KFC Chickendales Mother’s Day Performance

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
  • Make a custom Mother’s Day video for the mom in your life at CHICKENDALES.COM. Then head on over to KFC and let the Colonel do the cooking with our brand new Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits, available starting 04/29, FREE when you buy a 10-piece bucket meal. Then enjoy the aforementioned chicken and dessert biscuits with your mom on Mother’s Day while watching the custom video you made for her. Ah, the things we do for love.
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  • iYasubo
    iYasubo 19 hours ago

    Don’t lie this is low key sexy as fuck

  • Mexican Stalin
    Mexican Stalin 2 days ago

    I'm reporting this channel

  • Mexican Stalin
    Mexican Stalin 2 days ago

    This channel should be shut down

  • Tatiana Marissa R
    Tatiana Marissa R 2 days ago

    When you look at the comments you realize how many unhumors evil people in the world full of Negatity and drama and do not have any humor and do not care for Funny Ad’s like this and get angry and very offended by a Video like this in the world & throw a fit and scream like children over a Hilarious KFC As

  • Sheik Frank Ice Chibu

    fuck this bullshit

  • yetsing lao
    yetsing lao 3 days ago

    i love you(your) mom!

  • Macaw Lover
    Macaw Lover 3 days ago

    *W H A T T H E A C T U A L F U C K*

  • CowleyKid
    CowleyKid 4 days ago +1

    im hard right now

  • Anu Nnaki
    Anu Nnaki 4 days ago

    The fuck is this shit?

  • Red _rugg
    Red _rugg 4 days ago

    Big milf hunter energy coming from this video

  • Maribor Forest
    Maribor Forest 5 days ago

    "Sexualizing women in ads is wrong and should be stopped"

  • ahimsa parmo dharm
    ahimsa parmo dharm 5 days ago

    I hate KFC

  • Alex Virva Zhu
    Alex Virva Zhu 6 days ago

    I love your mon

  • Samuel Natanael
    Samuel Natanael 7 days ago

    This is just some copies of ricardo milos

  • Lixuan Chang
    Lixuan Chang 7 days ago

    keep away from my mom

  • Hayden Cumiford
    Hayden Cumiford 7 days ago

    Colonel Sanders: MILF Hunter

  • Kenshin Yang
    Kenshin Yang 8 days ago

    whos fucking idea was this!! please tell ME

  • Not So Anonymous
    Not So Anonymous 8 days ago

    My straightness is at its limit

  • Hailey G
    Hailey G 8 days ago +2

    Nobody at all:
    Not a single soul:
    Not even God himself:

    • chi c
      chi c 6 days ago

      Oh howdy mom

  • orange cat
    orange cat 8 days ago +2

    KFC:I love, your mom.You are special Lady.
    me:Stay away from my mother!!

  • Kalinka W
    Kalinka W 8 days ago

    Holy water or bleach for 1 like

  • Nickalbot
    Nickalbot 9 days ago

    Bout to get some kfc dick

  • Joofery Tann
    Joofery Tann 9 days ago

    w h a t.

  • Kenshin Yang
    Kenshin Yang 9 days ago

    Wtf?? And I wonder who's idea was to create this?

  • Isaac Navarro
    Isaac Navarro 10 days ago

    Wtf did I just Watch

  • N1ck Studioz
    N1ck Studioz 10 days ago

    Whaddya have in store for us today?

  • N1ck Studioz
    N1ck Studioz 10 days ago

    Its father's day

  • Yodi 16
    Yodi 16 10 days ago

    O god

  • care kai
    care kai 10 days ago

    Still listen to it in father,s day

  • 墨尔本大司马
    墨尔本大司马 10 days ago

    no father's day? so unfair

  • Just a normal memer
    Just a normal memer 10 days ago

    Whos here just to see if there are any comments about the fathers day video coming out today

  • 梁坚
    梁坚 11 days ago


  • Anh Mai
    Anh Mai 11 days ago

    Why is this make me happy?

  • Overeactive
    Overeactive 12 days ago

    I'm very uncomfortable, but intrigued.

  • ysraelc1
    ysraelc1 13 days ago

    😂 OMG! WTH did I just saw?! 😅

  • WeWindows10
    WeWindows10 13 days ago


  • parker Peter
    parker Peter 16 days ago


  • ウズミキセキンナン

    Why is the kfc guy like super hot is this why I like kfc so much?

  • Hello mate
    Hello mate 18 days ago

    My life goal has been fulfilled in 95%

  • zas o
    zas o 19 days ago


  • Rina Alex
    Rina Alex 20 days ago

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  • Xaerias
    Xaerias 20 days ago


  • Mikkyuu _
    Mikkyuu _ 20 days ago

    i feel so unconformable

  • Angie Maree
    Angie Maree 22 days ago

    okay so is NOBODY gonna talk about the guy in the back left failing at the fresh Fornite dance at 0.31?? I'm out here dying over that shit!

  • Gutriik Do
    Gutriik Do 22 days ago

    Is this that Ram Ranch place I've been hearing about?

