said he'd "smack" McGregor hahah..Bitch mad

Автор LibertyMike1 ( назад)
Conor runs boxing now. He gave life back to boxing when it was on its death bed. The boxing community must bow before its King!

Автор Thomas Chambers ( назад)
This fool had to fight a second time to be on top.

Автор David B ( назад)

Автор Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen ( назад)
"All you chumps are gonna bow when I whoop him, all of you.
I know you got him, I know you've got him picked, but the man's in trouble. Imma show you how great I am.”

Автор chris stevens ( назад)
I hope may wether knocks colins head off and steals his pot o gold and his lucky charms arrogant prick

Автор HelloThere ( назад)
I am not a fan of conor but honestly after watching him destroy nate in both fights with his boxing ( lost first one only because he gassed out ), then destroyed eddie also I think he will KO flyde.

Автор HelloThere ( назад)

Автор blue eyes ( назад)
when is this fight and what channel is it on?

Автор milana nara ( назад)
Nice videо! Guys plеаse rаtе mу hоt phоto and vidео https://sites.google.com/site/myhotvideosee/

Автор Maurice Gibney ( назад)
Mc Gregor you are going to get the face thumped off you. Your a very arrogant and disgusting man and need to repent. How the Irish hold you up as high and mighty is beyond me, and I am Irish living in Ireland... Thump Thump Thump 🤗

Автор nick sev1 ( назад)
48 secs and their all droolin for more all the boxin press wants that interview

Автор philip sparagna ( назад)
Um, Floyd is 40 years old. What's there to take over in boxing? He'll potentially come out of retirement to fight Connor and that'll be it. Boxing is dead!!

Автор david lee ( назад)
If conor can beat Floyd in a real fight why can't he beat Floyd in a boxing match.

Автор Smokey Joe ( назад)
They should do a 10 round fight ..5 rounds in a boxing ring then 5 rounds in the octagon.....then we will see the real winner

Автор Gered Bowman ( назад)
Conor's gonna surprise everyone. What if conor switches in between a boxing stance and MMA stance. That would really catch floyd off guard and is something he has never prepared for. I'm telling you, Conor's gonna bring something into the boxing ring that no one has ever seen before!

Автор NozPranksTV ( назад)
No subtitles for English speakers?

Автор Ashikur Rahman ( назад)
“Nobody in this boxing game knows what’s coming.

“When I step in there, I’m going to shock the whole … world. Twenty eight years of age, confident as a mother, long, rangy, dangerous with every hand. I’m going to stop Floyd and you’re all going to eat your words.

“The whole world is going to eat their words.”

Автор Ewan S ( назад)
I was going to a MMA party with my friends(BECUASE they do MMA) and while we were there we accidently met Connor mc Gregor.And when he realised there was a party going on he got so mad XD it was so funny.Btw it was in a mma centre so

Автор micky joe heart ( назад)
hes on cocaine here

Автор twinky666666 ( назад)
hes 5,7 ffs why would you want to watch a dwarf fight hahahah.He is boxing yep sure for the midgets hahahahah.

Автор Sofia Ruiz ( назад)
Mcgregor is undefeated in a boxing ring, remember that. 🥊🥊🥊

Автор Peter Bird ( назад)
Ah, I see. So, Conor is actually a better boxer than De La Hoya, Shane Mosely, Miguel Cotto, Arturo Gatti, Manny Pacquiao, Juan Marquez, Canelo Alvarez, Ricky Hatton, Zab Judah, Jose Luis Castillo, and Chico Corrales. So, Conor CHOSE to go into mma to make his 22 million, regardless of the fact he could've made over 500 million (like Mayweather has) in boxing. Ahhh, I get it. Even though both are equally easy for him, he prefers making less money in mma. .....ahhhhh, I get it now.

Автор ONEOFJESUS ( назад)

Автор ONEOFJESUS ( назад)

Автор Yohan Artist ( назад)
I've been trying to think of a sporting analogy for the mcgregor v mayweather fight, I think I have it.  It's like a decathlon athlete taking on the best sprinter in the world in a 100 metre race.. BUT he's allowed trip him up at any point!!

