Last to Leave Freezing Pool Wins $10,000 - Challenge

  • Published on Dec 1, 2018
  • I gave my Best Friends the Challenge today... whoever can stay In the Ice Bath for the Longest Wins $10,000 CASH! LIKE 4 MORE.
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Comments • 446

  • Ishaan C
    Ishaan C 11 days ago

    Jarvis your insane bro

  • iiKingDreams
    iiKingDreams 2 months ago

    Do you guys realise it is warm water

  • Wog Box
    Wog Box 3 months ago

    Sub ta wog box

  • Grnp_Axqle
    Grnp_Axqle 4 months ago

    Your brother will win

  • wesley evitt
    wesley evitt 4 months ago

    it should of been $50000 because it wasent worth 10k

  • kingchadgaming
    kingchadgaming 5 months ago

    Would u do this challenge again

  • Mallly Clark
    Mallly Clark 5 months ago

    It’s sad that we don’t get snow

  • love Alan Walker
    love Alan Walker 5 months ago


  • FaZeJam 2010
    FaZeJam 2010 5 months ago

    Your crazy

  • Janet Needham
    Janet Needham 5 months ago

    I'm cold even looking at them

  • Lewis Rogerson
    Lewis Rogerson 5 months ago

    is it me or is he about to say bum but half way he said omg bro 7:59

  • Fortnite Central
    Fortnite Central 5 months ago

    Your a great RUclipr

  • [D54B] Blackpanda yt
    [D54B] Blackpanda yt 5 months ago

    14 k is much but you deserve more

  • [D54B] Blackpanda yt
    [D54B] Blackpanda yt 5 months ago

    14 k likes that's not that much no hate bro xD

  • Levi Woodmansey
    Levi Woodmansey 5 months ago

    Hi I hate you

  • Yo Girl 5555555
    Yo Girl 5555555 5 months ago

    Hey Kay, more vids like this ???

  • Yo Girl 5555555
    Yo Girl 5555555 5 months ago +2

    I respect Kay so much you don’t understand mate ✊🏾

  • Electro Jam
    Electro Jam 5 months ago

    Charnla is gonna win

  • Electro Jam
    Electro Jam 5 months ago +2

    Freezin cold

  • Electro Jam
    Electro Jam 5 months ago


  • LX Swish
    LX Swish 5 months ago

    Chanler should have won stayed in and whoever else was in with him was out

  • Davzy
    Davzy 5 months ago

    10kay lol

  • Bowdy Jones
    Bowdy Jones 6 months ago

    It’s not -15 F it’s like 40 something

  • VSL_ Dizzy
    VSL_ Dizzy 6 months ago

    5 boys sitting in a ice tub 1 inch apart because they r gay

  • Teigan Donnelly
    Teigan Donnelly 6 months ago

    Faze Kay 10 kay

  • Rohit Rao
    Rohit Rao 6 months ago

    i like how the chandler from mr beast loses everything and this chandler wins :)

    XDTHIEVEZ 6 months ago

    Only boys know who the biggest shrimp meat goes to

  • Walker Page
    Walker Page 6 months ago

    If your toes get too cold you are going to have to cut them

  • Alexis Ramos
    Alexis Ramos 6 months ago +15

    Jarvis left because he wanted to play fornite

    • Master G
      Master G 5 months ago

      But he came back outside though

  • Cholito Cruz
    Cholito Cruz 6 months ago

    2019 anybody

  • CRYPTIC_REDZ btw 1
    CRYPTIC_REDZ btw 1 6 months ago

    What the hell man these laughs too

  • CRYPTIC_REDZ btw 1
    CRYPTIC_REDZ btw 1 6 months ago

    Imma be honest who likes for people’s pain like honestly people are messed up especially this

  • Jonathan Rosemke
    Jonathan Rosemke 6 months ago

    Isn't that dangerous?

  • Donald duck
    Donald duck 6 months ago

    xxxtentacion is the best RIP

  • Rahman Family
    Rahman Family 6 months ago


  • Mythical
    Mythical 6 months ago

    Maybe this chandler can win unlike the other one😂😂😂

  • The Sweed
    The Sweed 6 months ago

    He complains that his pool is too big😅

  • S1K3S :D
    S1K3S :D 6 months ago


  • Robert Esquivel
    Robert Esquivel 7 months ago

    FaZe Kay trying to be MrBeast

  • David Daza
    David Daza 7 months ago

    Can you be more stupid? 10k for frostbite.

  • Blue Sniper
    Blue Sniper 7 months ago

    Jarvis is InSANE bro

  • Nicolas Aron Sikora
    Nicolas Aron Sikora 7 months ago +4

    You said that they are gonna be there 2 days

  • Drazeyy
    Drazeyy 7 months ago

    I hate how he says dollars and not pounds

  • Antonio Yanez
    Antonio Yanez 7 months ago +1

    9 degrees Celsius is 48 in farenheit not negative chill out Frazier 4:18

    WHALLZ 7 months ago +1


  • Evan Glyson
    Evan Glyson 7 months ago

    That’s Evan Glyson

    YT _EDITZ 7 months ago +31

    So Frazier is basically giving them frostbite for 10grand

  • TSM GodNinja21
    TSM GodNinja21 7 months ago

    More than 20 min but the video 15 min what?

    • LeopraHD lol
      LeopraHD lol 7 months ago

      He cut the vid a 24hrs challenge is 15 mins long too

    OK BOOMER BENNETT 7 months ago

    You get frost bite if you stay in there to long

  • Noah Puryear
    Noah Puryear 7 months ago

    Is it $10,000 in £ or £10,000?

  • H4DRA on Wii
    H4DRA on Wii 7 months ago

    Hey at least he can use that money for medical bills

  • raajpal gbatti
    raajpal gbatti 7 months ago

    Massive fiat flex in the background

  • Kelly Hepburn
    Kelly Hepburn 7 months ago +1

    I love the video it is so funny you are my biggest fan I love you your a cool person

  • Hussein Fadhil
    Hussein Fadhil 7 months ago

    Cute Jarvis putting jacket

  • Ryder Playz
    Ryder Playz 8 months ago

    Yes this is so fun torchering my friends

  • Ilirian Thaqi
    Ilirian Thaqi 8 months ago

    I Dare you to try to hit 99,0000 likes

  • J jj
    J jj 8 months ago

    #hypothermia #frostbite

  • Lord Man Person
    Lord Man Person 8 months ago

    13:09 that laugh tho 😂

  • Txch BrianNeyan
    Txch BrianNeyan 8 months ago

    Kay blur your license plate com on man

  • Edith Martinez
    Edith Martinez 8 months ago +3

    You can only Leave a like if you use creator code faze kay