I Am Too Pretty

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
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    Hi, I’m Callie, and I’m going to tell you a story that might seem a little unusual.
    I’m really pretty. Like, beautiful. I know that might sound like bragging-and to be honest, it feels like bragging, because I don’t always feel beautiful-but enough people have told me I am that I’ve come to believe that is how most people perceive me.
    The attention I got for my appearance started when I was a baby. People would tell my mom, “Oh, you have such a beautiful baby.” “You should enter her in contests!” Pretty normal, right? I mean, people love babies. But it continued when I was a toddler. A modeling agent approached my mom in a restaurant when I was three to see if she could sign me. My mom said no-three was too young, she thought. But the attention didn’t stop as I grew older, and eventually my mom was asking me if I would consider a career in modeling, or acting.
    By that time, I was starting to feel really self-conscious. People commented on my looks so much. I hadn’t even hit puberty yet, and I was already getting cat-called on the street. I loved math and science, but nobody seemed to care that I was good at those things. Most adults I interacted with commented on how I’d be “beating the boys away with sticks” soon, or how I’d have no trouble finding a husband. When I was thirteen, I started a RUclip channel dedicated to robotics, one of my greatest loves. But in the comments section, people would leave comments like “ur hot,” or “shame you’re not legal.” Stuff that made me really uncomfortable.
    I started wearing baggy clothes to hide the curves I was developing. I kept my textbooks over my chest in the hallways at school. I started getting so anxious about when the next unwanted comment would come that I would spend breaks between classes in the restroom throwing up. I started showing up late for class so I didn’t have to walk through the halls when there was a crowd.
    And the other problem with being too pretty? People don’t like you. Other girls think you’re full of yourself. And guys only want you so they can brag to their friends about how they got with you. People also don’t think you’re smart. I was the butt of so many dumb blonde jokes, even though I was a great student. Once, my mom told me I was so pretty that I wouldn’t need to worry about going to college. I’d be able to snag a doctor, or a lawyer, and he would take care of me. That hurt more than anything. Between my self-consciousness and the way my classmates resented me, I didn’t have any close friends. And with the way people didn’t take my aspirations seriously, I started to doubt my own ability to have a career in robotics like I wanted.
    So I decided that if this was how the world was determined to see me-as just an object-then that’s what I’d be. I traded my baggy clothes for low-cut tops. I started wearing lipstick, and flirted with the guys who gave me attention, even if I knew they had girlfriends. I did not care about anyone. I’d gossip about the other girls who I knew had been gossiping about me for years. I stopped trying in my classes. A couple of teachers noticed, but I blew them off when they tried to talk to me. I wasn’t sure if this made me happy, but I keep doing it, perhaps because I was so tried of proving my real self to others.
    I didn’t stop. For Homecoming, I wore the sexiest dress I could find. A chaperone told me I’d violated the dress code, and handed me a sweater to cover up. Everyone looked at me and I could tell they were shocked. Perhaps for two main reasons. One, this doesn’t look like me, because that’s not my style. And second,, well, because I looked very attractive. However, twinges of my old self-consciousness resurfaced. Then a guy walked by and pinched my backside. That was the last straw. I couldn’t take it any longer! I started to cry uncontrollably. People began to stare at me, some of them snickering and whispering to each other. “What are you looking at?” I screamed at them. “Stop staring at me!” I couldn’t stop myself. I felt so hurt and confused and alone. I fled the dance and went out to my car. My hands were shaking so badly I was lucky I made it home in one piece. I locked myself in my room and refused to come out. It’s not like I could ever go back to school, after the scene I’d made.
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  • Emotional Trauma
    Emotional Trauma 31 minute ago +1

    almost all these comments are dragging this girl for saying shes too pretty and complaining about it even though shes got good grades aswell and a lot of you are thinking wow shes being dramatic but i see a deeper meaning behind it. this girl was getting stared at, cat called even touched, this girl was being sexually harassed daily and not taken seriously by anyone even her own family. so everyone think before you say shes being selfish and over dramatic and look for the deeper meaning.

