I Am Too Pretty

  • Опубликовано: 10 фев 2019
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    Hi, I’m Callie, and I’m going to tell you a story that might seem a little unusual.
    I’m really pretty. Like, beautiful. I know that might sound like bragging-and to be honest, it feels like bragging, because I don’t always feel beautiful-but enough people have told me I am that I’ve come to believe that is how most people perceive me.
    The attention I got for my appearance started when I was a baby. People would tell my mom, “Oh, you have such a beautiful baby.” “You should enter her in contests!” Pretty normal, right? I mean, people love babies. But it continued when I was a toddler. A modeling agent approached my mom in a restaurant when I was three to see if she could sign me. My mom said no-three was too young, she thought. But the attention didn’t stop as I grew older, and eventually my mom was asking me if I would consider a career in modeling, or acting.
    By that time, I was starting to feel really self-conscious. People commented on my looks so much. I hadn’t even hit puberty yet, and I was already getting cat-called on the street. I loved math and science, but nobody seemed to care that I was good at those things. Most adults I interacted with commented on how I’d be “beating the boys away with sticks” soon, or how I’d have no trouble finding a husband. When I was thirteen, I started a RUclip channel dedicated to robotics, one of my greatest loves. But in the comments section, people would leave comments like “ur hot,” or “shame you’re not legal.” Stuff that made me really uncomfortable.
    I started wearing baggy clothes to hide the curves I was developing. I kept my textbooks over my chest in the hallways at school. I started getting so anxious about when the next unwanted comment would come that I would spend breaks between classes in the restroom throwing up. I started showing up late for class so I didn’t have to walk through the halls when there was a crowd.
    And the other problem with being too pretty? People don’t like you. Other girls think you’re full of yourself. And guys only want you so they can brag to their friends about how they got with you. People also don’t think you’re smart. I was the butt of so many dumb blonde jokes, even though I was a great student. Once, my mom told me I was so pretty that I wouldn’t need to worry about going to college. I’d be able to snag a doctor, or a lawyer, and he would take care of me. That hurt more than anything. Between my self-consciousness and the way my classmates resented me, I didn’t have any close friends. And with the way people didn’t take my aspirations seriously, I started to doubt my own ability to have a career in robotics like I wanted.
    So I decided that if this was how the world was determined to see me-as just an object-then that’s what I’d be. I traded my baggy clothes for low-cut tops. I started wearing lipstick, and flirted with the guys who gave me attention, even if I knew they had girlfriends. I did not care about anyone. I’d gossip about the other girls who I knew had been gossiping about me for years. I stopped trying in my classes. A couple of teachers noticed, but I blew them off when they tried to talk to me. I wasn’t sure if this made me happy, but I keep doing it, perhaps because I was so tried of proving my real self to others.
    I didn’t stop. For Homecoming, I wore the sexiest dress I could find. A chaperone told me I’d violated the dress code, and handed me a sweater to cover up. Everyone looked at me and I could tell they were shocked. Perhaps for two main reasons. One, this doesn’t look like me, because that’s not my style. And second,, well, because I looked very attractive. However, twinges of my old self-consciousness resurfaced. Then a guy walked by and pinched my backside. That was the last straw. I couldn’t take it any longer! I started to cry uncontrollably. People began to stare at me, some of them snickering and whispering to each other. “What are you looking at?” I screamed at them. “Stop staring at me!” I couldn’t stop myself. I felt so hurt and confused and alone. I fled the dance and went out to my car. My hands were shaking so badly I was lucky I made it home in one piece. I locked myself in my room and refused to come out. It’s not like I could ever go back to school, after the scene I’d made.
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  • 히비 스커스
    히비 스커스 18 секунд назад +1

    I wish I am ugly
    **Grammar Nazis have entered the chat**

  • Immy 1206
    Immy 1206 21 секунду назад +1

    Girl, I'm ugly AF. wanna switch???????????????

