The Arabic Language: Its Amazing History and Features

  • Published on Apr 23, 2017
  • This video is all about the Arabic language, from its early origins on the Arabian peninsula, to its current status as the 5th most spoken language on Earth. I also examine a number of features of Arabic and analyze numerous examples.
    Special thanks to Murjana Shabaneh and Mohammad Abd Al Qadr for the audio samples and feedback!
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  • Mihran Tanya
    Mihran Tanya 31 minute ago

    Why you select the Kurdistan territory for arabic area we are not arab

  • احداث و حقائق

    أظن أن على المتعلم تعلم العربية الفصحى لكي عندما لا يفهم لهجة ثاحب اللهجة و هو يتواصلان بالعربية الفثحى هذا رأيي

  • Pearl Muslimah
    Pearl Muslimah 11 hours ago

    Arabic is beautiful language

  • Suhail Saif
    Suhail Saif 15 hours ago

    Great presentation! تقديم رائع للغة العربية لغير الناطقين بها! أحسنت!!

  • خ #H.F.C
    خ #H.F.C 20 hours ago

    التحدث باللغه الفصحى هي الافضل

  • radja regg
    radja regg 23 hours ago

    i'm arabic/ algerian and i'm an arabic teacher to be .. and this is soooo amazinnggglyy well put together ..greetings ♥

  • Robinson Crusoe
    Robinson Crusoe Day ago

    I'm a native Arabic speaker and well educated about Arabic grammar. This video is amazing!
    Thank you for not being offensive while explaining the facts, history, and reality of Arabic today; well prepared. Good job my friend 👍

  • Oday Adi, CNA, MA, PCT

    At 10:51 , when he says, “Kha - Ra,” that’s Arabic for, “Shit.” 😂

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali Day ago +1

    Best introduction i have ever seen about Arabic language

  • omar Ajoulin
    omar Ajoulin Day ago

    As a Arabic native speaker, I recommend always to learn arabic standard language more than a specific arabic accient, that's because it can be understood in all arab countries and it is the language of holy quran.
    كمتحدث اصلي للغه العربيه، انا انصح دائما بتعلم اللغه العربيه الفصحى اكثر من تعلم لهجه عربيه محدده، وذلك لان اللغه العربيه الفصحى يمكن فهمها في جميع الدول العربيه وهي لغة القران الكريم.

  • Ahmed Jawad
    Ahmed Jawad 2 days ago

    First of all, kudos on the great video and for your excellent command of Arabic language.
    As for your question at the end of the video, learning MSA VS a local dialict, of course all depends on one's objectives and preferences.
    However, I can say that if you plan to live or spend a few summers enjoying Marrakech, Amman, or Cairo and you only need to learn a medium of communicating with people on the roads and markets, then learning a certain dialect should suffice. Especially since dialects are not literary systems and they really can be grasped by anyone who spends even a short time in any given Arab country and dialects usually tolerate huge errors and mistakes because after all, they are not languages, as evidenced by some subsaharan African workers speaking Libyan dialect or some South Asian working in the Arabian peninsula speaking Khaliji dialects and they seem to be perfectly being able to deliver a messange to a local.
    However, if you plan to learn Arabic as a language (properly speaking) as in to be able to brand yourself (I speak a language) for any purpose, whether professionally to reflect it on your resumé or for research purposes or any other reason that commands a proper grasp of a language, then learning a dialect is pretty much worthless; you can not tell your prospective employer or university admissions committee that you speak Arabic while in fact you speak a spoken dialect that has no official status and unable to be used in writing even a simple email.
    Here, learning MSA is almost certainly the correct choice. Because with MSA you will have a universal setting that will make you understood in all 26 countries plus you can understand official sources of information e.g. written such as internet articles-newspapers-books-ads, TV (news in particular) and even football games where commentary is becoming increasingly done in MSA !
    With regards to MSA vs Classic, again it depends on your objectives. Classic is certainly very beautiful and extremely eloquent. But for practical purposes, MSA is really sufficient to understand pretty much everything in classic Arabic. So I would again recommend sticking to MSA and then should you decide to perfect classic Arabic, that would be a walk in the park.
    Classic Arabic is certainly important for those who wish to learn Arabic for theological studies (Islamic studies) and for classic Arabic literature.
    Short non-boring summary: MSA will get you anywhere and it is the only form of Arabic that qualifies as a literary language. Dialects are fine for buying some fruits or a chat with some friends but you cannot call yourself a language speaker with it.
    Classic Arabic is our equivalent to Shakespearean English and it can easily be learned having a good grasp of MSA.
    أتمنى لكم كل التوفيق في تعلم هذه اللغة الرائعة :)

