• Published on Jun 25, 2018

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  • nerreah Okullo
    nerreah Okullo 10 days ago +2

    I love willy Paul for free😘😘😘

  • Anderson Masinde
    Anderson Masinde 11 days ago

    I salute the man

  • Magdalene wangari
    Magdalene wangari 18 days ago

    Willy Paul was amazing I Miss him

  • Wekesa Amos
    Wekesa Amos Month ago

    Very nice bro welcomed to bungoma town!!!!!!!

    MAGGY's VIRAL 2 months ago

    Hello, am from India and I love Willy's songs though I don't understand the language
    Anasema nini

    KENNEDY MAINA 3 months ago +1

    i was once a born again christian and a time came i backslided from my faith but i re dedicated my life to CHRIST..willy paul i can tell you too that the grace and mercy of GOD is sufficient and will be sufficient to you if you choose to turn your life around to my experience and what i can tell you and urge others is that this world all is first the kingdom of GOD and HIS righteousness and all shall follow you...{ matthew 6:33 }

  • Evans Paul
    Evans Paul 3 months ago

    Hawa watu wanaitwa Paul kuna venye woukua special kimpango

    EMPIRE CITY 3 months ago

    Kenya iko na umama sa mbona wanaficha number plate Kenye hata the richest rapper can never doo 😂😂

  • jeboy jeboy
    jeboy jeboy 3 months ago

    Number plate

  • Charles Kamau
    Charles Kamau 4 months ago

    Haha kwani gari ni za kuomba,hujiamini kuanika numberplate

  • Leila Songwa
    Leila Songwa 4 months ago

    I just love him

    CATHERINE KAMYANO 4 months ago

    Kaa unapenda poze eka lyk

  • erick asalah
    erick asalah 4 months ago +1

    You've lied to your customers, where is the shocking shiit you talked about....
    Fake marketing strategy 😔😔

  • Anni Khaoya
    Anni Khaoya 4 months ago

    Hi group mungu wangu nimecheka

  • jeboy jeboy
    jeboy jeboy 6 months ago

    Number plate kwa kioo

  • dorcas muriuki
    dorcas muriuki 8 months ago

    Willy wee umeweza love u

  • Abie Ncuks
    Abie Ncuks 8 months ago

    I love you Willy Paul ncoooo

  • Timo Ngairu
    Timo Ngairu 8 months ago

    Nice blessed

  • Elisheba Wanjiku
    Elisheba Wanjiku 9 months ago

    Me cjai ona pozze na hio on Prado though it's good

  • beatrice wairimu
    beatrice wairimu 9 months ago

    Willy Paul that Ericco(chali amevaa t-sho ya yellow imeannikwa Lesiolo hills
    ) si mtu mpoa hata kidogo....anajua what he does to those young gals wenye huwa anatrain dance(Talanta Mtaani)....he should manup na venye mkubwa!!!!tafuta bibi erico achana na innocent young gals....usidhani tumenyamaza ufikirie ni kwa uzuri NKT

  • Shiama Abdul
    Shiama Abdul 9 months ago

    l love you Willy Paul sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. more love from Uganda

  • jackline wanjiru
    jackline wanjiru 9 months ago

    What's shocking now??

  • jackline wanjiru
    jackline wanjiru 9 months ago

    What's shocking now???

  • Awuor Vivian
    Awuor Vivian 9 months ago


  • jimmy ryan
    jimmy ryan 9 months ago

    do to someone what you would like them to do to you

  • Juma Wamalwa
    Juma Wamalwa 9 months ago

    shockin is that after winning the award anamwachia weezdom

  • silpa ochomo
    silpa ochomo 10 months ago

    Eeeiii lmao
    ady nowadays kufunga bandana kwa mhuu ni swag

  • Josephine Wairimu
    Josephine Wairimu 10 months ago +1

    I listened to Willy one time he was being interviewed by i think lilian muli.He was too deep in the word.People love to hate him because they expect him to be scandal-ridden like most todays musicians.They expect him to forexample have kids everywhere with different women but there is none making some people jealously mad. Willy know that some of us believe in your God.