  • Eliana Salcedo
    Eliana Salcedo Hour ago

    Damnn gurl, u braggin about urself? I think thats story is not tru. All ppl r pretty since God made them, we all r pretty and damn u dnt need to brag about it. But i understand ,ur just trying to share ur story. I accept it.
    Give a like if ur with me

  • ••Jesus Christ Our Saviour••

    Whoever you are, scrolling through the comment section...
    I want you to know that you as beautiful as anyone else regardless of if that is how others perceive you.
    Everyone is beautiful but society doesn't value everyone's beauty equally.
    Be confident and satisfied with your unique look and Dont find your beauty through comparisons with others.
    That's my opinion 😊😊😊

  • valerie queen
    valerie queen 2 hours ago

    Girl: I am too beautiful...
    Jeff the killer: hold my beer

  • Linn V
    Linn V 3 hours ago

    What's her youtube or ig lmao

  • Malak Senhaji
    Malak Senhaji 4 hours ago +1

    Title:i wish I was ugly
    Me:Girl WHAT THE HELL??!!

  • Helena .h
    Helena .h 4 hours ago

    I'm too ugly

  • Josy Javier
    Josy Javier 4 hours ago

    I understand how she doesn’t like being called dumb blond or to pretty to be capable but gurl those are small things you can prove to people and ignore them its not that hard it’s way harder being ugly trust me Cause I am ugly I’d rather be complimented than being bullied 😒😠

  • Ananya
    Ananya 6 hours ago

    I tried to be supportive but this is literally every girls story pretty or not, getting unwanted attention is unfortunately part of being a woman. This was more about her head than anything else.

  • P!nk Wolf!e
    P!nk Wolf!e 7 hours ago

    Yes its kinda dumb to complain because people hurt themselves because "they aren't beautiful"
    But beauty doesn't matter
    (I haven't watched this yet)

  • Jaken Lich12
    Jaken Lich12 7 hours ago

    These comments are both sad and pathetic.

  • Aran Rebaldez
    Aran Rebaldez 8 hours ago

    Who care about people think about u

  • Kathy Is Happy
    Kathy Is Happy 10 hours ago

    Girl what

  • The edgy Pastel boy
    The edgy Pastel boy 10 hours ago

    people come to me and says “oH yOuR cUtE” I’m like “ArE yOu SuRe AbOuT tHaT”
    I’m not joking and I’m ugly as hell

  • Stephany Redfield
    Stephany Redfield 10 hours ago

    Bitch please. I wish I was beautiful. I'm ugly af and I even had people tell me I should kill myself for being ugly and that nobody will ever love me. I know I'm ugly but I don't need constant reminder. Back when I used to care for love or relationships, I got cheated on all the time for being ugly and beat up too. And get rejected for being ugly. I always being told I'm just that ugly friend everyone needs.

  • Dino velvet
    Dino velvet 11 hours ago


  • The Power Of Unicorn
    The Power Of Unicorn 12 hours ago

    Everyone: I'm Ugly (Actually really cute Like You)
    Me: I'm So Cute
    Mirror: Hell no *mirror breaks*

  • Jocelyn Ramirez
    Jocelyn Ramirez 12 hours ago

    **Loren Gray has entered the chat**

  • Amelia Smith
    Amelia Smith 12 hours ago

    I’m so fucking sorry

  • Crystal DortonSofia
    Crystal DortonSofia 13 hours ago

    I like your shows

  • Totti games and more
    Totti games and more 13 hours ago +2

    I wonder if there is a boy like this

  • Valeria B Peralta
    Valeria B Peralta 15 hours ago

    why did i even click this vieo?

