Ryan Tries: Primitive Building - EPIC SNOW FORT

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • Always been a fan of those primitive building videos and just wanted to give it a try! Welcome to the first Ryan Tries episode!
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Comments • 17 935

    JAMES KNOW U 3 hours ago

    That's eggtually very good 👏👏

    JEZAREAL MONTEBON 3 hours ago


    SMB BOWS3R 4 hours ago

    do you see the face on 4.40

  • Ayman Nasir
    Ayman Nasir 9 hours ago

    Minecraft 100

  • Magnus Rasmussen
    Magnus Rasmussen 12 hours ago

    Just amazing

  • asaad hutchinson
    asaad hutchinson 14 hours ago

    This was epic

  • asaad hutchinson
    asaad hutchinson 14 hours ago

    Did they actually sleep there?

  • DriZ_Turtle •
    DriZ_Turtle • 18 hours ago

    Is it weird that this is the first primitive survival video I have watched

  • Conor Doonan
    Conor Doonan Day ago

    It turned out better than the last one

    GOODGUY JJ123 Day ago +1

    I wonder what it looks like now

  • TheSunMaker
    TheSunMaker Day ago

    this will be my fav asmr vid

  • Mr. Man
    Mr. Man Day ago

    No food, three days.

    Seems legit

  • Lars Konrad
    Lars Konrad Day ago +1

    Holy Shit what state is this

  • Timothy Anderson

    Wow, did you see how he started that fire, that was so good. Almost like it was a magical video edit. A fort with the all important slide, what else could you need and they had soooo much fun.

  • Rixxq minivan
    Rixxq minivan Day ago

    Bruh it was actually super satisfying to watch

  • Antony Schoas
    Antony Schoas Day ago +2

    To triple the views you should have added “asmr” to the title

  • SteveDaSavage
    SteveDaSavage Day ago

    I definiteley didn ditch this video and watch some real primitive

    Like for me to undo

  • JustAGuyWhoIsWeird
    JustAGuyWhoIsWeird 2 days ago

    Asmr 100%

  • JustAGuyWhoIsWeird
    JustAGuyWhoIsWeird 2 days ago +1

    How did he not eat

  • Rex Raptor28
    Rex Raptor28 2 days ago

    Actually cool tho

  • The BetterAzn
    The BetterAzn 2 days ago

    2 idiots running into snow lol

  • godfey
    godfey 2 days ago

    7:00 Ryan goes to sleep on the right side
    7:07 Ryan wakes up on the left side
    Coincidence? I think not.

  • CasuallyInsecure
    CasuallyInsecure 2 days ago +1

    Me - Pssh, I can do that.


    Fox News - Teenager found dead outside his house. Experts say he died of exhaustion.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 2 days ago

    Rare footage of the last existing mayans creating a snow fort 1892 colorized

  • Pj Panda
    Pj Panda 2 days ago

    2:45 was that on purpose?

  • Biak Cung
    Biak Cung 2 days ago

    The forts lit its better then fortnight I’m from 2019

  • Biak Cung
    Biak Cung 2 days ago

    Ryan: no noise
    Also Ryan: grunts oof ow more grunts

  • Biak Cung
    Biak Cung 2 days ago

    Ryan:no tools
    Also Ryan:uses rope

  • ToKyo Knxght
    ToKyo Knxght 2 days ago


  • Randini Gunapala
    Randini Gunapala 2 days ago

    Jewelry Making, Wine Tasting, Gardening, Djino, Robot Fighting, Ghost Hunting, Sword Fighting Omg I love these hidden messages in your videos Ryan! XD

  • DFS MikkiMix07
    DFS MikkiMix07 2 days ago


  • Fudgee Productions
    Fudgee Productions 3 days ago

    when you spawn in a snowy Mountains biome and night is approaching early

  • Respublik
    Respublik 3 days ago +1

    17th july 2019, and i wonder if its still there

  • Cameron Soh
    Cameron Soh 3 days ago

    How much to rent that place.

