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  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • Storytime: my facial plastic surgery journey
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    Title song "Faceshopping" by SOPHIE
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  • ContraPoints
    ContraPoints  5 months ago +14307

    Hello girls, let's talk about bone structure 💀

    • retrogawd
      retrogawd 11 days ago

      Looks great!

    • monkerud2108
      monkerud2108 Month ago

      You are actually pritty.. dont beat yourself up, i do it too, even if i dont obsess over my looks, everyone thinks their butt ugly, actually being butt ugly is really rare

    • monkerud2108
      monkerud2108 Month ago

      Personally i fall for natural looks, no makeup in the rain on a mountain, but maybe its just a sentimental thing. You do you :-) youre doing fine 🖖🏻 Dont go for huge lips tho, most men dont want a freaking sex doll x-)

  • 松谷春樹
    松谷春樹 6 hours ago

    I know ppl call Natalie mom but like can u acc adopt me pls

  • Isabel Caballero
    Isabel Caballero 10 hours ago

    I just came back to this video to look for the I AM VAN GOFFJJGHHFJ
    Edit: it's at 16:47 - you're welcome lol
    Still iconic in my fifth of something watch.

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd 11 hours ago +1

    "It's hard being a six"
    *Story of my life*

  • Heather Litts
    Heather Litts 13 hours ago

    I relate to this so much. Like, deep in my fucking soul.

  • Laila Kirschbaum
    Laila Kirschbaum 13 hours ago

    i sneezed right before you said "ew...gross"

  • sarah knowlton
    sarah knowlton 14 hours ago

    people assume i’m unintelligent or shallow because i have bright purple hair and wear makeup and crop tops, and i do enjoy doing fun makeup looks and buying clothes, but i also enjoy reading george orwell and doing algebra. it’s really annoying and i’m sure it’s 10x worse for trans women

  • Nicolette
    Nicolette 14 hours ago

    I found you through tiffany ferg when she mentioned your opulence video. Had no idea you transitioned (1) and I love your hair and makeup (2).

  • Shanna Farley
    Shanna Farley 23 hours ago

    I think I heard the tunes of my favorite classical pieces in this video. I adore ContraPoints. I remember binging on a bunch of ContraPoints videos in an Airbnb in Prague. Really, how often do you remember a place/time watching a RUclip video, especially when you are on vacation.

  • Kristine
    Kristine Day ago

    I love you so much ❤️ thank you for everything that you do

  • Lauren Lynley
    Lauren Lynley Day ago

    Beauty and Aesthetics are the foundations of civilisation. Those who dismiss beauty are the shallow ones. I love L.A. because of all of the beautiful people and Europe for the art & architecture. Nothing wrong with that! I am a CIS lesbian and I value art, beauty and aesthetics above all else; and the human and animal rights thing too but why not be stylish whilst freeing the people?

  • hilaryfireeyes
    hilaryfireeyes Day ago

    I like your style. Um, yeah that does mean much coming from someone whos 6 months late to this video. But I think make up is how people Photoshop the things they don't like about there face. Or fun. Also SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TONER DOES!!! GOD I NO NOTHING ABOUT MAKEUP. I'm and artist so you think I could apply it alright but nope. No lt that it matters. I rub my face to much for it to stay on.

  • cosmo naut
    cosmo naut Day ago

    all of your points show enough meat inside the female identity to fuel the struggle of the 'human' (based on english literature, usually it is male, so not sure how generalised that term can be) condition to leave Hamlet quaking. i noticed the changes because you have highlighted them this video, but before i didn't - i just thought you were looking especially beautiful these days!

  • Ren ★
    Ren ★ Day ago

    LIVING for Sophie at the beginning

  • mustard rose
    mustard rose Day ago

    i think she kinda looks like Blake lively

  • beth 9891
    beth 9891 Day ago

    The low key shade is everything.

  • Kekoa Kaawa
    Kekoa Kaawa Day ago +2

    “It’s hard being a 6.” Same sis....same.

  • Kekoa Kaawa
    Kekoa Kaawa Day ago

    Who was her doctor? She looks so beautiful, I want similar results.

  • Conny Flores
    Conny Flores 2 days ago

    Si no decías que eras trans juraba que eras cis
    Es el primer video tuyo que veo y realmente me encantas

  • smashbro247
    smashbro247 2 days ago

    The moral is do what makes you feel comfy
    Eyeshadow and foundation is fun as fuck and a little eyeliner doesn't hurt. The mist is for setting that shit onto your face. It's all pretty simple

  • Ekxn NNf
    Ekxn NNf 2 days ago

    I want to touch your face so much

  • Dale Carothers
    Dale Carothers 2 days ago

    You are so brilliant. Such a wonderful brain.