Автор Jump man Jumpman ( назад)
I think Conor has a chance if his cardio is right, no one better at using there length and reach than Conor and he's got the reach advantage along with more power than Floyd. But I'd still put my money on Floyd. Just saying he has a goood chance, I think he's better than amateur boxer he's been boxing a lot of his life before mma

Автор ONEOFJESUS ( назад)

Автор ONEOFJESUS ( назад)

Автор VirusTV ( назад)
I hope Conner gets battered, just for being a cocky prick

Автор UncleJackOnline ( назад)
mashed potato anyone?

Автор TheFishfinderman ( назад)
Ladies and gentlemen! Pay per view winssssss!!!!!!!

Автор lucy batscher ( назад)
I would love to see Floyd step into the octogon and choke the shit outa Mcgregor. But lets be honest Floyd wins in the ring and Mcgregor wins in the octogon

Автор Kashif Habib ( назад)
Floyd getting KO

if he beats Floyd I quit boxing never steepin in gym again never goin in ring never putting my hands in gloves

Автор bubba bojanglez ( назад)
"you'll hear about it" yeah, yeah right, sure, soulja boy vs. chris brown had a better chance of happening than floyd vs connor the sport of fighting in general is just one big fucking soap opera in the end *yawn*..

Автор yusri DaPiggy ( назад)
mayweather dick riders on mayweather side because they gave him too much of their own money already. too bad it'd be 49-1

Автор Evan pete basso ( назад)
brigham utah uses citizens spies to harass law abiding citizens.

Автор Gandalf the Grey ( назад)

Автор shiv raj ( назад)
Conor Throws Spark in their and Then he Leaves to Let Them Burn

Автор Sheikh Tahmid ( назад)
Anyone that saw the first fight that Diaz had against conor... Diaz outboxed him, rocked him, took him to the ground and chocked him out in a matter of seconds. what do you think a 49-0 the greatest boxer alive today gonna do to him a boxing ring?

Автор Adam Coyne ( назад)
i love mcgregor.i think he is a great fighter and has an awesome personality but there is just no way he is going to beat floyd.floyd will pick him apart and win on points.

Автор ONEOFJESUS ( назад)

Автор ONEOFJESUS ( назад)

Автор ONEOFJESUS ( назад)

Автор Jay ( назад)
This is a huge con. Connor won't even touch Mayweather. MMA only made up of general fighters not specific. Connor will gas out. No chance of making a full fight. Succeed where Pac Man, Canelo, Hatton all failed? No chance. Giant payday only.

Автор Ebbah ( назад)
what is the song please?

Автор MrPriorz ( назад)
people are stupid,
I'd chat shit till I get a nibble then get knocked out for a a few thousand dollars let alone the figures they're talking about

Автор ONEOFJESUS ( назад)

Автор ONEOFJESUS ( назад)

Автор Justin Bartley ( назад)
you won't lay a glove on floyd you stupid irish cunt😄

Автор John Edwards ( назад)
Go half and half , 6 rounds boxing then 6 rounds where both are allowed some MMA .. its only fair . Start off boxing and if Conor can sustain the first 6 rounds then he can open up all Hell on Floyd in final 6 ...

Автор Da Komrade! ( назад)
I like mcgregor more than mayweather but in a boxing match mayweather would win no doubt

Автор Fun Channel ( назад)
yeah boy make some show baby

Автор ExzotikPrime ( назад)
Why does everyone have an old Nokia phone?!??

Автор Martin Crosswell ( назад)
Who ever wins the public going to see one hell of a fight i reckon👊💥✨👊

Автор Reece Wilkins ( назад)
I'd love to see him knock out Floyd because I hate Floyd but at the same time I'd love to see Connor beat him, return to the UFC or continue boxing and immediately get knocked out by some randomer, that would be hilarious

Автор Styles Bitchley ( назад)
I could whoop both of 'em at the same tiime...


Автор ONEOFJESUS ( назад)

Автор Manuel Matteo ( назад)
Anything can happen

Автор eric robinson ( назад)
Humility is going to mow him over like a tank.

