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Sidemen vs KSI & Deji • Diss Track War With Health Bars

  • Published on Aug 26, 2017
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    -Final Diss Track Winner: Vikkstar-

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  • Nima
    Nima  Month ago +160

    Maybe watch this too :D ?

    Also, subscribe while you're at it ;)

    • GodfallDragon
      GodfallDragon 5 days ago

      Your whole channel is actually stupid. It's all biased and you can't just kill off/decide who wins just because they're "irrelevant" Viks sucks at rapping, while Rice Gum actually has a recent history of really good bars. Everyone else in the video are trash, tho.

      YOOTYBOY 14 days ago

      Nima hell no

      SABER KING 25 days ago +1

      Martin got more subs the you

      SABER KING 25 days ago +1

      Nima your ass

    • Attoaf
      Attoaf 25 days ago

      Nima so apparently Harry only dissed jj like 3 times after his track jj shouldn’t have any health

  • I Shouldn't Vlog
    I Shouldn't Vlog 3 hours ago

    first dude sounds like google translate

  • Rocket League Clips
    Rocket League Clips 5 hours ago

    How tf did Harry lose

  • TJ Rollins
    TJ Rollins 5 hours ago

    KSI suxs do u know WAT Fuck u ksi

  • TJ Rollins
    TJ Rollins 5 hours ago

    KSI go suck a c*

  • Tg Skies
    Tg Skies 5 hours ago

    My fav video ever

  • caleb
    caleb 6 hours ago

    You are the most biased cunt ever

  • Rifty Playz
    Rifty Playz 6 hours ago +1

    you are so one sided deji's diss tracks were wank and they apparently killed Simon, and how didn't harry kill jj but KSI breathes and harry loses like his whole health bar

  • A T R E U S YT
    A T R E U S YT 6 hours ago

    Wtf?? Why is rice gum is here!?!?!?!

  • Dead Bobin
    Dead Bobin 8 hours ago

    that was a fear win for vikk.

  • Lorenzo Santiago
    Lorenzo Santiago 11 hours ago

    Oohhhh we got a Biasef editor herr

  • Jesta Boi
    Jesta Boi 13 hours ago

    Can I just say the only relevant thing is Fortnite so I think it wins. (Edit) I just realized that vik is still the winner because he only plays Fortnite my fellow Indian bring it home for india

  • Madden Pritchard
    Madden Pritchard 13 hours ago

    simon fuckkking destroyed deji

  • Red Lego Brick
    Red Lego Brick 14 hours ago

    This man is talking about minecraft and grades. What a holy child

  • Red Lego Brick
    Red Lego Brick 14 hours ago

    Such cringe

  • IDoStuff
    IDoStuff 16 hours ago

    Nima actually thinks calling a guy fat is like a super bad diss or something

  • IDoStuff
    IDoStuff 16 hours ago

    Nima is playing f*cking favorites

  • That Nerd Guy
    That Nerd Guy 18 hours ago

    1/2 of the miniminter diss track should have killed deji but didnt
    Deji: Your JJs B*tch
    Dejis diss track should have lost his own health and let the others gain health

  • Ray Hatcher
    Ray Hatcher 19 hours ago

    Rice gum Is better than Vickstar

  • Cody D
    Cody D 19 hours ago

    Ksi fan? Cause he needs about 7 somgs to go down i guess

  • Jesus IsBAE
    Jesus IsBAE 22 hours ago

    Harry: dies
    JJ: laughs immediately in the song

  • w t
    w t 22 hours ago

    Rice is not irrelevant u are and ur not even smart that u probaly left school with Strait f's so shut ur dumbass up

  • Alison McCarthy
    Alison McCarthy Day ago

    I think Simon's diss track is the best tbh

  • francisco notyo
    francisco notyo Day ago


  • Inf
    Inf Day ago

    You are for ksi gay

  • Howling Wolf
    Howling Wolf Day ago

    Fat joke SuPeR hUrTfUlL

  • KepitPavTV
    KepitPavTV Day ago

    ksi fanboy. Fuck you boy

  • Luke Robinson
    Luke Robinson Day ago

    Spot the KSI fan...