  • Hawt Turtle
    Hawt Turtle 25 секунд назад

    Can’t relate

  • Amelia Nomura
    Amelia Nomura Минуту назад

    Well I that sometimes if you’re a pretty girl people won’t even bother to get to know your real personality and that’s legit. “I am too pretty” isn’t a real problem, the problem is people who treat beautiful people like objects.

  • tabi v
    tabi v Минуту назад


    (her channel is callie robotics)

  • G̷O̷R̷I̷L̷L̷A̷ ̷ A̷P̷P̷L̷E̷
    G̷O̷R̷I̷L̷L̷A̷ ̷ A̷P̷P̷L̷E̷ 2 минуты назад

    More like you were never pretty

  • Hobi water
    Hobi water 2 минуты назад

    " i wish i am ugly"

  • Naufal And Mink
    Naufal And Mink 3 минуты назад

    This is just a different form of humble bragging 😒

  • tabi v
    tabi v 4 минуты назад

    no wonder people don’t like you... you can’t take a compliment or be humble. at all. your career has nothing to do with it! the things people do happen to everyone. ur not special bc ur “pretty” ugly people are treated the same. be humble and nice and there wouldn’t be a problem.

  • MLG Bernie Sanders
    MLG Bernie Sanders 4 минуты назад

    Lmao gay

  • TheOneAndOnly . bob
    TheOneAndOnly . bob 5 минут назад

    This is kind of awful...

  • DisneyVibes33 _
    DisneyVibes33 _ 6 минут назад

    “I wish I *AM* ugly”

  • tabi v
    tabi v 7 минут назад

    me at 3 am looking at myself in the mirror

  • Liam
    Liam 10 минут назад

    can't relate.

  • nicole & sophie
    nicole & sophie 14 минут назад

    anyone know her robotic youtube channel?

  • maple AMS
    maple AMS 15 минут назад

    I'm confused

  • It’s Maggie
    It’s Maggie 16 минут назад +1

    I bet she looks like a troll in real life💀

  • Foxy Gaming
    Foxy Gaming 16 минут назад

    Ya look ugly to me

  • i see u
    i see u 16 минут назад +1


  • Brianna&Mia Gymnasts
    Brianna&Mia Gymnasts 17 минут назад

    I saw her RUclip video... she looks normal not oVerLeY pretty or somthing

  • 6ix9ine is Goat
    6ix9ine is Goat 17 минут назад

    what dose she look like tho🤣🤣🥵

  • :p wHeReS tHe lAmB sAuCe
    :p wHeReS tHe lAmB sAuCe 18 минут назад

    Wanna switch?

  • Thanos
    Thanos 18 минут назад

    *Can't relate*

  • Steffi Unikorn
    Steffi Unikorn 19 минут назад

    This comment section just proves the amount of crap this girl has to put up with.

  • Buttercup YT
    Buttercup YT 19 минут назад +1

    Hun, there’s no such thing as *_”too pretty”_* .
    *Everyone* is _always_ pretty equally. Btw, if anyone is called ugly, they mean something like this:

  • maple AMS
    maple AMS 19 минут назад


  • noe ruvalcaba
    noe ruvalcaba 20 минут назад

    So u are gay

  • Katherine Llama22
    Katherine Llama22 20 минут назад

    I wish I was ugly.

  • Riley Mariant
    Riley Mariant 21 минуту назад

    Just try living life as ugly then you’ll change your mind

  • It’s. qwerty
    It’s. qwerty 21 минуту назад

    The title 👎🏾

  • Miku The cat
    Miku The cat 23 минуты назад


  • SilentAlphaWreaker_ NightlyFoodie
    SilentAlphaWreaker_ NightlyFoodie 24 минуты назад

