The real "Yumi King" (Yuhan Zhang)

  • Published on Oct 6, 2018
  • I had so much more tea about her that i could have included, but i didnt want to spend more than 5min on this lol. Cant wait for her 12 year old fanbase to attack me

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  • jay ipman
    jay ipman  Year ago +92

    *Some hot tea maybe?*
    Yumis husbands name is Scott and he should be around 47.
    He was married before to a women named Juana.
    They have 3 kids. The divorce case was ongoing until recently.

  • Deok ii
    Deok ii Month ago +1

    she's literally so dumb

  • bread king
    bread king Month ago


  • Alice Wintercrest
    Alice Wintercrest 2 months ago

    I wanna see more videos like these

  • Destem Mohenjo
    Destem Mohenjo 2 months ago

    I always smells something fishy with her but I just don't know.....

  • awkward catfish
    awkward catfish 2 months ago

    I do like how informative you are in your video but tbh I still like yumi her husband to me at least seems a bit creepy I feel like she her self is in danger but I do like your video about this topic and I think you should continue making more videos also please spill tea about her husband I really do think she needs help from him

  • Kitty Brookie
    Kitty Brookie 3 months ago +2

    Why is noone mentioningher face in the thumbnail😂

  • o sul é meu país
    o sul é meu país 3 months ago


  • • jasmine borrodell •

    Her English has gotten better tho
    Before: Hewwow ewwywon
    After: Herro Erryone

  • FalconWolf Otaku
    FalconWolf Otaku 4 months ago

    You know what, I bet her husband was/is a pedophile

  • Vermillion 303
    Vermillion 303 4 months ago

    The creepiest couple ever

  • Helena Gola
    Helena Gola 5 months ago +1

    So gross

  • Peach Bitch
    Peach Bitch 7 months ago +70

    I like Yumi... But i dislike her husband a lot

  • addie
    addie 8 months ago +111

    Her husband is an Asian fetishist creep, especially since he has kids already he left. They're a literal caricature of a toxic WMAF couple. I pray to god they dont reproduce

    • Emma Frost
      Emma Frost 4 months ago

      addie if that is true then what makes her think he won’t do the same thing to her. Make her pop some kids and then abandon her for the next piece of ass. I never wanted to leave a rude comment on her engagement video but I felt like the dude is after her RUclip fame.

  • switchxzero
    switchxzero 8 months ago +52

    Oof I was only trying to find a skirt tutorial and this is what I fall into
    But you true tho

  • Mandy Killriff
    Mandy Killriff 8 months ago +8


  • Kim Kardashian
    Kim Kardashian 8 months ago +36

    the fan art 💀💀💀

  • Kim Kardashian
    Kim Kardashian 8 months ago +25

    Please make more videos like this lmaoo

  • i Carus
    i Carus 9 months ago +34

    I just sub to her cuz my interrest in sewing. But other than that i dislike her in person.

  • Nusrət 努斯热提
    Nusrət 努斯热提 9 months ago +42

    Searched her up on chinese forums and saw people say they look like grandpa and granddaughter lmfao 😂

  • Mariana R
    Mariana R 9 months ago +33

    I remember this one video she was like oh I need to lose a little bit of weight and her *now husband* was like no you should lose more and I was like 0-0 you look like you need to eat more but idk what video it was

    • miki bear
      miki bear 22 days ago

      Thats the one i saw! The ironic thing is, he looks like hell. He's fat and gross.

    • Peach Bitch
      Peach Bitch 7 months ago +3

      Her husband is really disgusting

  • Corrie Christyn
    Corrie Christyn 9 months ago +51

    I love yumi & I’m subscribed to her but this video makes me laugh so hard😂😂 i feel bad for laughing tho lol. She’s human like a lot of us and of course being almost 30 she wouldn’t be as innocent as she would like us to perceive her to be. She lives her life as pleases so at least respect it please🥰❤️

    • Sakura Miku
      Sakura Miku 7 months ago

      Kyoko Yumi even said on her last video in the comments she’s 28.

    • Roxyhun
      Roxyhun 8 months ago +12

      @Kyoko she is 28. if thats not considered almost 30, what is?

    • Kyoko
      Kyoko 8 months ago

      She's on her late 20's. Shes not even close to her 30's 😂

  • Yeetle The Beetle
    Yeetle The Beetle 10 months ago +10

    I didn't know! I will unsubscribe from her immediately- I just watched her for her diys and did not know this!

  • Not Me
    Not Me 10 months ago +45

    Tbh I have watched her for years now and this video is not very good. Instead of focusing on "look at her underwear! BAD" maybe look at the fashion sites she promoted and how scummy they are and how she didn't properly mark it as an advertisement, look at that time she put dried contacts back into contact solution and claimed its a life hack and the numerous times she did something "lolita" when it was not or how she, excuse me for saying this word, appropriate many subcultures and pretty bad tutorials. I do agree that like 60% of her base are toxic af. I don't think I have ever been so close to almost hate watching someone because of the amount of shit they make. Besides ALR.
    And who cares if someone has a consentual LG/DD relationship. I mean it's dumb that she dropped out but as far as I know she has a major in construction engineering.
    Edit: just remembered how many vitamins and shit she and her husband are swallowing. She also has pretty bad eating habits.