  • Anna Bougazelli
    Anna Bougazelli 3 days ago

    Normally I don’t comment but that was just amazing great job

  • umai e was moshindeiru NANI


  • lNT3N5ITY Games
    lNT3N5ITY Games 3 days ago

    Any one else ever wonder how the primitive technology guys charge the cameras

  • blockys animation
    blockys animation 3 days ago

    *Bob the builder has entered the chat*

  • nicholas christian
    nicholas christian 3 days ago

    they look like penguins when they walk

  • Albert Ma
    Albert Ma 3 days ago


    SOUPP 4 days ago

    2:33 the ants in my room looking for the peice of corn i dropped

  • FruitRollUp
    FruitRollUp 4 days ago

    That's pretty damn good.

  • master of the sun
    master of the sun 4 days ago +1

    there r some parts where it is obvious they cutaway and get everyone to help like in 3:06 when they make the wall and when they make the table
    but all in all good job :)

  • ••
    •• 4 days ago

    7:05 they wake up in different spots😂

  • Violet May
    Violet May 4 days ago +1

    Wow, and I can’t even make a snowman.

  • Linus Tan
    Linus Tan 4 days ago

    I bid $10,000,000 for that house

  • Omer Gouner101
    Omer Gouner101 5 days ago +1

    1:16 lmao anyone else got the joke?

  • Liv
    Liv 5 days ago

    also can we see more of this. this was super awesome and very interesting to watch. i wonder how long it took to figure out how they wanted to make this and going through the difficulties of nonverbal usage of communication.

  • Liv
    Liv 5 days ago

    omg this was sooo cool to watch and like omg mind blown

  • RandomGuy OnYT
    RandomGuy OnYT 5 days ago

    How cold were you guys after you finished the fort?

  • kaizer.
    kaizer. 5 days ago

    Snow ASMR

  • Jasmine Ryu
    Jasmine Ryu 6 days ago

    *a second later it gets destroyed*

  • Victoria M
    Victoria M 6 days ago

    Again, please?

  • 1,000,000 subscribers with NO videos

    They worked so hard on this just for it to NOT go viral

  • MiniPolarBearJR
    MiniPolarBearJR 6 days ago

    I would say I’m surprised st how well they did but.......

    It’s Ryan and greg they can literally do anything, and make it look easy 🔥

  • HD Ramen
    HD Ramen 6 days ago

    This is the quietest NigaHiga episode ever.

  • Delphine Tan
    Delphine Tan 6 days ago +1

    This was good ASMR video😂😂

  • PRSD Gaming
    PRSD Gaming 7 days ago


  • Otaku 707
    Otaku 707 7 days ago

    That insta-fire though 😂😂😂

  • Annie NGUYEN
    Annie NGUYEN 7 days ago

    When Greg fell over and rolled down the hill I started laughing but now I feel bad for him...

  • Magma Why
    Magma Why 7 days ago

    Honestly, Ryan. You've literally given me countless amounts of motivation. You done the "Ultimate parkour" project and it took 3 weeks and it looks amazing, all of those amazing trickshots. Tablecloth, soccer, basketball. Those were so hard to achieve, and now this. Awesome one dude!

  • Carly Edwards
    Carly Edwards 8 days ago +1

    Wow it was a crazy fort lol impressive

  • Mango Orange
    Mango Orange 8 days ago

    If only ‘Man Vs Wild’ watched this video.

  • natherry1828
    natherry1828 8 days ago +1

    I love how Ryan always makes a series but only puts 1 episode on it XD

  • Sky Leuba
    Sky Leuba 8 days ago

    Totes needs more views

  • Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee 8 days ago

    no way they slept out there without even a blanket...

