Elemental Type Moves- The Secret Meta

  • Published on Aug 21, 2017
  • Most players get through the entire game with only normal type attacks. Moves that deal either slash, stab, or crush type damage. But there are other options available! With TierZoo's guide to the elements, you can subvert normal defenses and dominate the meta.
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  • Adam Sahlin
    Adam Sahlin 2 years ago +4727

    That intro took me right back to when I played Halo, fucking hilarious man, thank you for such a great video

    • David Resto
      David Resto 3 months ago

      @TierZoo what game are you talking about please explain

    • Ethan Carlos
      Ethan Carlos 7 months ago

      @TierZoo He means the one you ranked them based on the choose one and the others will kill you

    • Darn Soap
      Darn Soap 7 months ago

      Halo reach is godlike

    • Haxorus 02
      Haxorus 02 8 months ago

      Adam Sahlin I still play halo 1, 2, 3 and reach

    • Jeremiah Broadus
      Jeremiah Broadus 9 months ago

      Wookie Cookie come 'ere sweetheart *holding a plasma grenade*

  • Iftah
    Iftah 6 hours ago

    Day 725
    Still waiting for eusocial video

    TOM THE CAT 12 hours ago +1

    The you pick thick ailen


  • OtteRex Oti
    OtteRex Oti 2 days ago

    0:29 Imagine if humans were also psychic type
    Stab boosted insults

  • Bryden MacPhail
    Bryden MacPhail 2 days ago

    you always seem to have forgotten about human's typed attacks such as taze, flamethrower and hose

  • elweasel2010
    elweasel2010 3 days ago

    What about the electric catfish? It has a much higher voltage discharge.

  • Draco longsword
    Draco longsword 3 days ago

    What about the star nose mole, or any lion, I feel they're some of the best in regards to the element of earth

  • XxGalaxystrikexX The Dank Memer

    Animals are basically Pokémon now

  • Gavin k
    Gavin k 5 days ago

    When you realize were just on the Earth server.

  • FishMann
    FishMann 5 days ago

    White text on a yellow background

  • Viper - 5
    Viper - 5 5 days ago

    Man them halo sound effects 😢

  • Shmeeplop Shmeeplop
    Shmeeplop Shmeeplop 5 days ago

    But... but bite is dark type....

  • StickGuy
    StickGuy 5 days ago

    Human players can learn some fighting type moves like karate chop. And also pretty much everything else other than psychic.

  • Dan Sternof Beyer
    Dan Sternof Beyer 7 days ago

    4:38 What I enjoy is that the subtext here implies that we 'the player' will one day inhabit, control, and be, these creatures. Reincarnation. Which leaves us to only assume that these creatures, today, are of minds, of players just like ours.

  • Breathing's OverRated
    Breathing's OverRated 7 days ago +3

    0:36 🤔😂😂 *_am I the only one sees that the ostrich is in the same tier as a starfish_*

  • Zach Haxton
    Zach Haxton 7 days ago

    The runescape sound track always gets me

  • Käsefleisch
    Käsefleisch 7 days ago

    i'll need a list for you BGM used in videos

  • Tom Patterson
    Tom Patterson 8 days ago

    Couldn’t archerfish drown small insects?

  • Tom Patterson
    Tom Patterson 8 days ago

    .....and poison

  • Gem Bocobo
    Gem Bocobo 9 days ago

    Tierzoo's wild life duels cardgame when? I wanna play crustacean deck

  • DynamicDagger
    DynamicDagger 10 days ago

    Predators wont attack the eel because it hurts and it doesnt take to mich damage but the pain is what really help

  • YouNeedHealing
    YouNeedHealing 10 days ago

    even the plant guilds have elemental attacks
    such as some plants that will actually set themselves on fire on purpose to get rid of competiting players in the dungeon!

  • ChefZav
    ChefZav 13 days ago

    bite needs to be buffed in pokemon tht shit is underrated

  • Nolan Inger
    Nolan Inger 14 days ago

    I'm fucking confused is the a game or is this him just ranking real life

  • sovakstan empirium
    sovakstan empirium 15 days ago

    You forget poison type like bee stings and snake venom

  • Fujiwhara
    Fujiwhara 15 days ago

    the akimbo m1887 shout out epic.