  • Antonia Stoyanova
    Antonia Stoyanova 2 days ago

    I know I'm late but losing weight feels really similar to having surgery - I really don't feel any different in the way that I still feel fat even if I don't LOOK fat. I feel like a fat person who's somehow faking being not fat, especially while trying to erase all evidence that I was ever fat. Except I really can't cause that shit ain't just physical - I sure can get rid of the stretch marks and loose skin with surgery or for now just try to by angrily slathering myself with lotion every night, pinching the remaining fat on my hips until it bruises cause I'm supposed to increase the blood flow which will help with whatever enemy I'm fighting. It's a very visceral place

  • Marlena Jonane
    Marlena Jonane 2 days ago

    This helps me more for my anxiety than my prescribed pills

  • .
    . 3 days ago

    Instant like from the SOPHIE intro

  • nick
    nick 3 days ago

    1:20 inanimate sensation

  • Under Construction
    Under Construction 3 days ago

    I mean this in a non creepy way but I am obsessed with your face and voice🙈 Youre so beautiful

  • Tannaleah Cornell
    Tannaleah Cornell 3 days ago

    You’re fucking gorgeous, girl

  • joe buffalo
    joe buffalo 3 days ago +1

    Summary : " I'm not above being vain about my looks".

  • Geralt Rivia
    Geralt Rivia 3 days ago

    but i mean to be fair the beauty standard is a standard for a reason, statistically speaking, more people would want to fuck kate upton than amy schumer there are traits and characteristics that are more desirable by a bigger group of people and that desirability ends up creating a standard.
    works with products too, why is every goddamn phone out there a slab? because the market (us) has shown a preference for that form factor
    i mean fuck, even goddamn babies (you know, the ones that can't talk and haven't had their mind warped) prefer looking at attractive faces

  • Ornate Muse
    Ornate Muse 3 days ago

    Sophie in the intro took me out okay. I have to recover and then come back.

    DOODLE DOVE 4 days ago

    There was a TedTalk where a model changed outfits and asked how valid the audience considered her scientific opinions. The audience found her more credible once she put on glasses, flat heel shoes, and a long cardigan. So what I take from that is cardigans are perfectly valid modern day security blankets.

  • Sandra Sofia Barrera Agamez

    Girrrrl i feel u so much when you say that you can't tell if you're pretty or not, i feel exactly the same

  • Kenghym
    Kenghym 4 days ago

    You won't see this... but you are stunning. And maybe it helps when I tell you, that 3 years ago I was confronted with your videos through very unflattering responses from... the other side. As a person who prides themselves in being critical I come over to watch what you had to say and had to discover that you are actually brilliant. While becoming a much more liberal person myself over the years I don't agree with you on every point and always imagined how wonderful an actual conversation with you could be. It's so rare to see someone entertain viewpoints in such a calm manner, trying to really get behind another persons view, even if you don't share it (fully). I like to think about myself as being somewhat of a kindred soul in this and am often critisized for not arguing a point. Of course I'm not, I'm not arguing at all! I just want to entertain ideas with people, is it really this hard to just... talk? Broaden your spectrum withou winners or losers? I think you might know that feeling, since you might not be the character you portray in your stunning videos, but most of all, a very cunning young woman who is very observative of the human condition. And while I couldn't assume to know you in any way, I like to imagine that you experience the same struggle that comes with this, as I have.

    I've been watching your content on and off for years now and always found it engaging and thought provoking in the most wonderful ways. This made you incredibly beautiful from the first time I heard you speak. And while you were always very beautiful to me, a pansexual transomething (still within 'egg' mode, if you allow me this selfdeprivation), this face suits you stunningly. I love it, and I adore you so much for your work - even if boring old me might disagree on some things.

    Please keep doing what makes you happy - you are making the world a better place by making people think; even if some might deep it superficial.
    (Our climate politics should have been changes 20 years ago, we are fucked anyways, it's our parents fault so WHO EVEN CARES)

  • Анастасия Никитина

    When you say "my plastic surgeon is an artist", the only thing coming to mind is the plotline in later Castle seasons where plastic surgeon was creating clones of main characters and then threatened to cut main characters' faces off

  • Shannon
    Shannon 5 days ago

    "Phones live in a society" 😂

  • REYA
    REYA 6 days ago

    Look I’ll be honest with ya... you aren’t pretty YOUR’E STUNNING
    I’m not even a die hard fan
    I’m new here, this is my first time.

  • Sippi Liscious
    Sippi Liscious 6 days ago

    You're a heroine!

