Consumer Reports 2017 Top Car Brands

We crunch the data from our testing, owner surveys and other key information to find the highest, and lowest, scoring auto brands, all to help you make a better decision when it's time to shop for a car.

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Автор Misha W. ( назад)
where is mercedes?

Автор kn7gez ( назад)
Bunch of BS. What a Dork

Автор James Smith ( назад)
Where Mercedes at

Автор Matthew Shields ( назад)
I absolutely love my 2015 Mazda 3, it's great!

Автор Concept creator ( назад)
and volvo is where....

Автор Infiniti ( назад)
the main reason to buy Audi: they have Dynamic turn signal

Автор Titus Mercado ( назад)
Japanese > German > American, reliability-wise.

Автор Matt Smith ( назад)
"Audi did very well in our reliability surveys..."


Автор MrWeshill ( назад)
Honda not even mentioned?

Автор Richard Cory ( назад)
I liked Audi until they decided to get political with their ads.

Автор Lyndon ( назад)
Sorry but Audi sucks, BMW sucks, if you are going to buy german at least buy Benz you are better off. At least from my experience and those I have known that drive Audi and BMW. I personally would drive a Ford before I touched a BMW or Audi and I own a mercedes C class. Very well put together zero issues so far with 80 k on it. Only had thermostat replaced that was it.

Автор Tv anggg ( назад)
mitsubishi the only bad Japanese brand.... I mean they have the evo. But besides that.. what else do they have

Автор Viren vs ( назад)
Bmw 3rd place???? 😂😂😂😂😂
I'm sorry. I can't take you seriously anymore.

Автор DAVID TRIANA ( назад)
FIAT is the new YUGO!

Автор Erik Darmawan ( назад)

Автор Captain Jack ( назад)
How on earth did BMW and Audi finish ahead of Lexus?? If reliability is what drives these scores no way they could finish so high. I suspect some money changed hands somewhere in the compiling of this list. And Mazda ahead of Toyota and Honda.?? Come on guys, at least make it look like you actually tried.

Автор David Arndt ( назад)
Predicted reliability guys ....

Автор David Arndt ( назад)
Audi/VW lmao hmmm didn't vw lie ?

Автор Brandon Greenaway ( назад)
who cares about consumers reports I work on cars they are all junk

Автор Guy Roussel ( назад)
Mitusibishi as unreliable ? Not at all agree. It is more reliable than any German brand . It is on top with Toyota and Honda. BMW ,Audi and Mercedese are the worst brands on the road today. Porche is the most reliable of the German brands. I`d buy a 911 or a 929 GT RS before i`d buy an Audi ,BMW or Mercedes

Автор Davin Peterson ( назад)
That's interesting that Volkswagen is less reliable that Audi. Since VW makes Audi as Audi is VW's luxury brand.

Автор Davin Peterson ( назад)
Back in 2003, when we bought a Toyota Camry, Toyota had more recommended models than any other brand. We still drive that '03 Camry today, which has been reliable.

Автор Jonathan Guan ( назад)
says lexus is very good, shows a lexus nx, ranked by consumer reports to be pretty bad

Автор Uros Stojanov ( назад)
Where the hell is mercedes?

Автор imuger imuger ( назад)
How do you know that Audi, BMW and Porsche are suddenly reliable? The first year they may be ok, but on the long term they just suck! Go for a Toyota, Hyundai/Kia and Mazda instead...

Автор Justin E ( назад)
No mention of Hyundai or Kia, fuck this channel.

Автор Peter Schmidt ( назад)
People REALLY need to stop putting personal anecdotes into consideration. Just because you had a crappy car it doesn't mean the brand hasn't improved.

Автор MrDreamTV ( назад)
but.... where is Honda. or Kia. or ferrari

Автор Edwin Ortiz ( назад)
European cars: Making mechanics out of their owners since the 1900's

Автор George #GeorgeCaragea ( назад)
If I had to listen to Consumer Reports latest reliability talk, " Toyota introduced ESC in 2004, before anyone else". In fact, they did introduced ESC in 2004 which was called differently. However, ESC was introduced in 1995 by Mercedes Benz followed by BMW in the same year. For BMW was called ESP ( Electronic Stability Program). So, Toyota did it...only 9 years later.

Автор BaldCreations ( назад)
And how is Audi + Porsche the top spots and VW fell ?

Автор BaldCreations ( назад)
This is so fake lol how they gonna know all this when 2017 isn't even over yet

Автор philip ly ( назад)
Can't complain with my audis. Both my a4 and a6 has been trouble free. Only problem for me was small trim piece on the door came loose, Audi just replaced it.

Автор Noah Pillay ( назад)
How come these lists always vary between other reports. For example JD power has a different list than this one.

Some similar but I'm not sure who to trust more...

Автор Shivam Sharma ( назад)
Mazda is the underdog brand for sure

Автор senorkaboom ( назад)
FIAT. Fails In All Tests.