  • Ahmed Ex1
    Ahmed Ex1 16 days ago


  • KageNoTenshi
    KageNoTenshi 17 days ago

    Super effective

  • Hector Nonayurbusiness

    Electric eel I chose you

  • Eidenhoek
    Eidenhoek 17 days ago

    bombardier beetle is flinchax. YUS

  • catty cat queen
    catty cat queen 17 days ago

    Does this mean humans are
    The last air----
    *gets shot for being an idiot *

  • Daniel Speyer
    Daniel Speyer 18 days ago

    No mention of cetacean sonic attacks? Granted, there seems to be a lot of uncertainty about them, but it's a classic energy type and a rare area-effect attack,

  • Lucas Voltaire
    Lucas Voltaire 20 days ago

    So what you're saying is,we need an eel with Finns in the game eh?

  • [8B] Mebo
    [8B] Mebo 22 days ago

    Is outside based on Pokémon, runescape, smash, or halo?

  • Phi Dương
    Phi Dương 23 days ago

    my human character has a bunch of water moves too
    * wink wink *

  • sattuiko
    sattuiko 23 days ago

    the bug has 59 magic

  • Ethan Madore
    Ethan Madore 25 days ago

    Humans are OP, they can use their crafting skill to mimic any elemental attack, and have even invented some that are entirely unavaliable to other builds, such as flamethrower, water cutter, and laser cannon. Already, players are quitting en masse because human mains keep killing them! Fortunately, the devs are working on a World War 3 nerf that should hopefully render the human build useless, but human mains are already working on ways to bypass this. Some even figured out how to hack the game to access the still-experimental Outer Space Expansion Pack!

  • Hardgore, ChäoS
    Hardgore, ChäoS 26 days ago

    That's not true, bite is dark type right?

  • Marcelo D'Arisbo
    Marcelo D'Arisbo 27 days ago

    Wait... isn't bite a dark type move?

  • Xellos Kaczor
    Xellos Kaczor 28 days ago

    What about african exploding ants, do we count it as just normal type explosion?

  • Steve the Pirate
    Steve the Pirate 28 days ago

    Let us hope that the Orca population never decide to spec back into legs.

  • Curtis Reason
    Curtis Reason 29 days ago

    you forgot about the psychic attacks of cuttlefish. I severely under appreciated squid class.

  • The Flying Sailor
    The Flying Sailor Month ago

    Humans got some crazy ways to getting elemental attacks.
    The only species who can use light as a direct weapon.

  • 私はナニですIAmNani

    I think if the fire beetle had a normal type like grab or bit combined with fire blast wood be a good combo

  • Aron Höglund
    Aron Höglund Month ago

    Are there any types that do not have any elemental moves in the current meta?

  • Robert Paiva
    Robert Paiva Month ago

    What is the most common Elemental types of damage in the outside meta is actually poison I'm grouping poison and Venom into the same classification to make it simpler the poison type of attacks include Venom and poison Venom is grouped into three types Venom's that cause massive blood clots which stop circulatory flow Venom's that directly attack the cells and Venoms that thin out the blood causing the blood loss status effect to happen much faster than normal then there's poison Poison has two types poison that can be absorbed through the outside barrier and poisons that need to be ingested

  • ShneekeyTheLost
    ShneekeyTheLost Month ago

    You mention Electric Eels and not Torpedo Rays? Same basic idea, much better implementation, and the stealth to back up the electric shock to give yourself basically an auto-crit on anything in the size category you're looking at dealing with. Not content with using it defensively, the Torpedo Ray uses this offensively to disable prey items by ambush, as well as fend off aggressors with a very nasty shock. Easily a tier above Electric Eels.

