Comey Hearing Begins With A Bang As Adam Schiff Asks The Big Questions

  • Опубликовано: 20 мар 2017
  • The top-ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) began by asking the question that must be answered. Was Trump's collusion with Russia a coincidence?

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  • Bob Smiley
    Bob Smiley 7 месяцев назад

    How wonderful. A. Shitt has spent many hours on Russia, Russia, Russia. He's found nothing because there is nothing to find. Thank you ABC FAKE NEWS for highlighting the waste, fraud and abuse of this useless moron hopefully he will be un-elected this next November. Bye faggot bitch crook.

  • Academia Psíquica Arcoíris Sagrado Médium Sabrina

    This questions were stage so they will have some news headlines!

  • Dutchman Van Dyke
    Dutchman Van Dyke Год назад +1

    You assholes had the White House for eight years with big majorities in the house and senate the first two. You had the media protecting you. You had MANY Republican senators rubber stamping Obama's appointments. In reality, you pieces of anti American taxpayers shit have had Washington since 1992. Now we elected a non establishment president, a Republican congress, something like 34 state houses, and the majority of state legislatures, and you socialist leftists will do everything in your power to block US, not just Trump. If we gave you FREE healthcare, a huge budget surplus, millions of WELL PAYING jobs, eliminated ISIS and terrorism, and provided taxpayer paid abortions through the 10th month, you'd still hate us just as much. We're not giving the election back. 2018 will be a bloodbath for your senators, btw.

  • carolina cuchacovich
    carolina cuchacovich Год назад +4

    Trump supporters are going to realize they back up a communist... LOL

  • Dot L.
    Dot L. Год назад +2

    Is it a Coincidence that the GOP had 9 investigate into Benghazi with NO results of wrong doing, yet will NOT hold 1 investigation into this attack on US Elections, alos NO investigations into the wrong doing of Interstate Cross check throwing Millions off of the voter rolls. It could be possible that Trump did win the popular vote but we'll never know because those disenfranchised voters were hand a placebo ballot (Provisional Ballots) that are just tossed!

  • Mikey is Tank
    Mikey is Tank Год назад

    But they won't investigate the wire tap claim. When thinks keep getting leaked which is really bad for this country.

    • JTCFC1
      JTCFC1 Год назад

      my money is on them finding something. be patient and let the process play out. Democrat or Republican shouldn't matter.... there is definitely some lying and shady activity going on. People deserve the find out the real story. We need to find out the full extent of the lying and who is involved.

    • Mikey is Tank
      Mikey is Tank Год назад

      Well they're not going to find anything they keep beating a dead horse. But if they're going to investigate this then they should investigate everything. Comey is a double agent that's why.

    • JTCFC1
      JTCFC1 Год назад +4

      Mikel thetank why keep changing the topic. you're no worse than the politicians doing the exact same thing. why not discuss the issue at hand. yes it is possibly a coincidence but it is extremely unlikely that it is

  • jeff harris
    jeff harris Год назад +1

    What's possible is what a disgrace Schiff is to his constituents. "Russia, Russia, Russia" is the Democrats' Benghazi - total time waster.