  • LoviPlays
    LoviPlays Day ago

    Deji took too many L's from Simon's diss. Sub to me please!

  • Mr Aussie
    Mr Aussie Day ago

    XD calls miniminter jj bitch looses 10 health bars

  • Mr Aussie
    Mr Aussie Day ago

    he legit favored ricegun ksi and deji AND DEJIS BARS WERE SO SHIT

  • Mr Aussie
    Mr Aussie Day ago

    this is bs ksi is obviously favorite to this person

  • Rashid Ibrahim
    Rashid Ibrahim Day ago

    What the heck is Deji's voice? JJ's voice is more cooler than Deji's. Deji seems to be he has not occurred puberty

  • chewy mendez
    chewy mendez Day ago

    Yo wtf I think deji copied Eminem's line from 8 mile 16:34 "I know something about you you went to Cranbrook that's a private school"

  • Joeythenotable
    Joeythenotable Day ago

    Fucking rigged

  • Natethegreat 7x
    Natethegreat 7x Day ago

    Deji got DESTROYED

  • Natethegreat 7x
    Natethegreat 7x Day ago

    How would deji know that Vik has a Minecraft dick

  • ItzJake Roblox
    ItzJake Roblox Day ago

    KSI diss track was hard to listen, that is not how to rap. Like wtf
    Oh. Yes. You. Have. Tiny. Dick.
    Pretty much KSI’s diss track.

    PROSƎQUƎNX Day ago +1

    Ungrateful was legit the worse diss track on here; and Nima decided that it was good enough to take out Simon; who had the best diss track there smh.

  • Nick Applebee
    Nick Applebee Day ago

    Is rice gum rice flavored gum

  • Marco Ramirez
    Marco Ramirez Day ago

    So we got 6 British people 2 black who cant rap and we got an Asian who thinks he can rap LMFAOO imagine

  • FaZe_ Ghostguy
    FaZe_ Ghostguy Day ago

    First with sidemen now with quadeca

  • Spoopy Skeleton
    Spoopy Skeleton Day ago

    KSI out here starting drama but everytime he gets clapped

  • Jacob Puentes
    Jacob Puentes Day ago

    Rice gum is not irrelevant

  • Kaitlyn Rivera
    Kaitlyn Rivera Day ago

    Bc simon’s was firee doee😂

  • Its Reddd
    Its Reddd Day ago

    I wanted comedy to go dead as soon as he insulted Vanoss

  • Pika GR
    Pika GR Day ago

    The other guy lost
    Nima: lets put him to lose them one u freaking idiot its the worst

  • Pika GR
    Pika GR Day ago

    Hahha ksi already lost lol u made all wrong braa

  • A Person
    A Person Day ago

    Deji you got slapped up by jake Paul 😂

  • Kyan Miah
    Kyan Miah 2 days ago

    Ricegum is irrelevant

  • Ins3Kure_phobos ̇
    Ins3Kure_phobos ̇ 2 days ago

    16:33 I swear deji copy 8 mile

  • Click bait Master
    Click bait Master 2 days ago

    This video is not fair at all harry should've won

  • Pixel Leandro
    Pixel Leandro 2 days ago

    Bro you are with jj and ksi

  • Jedikkezus 7
    Jedikkezus 7 2 days ago

    Video starts at 20:35

  • The Amazing D0ge
    The Amazing D0ge 2 days ago

    Next time choose the person who won instead of getting rid of all the people on KSI’s team who are relevant

  • haley phillips
    haley phillips 2 days ago

    This video is sooooo biased omg

  • Julian Torres
    Julian Torres 2 days ago

    Deji- I'll shit in a urinal
    Simon- health depletes

  • Kelzel
    Kelzel 2 days ago

    Lol When I Read The End I Fell Of My Bunkbed And Broke My Arm But It Was Worth It

