Police vs Supercars in Monaco - Top Marques 2018

  • Published on Jun 19, 2018
  • MY BEST VIDEO !!! Thug drivers in front of police : burnouts, revs ... ! No respect at Top Marques Monaco 2018 !
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  • Eric Dumont
    Eric Dumont 6 hours ago

    How moree money there have how more stupid the are big idiots ,des fiks a papa

  • Sergio de la Blanca

    vaya asco de policia enserio, la gente va a ver coches y encima que van lentos, porque lo único es que suenan más que los otros.

  • Lendinex
    Lendinex Day ago

    Si señor, multar a todos, por subnormales

  • Lenny/251/
    Lenny/251/ 2 days ago +2

    Do these guys really drive down from switzerland to monaco just to flex a little? LOL

    CEREZO IV 3 days ago +1

    Si llego a ir con mi Kadett......

  • Diego Gutierrez
    Diego Gutierrez 3 days ago

    Why the police stops the luxury cars?

  • salvatore casciello
    salvatore casciello 4 days ago +3

    sinceramente non vedo quale sia il problema ,non fanno nulla di male

  • TSZ Channel
    TSZ Channel 4 days ago

    Ford not supercar 😂

  • joly joly
    joly joly 4 days ago


    CAR RESEARCH 5 days ago

    try not to watch 🥶🤩

  • Péter Varga
    Péter Varga 5 days ago

    What day is this ? Day before the f1 ?

    • Péter Varga
      Péter Varga 4 days ago

      SUPERCARS & Co thank you. I was there in april and there were nothing like that 😕 is there any facebook grupe or anything where i can check when do they do this ? Thank you!!!

    • SUPERCARS & Co
      SUPERCARS & Co  4 days ago +1

      That was one month before GP F1 in Monaco.

  • Mr Music
    Mr Music 7 days ago +1

    Although it is a little over the top indeed, tasteless driving by show-off drivers is being punished, so I am satisfied. If you keep things classy, the police won't stop you.

  • Jakub Pierz
    Jakub Pierz 8 days ago +1


  • Shinden
    Shinden 8 days ago

    Really Monaco? What are you gonna do with those clios? horn them to death...?

  • Amanite
    Amanite 9 days ago +2

    Dont know what is the worst, the bum-drivers or the people cheering them up?

  • Roma Naumenko
    Roma Naumenko 10 days ago

    Ох уж эти мусора,не дают житья,простому Монаковцу!

  • Sem te Brake
    Sem te Brake 10 days ago

    What are that guys doing wrong?

  • Carlos escobar
    Carlos escobar 10 days ago +1

    Lol both are scorting each other

  • Lo Raynal
    Lo Raynal 11 days ago

    Stupid ass super car drivers 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gabi Dijma
    Gabi Dijma 13 days ago +1

    and the problem is....police😂😂

  • Жак Морозов
    Жак Морозов 14 days ago


  • Gerd Rading
    Gerd Rading 14 days ago


  • Brett Sinclair
    Brett Sinclair 15 days ago

    Interesting fact 99% of drivers are around 30 years old

  • Alvaro Bernal
    Alvaro Bernal 17 days ago +2

    The Mónaco police hates BMW or what happens, they just stop BMW drivers.

  • Tomas Kolodzej
    Tomas Kolodzej 17 days ago

    Tesla would destroy all those super cars 😂

  • Tomas Kolodzej
    Tomas Kolodzej 17 days ago

    Tesla would destroy all those super cars 😂

  • C Joe
    C Joe 19 days ago

    lifestyle of the rich and stupid

  • MGT Nutty
    MGT Nutty 20 days ago

    So crackles and pops are not allowed from what i see?

  • Eric Moonwalk
    Eric Moonwalk 21 day ago

    Vote Tommy Robinson

  • Rui Freire
    Rui Freire 23 days ago +2

    Bien joué la police tout c'est petit trou du cu qui croit pouvoir faire se qu'il veule avec leur argent je ne suis pas contre les riche mais il doive se comporte avec respect il y a des circuit pour s'amuser ah désolé ils ne savent pas conduire !!!! Mais emmerder les gens qui vivent la à l'année moi aussi je suis fan de voiture très puissante mais jamais je me permettrai de faire une chose pareille !!!!!🤔👋👎👎👎👎👎 Et en plus quand je vois tous ces gens qui prennent des photos et applaudissent il son pitoyable 🤮

  • Marc Ryan
    Marc Ryan 23 days ago +1

    why so many BMW's?

