The 10th Shinteki Decathlon Puzzle

This puzzle is from the 10th Shinteki Decathlon, put on by the puzzle company Shinteki: https://shinteki.com/

The hunt was run using Cluekeeper, which is how we checked answers: https://www.cluekeeper.com/

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/FLEBpuzzles

I'm a Top-10 finisher in the US Puzzle Championship and just released a logic puzzle game on Steam! The game is called RYB: http://store.steampowered.com/app/547050

Intro song: Tekvision - Mycoplasma
Intro template: /SDJGRedstoneDJ

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Длительность: 4:11
Комментарии: 187

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Автор Meme Lab ( назад)
Film a first solve at a competition so we can see your steps as you figure it out

Автор TECHOZILLA ( назад)
add some videosof puzzles made by you

Автор Hawke and Beenie ( назад)

Автор Dinoco Gaming ( назад)
is this going to make an animation and the dots will make words

Автор Ashanth Pirathiev ( назад)
Put this with creepy music and it will be kinda scary

Автор Troy Summersett ( назад)
I'm familiar with that machine, it's called Flipbookit. It was a really successful kickstarter a couple of years ago. This is by far the most creative application of it I've ever seen!

Автор Haibail101 ( назад)
You should do the cylinder puzzle

Автор Efx 37 ( назад)
I probably would have been stuck trying to assemble the thing lol

Автор bryceowen ( назад)
It's pronounced "twitter-PAY-ted." ;)

Автор Nothing Special ( назад)
I can't believe this took you experts so long! I don't even do puzzles! But maybe it's because I'm an animator that I understood it so quickly?

Автор Carlos Vasquez ( назад)
Niggas name is Flebb😭😭😭

Автор Astroxy ( назад)
This seemed easy but I wouldn't have understood what to do with the the dot gaps messgae

Автор Carter Miller ( назад)
"Hey puzzlers my name is fag" -Fleb 2017

Автор Curtis Tucker ( назад)
i don't give a FUCK about your one of a kind puzzle FLEEB

Автор Mr Memes ( назад)
Hey can you help me finish my 20 piece jigsaw

Автор Severed Head(Phones) ( назад)
in regards to "puzzles" like this one, how is it any different from trying to make flat-pack furniture without the instructions?

Автор Newt32 ( назад)
Is your name really FLEB? Did your parents name you FLEB? I'm sorry but I'm a very pedantic person, and this is the tiny stuff in my life that annoys me. Not trying to be a douche here, it just happens.

Автор TVFILMBUFF ( назад)
I'd love to hear some of your team's false paths you went down during those 17 minutes.
What were the ideas that lead you down the wrong way that chewed up alot of time?

Автор StevieSenpai ( назад)
I'd got three things to say.
Number 1. 17 minutes? Anyone that's watched Bambi would have guessed right away, I did the moment I saw you crank the box.
Number 2. How in the hell did these people get permission to use pictures from the Bambi movie? From what I know, anything related to Disney has a life-time copyright policy and they will fuck you up the ass so hard for lawsuits it's not even funny.
Number 3. I lied about the first thing I said, but I did guess once I saw you crank it, it made me whistle.

Автор Jordan Feingold-Link ( назад)
What a GREAT puzzle! I love that the process of getting from the beginning to the solution had that wonderful moment of realization.

I was wondering if you could recommend some websites to get more involved with the puzzle scene. I would love to try my hand at a competition, or at least meet up with other puzzler oriented folks.

Автор angel gomez ( назад)
Would trying to solve any of "Masquerade" by Kit Williams be to difficult, and to an extension: not a good video? I'd be very curious to see what you think Fleb.

Автор Mike Evans ( назад)
FLEB you are awesome. Is there some puzzle competition near Chicago where i can come see you guys in action?

Автор boaz23mw2 ( назад)
Just want to say that there's no such thing as "very unique". It's either unique or it isn't. Something that is unique is one of a kind and has nothing else like it (thanks gbay).