    *Can’t relate*

  • Miku The cat
    Miku The cat 24 минуты назад


  • Miku The cat
    Miku The cat 25 минут назад


  • Lucia Dudova
    Lucia Dudova 26 минут назад

    i actualy understand her cause it happend to me that like when ever i went outside ther were some boys who were catcalling me so i didnt even want to go out i wanted to make myself uglier i dont like being too pretty because guys just stare at you and you feel uncomfortabel so do relate to her

  • lucy
    lucy 27 минут назад

    “oh i’m to pretty”

  • ańyťhįńg PH
    ańyťhįńg PH 27 минут назад +1

    Her: You are so pretty you don't need to worry about college.
    Me: *bish wut?*

  • Loli Loli Animations
    Loli Loli Animations 27 минут назад


  • Senty Thea
    Senty Thea 28 минут назад

    can this comment section be disabled? ffs disable this toxic section

  • Maddison Short
    Maddison Short 28 минут назад

    Why do people post this, to me this makes me feel ugly and unconfident, which is not how people feel😡

  • Cassie Trevino
    Cassie Trevino 29 минут назад +1


  • mia riley
    mia riley 30 минут назад

    dj khalid, suffering from success

  • Stuart Tierney
    Stuart Tierney 31 минуту назад

    why do you want to be ugly like please can we switch lives XD:)

  • Angelica Lozan
    Angelica Lozan 32 минуты назад +1

    Pretty hurts ...

  • Mad Madder
    Mad Madder 34 минуты назад +1

    I aM toO pReTty

  • Joanna Caitlin
    Joanna Caitlin 36 минут назад

    I reckon she's probably perceiving the world that way because she's vain; her life is probably like any other.

  • Hello Friends
    Hello Friends 37 минут назад


  • Emma Lanzo
    Emma Lanzo 37 минут назад +1

    Nope cant relate im to ugly and somehow i have a bf😂

  • Lovelylarry El3
    Lovelylarry El3 37 минут назад

    It’s weird that you want to be ugly

  • Debony Kelly
    Debony Kelly 37 минут назад

    This is somehow ridiculous...if you think your life is hard by being beautiful then try to live your life as being ugly....it's hard😂😂😂

  • ChocolateWafle With Banana
    ChocolateWafle With Banana 40 минут назад +1

    I would be your friend no matter your beauty 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

  • Çėçė Hęññÿ
    Çėçė Hęññÿ 42 минуты назад

    I want to literally slap you

  • Lisa My potato
    Lisa My potato 43 минуты назад +1

    Half of you haven't learnt shit and I can tell from the comments.
    Being who you are yourself is beautiful, constantly wanting to change yourself, looking in the mirror and pointing out each and every single of your flaws. I would know I used to do that as well but let me tell you something that you probably are not bothered or too insecure to notice.
    Someone out there loves you for who you are no matter how ugly or how pretty you think you are the thing that attracts them the most about you is you.
    So boys and girls reading the this please know that your beautiful just the way you are.
    Maybe you don't receive the right compliments let me be the start.
    Your perfect just the way you are

  • almarilda hsn
    almarilda hsn 44 минуты назад

    I remember girls at my class always hated me for being prettier than them,always judging me without even knowing me,and boys claiming that they have been in a relationship with me ,i even picked a fight with some.When i got good grades they would tell " oh look she is smart ,i thought she was dump".Evrything infront of me, i was feeling so alone back then,and since then I wear things that dont show my curves!

  • Anneka Petersen
    Anneka Petersen 44 минуты назад

    I kinda feel the same but I'm not going through her problems I'm just sick of everyone telling me I'm beautiful and they don't even care for my personality!!!