Автор jkmuraa ( назад)
there should be 2 fights! Boxing and MMA style!

Автор Shubham Sagar ( назад)
as thanos said I'll do it myself

Автор A ConcernedBear ( назад)
i hope he gets battered

Автор ApexPredatoR 69 ( назад)
how much does this pussy Irish weigh 130?

Автор Adan Castillo ( назад)
He couldnt even beat Diaz, lol

Автор Mahhay Beyo ( назад)
all show

Автор Sleep Good TV ( назад)
McGregor is one bad dude and aggressive but I feel like it would be extremely hard to break old tendencies and tune your attack down to fit within boxing rules

Автор Centauri ( назад)
I'll bet my money on McGregor.

Автор Marco Polo ( назад)
YouTube will host anything about everything and anybody....Conor McGregor is not a boxer. This guy doesn't have any boxing experience to fight any boxer for twelve rounds who has been with that clown show UFC-MMA since 2008 who has been in a mere 24 fights losing 3 of those 24 matches where he motioned to the referee that "I quit" where in boxing is the equivalent of throwing in the towel. McGregor has been in a ring for only 36 rounds and completing far less of those rounds, completing only one full 5 minute 5 round match in his 8 year career. Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been a boxer since the age of 8 long before McGregor was even born. UFC is only 23 years old and in America hosting nothing more than a bunch of roided up street fighters that couldn't make it any place else in sports so this foolishness was ballooned from an event long ago in Asia in a ring where Muhammad Ali was in a stand off and Ali with good brain sense didn't indulge in the stupidity match so the opposing Asian guy kicked Ali on the leg sending him to a nearby hospital. Many of you are not old enough and not smart enough to remember such an event because you think this is some new thing but it's not. This is an enhanced version of someone else's sport with disrespect and inputs of a cage around a newly shaped ring called an octagon. You can get the same arse whipping at the backside of a pool hall. White Americans steal everything they put their hands on.....everything....Gracie Jiu-jitsu is the author of this conditioning sport based on a more controlled and gracious mannerism with honor and respect... not this white made freak show.

Автор Adolf Hitler ( назад)

Автор Michael The King Layfield Maggle ( назад)
Connor Mcgreagor is a big time Irish faggot, I hope Mayweather demolishes his leprechaun ass.

Автор saif omer ( назад)
I would like to watch the winner to fight The Greatest Muhammad Ali.RIP Muhammad Ali.

Автор poposisa ( назад)
I cant wait to see this fucking douchebag die just like ronda. STupid cocksucker arrogant fuck. Send him to prison. Deport him too.

Автор S M ( назад)
So people can just start "calling people out" and get a major payday? Why Conor vs all the other boxers who would love to have a shot at Mayweather [boxers who've actually earned the right to fight].

Автор Black Jew ( назад)
i kno u won read dis but gimme a chance ima b a rapper when i get a computer

Автор Wreak Gaming ( назад)
floyd is been training boxing his whole life Mcgrgegor is kick boxer and proablly spends alot more time with submissions and kicking

Автор iam awesome ( назад)
McGregor got this in the bag.

Автор SUCKOUT APPAREL ( назад)
ok.. straight boxing.. conor has no chance. but there lots of IFs to consider.. what if conor, whether out of frustration or not, quick sweeps floyd from the clinch? knee his thighs? drag his arm? NOTE that floyd is - and will be weaker when clinched.. what if conor decides to 'fall' with him on the floor? --> in turn frustrates floyd (granted he's not DQd yet - then YOU lose 70bucks).. he decides to 'trade' .. b.hopkins was good when he was 40 because he would 'stick' and clinch.. floyd cant do that. EITHER WAYS. this is 'bootleg ppv' material. thanks in advance to euro-streamers. =)

Автор holla ifyahearme ( назад)
They should fight in the ring and then in the octagon

Автор Alex Harris ( назад)
connor mcgregor' attitude is part of the reason mma will never become a respectable Olympic sport. Shame. Still love him though.

Автор Nick Bunyun ( назад)
i hate butter

Автор faris o ( назад)
Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth

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