  • Luke Scalone
    Luke Scalone 2 days ago

    MSA + Shami or Masri will take you the furthest if you want to engage with the Middle East proper, but if your goal is to engage with more North Africans then Tunsi or Algerian may be better.

  • andi fajar apriani
    andi fajar apriani 2 days ago +1

    As a person who were taught Arabic since very young age, reading Arabic with harakat is much easier than without harakat

  • Osman alfadli
    Osman alfadli 2 days ago

    I am from libya
    if u want learn modren standered arabic I will help u but you either help me

  • Your songs ❤
    Your songs ❤ 2 days ago +1

    A language spoken by most of the terrorists on earth.
    No joke, it's a truth. Specialists say that if more Americans knew Arabic in the past, 911 could have been prevented.
    Islam claims Arabian is a superior language, but according to linguistics it's not, and other languages are beautiful too.
    Arabic was spread across many parts of the world by Islamic conquest. I don't understand why they are so proud of it.

  • انغ
    انغ 2 days ago

    We are brazilian and we have a whatsapp group of arabic on Whatsapp.
    Join us!
    *+55 81 99644-9140*

  • Moh'd Aswad
    Moh'd Aswad 3 days ago

    You are awesome

  • Stick Man
    Stick Man 3 days ago

    اذا ترجمة تعليقي
    احييك على المجهود الي بذلتوا على الفيديو

  • Michael Liles
    Michael Liles 3 days ago

    Great video! Thank you very much

  • salwa'
    salwa' 3 days ago

    I'm an arab girl and it's much better to learn the standard arabic ..why? couse there are tooooo many native arabic dialects even in the same country !!'s difficult to choose between them to learn. some of arabs cann't understand other arabic dialects , but if you learn the standard arabic we can understand you well and slowly slowly you will learn some native words.
    we are just used to speaking in native dialects but learning the standard arabic is the best , easiest and the must correct way. good luck 💖

  • WorldReality - Channel
    WorldReality - Channel 3 days ago +1

    Arabic (egyptian) in english.
    Ahlan (hello)
    Buay (Egyptain) bye
    Salam (peace)
    Leeba (game)
    Gata (gta) 😂
    Also as a arab i could read persian but not talk it. 👍🏻

  • Mitsuki` Zaraky
    Mitsuki` Zaraky 3 days ago

    مرحبا بكم، أنا ماليزي في مصر، أتعلم اللغة العربية، والمشكلة بنسبة لي لم أمرسها كل يوم حتى مع المصريين، بعضهم لا يفهمون الفصحى بما أقول،، ، وأنا كذلك لا أفهم العمية إلا قليلا.. أحتاج النصائح من فضلكم.. أريد لساني كالعربي الأصلي.. n_n

  • ali almusharea
    ali almusharea 3 days ago

    I'm a native arabic speak and I believe they should learn both because if you speak in dialect to someone from another country he/she may not understand then you speak to him/her in modern Arabic he/she will definitely understand

  • K A
    K A 4 days ago

    sure standard arabic then go to dialeric

  • لطيفة الحاتمي

    انا عربية ، يمكنني مساعدتكم اذا اردتم ممارسة اللغة العربية كتابيا 🌹

  • cherni prince
    cherni prince 4 days ago

    I want to exchange Arabic with a native English speaker that's my skype : [email protected]@t or just tap live:cherni1997

  • Asem Shaheen
    Asem Shaheen 4 days ago

    انا عربي

  • Ali Abraham
    Ali Abraham 4 days ago

    I love watching Arabs from different backgrounds get stuck on a word and then rephrase it and suddenly understand each's fun.