  • Addan Imran
    Addan Imran 8 days ago

    2:45, lol why did that seem so funny in a time lapse

  • Callum Li
    Callum Li 8 days ago

    Lol collabes with Stephen Tries

  • Joshua Susi
    Joshua Susi 9 days ago

    Three days without eating,
    Morgz: I'm going to make a snow house for three days without eating!!!!

  • Nightcore 7 - Bandits

    I thought that they would build just a small house like an iglu but wow! I didn't expect this at all!! Its better than the original primitive survival building!

  • dylia mink
    dylia mink 9 days ago

    It would be so cool if he make an event where the winner can build an igloo with the team
    That's more labor but who cares,, it won't be me lolol

  • dylia mink
    dylia mink 9 days ago

    More ryan tries!!!

  • RyanStuff
    RyanStuff 9 days ago

    I loved watching you run into that wall

  • Gacha Potato
    Gacha Potato 9 days ago

    Omg lol in day 1 it looked like it was not doing anything but wow at the end!

  • Khang Dinh
    Khang Dinh 9 days ago

    Remember when Ryan didn’t put in any effort

    Me neither

  • Timothy
    Timothy 9 days ago

    They didnt actually sleep there.
    At the end of day 2, Greg went to the left and Ryan went to the right to sleep.
    But when day 3 arrived Ryan woke up on the left and Greg woke up on the right

    SADFRVR駅 9 days ago

    ME when im drunk 2:47-3:10

  • Evan
    Evan 9 days ago +6

    more impressive than the snow fort, a youtuber made a 10 minute video with 0 ads.

  • Lil shorty X
    Lil shorty X 10 days ago


  • Brian Bernardio
    Brian Bernardio 10 days ago

    2:46 Completely lost my shit when he fell. Rofl 🤣🤣🤣

  • George Fabian
    George Fabian 10 days ago

    That is somthing i would acually live in

  • PriusTurtle27
    PriusTurtle27 10 days ago

    Thank you Ryan, very epic

  • TuYYiE Gamme
    TuYYiE Gamme 10 days ago

    imagen if they did it for a week

  • TuYYiE Gamme
    TuYYiE Gamme 10 days ago

    one of my favriote videos

  • Crazy Mouse
    Crazy Mouse 11 days ago

    When you kept falling, i thought “me too”

  • People Call Me Tigger
    People Call Me Tigger 11 days ago

    How did he get that string?

  • Jacob Wang
    Jacob Wang 11 days ago +1

    Who would win:

    A handmade, durable, awesome fort, OR

    One summer boi

  • Mr EGG
    Mr EGG 11 days ago

    This is now an ASMR video!🤣

  • Elian
    Elian 11 days ago

    You should title it Two guys Making a Epic Snowfort ASMR

  • The Splixter
    The Splixter 12 days ago

    This is real life Minecraft!! Great Job Ryan, you always put so much effort in your videos, keep up the great work. :)

  • Rose Haven
    Rose Haven 12 days ago

    2:50-3:05 made me giggle lolol

    PATBLOGZ 12 days ago

    Ryan, I always loved your channel and I’ve been a subscriber for a long long time, and I didn’t think you made videos anymore, and I checked back and holy crap you made a lot in the past 5 months I haven’t paid attention to your channel. Thank you.

  • Aiden Fung
    Aiden Fung 12 days ago

    Ryan brought a bunt of tiny sticks then Greg comes in with a trunk

    KRISTINA NGUYEN 13 days ago +1

    Am i the only one who got an ASMR feel to this video?😅

  • Ρhantom -
    Ρhantom - 13 days ago

    Great video but, this is in my recommended for what reason?

  • lily iosfera
    lily iosfera 14 days ago

    I bet they were talking the whole time and just edited the sounds or something. . .

  • DrGuy
    DrGuy 14 days ago

    minecraft villagers in real life

  • Carlos Muro
    Carlos Muro 14 days ago

    Do more

  • Roshan Thakur
    Roshan Thakur 14 days ago

    How is it possible? I didn't watch this video

  • Unknown World
    Unknown World 15 days ago +1