  • Reghina Haule
    Reghina Haule 10 months ago

    God bless u , nakukubali sana yani

  • Donna Akeyo
    Donna Akeyo 10 months ago

    Wow. No one is perfect but he's kind. # Willy

  • Chubby Boy
    Chubby Boy 11 months ago

    I love you willy mob love

  • Vera Achieng
    Vera Achieng 11 months ago

    I like it

  • Emmanuel Murimi
    Emmanuel Murimi 11 months ago

    Unataja mungu akuwe kwa ndoa tena unaenda kuslap dame . This is which God

    AM BLESSED. AMEN 11 months ago

    Lost 🐑 they need painful.his Mum crying Day and Night.

  • Arleem meyas
    Arleem meyas 11 months ago

    he just covering him self with the word of gospel. he will not hide for long.ile thunder itastrike mtu fulani hapa. atajuwa hajui.

  • Amalia Norman
    Amalia Norman 11 months ago

    This demon does not deserve an award he's not even a gospel artist maybe porn artist he's a blasphemy

  • Edward Juma
    Edward Juma 11 months ago

    What is the shocking thing!!!!!!!!!

  • Edith Kenya
    Edith Kenya 11 months ago

    That was so nice of you poze... I love you

  • Gideon kipkoech
    Gideon kipkoech 11 months ago

    I have I don't want to imagine a situation where this guy can say he is a gospel artist let him cross over and be circular artist the Lord will strike him nothing gospel here big evil going on in the name of Jesus

  • Knouris Galis
    Knouris Galis 11 months ago

    my wish to meet u ... one day pozze ... love yah

  • Kenya Finest
    Kenya Finest 11 months ago

    Haya sasa ombea mapepo za kupiga wanawake.

  • Anne  Wanjiku
    Anne Wanjiku 11 months ago

    Women can you do this to your friends and be fair to my comment only women are allowed to answer this one? see why we can't elect a woman as president in our country because of jealousy every dangerous spirit ruling us women see how Willy Paul show the true colors of love

  • Rose Khanjila
    Rose Khanjila Year ago

    I'm by khan

  • Doreen Mbera
    Doreen Mbera Year ago

    congrats big up

  • Ev. Darius Wesley

    Willy Paul this is humility that itakupeleka mbali in Jesus name.More Grace

  • Carolina Njeri Maina

    Willy Paul otile Brown and Vivian are my favorite artist in Kenya

  • Winrose Iminza
    Winrose Iminza Year ago

    Sijaona. Kitu 😎

  • Kate Mutio
    Kate Mutio Year ago

    Keep it up

  • Judith Vihenda Oyangi

    Kidogo kidogo mtaskia willy ana vie ugovernor na ngoja tu hiyo siku ifike

  • Racheal Thomas
    Racheal Thomas Year ago

    Poze uko fiti Sana love u your mom loves you so much

  • betty kathambi
    betty kathambi Year ago

    Real software

  • Gideon Chepkener
    Gideon Chepkener Year ago

    congrats man uko poa too sana

  • Lizz Brave
    Lizz Brave Year ago +2

    I think he's generous he must be blessed" happy is the one who gives than the one who recieves"

  • Doky Doky
    Doky Doky Year ago

    Where is your wife wily loged to see her men

  • Annu Mache
    Annu Mache Year ago

    Wow!thats great

  • Mad Hors3
    Mad Hors3 Year ago

    There's nothing shocking there

  • Irungu Mark
    Irungu Mark Year ago

    I love pozze

  • Edwish Rusike
    Edwish Rusike Year ago


  • Morris Munene Kamwara

    Nice one willy

  • Fabby Awein
    Fabby Awein Year ago

    I love you willy