Автор WhiteNoise ( назад)
Another great video Paul, keep up the amazing work!

Автор Aledahal ( назад)
how do you know that your answer is the final piece of the puzzle? I would have sopped at DOTGAP and be like "yes thats all there is to it"

Автор Dakota Scibilia ( назад)

Автор daranus ( назад)
i see you decided to butcher your really awesome spoiler break animation. that's sad :( #nobutchering

Автор Maximuss ( назад)
It's moments like these I realize how dumb I am

Автор ophello ( назад)
Twitter-PAY-TED. Not twitter-PATTED.

Автор Review'd ( назад)
I did not understand what was happening the first minute, then I was like 😮

Автор Jeff Brown ( назад)
Dan Egnor! :)

Автор Numb Tee ( назад)
Well done I say....wished I was there....

Автор Borne Eko ( назад)
Could you do a video where you go through the process of solving puzzles?

Автор Mudkip909 ( назад)

Автор Jack Rhodes ( назад)
17 MINUTES???? That would take me like 4 hours just to assemble all the slides and probably a half an hour to figure out how to even start, but you did have a whole team with a ton of experience!

Автор zzz zzz ( назад)
Can you record the competitions? thatd be sick

Автор Sloth ( назад)
FLEB you are one of a kind. I never thought I would enjoy puzzle videos this much! Keep it up!

Автор Kellen Haug ( назад)
I think this is one of the coolest puzzles you've shown yet! And 17 minutes is way faster than i expected, it would probably take inexperienced people hours, if not days to figure this one out

Автор CrazyCrakaaaaa ( назад)
You did this in 17 MINUTES?! damn!

Автор Rohan Kishore ( назад)
If you dont open a bar called puzzles, I will be very disappointed!

Автор some dude ( назад)
So you assembled this puzzle and solved it in 17 mins total ? Calling bullshit.

Автор collectivelight ( назад)
Very cool puzzle! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Автор Woodshadow ( назад)
I thought it was going to take 4 hours.

Автор 432 ( назад)
This is one of the easier puzzles from your videos. 17 minutes is understandable. You made it seem easy in the video. I would love to see a video of your team solving something. That would show the journey.

Автор Nap Santiago ( назад)
Unfortunately codekeeper is not available in my country..yet.

Автор Dominik Batók ( назад)
Seventeen minutes. :D Was expecting something in the realm of 5 or 6 hours. Damn.

Автор mac thurmen ( назад)
hello professor.
I hope someday I well get the chance of finding the sulotion of the puzzle masters face.

Автор Ash 2468 ( назад)
Please explain to me what a pussle is

Автор Melbourne Music ( назад)
idk why I watch these but I can't turn away

Автор realeques ( назад)
that puzzle was seriously shit. but your voice is amazing,

Автор Mephistopheles F ( назад)
17 minutes?!! that would have honestly taken me like 30hrs.
Does the government ever ring you up like "yeah we need the best puzzlers to decipher these top secret Russian plans, assemble you best team FLEB"

Автор Dana Ondráčková ( назад)
I love yout videos you always have such an interesting games and puzzles on you :-)

Автор Jonah Bodnovits ( назад)
Hey FLEB. I was wondering how one would acquire the kind of puzzle experience and specialized knowledge about puzzles that it would take to be a contender in one of these competitions. I consider myself pretty dang good at puzzles (compared to most people), but after going through a bunch of puzzle hunt puzzle examples, I realized I still have no idea what I'm doing. Could you maybe recommend some good resources for that kind of thing? I love your videos by the way.

Автор Caffa Jake ( назад)
You should tell more stories of you competing.

Автор cchannahboo ( назад)
couldn't one just skip creating the movie all together and realize that some frames had missing dots?