  • ufi _als
    ufi _als 4 days ago

    كلما يزيد تعلمك وفهمك للغة العربية الفصحى كلما ازددت انبهارا ولن تصل الى منتهى فهي لاحدود لها

  • Ali Baba
    Ali Baba 5 days ago

    اللغة العربية وعلومها هي لغة مشتقة من
    الآرامية والعبرية.
    بمعني آخر اللغة العربية تعتمد على
    الآرامية والعبرية بشكل كبير

  • abdullah yagi
    abdullah yagi 5 days ago

    About your question Modern Arabic is the best language to learn. I live in Palestine and many tourists come there and I find them speaking modern Arabic. But they really make a lot of mistakes in the pronunciation of Arabic words, yet I understood what they wanted to say with all those mistakes.
    and good luck for those who want to learn Arabic.

  • Genesis
    Genesis 5 days ago

    can someone chat with me in arabic? i want to learn. add me on interpals genesisrubi :)

  • Shatha Faiz
    Shatha Faiz 5 days ago +2

    انا عربية، ودرست اللغة الالمانية واتكلم الانكليزية. من بين هذه الثلاث لغات، اعتقد العربية هي الاصعب، لانها دقيقة ومتخصصة اكثر. لكن طبعا بالنسبة لي، هي الاجمل.
    But in reply to your question, I think it is best to start with modern fus'ha and then introduce the dialect of where you live.

  • a b
    a b 5 days ago

    Very difficult language to learn but also very interesting

    MALK FOR ASTRONOMY 5 days ago

    Did you know that the Arabic alphabet came from Aramaic and Syriac
    Of course you didn't because they distorted Our Syriac History

  • Jay.P.F Mcafee
    Jay.P.F Mcafee 6 days ago

    أنا فخورٌ بكم جميعاً 👍🏼

  • did you
    did you 6 days ago

    Arab were in syria and iraq before islam if you don't know gassaned in syria and mnazera in iraq this your problim

  • Mimi M
    Mimi M 6 days ago +1

    Amazing very detailed

  • Yaz1996
    Yaz1996 7 days ago

    بالتوفيق للجميع 😊

  • Joel Miller
    Joel Miller 7 days ago

    I'm a native arabic speaker I understand almost all the dialects (except for Moroccan, Tunisian and Algerian ) and I recommend learning the formal Arabic (الفصحى). It's a bit hard (even for me) and has strict rules and grammar but it's the "true" Arabic and all Arabic speakers understand it.

  • thegamer555
    thegamer555 8 days ago

    مرحبا من سوريا
    hello from syria

  • Banesh Bill
    Banesh Bill 8 days ago

    Arabic is a great language and has influenced many languages, including European languages, when Islamic civilization was scientifically advanced

  • Startup Hub
    Startup Hub 8 days ago +1

    If you start learning Arabic “Fus ha” it will be easy to communicate with all Arabs

  • Gone To
    Gone To 8 days ago

    Do Romany next

  • one_shot_ kill
    one_shot_ kill 8 days ago

    learn a dialog arabic since 26 cuntries will understand you

  • Skeleton King
    Skeleton King 8 days ago

    dialects are area specific but modern standard isnt, modern standard is leagues more diffcult tho

  • Skeleton King
    Skeleton King 8 days ago

    does it seem difficult? E3RAB!

  • إخلاص الحجة

    It is the first video i understand it in english . I am very happy now

  • arvid gunardi
    arvid gunardi 9 days ago

    I'm lost after Coptic

  • Abdullah Alnasrullah
    Abdullah Alnasrullah 9 days ago +1

    Well done, you are explaining my language very well and that makes me happy. In addition, your research is brilliant and well organized. Keep going 👌💙🇰🇼

  • Shak Pherze
    Shak Pherze 9 days ago

    5:43 wtf happened

  • Hash Bloch
    Hash Bloch 9 days ago

    Isn't its "arbi" & not arabiya

  • لَيْثّ أَبودَيِة،

    The Arab person can understand more dialects because of technology , I prefer talking in standard dialect

  • محمد عبد الوهاب آلباى

    arbyh language learner here

  • Nomenjllislegio
    Nomenjllislegio 9 days ago

    أنا روسي و أرى هذا فيديو عن العربية باللغة الإنجليزية. لا أعرف لماذا أعفل كهذا...