Автор ocramidajzj ( назад)
Some of the comments around Honda, Toyota and Mercedes seems to be referencing 10 year old data. Those brands' scores have tumbled over the years. Mazda's rise in the ranks has benefitted from a clean-sheet Skyactiv platform, secession from Ford and a brilliant new corporate identity. So those of you badmouthing Mazda need to update their references and put away old experiences. IMO.

Автор Josh Triplett ( назад)
Realizing that I;m a Subaru fan (owned them for years), it was good to see them make the list, but really aside from Lexus, how did the others make the top? As a mechanic/hobbyist/enthusiast I caution every one of my friends and family not to buy German unless they are ready for the bills that come with them. Great cars out of the box with many refinements, but murderous on your wallet when they need servicing. You can love them, just be prepared to pay.

Автор MrBuzzialdrin ( назад)
yup audi is most reliable. lol. and lowest emissions

Автор Eyacub12 skits ( назад)
Audi and Porsche are sexy!

Автор Walter Black ( назад)
They need to include cost to repair when something does go wrong. Those German cars wouldn't be at the top then.

Автор Louis Porco ( назад)
what is diverse about Toyota's line up....

Автор yonda ila ( назад)
So how about honda its not reliable any more I have no problem so far ???

Автор Mohammed Aziz ( назад)
I think you forgot Mercedes Benz which i think should be in the top 3.

Автор Taylormade2350 ( назад)
I love how you just skip over number 6.

Автор Harl0 283 ( назад)
Are those top 3 brands really reliable enough to be so highly recommended? i know this isnt based entirely on reliability but still

Автор Hot Cosby ( назад)
Ask any mechanic. German cars are about as reliable as a solar powered flashlight.

Автор Mrchevy baja ( назад)
results in a vacuum.

Автор J ( назад)
I like how the only top auto makers are ones that no one can afford. This is a bad list....very bad.

Автор J ( назад)
Audi is reliable? This is crazy! Ask a mechanic

Автор Robert Montgomery ( назад)
Tesla = poor quality control

Автор Robert Montgomery ( назад)
Expensive = top 4

Автор I know you're right, but ( назад)
Porsche is reliable? Lol

Автор Adio V ( назад)
FCA lol. Pretty much bottom of shitter

Автор dadsfave ( назад)
Audi the top brand? According to dashboard-light.com statistics on long-term power-train reliability in 1.2M US trade-ins, Audi ranks 31 out of 37 brands. The A3 is "well below average" and the A4 has "chronic reliability issues". Sure the Q7 and Q5 seem good but they've only been on the market 10 and 7 years. Q7 avg trade-in mileage was only 91K vs industry average of 126K. Audi invented the diesel fraud. More cheats have continued to be found in their products, not just diesels. In 10 CR vehicle categories, Audi topped only one, while Toyota topped 3 and Chevrolet topped 2.

Автор Croo ookie ( назад)
Bought a brand new Land Rover Range Rover HSE, literally broke down in 2 months with less than 2k miles. They're right about that brand for sure.

Автор Isaiah Soto ( назад)
How is volkswagen so low but their subsidiaries are high up?

Автор Ashish Dawar ( назад)
Didn't heard anything about Honda? Considered as best reliable brand

Автор Jess Barnett ( назад)
I love Mazdas! Great cars! Zoom zoom! 🚗💨🚗💨🚗💨

Автор mountainhobo ( назад)
Ze Germans are back.

Автор Marichelo DeFacto ( назад)
Idk why they brought fiat in USA .. too small for USA roads .. keep it for European roads .... don't make any sense at all

Автор wholeNwon ( назад)
"Predicted reliability". I think I'll wait to see the actual reliability of the German cars, esp. Porsche, after a few years. As they age, it's usually Toyota and Lexus that rise to the top of the pool. I strongly suspect that this will continue to be the case.

Автор Young KC ( назад)
Such bs

Автор Mourinho M ( назад)
BMW ranks high in the "not using your blinkers" category

Автор SHANE ( назад)
Folks, NEVER, EVER buy a Fiat...Owned a 1996 Fiat Tempra 16V back in the days for an insane US$39,000. Transmission replaced at only 10K miles, it was THE worst car I have ever owned.

Автор WolfmanZX ( назад)
um...and Kia?

Автор jimmelay71 ( назад)
Prepare for the fanboys to start whining.

Автор Johnlim Male ( назад)
Japan + Germany = good product
American = sucks

Автор News Media-one ( назад)
Toyota should've came before Mazda!

Автор O Arias ( назад)
Mazda for the win, CX-9 2016 is a beautiful fun SUV. 👌👍

Автор Luke Raymond ( назад)
Audi and BMW are not reliable... LOL go ask a mechanic not a website funded by automakers. 😒

Автор Idi B ( назад)
Harsh words for these bottom ranking brands! but they probably deserve it

Автор Likes by Mike ( назад)
Did i miss Hyundai in this list?

Автор Blake Swan ( назад)
BMW is reliable? First hand experience, they are not.

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