  • StickGuy
    StickGuy Month ago

    You forgot human players manipulation of certain elements like electricty and fire, and water
    (Okay water isn't used very effectively with human players but still)

  • hashas bashbash
    hashas bashbash Month ago

    What about the shrimp that makes shockwaves

  • the king of idiot
    the king of idiot Month ago

    Certain apes, primates, and the like have fighting type moves like Punch (although humans have the most extensive variety of fighting type abilities)

  • Leonardo Stevensen
    Leonardo Stevensen Month ago

    I think I got one
    Both bear class and gorrila class have a fighting type move called close combat

  • Toxic Predator
    Toxic Predator Month ago

    Humans over here using fire hydrants, flame throwers and tazers

  • Avery VanderLouw
    Avery VanderLouw Month ago

    I suggest not using a moray eel picture for the electric eel. The electric eel is actually a type of knife fish which uses the same ability, all true eels are exclusive to tropical marine biomes like coral reefs and mangroves

  • Misk
    Misk Month ago

    Bite is dark type, but other than that, great like you other content

    DINGASDOER Month ago

    Humans are broken. By investing so much in the "intelligence" skill tree, they unlocked the "create complex tools" ability and they can just make tools that let them use elemental abilities (see flame thrower, water cannons, ect).

  • Donke
    Donke Month ago

    Bite is dark type and lots of animals use that

  • senpai toast
    senpai toast 2 months ago +1

    Do these attacks get STAB or not?

  • Trey Rezach
    Trey Rezach 2 months ago

    element moves are costly for most animals in the game but orca's can use them without much cost which is why they are so unfair in the game

  • Gracefulcubix Z
    Gracefulcubix Z 2 months ago

    Llamas and humans along with many use water gun it's just not used a lot

  • PsionicMonk
    PsionicMonk 2 months ago

    "As a destruction mage main, this video pleases me"

  • TruiteTeam
    TruiteTeam 2 months ago

    Human can use air technic with gaz moves, it smell a lot

  • Daniel Martinek
    Daniel Martinek 2 months ago

    Some sethloppods have physic move hypnosis

  • Errolle Lacson
    Errolle Lacson 2 months ago

    Lets not forget human mains didn't have to invest points to acquire elemental attacks,

  • Nathan Trieu
    Nathan Trieu 2 months ago

    *spends all points on elemental abilities* FUCK I FORGOT TO GET MOVEMENT

  • Kevin Norris
    Kevin Norris 2 months ago

    Now, I may be biased towards my own class, but can’t all these be done by a Human build via the crafting ability?

  • Kurt Bracken
    Kurt Bracken 2 months ago

    i think you should have talked about the mantas shrimp's punch, although its a normal type move it has grown a new aoe ability of a small blast that boils water. if not that then id consider bio-luminescence to have a confusion aspect to it

  • Patrick Barnard
    Patrick Barnard 2 months ago

    1:51 Oh the akimbo M1887's, those were the days. The human players were near impossible to fight against as they would one shot you with little regard to accuracy. Plus with there sweat and stamina perks.... thank the dev's for that nerf patch.

  • TortillaBill
    TortillaBill 2 months ago

    even the title is funny.
    elemental builds lol haha😆

  • thirteenfury
    thirteenfury 2 months ago

    Archerfish aren't the only water elemental types. Spittlebugs have a signature move Foam Armor, where they mix air and their own watery urine to create force fields that camouflage them and deal recoil damage to predators. Dolphins and toothed whales use Bubble to capture and disorient entire fish raid parties.

  • rei kon
    rei kon 2 months ago

    Make a meta where elemental attacks are worth it

  • Nip Dip
    Nip Dip 3 months ago

    human players: (grabs flamethrower, icecrusher boat, f-16)

  • magesh muralidhar
    magesh muralidhar 3 months ago

    That model 1887 range tho😂

  • SephirothRyu
    SephirothRyu 3 months ago

    Sadly, dragons aren't a thing.

  • Generalnyan
    Generalnyan 3 months ago +1

    4:05 that praying mantis is so cute.

  • nekkoMaster
    nekkoMaster 3 months ago

    Devs tried introducing pokemons in servers but it never bacame meta.