Автор Caffa Jake ( назад)
Nice puzzling

Автор Da Snow Mane ( назад)
Gosh darn i love this channel

Автор Magnets ON! ( назад)
Do you/will you record these events when you and your team are trying to solve the puzzle?

Автор MattGaming+ ( назад)
did the competition include the time it took you's do find the order the pieces go into?

Автор Charlie Orosco ( назад)
fleb u should do a video every hour i cant wait 4 next one

Автор Kolp44 ( назад)
I turn off ad block just for you FLEB

Автор David's Favorite Videos ( назад)
Yes but can you change your own oil?

Автор Pils H ( назад)
FLEB do you know the game "the witness". It is a game you would probably like allot.

Автор Daniel Scott ( назад)
Hi fleb! Can you please make a video in the puzzle box called, "first box", by the same creator of the lotus puzzle. It is very hard and interesting. I love your videos fleb and keep up the good work!

Автор Kelis-melissa ( назад)
Your video's are fun to watch

Автор Sean Flanagan ( назад)
I'm puzzled 😊 on SteamPower, FLEB is listed as developer and publisher. did your team have an advantage?

Автор Greeni170lb ( назад)
Are there videos of puzzling competitions on youtube? Something in the style of matt stonie's competition videos would be awesome i think, because you could see the processes in the team.

Автор Tech Inspection ( назад)
You should do a video in the rubiks magic with the 3 circles, its an amazing and classic puzzle

Автор Rishikesh Akilanam ( назад)
You're the best puzzle solver in all of youtube

Автор Eat With Justene ( назад)
I think I already said this in one of your other videos....but....all your puzzle videos are so intriguing to watch.

Автор unclvinny ( назад)
17 minutes! That's crazy fast. Looking forward to your next game, amigo.

Автор KapustaCuber ( назад)
Very cool puzzle! Not too difficult, but quite a novel concept

Автор Zach loves Games ( назад)
Hi fleb

Автор Robert Brunello ( назад)
You're blowing my mind!

Автор Mikey Way's Unicorn ( назад)
Really cool

Автор Rami Anadani ( назад)
I'm here before 1k views! You're a clever man Fleb but this puzzle isn't innovative at all.

Автор Ava ( назад)

Автор Brody Connell ( назад)
Hi fleb please reply it would mean the world to me I love your vids thank you keep up he good work

Автор Alister 94 ( назад)
how pointless..

Автор TheNatBat ( назад)
Cool puzzle! Under 17 min to solve, that's really good!!!!

Автор dave c ( назад)
nice puzzle. :)

Автор I am the shark ( назад)
Nor been this early lol

Автор Angel Hinanawi ( назад)
cool stuff

Автор GOLD 1515 ( назад)
That's a pretty neat puzzle!

Nice vid! :)

Автор Donny Passary ( назад)
This one is quite simple compared to the one from The Famine Games, but I'm still amazed that your team solved it really that fast!

Автор Jay Edward ( назад)
you always sounds so scripted dude

Автор EARTH BENDER ( назад)
Congrats with your fastest time! Great vid as always!

Автор Vasco Rossi ( назад)
why you cutted the intro?
nice vid :-)

Автор J. Miguel Pascua ( назад)
what an ingenious puzzle! i'm excited to see more!

Автор paw101 ( назад)
Would NEVER have solved this!

Автор Jason Julies ( назад)
Hey Fleb. About 7 years ago I think I bought a "Tetris Cube" Puzzle. I took it apart and have never been able to put it back together again. I don't want to cheat and youtube a solution. But could you maybe do a video on it? Not necessarily solving it, but how it works and why it works?

Автор Wizly Grizzly ( назад)
5th Comment!

Автор Kilometers PerMinute ( назад)
Puzzles and Solutions... I prefer FLEB more.

Автор Gooberus Goober ( назад)
20th like

Автор Googen Squad ( назад)
Notification squad

Автор NomsterTF ( назад)

Автор Tactical Dergo ( назад)

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