  • Janiahhh_
    Janiahhh_ 16 hours ago

    Your actually really ugly

  • Cam F
    Cam F 16 hours ago

    Okay but why was she vomiting

  • Joker Gacha
    Joker Gacha 16 hours ago

    Bruh This girl sounds bratty if i saw her irl i’d Slap her and say “ you should be more greatful

  • jamya green
    jamya green 16 hours ago +1

    Cali: I’m too pretty

    God: am I a joke to you

  • IDGAF Anyway
    IDGAF Anyway 17 hours ago

    Whattt so that's how Kardashians think ??😌😌😌😷😷😷

  • IDGAF Anyway
    IDGAF Anyway 17 hours ago

    "I'm too pretty ,I need a doctor"
    .I'm going to kill her,who's coming???

  • Ally and Elly
    Ally and Elly 17 hours ago

    That is asking to much u are a spoiled brat

  • CR7Legacy _
    CR7Legacy _ 17 hours ago

    *We are ugly already were not perfect*

  • Sandeep Shenoy
    Sandeep Shenoy 19 hours ago


  • Malaysia Thompson
    Malaysia Thompson 20 hours ago

    I’m feel so bad because your “too pretty” like how dare god make you so beautiful but seriously I feel like your being over dramatic every female gets cat called AND YOUR GETTING MAD BECAUSE YOUR TO PRETTY LIKE I WISH I CAN MAKE A VIDEO LIKE THIS no hate but being pretty is a blessing not A SIN

  • Charles Behensky
    Charles Behensky 21 hour ago

    My daughter doesn't talk a lot and people always say she wouldn't be good at acting, but she really is good.

  • Aliesha Gatling
    Aliesha Gatling 22 hours ago

    I’ve gotten catcalled as a teenager and I’m not complaining about being pretty.

  • Angel XD
    Angel XD 22 hours ago

    What the hell is this b*tch even talking about people can't even relate to her story.

  • Courtney Trinidad

    I'm really sad to read these comments. How could she be happy being pretty if you'll attack her with your words? She can't find happiness because people only look on her appearance, she wants to be true to everyone, to herself, but yeah you people keeps dragging her down. Saying that she's having a minor problem is so not right. She even need to change her look to make herself more comfortable around people when she doesn't need to. People would really drag down whoever person they feel insecured about, and that's a sad truth.

  • CM2D6 Kian KAZAN

    Awwww so sad

  • Kiwi Dew
    Kiwi Dew Day ago

    Teacher: *“DerDerDurrDurDurrDurrr.”*

  • Troop Lee I’m the best Troop

    I would love to be you except I want people to know that I’m smart and nice and care about other people and not have people say that I’m full of myself and not smart...... is that wrong

  • Advert Splitsツ
    Advert Splitsツ Day ago +2

    Who came from
    Sssniperwolf like if you did💜

  • Dakota McGlothen

    Im so sorry youre pretty it must suck


    Suck a beefy fart directly out of tiny butttttt


    Ur uglee


    Butt face nu

  • ava di bartolo
    ava di bartolo Day ago

    She’s definitely so ugly

  • Brylan Fitzpatrick

    I would never do that it's not right you are capable of anything so don't get down just get back up

  • Jaci Makerel
    Jaci Makerel Day ago +1

    Is she seriously complaining about how beautiful and smart she is while most of us are out here being ugly and stupid?
    also, most girls don't have a problem being friends with pretty girls unless they ARE full of themselves so....

  • Yarely Hernandez

    What's her RUclip channel?lol

  • Youtube lovers gonzalez

    people in the ocments are saying they wish ther are ugly but they dontneed to say that cuz ther alredy are

  • ToXiC Tuba
    ToXiC Tuba Day ago

    This girl stupid

  • Snickerdoodles-
    Snickerdoodles- Day ago

    ah yes. "i wish i am ugly"
    professionals. you're supposed to be professionals. *yikes*

  • Elias A
    Elias A Day ago +2

    We need to find that RUclip channel

  • leena lee
    leena lee Day ago

    I think you that’s natalia taylor 😯

  • kiara p
    kiara p Day ago

    Im too ugly..


    *I like*



  • Camille Lofland
    Camille Lofland Day ago

    starts to cry cuz she's too pretty.