  • 上邪
    上邪 22 days ago


  • Nazrin ultimate
    Nazrin ultimate 23 days ago

    Ricardo secret training center

  • Brandon Zha
    Brandon Zha 24 days ago

    Get hell out of from my mom! Freak

  • ShinShonsan
    ShinShonsan 24 days ago

    I want to let KFC know the ad worked, I bought KFC for a friend's birthday (was undecided before seeing this). Tragically, I could not show them this video at their house (no wifi), but I will the next time they visit me. Thanks for appealing to my baser instincts, KFC, I appreciate it :)

  • BeniTora
    BeniTora 26 days ago

    Colonel Sanders: Oh, howdy mom.
    Me (Someone who only has two cats): Why yes.... I... I am a mom. Hello there.

  • 唐通
    唐通 26 days ago


  • zixuan lu
    zixuan lu 26 days ago +1

    Somebody need to get me out of this video, I have been watching for days.

  • wb wam
    wb wam 27 days ago

    this is horrifying

  • 戮默非墨
    戮默非墨 27 days ago


  • 杰洛Z.K齐贝林
    杰洛Z.K齐贝林 28 days ago

    I love,your mom

  • Michael Reif
    Michael Reif 28 days ago


  • FF Ascalon
    FF Ascalon 29 days ago

    stay away from my mom

  • 刀渣版世雄
    刀渣版世雄 29 days ago

    0:26 i love,your mon

  • 沈子尧
    沈子尧 29 days ago

    Keep away from my mom!😂😂

  • the edgiest edgelord that has ever edged

    Thanks for making me wish i was never born, KFC

  • Jiaming Zhang
    Jiaming Zhang Month ago +1


  • TonyThatOrc
    TonyThatOrc Month ago

    Who actually sent this to their mother on mother's day?

  • 吊日台独祖宗十八代骨灰盒

    I love Your mom

  • Lil Puddin
    Lil Puddin Month ago

    Father's Day is gonna get the Chickettes doing a Rockette routine with chicken cutlets for bras. Probably with some lesbian undertones to counterbalance these gay undertones.

  • Lily_Valeda
    Lily_Valeda Month ago

    delete this

  • WINGS 6
    WINGS 6 Month ago +1

    i love your mom

  • Luisin88
    Luisin88 Month ago

    It's hot under this roof.

  • 陆子匡
    陆子匡 Month ago

    i love, your mom

  • Jeremy Lai
    Jeremy Lai Month ago +1

    Oh look it's sucide o'clock

  • jhbbunch
    jhbbunch Month ago

    Got that way from lifting buckets not eating buckets.

  • Copper the wolf
    Copper the wolf Month ago

    I'm so scared someone please send help

  • Hiufung Mok
    Hiufung Mok Month ago

    0:25 I love, you'r mom

  • Asbrate C ops
    Asbrate C ops Month ago

    Get away from my MUM!


  • Schultz Wang
    Schultz Wang Month ago

    Mom: What are you watching son?
    Me: It's, ehh... it's just KFC's Mother's Day commercial, really

  • Catdash34 _
    Catdash34 _ Month ago

    It was time for Thomas to leave, For, He had seen everything

  • RainStormBR
    RainStormBR Month ago

    If girls did this it would be taken off yt and be shunned

  • Lumos Tenebra
    Lumos Tenebra Month ago

    I love your mom

  • TripleB Bomber
    TripleB Bomber Month ago

    This made my day

  • Please enter a name.

    Is this what “the ranch” is like?

  • jmkla 13
    jmkla 13 Month ago +1

    ricardo milos finally gets some competition

    ITS YOUR GIRL WALUIGI Month ago +1

    I saw this ad like a few days before Mother's Day and I was scarred

  • 哈皮老板
    哈皮老板 Month ago

    I love your mom...

  • Hannah McBean
    Hannah McBean Month ago

    I’m crying 😂😂

  • Some noob with a channel

    ....Can we just have the KFC logo be Cornel Sanders topless?

  • emin em
    emin em Month ago

    I love your mother😂

  • Sal The Destroyer
    Sal The Destroyer Month ago

    My brother keeps terrorizing me with this video and I'm gonna murder someone if I see this video ever again!

  • 布蘭卡
    布蘭卡 Month ago


  • Rinad
    Rinad Month ago

    Finely ad for me

  • Asher Tathren
    Asher Tathren Month ago

    I already had a very strange crush of Col Sanders this just uped it.

  • open Five five
    open Five five Month ago

    KFC grandfather like Cai Xukun

  • Remilia Scarlet
    Remilia Scarlet Month ago

    唐 宋 八 大 家

  • Viric Lee
    Viric Lee Month ago


  • scorchedcandy
    scorchedcandy Month ago


  • Firestar But A Girl


    YEETERSOULS Month ago

    Bro, the kernel sanders looks gay in this

  • JC 3
    JC 3 Month ago

    The fuck did I just watch?

  • Void Name
    Void Name Month ago

    666 likes and I’ll send it to my mom

  • 林丹力
    林丹力 Month ago

    i love you mom

  • Tubasü
    Tubasü Month ago

    This is stupidest advertisement I ever seen in my life. What do you think?

  • Xander Lee
    Xander Lee Month ago

    치킨데일 미친ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이거보고 치펜데일쇼 보러가기로 맘먹었습니다