  • stef0n
    stef0n 25 days ago

    "supercars" yikes

  • Iliqn Iliev
    Iliqn Iliev 27 days ago

    Stupid shit they are crawling only bmw 🤬🤬🤬

  • John woodhead
    John woodhead 27 days ago

    Ha ha live and let live not complaining when taking the taxes

  • David Smith
    David Smith 28 days ago

    Supercars and idiots .

  • David Smith
    David Smith 28 days ago +1

    The sad lives these people have watching cars go by all day .
    Sad people .

    • Milooo3Zr1
      Milooo3Zr1 26 days ago

      David Smith ok jealous shit.... they just enjoy The Engineering Art, what Humans are able to build

  • gala
    gala 29 days ago

    januszki sie ciesza

  • Garfield Thecat
    Garfield Thecat Month ago

    co za burak

  • Yannick
    Yannick Month ago

    Worum hets dett sovieli schwizer?

  • Jeff
    Jeff Month ago

    l'autorité ne peut rien contre le fric

  • Ayhan Aytan
    Ayhan Aytan Month ago

    Honda s2k NSX edition new ruclip.com/video/jUNzzAN_U-o/video.html

  • Augustas Petronis
    Augustas Petronis Month ago +1

    That was nice 6:17 hold my beer

  • George FM85
    George FM85 Month ago +1

    So very funny moments

  • nwm nwm
    nwm nwm Month ago +26

    Is there 30 km/h speed limit in Monaco, or police are stopping thep for the sound? Hahahah

  • Milan Knezevic
    Milan Knezevic Month ago

    I don't understand the reason of pulling over ????

    • Milan Knezevic
      Milan Knezevic 23 days ago

      +SUPERCARS & Co Yea, that's true :)

    • SUPERCARS & Co
      SUPERCARS & Co  24 days ago +1

      +Milan Knezevic yes but it's too loud for police in Monaco

    • Milan Knezevic
      Milan Knezevic 24 days ago

      +SUPERCARS & Co Yea bro, but they don't do anything wrong, they work for their cars and have all rights to do anything...

    • SUPERCARS & Co
      SUPERCARS & Co  Month ago


  • titi car
    titi car Month ago

    Yo se lo que se siente....... el otro día me pararon en la ruta 6.....con mi 128....por una rueda pinchada 🙄🙄🙄

  • Damian Igielski
    Damian Igielski Month ago +2

    Everybody have fun- police too :P

  • zhenk4
    zhenk4 Month ago +1

    5:27 k874kp 77 RUS москаль катается по Монако

    • zhenk4
      zhenk4 28 days ago

      +Pupkin Zade за МКАДом начинается Россия

    • Pupkin Zade
      Pupkin Zade 29 days ago

      zhenk4 главное не салоед:(((

  • minnsminns
    minnsminns Month ago

    Wtf, stopping people for revving their engines. This is some stupid shit

  • Kute Oficial
    Kute Oficial Month ago +1

    7:14 jajajaja

  • akane742
    akane742 Month ago +1

    Why are there people standing around watching .

  • Cyclegod
    Cyclegod Month ago

    They should do this in London to Twats like Smeg150 who creates a noise so the little boys look at him

  • Farley Caldeira Mota


  • Quentin Renkin
    Quentin Renkin Month ago +1

    Vraiment des glands... en même temps, tu dois t'ennuyer à Monaco

    • Ayhan Aytan
      Ayhan Aytan Month ago

      Honda s2k NSX edition new ruclip.com/video/jUNzzAN_U-o/video.html

    SKY LINER Month ago

    why they pull them over because of noise man police is the fucking cancer of this world and is international

  • M M
    M M Month ago

    so many small dicks

  • Angel Herrera
    Angel Herrera Month ago

    Policias envidiosos 'sin que hcaer

  • aracterra
    aracterra Month ago +1

    So langsam! 😀😃😃😄

  • Руслан
    Руслан Month ago +3

    Короче, я так понял, нельзя шуметь в том тоннеле, тормозят все спорткары и предупреждают что бы не давили тапок в пол. Посмотрите что показывает коп водителю Авентадора 5:52

  • Rekkles Blade
    Rekkles Blade Month ago

    6:25 baya hoşuma gitti

    LEO BLC Month ago +1

    6:33 what a savage

  • pieter Zupz
    pieter Zupz Month ago

    the title says supercars but....there is only one lambo in the clip?? a bmw or a mercedes will never be a supercar (i drive both of these so yes i know) so change the title of this video please

    • SUPERCARS & Co
      SUPERCARS & Co  Month ago

      Don't forget the 918, Laferrari, GTR, R8, 488, GTS, 675 LT please

  • Aca Miln
    Aca Miln Month ago

    What is it?