    (y) shame

  • Jess Lopez
    Jess Lopez Day ago

    Yeah sure Jane

  • Yeontan's butthole
    Yeontan's butthole Day ago +1

    I'm here worried for my exam results meanwhile she brags how attractive she is smh

  • J P
    J P Day ago +2

    I wish I were you don’t you know the advantages of being pretty

  • Chandler Brooks
    Chandler Brooks Day ago

    Whoa bitch i'm dumbfounded
    I'm going to die
    My heart is failing now please help take this video down or i will die

  • Edlyn Cuyos
    Edlyn Cuyos Day ago

    Her: I wish I was ugly
    Me: Wanna trade face with me? 😂

  • C Haverty
    C Haverty Day ago

    She is ugly don’t worry

  • Itachi Limbu
    Itachi Limbu Day ago

    So youre lindsy lohan from mean girl

  • Just Monika
    Just Monika 2 days ago +1

    Same here I actually hate to be beautiful but they said its god gift my body has a shape to.. But that's kinda annoying it started when I'm 3rd grade some boys in my school says that I'm to pretty And attractive that was my first experience to hear from the boys at first I was like "There just joking me" And when I turned 5th grade Oh.. Gosh sometimes I don't wanna go lunch Because all boys were looking at me saying That I'm beautiful Pretty But I just ignored it,The next week I go out lunch with meh friends And theres a group of boys The 3 of me and my friend I am just the only one they said the things that I'm pretty and this the funny thing I just smiled at them and the kid just jumped to high I was like lol...?

    And when I turned 6 grade The boys started to ask my number I told that to my mom and my mom and my brothers said "just ignore them" I was like OK? And the next day my friend confess on me and he ask my number I remember what my mom and brothers said so I just ignored him I was kinda feel bad at him because I didn't even notice that he has a crush on me for 2 years!! And He said he feel kinda disappointed that seeing other boys greet me,And I don't pay attention to him I apologise to him And yeah.. We were together now

  • Arwen Quintos
    Arwen Quintos 2 days ago +1

    Strange Woman: *I am sooOooo beautiful like so beautiful but I don't wAnna brag*
    Me: BISH what the hell are you talking about? Meanwhile I have problem dealing with important stuff this gal right here is just- mother of God I'm done

  • peachy xoxo
    peachy xoxo 2 days ago +4

    She's acting like her beauty is a curse and expecting us to be like " _don't say that you're beautiful ilysm

  • Aisha Al Maskari
    Aisha Al Maskari 2 days ago

    She’s LITERALLY Complaining about being pretty, stfu loooool

  • YiThunder
    YiThunder 2 days ago

    No you dont wanna be ugly trust me i know

  • Yeetusthefetus Yeet
    Yeetusthefetus Yeet 2 days ago

    Simone giertz thank me later

  • nick schilling
    nick schilling 2 days ago

    Thank you so much for Sharing your storey

  • Victoria S.
    Victoria S. 2 days ago +4

    Stop hating on her! Cat-calling isn’t healthy. Especially at that young of an age!! I think you guys are just jealous....

    • Bdhdud Hdhehe
      Bdhdud Hdhehe 2 days ago

      You're probably one yourself. *I wish I am ugly*

    • Agron Konomi
      Agron Konomi 2 days ago

      Society destroyed her real self and THIS is a serious problem nowdays

    • Agron Konomi
      Agron Konomi 2 days ago


  • Adriana Merida
    Adriana Merida 2 days ago +1

    Ok boom your ugly

  • Emma The Strange
    Emma The Strange 2 days ago +2

    “I am Too pretty. I wish I was ugly”
    “There are people dying. And you wish your ugly?


    I got that from that one vine:
    The “ I lost my diamond earring”

  • myriad1973
    myriad1973 2 days ago +1

    this girl is insane... she bought a hot dress but she wanted people to stop staring at ehr like what do you expect sis... plus u aint even that beautiful animated.