  • Sippi Liscious
    Sippi Liscious 6 days ago

    I just discovered you and I love your videos. :)

  • K Ham
    K Ham 6 days ago

    Sorry , j Starr is not beautiful, by far beautiful,, trying to be nice but he’s hideous,,inside and out

  • K Ham
    K Ham 6 days ago

    If you have money nowadays nobody has to be ugly, on the outside that is , their are many pretty women and men that are so ugly on the inside , it takes over on the outside

  • K Ham
    K Ham 6 days ago

    Your beautiful, and your videos are so well done

  • Ana Smith
    Ana Smith 6 days ago

    omg you are so profound. thank you, new to your channel, and btw you def pass, cis woman here, i envy you in some ways =)

  • itsmitsy
    itsmitsy 6 days ago

    Just discovered you last night & I am beyond in love with you!!!

  • Progressive Pagan
    Progressive Pagan 7 days ago

    I'd consider you a solid 8, tbh. Maybe it's a lesbian thing

  • Tracie Holladay
    Tracie Holladay 7 days ago

    Oh. You're an artist. And you are your own canvas. And lots of artists are their own worst critics. We don't see you the way you see you. So you're doing just fine. Worry not.

  • Chris Michaels
    Chris Michaels 7 days ago

    She looks so much like Billie Lourd from AHS

  • Malorie Cooper
    Malorie Cooper 8 days ago

    If I were to be pagan and set up an alter to worship a god, it would seriously be you, Natalie. Totally not in a cringey, creepy way, though. Don't worry.

  • Hawkmoth
    Hawkmoth 8 days ago

    Wow did that fuck with a high ass me

  • Werewolf Country
    Werewolf Country 8 days ago

    As someone who had dysphoria growing up (cis but people would constantly bully me for my male attributes), the cosmetic procedures to fix dysphoria ARE still cosmetic. It's a privilege to be able to have these things done, this of course doesn't mean we shouldn't go through with them. I had crippling anxiety and suicidal thoughts around how my gender was perceived, I would question why I couldn't simply BE a cis man if that's how some people saw me but on the other hand WANTED to be the feminine woman I thought I'd been born as. In the poor area of the UK I come from, surgery isn't really an option when there are more pressing matters like lack of housing, lack of purpose and lack of jobs here, I agree once you fix the dysphoria with MTF / FTM / cosmetic surgery it can help people become a more well equipped citizen, but the healthcare system is already so strained here that it's hard to tell when something is a pressing matter or not as it can be subjective. I'm happy for you, but it is a privilege and a lot of trans women in poor areas outside of the US and even cis genders, don't get to live out their dreams of shushing/healing their dysphoria, be them gender or beauty.

    • Werewolf Country
      Werewolf Country 8 days ago

      Of course I would like to add that you're beautiful Natalie and this is just my mini anecdote

  • Bender Rodriguez
    Bender Rodriguez 9 days ago

    You want honest advice on your looks? Please wash your damn hair. It's so greasy that it looks wet. I'm a sweaty fucker and my hair doesn't even look that bad unless I skip four days of washing. You probably skipped a whole week... Gross! You have fine straight hair. You can't wash on a curly coarse schedule without looking like a drowned rat. Other than that dirty mop on your head, you look fine and should stop worrying about your looks.

  • venuspluto67
    venuspluto67 9 days ago +1

    Attractive people are *vastly* more likely to be hired. Ask any overweight middle-aged woman with very marketable secretarial skills how easy it is for them to get hired these days.

  • DecadentCupcake123
    DecadentCupcake123 10 days ago

    Contra, you are pretty enough for Instagram. I'd eat up your videos if you ever made tutorial videos.

  • Trowa71
    Trowa71 10 days ago +1

    Does women in jail using makeup have something to do with conditioning? not the hair kind, i mean theyve been using it all their life every day, maybe it's just comfortable? (Im a cis white male incel, so idk)

  • Trowa71
    Trowa71 10 days ago

    3:20 So, I'm that easy, eh? I guess I'd fuck anything with a flattish forehead.

  • TheLogan
    TheLogan 12 days ago

    For someone born a boy, you feel beautiful spectacularly often xD
    I've so far felt attractive once in my life, and even that is more than many of my male friends

  • Isaiah Stephenson
    Isaiah Stephenson 13 days ago +1

    Thick and hot

  • Joslyn Mott
    Joslyn Mott 14 days ago +1

    I thought this was another really well thought-out video, like every other one she has made. Also, if you pause it at 13:47, she looks totally *derp* *derp*

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 14 days ago +1

    Your sequinned dress is awesome. I like the video too.

    THEM0J0MAN 14 days ago +6

    That intro is chilling

    • Bender Rodriguez
      Bender Rodriguez 9 days ago +1

      It's legitimately terrifying. Someone has untapped talent in horror.