  • Apex lugends y
    Apex lugends y 9 days ago

    شكرا على هذا الفيديو يا صديقي. 🇮🇶

  • Zul O Curran
    Zul O Curran 10 days ago

    True genius. Nobody explains it better than you.

  • Caner Birgül
    Caner Birgül 10 days ago +1

    The video is very fine,I liked it.
    So,İ think that the dialects are dangerous to Arabs and Arabic world,because there is a risk of seperation from Arabic(the languages become own languages)and forming a own identity upon this dialects,in these days where Arabs are separated by 10+states which form an own identity(instead of defining(firstly!) as Arab to define as Marrocoan,Iraki etc.).

  • Ashwaq Mohey
    Ashwaq Mohey 10 days ago

    أنا عربي

  • Der Rebell
    Der Rebell 10 days ago

    Studying modern standard Arabic (Al-Fus'ha) first will allow the student to communicate with ANY Arabic-speaking person because we all can understand it. Learning dialects first is not really advised, since for example, if you learn to speak fluent Egyptian dialect, and then try to communicate with a Moroccan person, you will be confused AF because you will have no idea what he/she is saying, on the other hand, if you can speak MSA, you can ask him/her to speak MSA too, then you will get to understand each other.

  • Fatima فاطمة
    Fatima فاطمة 10 days ago

    اكو عرب بالطيارة😂😂😂😂

  • Fatima فاطمة
    Fatima فاطمة 10 days ago

    العربيتو للغتو جمليتو انا يعرف عربي قليل الحب من امريكا انتم عرب جميل

  • Me Me
    Me Me 11 days ago

    I'm learning English and i need to someone to practice with,i'm from Egypt and i can help with Arabic,who is interested!?

  • Nadia Belaid
    Nadia Belaid 11 days ago

    As a native speaker, I think it depends on your purpose But personnaly I would recommend learning The standard arabic because it is understood by all arabic countries . If you learn just a spoken dialect , you're gonna have to learn the others as well if you go to their country. And as you said, dialects differ from region to region even in one same country , even in the same town really XD. So to understand the core mechanisms and functioning of arabic , go with the standard arabic.

  • khaled saidat
    khaled saidat 11 days ago

    You must learn fushaa in order to write in arabic but if u speak to a random person in fusha probably he or she gonna make fun of u

  • Hevar Nash
    Hevar Nash 11 days ago

    Dud you know that a north east of iraq are kurd and northen of suria to why you said to us we use arabic language you know that we don't use arabic language we use kurdish language

  • Shaimaa Al-taweel
    Shaimaa Al-taweel 12 days ago +1

    اول مره احس العربيه صعبه😂💔

    • Shaimaa Al-taweel
      Shaimaa Al-taweel 11 days ago

      wissam ali
      بجرب ان شاءالله✌🏼

    • wissam ali
      wissam ali 11 days ago

      اقرأ شعر العباسي اوعدك ماراح تفهم شي

  • Ahmd Ahmd
    Ahmd Ahmd 12 days ago

    Im an arabic I didnt knw that arabic have all these things ! Thank u ! Nd Both r a
    good to learn ! But our Dialect ( Moroccan one ) is a bit complicated

  • Hisham Altahel
    Hisham Altahel 12 days ago

    As an Arab, to learn MSA is the best because all Arabs will understand it and we use it as a formal accent in newspapers, televisions, formal speech,......