  • Kelly Cimek
    Kelly Cimek 2 days ago

    I am great at math too

  • Grace VanHeuverswyn
    Grace VanHeuverswyn 2 days ago


  • SuperGirlyFan 123
    SuperGirlyFan 123 2 days ago

    Imagine complaining about being pretty

  • Amazing Toad
    Amazing Toad 2 days ago +1

    0:14 no you r definitely not, your eyes are literally looking in opposite directions, so don’t you give the “i am pretty” card, punk

  • Julian Chapman
    Julian Chapman 2 days ago

    I don’t think no one cares that ur not happy ur pretty..... literally no one well one only you

  • gacha movies
    gacha movies 2 days ago

    Just dress like Billie eillish instead of dressing like in the video 😂

  • Maria Gu
    Maria Gu 2 days ago +2

    “im too pretty”
    I have never heard anyone saying that
    Ever. Except for this video

    • What Alien?
      What Alien? 7 hours ago

      Maria Gu I actually heard it once in a Japanese drama. The male protagonist was too handsome as he says so it’s making his life miserable because of all the girls acting crazy around him. It’s a dumb character conflict but the plot of the female protagonist is much nicer and that’s whay i love that drama lol

  • Weird Goat
    Weird Goat 2 days ago

    Her wearing the “sexiest” doesn’t help

  • Kyleen Phoebe Samonte

    It’s pretty annoying that she’s saying she’s TO pretty. 😑

  • Jax
    Jax 2 days ago

    Shut up and appreciate it

  • Alicia Larissa
    Alicia Larissa 2 days ago

    She probably isnt pretty .. people call me pretty all the time and she is just self absorbed.

  • Pony Head
    Pony Head 2 days ago

    I looked at her channel theirs no comments........ 😒

    • Pony Head
      Pony Head 18 hours ago

      @TarnkappenToast Did you see the comments before she deleted them?

    • TarnkappenToast
      TarnkappenToast Day ago

      She deleted it.

  • Althea Beutler
    Althea Beutler 2 days ago

    Some people always say I am beautiful but I just ignore them

  • Yona Granger
    Yona Granger 3 days ago

    I'm surprised at how this entire comments section is so mean and disappointing. She's not complaining about being pretty she's complaining about how people treat her because of that. People have more complicated issues than you think. Learn to see things from their perspective...it's called being empathetic.

  • Fadalerab Rasool
    Fadalerab Rasool 3 days ago +1

    So we're not gonna talk about her mom rejecting a modelling opportunity but then asks if she's wants to become a model?

  • Srestha Dutta
    Srestha Dutta 3 days ago +1

    Go and freaking kill yourself ya moron. There are so many problems in the world and this is what humanity discusses about ?! 🤔😐

  • Park Jimin-ssi
    Park Jimin-ssi 3 days ago +5

    Me: I’m so ugly and yea like hideous🤢

  • Mpepito Pael
    Mpepito Pael 3 days ago



  • flame gamer
    flame gamer 3 days ago

    Now i think its pretty normal to get cat called on the street like its not 1 in a life time and also on your video of robitics thats also normal to get those comments and i dont really think you know about girls couse its pretty normal so stop complaining about being normal and its normal to get girls jealus about you couse if your popalur than yea that will happen and what your gunna use boys i hate this video theres so much to complain about

  • That chill Duck
    That chill Duck 3 days ago +3

    I’ve lost so many brain cells from watching this video

    • taco hombre
      taco hombre Day ago

      @Agron Konomi yeah finally someone who isnt ignorant

    • Agron Konomi
      Agron Konomi 2 days ago

      Society destroyed her real self and THIS is a serious problem nowdays

  • Isabella Raimondi
    Isabella Raimondi 3 days ago

    I hate the why I look I’m ugly and this girl is too pretty bitch bye

  • Isabella Raimondi
    Isabella Raimondi 3 days ago

    This is bull

  • Alayna
    Alayna 3 days ago

    This Is sooooo annoying .:-ughhhhhhhhhhhh

  • celia smith
    celia smith 3 days ago

    I'm not trying to be mean whatsoever but if you look up Cali's robotics you will find what she looks like and she is just an average looking girl so the story is just really confusing

  • Jariqueen
    Jariqueen 3 days ago +4

    I mean I wish I had this problem but okay