  • VintageBeeferMan ROBLOX

    “White Precious “

  • The Singing Reaper Moon Shado

    Also deji coppied emineme in 8 mile

  • The Singing Reaper Moon Shado

    If there out why is there song playing

  • The Singing Reaper Moon Shado

    Ksi: your dad is a werido
    Harry's bar goes down 6 bars

  • Razor Nitrosaur
    Razor Nitrosaur 2 days ago

    Harry: *killed deji*
    Deji: *spits another verse*

  • Deathwing 73
    Deathwing 73 3 days ago

    This is lame -_- and just stupid

  • Kid Smasher 100
    Kid Smasher 100 3 days ago

    Sub to my channel if I get 100 or 50 subs I’ll do shoutouts

  • Mezosi Matt
    Mezosi Matt 3 days ago

    You did miss Josh
    ya know

  • Hero
    Hero 3 days ago

    This is pretty biased

  • Miko
    Miko 3 days ago

    I think its kind of very annoying how ksi's disstracks were absolutely garbage yet he still gets 1 person with 1 diss track

  • Miko
    Miko 3 days ago

    Tommy gun was shit.

  • Shez 97
    Shez 97 3 days ago +1

    Does anyone else think that miniminter was lyp sincing ?

  • Louseriss Ramillano
    Louseriss Ramillano 3 days ago


  • Too much Water
    Too much Water 3 days ago

    Their all ass at rapping

  • HugeNinjaSpongebob 05

    I like how deji stole a line from 8 mile

  • Kraze_E big chungus
    Kraze_E big chungus 3 days ago

    Ofc vik wins he always wins

  • Yt Zero
    Yt Zero 3 days ago

    Y is rice Im here like this is sidemen only

  • Yt Zero
    Yt Zero 3 days ago

    JJ should of died first not harry

  • MildDark wolf76
    MildDark wolf76 3 days ago

    How did Simon not kill deji

  • MildDark wolf76
    MildDark wolf76 3 days ago

    You forgot to add Josh and Tobi

  • Avesta
    Avesta 3 days ago

    funniest part is that simon destoyed deji in one disstrack and deji destroyed him in two

  • Filthy SHOTZ
    Filthy SHOTZ 3 days ago +1

    Only because rice gum is irrelevant

  • Of Course Little Boi

    I feel like it shouldnt be health bars but points. Ik this is late...

  • Yeet ur Gravy
    Yeet ur Gravy 3 days ago

    The guy just thinks JJ is good

  • Jake Davison
    Jake Davison 3 days ago

    Posh boy want to rap is not a good bar because jj went to a private school so how come harry loses so much health

  • Jonathan Camargo
    Jonathan Camargo 3 days ago

    Did this man say he hates vanoss bc his diss track is terrible than the others bc he would be the number one loser of the rap battle

  • Yo boy Fredo
    Yo boy Fredo 3 days ago

    Ksi and rice gum clearly won

  • Yo boy Fredo
    Yo boy Fredo 3 days ago

    Ur so bias

  • Ode Lide
    Ode Lide 3 days ago +1

    Worst vid ever😂

  • Skies Gaming
    Skies Gaming 3 days ago

    Harry's diss was the best tbh

  • Ode Lide
    Ode Lide 3 days ago +1

    Ksi: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if the woodchuck looked like you.
    Ethan loses health.
    Like what the fuck?

  • Break
    Break 4 days ago

    Deji’s diss track and flow WAS SO FUCKING TRASH

  • Ben Rosen
    Ben Rosen 4 days ago

    Literally the song little boy is about chris md it even says it. ?!?

  • Scxtt HD
    Scxtt HD 4 days ago +1

    *How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck look like you bitch*
    Ethan loses 3 bars
    Logic 🧐

  • the wolfgang
    the wolfgang 4 days ago

    Ksi should be dead cuz when w2s dissed him it bely took down health

  • Joel Chi
    Joel Chi 4 days ago

    So we are just going to go over that vikkstar won

  • Andrius Daugėla
    Andrius Daugėla 4 days ago

    This is so cringe

  • Aggelos Mparmp
    Aggelos Mparmp 5 days ago +1

    fuck ksi!

  • Ivy Jenkins
    Ivy Jenkins 5 days ago

    Where is toby

  • Playstationfreek 21
    Playstationfreek 21 5 days ago

    You bum lick Ksi you are like a gay couple

    MBK BEAST 5 days ago

    He just had a favourite person and that’s jj

  • sqaurt Gaming
    sqaurt Gaming 5 days ago +1

    Deji is trash