  • Hope
    Hope 45 минут назад

    I know what it said at the beginning with "this is not supposed to be a mean video" and all. But come on, this is straight up wrong. No one is too pretty they wish they were ugly. You need to learn to love yourself (not trying to be mean)

  • Jazzy Roses
    Jazzy Roses 46 минут назад

    i was confussed from beginning
    to end who the hell wants to be ugly come on now lets get it together and even if u are to pretty love urself

  • Jilliann Ayala
    Jilliann Ayala 46 минут назад

    why did she never confront the boys, if it makes you so uncomfortable tell them! If they continue to talk about your body and it’s making you uncomfortable that’s sexual harassment. If it continues you have the right to report sexual harassment to the principal and if girls are talking about you, don’t talk about them back that’ll just make things worse! Confront them and if they continue that’s bullying/harassment. Take my advice if you want to but if it works for me it’ll work for you. Be a strong woman and show everybody the real you!

  • AnotherWordForWeird
    AnotherWordForWeird 47 минут назад

    God, if you're going to do a whole RUclip video about it, just trade faces with me.

  • Summer Louca
    Summer Louca 48 минут назад +1

    That's some people opinion that your pretty so don't go wishing you were ugly

  • I'm a retard
    I'm a retard 48 минут назад +1

    The girl isn't Callie robotics. Look up katyamiro on ig that's her.

  • Jemcy Mae
    Jemcy Mae 49 минут назад

    Is this real? They are alot of beautiful people out there too but people do not exagg that baad..

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato 51 минуту назад

    I wish I can be beautiful

  • Mr.Giggles
    Mr.Giggles 52 минуты назад

    Just please die then. IM tOo PreTtY

  • Claire Gray
    Claire Gray 53 минуты назад

    God it must SUCK to be pretty. Nobody that’s not at least somewhat egotistical would post this

  • Manuela Bodach
    Manuela Bodach 54 минуты назад

    Someone knows what is the name of this girls channel? .-.

  • Saheeqa Subata
    Saheeqa Subata 56 минут назад +1

    This comment section is so rude. You all are being bullies. Instead of sympathizing with her story, y'all are being selfish by saying stuff like "can't relate" so what if you can't relate? I can't either but you can atleast try to understand how she must've felt being stereotyped and judged just cause of the way she looks. We all have felt that.

  • Noelle Boi
    Noelle Boi 56 минут назад


  • Julia Karpinska
    Julia Karpinska 56 минут назад

    Is she still have any canal?

  • lol kim
    lol kim 58 минут назад

    I wish I was pretty

  • Syafinka zahra Riandina
    Syafinka zahra Riandina 59 минут назад

    terlalu cantik sequel terlalu tampan

  • Lizvet Gomez
    Lizvet Gomez 59 минут назад

    What’s her RUclip channel???

  • Esme Nitxza
    Esme Nitxza Час назад +1

    sis , can't relate

  • Dan GD
    Dan GD Час назад

    Hello average people in the comments. It's obvious that those who understood "bragging" from this story never have been outstanding at anything, not even at being self-centered and jaleous.

    BTS ARMY Час назад +1


  • Cerys Winchester
    Cerys Winchester Час назад

    I wish I was pretty

  • Dummy Number
    Dummy Number Час назад

    Sucks for u I guess

  • emily rohan
    emily rohan Час назад

    ummmm cant relate

  • An emo girl who loves horror games

    "I wish I was pretty"
    "I wish I was ugly"
    Nothing makes a difference.
    Bad people will still stay bad.
    Do you know how rape happens?
    Not because of "too ugly" or "too pretty"
    They do it because they like the feeling of having control.
    So don't think that all the bad remarks and harassment is coming because of your looks, because people don't care.
    Bullies only remark on that for control, the same as rape. They like seeing people miserable. As for parents in this case... I don't really understand this part, especially the mom in this vid telling her daughter to "slack" because she is pretty.
    I apologize for using rape as a key subject here, but this is my opinion and the example was easy to express. Thanks for reading.

  • Eiman H
    Eiman H Час назад

    If the title was something about sexual harassment I would’ve taken it serious 😐

  • Sehun Min
    Sehun Min Час назад

    Bruhh I bet in real life....