  • 9 8
    9 8 12 days ago

    احسنت 😎

  • mohanad rafid
    mohanad rafid 13 days ago

    The iraqi arabic. We call it Jilfie.جلفي

    • wissam ali
      wissam ali 11 days ago

      +mohanad rafid
      اني بصرواي وهاي اول مره اسمع بيها

    • mohanad rafid
      mohanad rafid 11 days ago

      مال اهل الجنوب صديقي

    • wissam ali
      wissam ali 11 days ago

      جلفي ؟؟منين جبتها

  • Mhmd Malkani
    Mhmd Malkani 13 days ago

    I'm a native arabic speaker.When you learn MSA you will find learning dialects easy when you travel to arabic country and communicate a lot with people. So, it's necessary first to learn MSA :)

  • DarBassam داربسام

    جميل ورائع... تجدوا على قناتي DarBassam مادة اللغة العربية وعلومها بشكل بسيط رسوم متحركه كرتون مثل قصة موت الشعر الأسود لزكريا تامر...يسرني سماع رأيكم ...جزيل الشكر سلفا

  • Mostafa Tabesh
    Mostafa Tabesh 13 days ago

    اعلمْ رَحِمَكَ الله أنّ رسولَ اللهِ صلى اللهُ عليهِ وسلّمَ مدحَ اللُّغةَ العربيةَ وأمَر بِمَحَبَّتِها فهيَ لغَةُ أهلِ الجنّةِ وأوّلُ لُغةٍ تكَلّمَ بها ءَادَمُ في الجنّةِ وهيَ اللّغةُ التي أُنزِل بها القرءانُ الكريمُ فلا يجوزُ مَسَبَّتُها والاستهزاءُ بها.
    واعلَمُوا أنَّ اللّغةَ العرَبيّةَ هيَ أفضَلُ اللّغاتِ ولغةُ أفضَلِ الخَلقِ سيدِنا محمدٍ صَلَّى الله عليه وسلم وهيَ أسْهَلُ لُغَةٍ ويدلّ على ذلك قولُهُ تعالى ﴿ولقَدْ يَسَّرْنَا القُرْءَانَ لِلذِّكْرِ فَهَلْ مِنْ مُّدَّكِرٍ﴾ سورة القمر17، ولكن بسببِ اختلاطِ العَجمِ بالعَربِ صَارَ بَعضُ مَن لا عِلْمَ له يقولُ "اللغةُ العَربية صَعْبَة" وهذا القولُ لا يجوزُ، بل اللغةُ العَربيةُ هيَ أحسَنُ لغةٍ وأسهلُ لغةٍ وهيَ لغةُ القرءانِ الكريم أفضلِ الكتُبِ السّماوية

  • D. uMychu1
    D. uMychu1 14 days ago +1

    Hi i am from earth and i love humans 💕

    NIGHTMARE IQ 14 days ago +1

    It’s official in Iraq

    • Langfocus
      Langfocus  13 days ago

      I know. It’s co-official with Kurdish according to the Iraqi constitution.

  • Oalana Saudi
    Oalana Saudi 14 days ago

    ملاحظة : العرب أو العرب العاربة هم أهل خليج و اليمن لكن عراق و شام و شمال أفريقيا هم العرب المستعريبة قبل إسلام لم يكن في عراق و شام و شمال أفريقيا أي شخص يتكلم العربية إلا في شبه جزيرة العرب لكن مع ظهور إسلام و إنتشار الفتوحات إنتشروا العرب خارج شبه جزيرة عرب و هكذا ٢٢ دولة لغتها العربية ، ٧ ذات أصول عربية و ١٥ ذات أصول غير عربية :)

  • Andy London
    Andy London 15 days ago

    Я ловец удачи на экзаменах не было ни одного человека

  • hebneh
    hebneh 15 days ago

    I realize that I am now too old for my brain to be able to follow these explanations. Fortunately, I will never have to try to learn Arabic, or any other new language.

    • D. uMychu1
      D. uMychu1 14 days ago

      hebneh try never to let 🌹

  • Aydin Koylu
    Aydin Koylu 15 days ago

    Harika bir kanal, müthiş bilgileniyorum. Keşke her videonun TR altyazısı olsa. Cansu Aydin, İLTERİŞ KAĞAN TR altyazıyı siz hazırlamışsınız. Eline sağlık. Devamını dileriz.