  • Harry Kourm
    Harry Kourm Month ago

    fucking cops cmon

  • Mermaid
    Mermaid Month ago

    Y todos los tontos venerando a los ricachones con coches de lujo. Q tontos.

  • himbux terrafux
    himbux terrafux Month ago


  • Che Gy
    Che Gy Month ago

    people have nothing to do.

  • Philipp Hasler
    Philipp Hasler Month ago +1

    Your Intro is shit

  • Max Hoffmann
    Max Hoffmann Month ago

    Or belgium

  • Max Hoffmann
    Max Hoffmann Month ago

    Or france

  • Max Hoffmann
    Max Hoffmann Month ago

    Its on switzerland where i am

    • Carlos escobar
      Carlos escobar 10 days ago +1

      No yo7 are not from Switzerland you from Honduras mix with Haiti :)haha haha

  • Mislav Šprajc
    Mislav Šprajc Month ago

    You can buy a nice e90 335i for under 10k euros, just sayi g

  • TekinTR
    TekinTR Month ago

    where is the location?

  • V.R.E. Motori
    V.R.E. Motori Month ago +1

    Police is only for BMW

  • LmGrapeSkunk
    LmGrapeSkunk Month ago


  • Massimo Gottardo
    Massimo Gottardo Month ago

    Raduno di Tamarri?

  • Николай йалокиН

    5:10 Московский регион 77rus😄


    I hope they all got ticketed ...

  • AlvenCode LLC.
    AlvenCode LLC. Month ago +1

    Where are thugs, ??? Those are some daddy's boys out there !!!

  • Александр Васнецов

    russian cops don't like bmw tooo))))

  • metalgearfan2222
    metalgearfan2222 Month ago

    2:25 there is a huge white gap between HH and R8488. The badges of Hamburg and the german technical inspection are missing. So the car is neither registered nor checked (probably insurance missing as well) and therefore illegally driving. In Germany, every cop would notice immediately and arrest him.

  • Naty
    Naty Month ago

    Dumb jealous stupid police!



  • Ярик Yarik
    Ярик Yarik Month ago +2

    А в чем прикол?!)
    Все красиво
    Даже очень 😍

    • Руслан
      Руслан Month ago +1

      Я тоже не могу понять. Видать, что для нас норма для них нет.

  • Wolfram Höllenhund

    BOMBEN auf die Schweiz! Auslöschen dieses Drecksvolk

  • He Liu
    He Liu Month ago

    this happen everyday in Monaco?

  • Ivo Alves
    Ivo Alves Month ago +12

    Sound, sound sound... Is that a crime??i haven't seen one

  • Giacomo Brizzi
    Giacomo Brizzi Month ago

    POG 😂😂😂❤️

  • Hans W
    Hans W Month ago

    i would just hit a joint , get a Kebab and a Rose wine and stay there tripping with the guys

  • sailentxx
    sailentxx Month ago

    2:38 what is that country

  • Mars Mann
    Mars Mann Month ago

    Alles arme kleine Opfer mit noch kleinerem Pimpermann- das Ende der "zivilisierten" Welt- es könnte so schön sein auf dieser Erde! Danke Euch!👍🏼

  • Laoconte Lao
    Laoconte Lao Month ago +9

    "Playing to those who have the most beautiful toy car will not save the world."

  • Max & Moritz
    Max & Moritz Month ago +2

    M3 is not a supercar.
    Its a sportscar.
    All the balkan boys from switzerland give Bmw a bad name for going to Monaco

  • Viper6430
    Viper6430 Month ago +1

    Fuck that all idiots, they didn't work for that cars, they just get it from parents. Shitty people, DELETE THIS VIDEO !

  • bartmacful
    bartmacful Month ago

    Is exhaust shooting prohibited or what?

  • Gral. 91
    Gral. 91 Month ago


  • Viktor Г
    Viktor Г Month ago

    Flock of sheep

  • Happybanana
    Happybanana Month ago +19

    All those big egos in the same place that day!

  • Frouch Itude
    Frouch Itude Month ago +4

    Monaco c'est devenu le QG des gitans en training.

    • Juan Pancho
      Juan Pancho Month ago

      +Frouch Itude ¡Gracias!

    • Frouch Itude
      Frouch Itude Month ago

      +Juan Pancho general quarter

    • Juan Pancho
      Juan Pancho Month ago

      Hola, ¿qué significa "QG"?
      Hi, what does QG stand for?
      Thank you.