    BTS ARMY Час назад

    I really hope this is ironic lmao

  • Gaby
    Gaby Час назад

    just because you can't relate or understand her problem doesn't make it invalid. this comments section is so close-minded it's ridiculous

  • come into my van
    come into my van Час назад

    I see myself as really ugly and fat not to mention i have acne even though no one in my family does ang ever had, many people call me pretty but i dont take it since im really chubby and i have an ugly looking face but hey i know how to deal with it.

  • Paulina Dargužaitė
    Paulina Dargužaitė Час назад

    People calm down. She’s not bragging or something she’s just sharing her story. You say “damn she should be thankful for being pretty” whats the point if people treat her as an object and don’t respect her. It’s not looks that matter. And please stop calling yourself ugly. Everyone’s beautiful I know it sounds cheesy but your friends and family love you the way you are. If you have a shitty personality it didn’t matter if you’re pretty peoples will dislike you. Just be a nice human being and someone will find you pretty. Love yourself the way you are.

  • Caden and Sky
    Caden and Sky Час назад

    S U F F E R I N G F R O M S U C C E S S

  • SkiSki
    SkiSki Час назад

    I can relate with this video a little bit...I believe I am “pretty” and that some of the “cute” guys at school want to date me. Truth is...I hate looking at myself. I am self-conscious, especially with my weight when I’m the average weight for a teenager. I prefer to not think of myself but rather as a character I made. I don’t like wearing tight clothes. Heck, I wear an oversized coat to school and shirts that are one size bigger than me. I don’t like it when people look at me, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I take my mind off it by thinking of my OCs I made, it really helps. Also, I’m not that type of girl anymore who wishes to want a boyfriend or get married. I’m actually an aromantic-asexual and I’d rather be an independent woman and have a successful job as an astronomer. I’m not a feminist, but...us girls and women aren’t property or objects...we’re humans too. We have feelings, concerns, and goals. Just because we look pretty doesn’t make us dumb, that’s typical high school, movie talk right there. I bet you that even the most attractive girls in school are smarter than you think. The surface isn’t what defines us, it’s what’s UNDER the surface that makes us a person.

  • k i w i x
    k i w i x Час назад


  • Dragonite Videos
    Dragonite Videos Час назад


  • Samara Black
    Samara Black Час назад

    Beautiful girl: I wish I was the ugly. Like u Samara
    Me: *sucks teeth* fu*k u

  • Asian Girl
    Asian Girl Час назад

    What’s her RUclip channel

  • Julia J.
    Julia J. Час назад

    *In conclusion, dont tell people that theyre pretty.*

  • Julia E
    Julia E Час назад

    i wish i was ugly

    can’t relate

  • Sister James
    Sister James Час назад

    Ok no tea no shade but idc what anyone says being “too pretty” will never be as hard as looking in the mirror everyday and wishing you looked prettier, like no one gets bullied because there “too pretty” if that’s your biggest issue I would say your life’s going pretty well...

  • Asian Girl
    Asian Girl Час назад

    I wish I wasn’t average

  • The Odd One
    The Odd One Час назад

    Shut up be thankful that ur just being cat-called and laughed at. At least ur pretty at least u can be whatever u wanna be with looks, and brains I mean look at me. Emotionally AND physically bullied AND ugly and I’m still thankful that I don’t even have it as bad as other ppl. To me rn ur either looking for a excuse to brag or ur just enjoy complaining. No offense to anyone this is just what I’m thinking.

  • helia mirfattah
    helia mirfattah Час назад

    Omfg you're pretty get over it

  • •Exposed •
    •Exposed • Час назад +1

    People literally get bullied so much because they get called ugly every day and end up killing them selves and also I looked up this girls RUclip channel and she looks completely normal😑

  • Atiya Hunt
    Atiya Hunt Час назад +1

    *"The grass isnt greener on the other side"*

  • Esmeralda Sandoval
    Esmeralda Sandoval Час назад

    This is basically bragging 🙄