  • Fahimi Mustafar
    Fahimi Mustafar 15 days ago

    Standard Arabic

  • Mmmm 1407
    Mmmm 1407 17 days ago

    I am native speaker of arabic. Modern standard arabic is the best to learn because it is closer to the form of arabic of the Koran.

  • Mahmoud Almasri
    Mahmoud Almasri 17 days ago

    Great video!
    Learn Arabic properly as you learn English properly. Dialects change all the time!

  • Aedan Beales
    Aedan Beales 17 days ago

    You kept putting words into "templates" but never really explained what the template was from an anglocentric viewpoint (which most of your viewers are)

    • Langfocus
      Langfocus  17 days ago

      I think I did explain and show an example visually on the screen, of how consonantal roots are inserted into word templates consisting of vowels and consonantal affixes. Different templates result in different types of meanings, and for verbs that includes conjugations.

  • Steven Bode
    Steven Bode 17 days ago +2

    طلاب امريكي مرحبا يك

      ALWSSOFY GAMING 15 days ago

      wrong writting but you doing a good job. this is how u do it . طالب امريكي مرحبا بكم.

  • Love Xelcrow
    Love Xelcrow 17 days ago +3

    I'm Palestinians and speak Arabic and I really love your videos I can see you put a lot of time into them EXCELLENT CONTENT!

  • elli
    elli 17 days ago

    wtf happened 5:43

    • reliving
      reliving 16 days ago

      hahaha i think was intended

  • Mahmaed Khaled
    Mahmaed Khaled 18 days ago +1

    Fus-ha and standard modern Arabic are much better to be studied actually, because dialects are all extracted from them. But dialects may help to study them easily.

  • r.maditya sashank
    r.maditya sashank 18 days ago

    WTF ...write comments in ENGLISH ....

  • Nicole Ali
    Nicole Ali 18 days ago

    Modern standard Arabic is better and it’s also logical in its form and grammars

  • Linguistmania
    Linguistmania 19 days ago +1

    I believe it's better to learn the standard Arabic because every Arab understands it in the whole Arab world and it's the written language in newspapers and most books.

  • DuDu Chanel
    DuDu Chanel 19 days ago

    Who want to teach me here?

  • Muta'b Aamari
    Muta'b Aamari 19 days ago

    مجهود جبار و رائع كالعادة يا استاذ باول
    السلام عليك وعلى كل من قرأ تعليقي وشاهد الفيديو

    PINCHSHOTGUITAR 19 days ago

    A littel bit Roger Federer : (Tennis star)

  • Syrian_girl 1303
    Syrian_girl 1303 20 days ago +4

    يا عرب صفوا جمبي والله نحنا نيالنا منحكي اصعب لغة ولغة القرآن كمان نحنا محظوظين😄😄

  • xotr1x
    xotr1x 20 days ago +1

    Great video thanks for your time and effort

  • Omar M
    Omar M 20 days ago +2

    As a Lebanese person and an Arabic native speaker since we were kids they thaught us at school Classic Arabic and our local dialect & my way of communication with other Arabic speakers from different Arabic countries is Classic one , so my advice to all Arabic learners is CLASSIC ARABIC .

  • Muhammad Arafat
    Muhammad Arafat 20 days ago

    I think that whether one should learn MSA or a dialect should depend on their purpose. If they need to learn Arabic in order to live in an Arabic speaking country, then the dialect of that country would come in much more handy than MSA. On the other hand, if they want to learn it for fun or exposure then I think that learning MSA would be a better start, which would also give a better chance for being able to communicate with Arabic speakers than learning a dialect would.

  • Frozen Moon
    Frozen Moon 20 days ago +1

    As an Arab, I want to advise everyone to learn the moden standard arabic
    This will enable you to communicate with any arabic speaker, from Oman to Morroco
    Arabic dialect -even they are more fun and easier to learn- limits your Communication to the specific country you choose to learn it's dialect
    At the end.. arabic is hard
    But I found learning English hard as well at the beginning

  • eksi limoncuoglu
    eksi limoncuoglu 20 days ago

    I don't like Arabic people, they betrayed Turks. Bur Arab girls r really nice. So Which dialect is best to learn ??