    • awkward catfish
      awkward catfish 2 months ago

      @jay ipman hey I like how you take criticism and this video was well made though but I still like yumi :3

    • jay ipman
      jay ipman  10 months ago +2

      I absolutely agree. Thanks for the critizism.

  • Spill the Tea sis
    Spill the Tea sis 10 months ago +34

    I discovered her channel a few years ago and at the time I loved it so much. It was when she mainly made sewing videos and clothes. But as her channel went on she got more provocative and I didn’t like it. I took a pause on her channel and rewatched some of it about a year ago and I think she acts kinda fake and such. I don’t mean to be rude but she’s changed and not in a good way.

  • Pixel Pudding
    Pixel Pudding 10 months ago +26

    Even though I agree with this video, I still watch Yumi King. I think that it’s important to learn how to separate the content form the person. Here, I like the videos in which she makes skirts and shirts or whatever but, her fake innocence and passive aggressive personality isn’t what I come to see in her videos.
    On another note however, she really shouldn’t have her current husband. He seems like he could almost be Yumi’s dad. He looks 40 something while Yumi has stated that she’s like 27 or something. How did this happen? I mean I get you can’t just like someone of their looks but, this is weird.
    Finally here’s a note for Yumi King. Please just make the clothes and shit. You don’t have to model stuff you bought (If you bought something and wanted to recreate it that’s fine as like a side by side) if you want, put it on your Instagram or at least tone them down. The lingerie can maybe slow down a little. Again, if you made it that’s okay but don’t like spin around and show your butt and stuff. You probability won’t see this but, Yumi, I get people change but, I loved you for your DIYs and sewing tutorials. I get you can’t always do them but, wearing a thong and slutty bra in front of a camera isn’t the best alternative. So please just make the socks, dresses, skirts whatever. Just at least tone down all of the stuff I mentioned except for the DIYs - From a concerned Yumi King fan
    BTW: This comment is kind of a mess. Sorry!

    • addie
      addie 6 months ago +3

      Her DIY videos are mediocre at best in my opinion. There are so many other talented and original youtubers out there who aren't walking stereotypes. Lol

  • jay ipman
    jay ipman  10 months ago +31

    Another secret about Yumi:
    A few years ago she got a nosejob.
    Not saying its a bad thing, just thought you all would like to know.

    • swordmasterqueen
      swordmasterqueen 6 months ago

      @Jazzykins when you find can you send it to me

    • jay ipman
      jay ipman  8 months ago +3

      @Jazzykins Alright, i will be waiting to hear from you.

    • Jazzykins
      Jazzykins 9 months ago +5

      @jay ipman I dont remember the website since I dont speak chinese and this was over a year ago but I'll have to get back to you when I find it again, probably during spring break since I'm taking a load of classes and I'll have to dig for it again. I tried to post it on PULL but I'm not sure if the admins accepted it because it was quite graphic 😐

    • jay ipman
      jay ipman  9 months ago

      ​@Jazzykins Wow, that's wild. Do you have any proof? Links, screenshots?

    • Jazzykins
      Jazzykins 9 months ago +9

      @jay ipman Here's another secret: Someone had uploaded a video of her on a chinese website doing inappropriate things. Only her chin and below was showing as well as her bedsheets. I'm not sure if her ex uploaded it or what but you can tell that's 100% her chin, bedsheets, and "lolita" dress. I asked her about it but she deleted my comment and I guess I'm blocked from commenting anything

  • Kyoko
    Kyoko 10 months ago +4

    I started laughing so hard after you misspelled 😂 I couldn't tell if I was laughing at the drawing or your misspell 😂🤣

  • Cookie & Cream
    Cookie & Cream 10 months ago +1


  • tragicramen
    tragicramen 10 months ago +36

    i got into her channel when she made diys and tutorials as inspiration for cosplays. when she decided to stop, i started to feel a bit sad. until she introduced scott, things felt hella sketchy and uhh...cough* i l l e g a l.

  • Yue Chan
    Yue Chan 11 months ago +54

    Spill the tea on the husband

  • agalloch 375
    agalloch 375 11 months ago +30

    Asians like yumi king and xiaorishu have very long faces, no cheekbones,receding chin, no jaw line and really messed up teeth because of their soft food diet.
    Europeans have more attractive faces because they eat hard foods and have to chew more resulting in prominent cheek bones,strong jaw and forward facial growth.
    I used to look like yumi king and this look suits her but on me i looked gaunt, like a child, very scary like momo. I changed my face shape by mewing (having good tongue posture) and eating harder foods.
    Beauty isn't genetic . yumi would be much more attractive if she had forward facial growth all she needs to do is chew more and adapt correct posture.
    I'm trying to spread awareness because i used to think i was ugly because i had a flat face, no jawline, no cheek bones and i didn't want people to look at me from the side . Maybe i can help someone who feels the same look up mewing or tongue posture .

    • Vermillion 303
      Vermillion 303 4 months ago

      They have no chin. But I doubt their chins would grow again just because they started chewing more. It’s genetic and they are done.

    • ew no
      ew no 9 months ago

      TheShirtlessGibby true!! Mouth breathing is the worst omg

    • TheShirtlessGibby
      TheShirtlessGibby 10 months ago +5

      agalloch 375 You sure it ain't because they mouth-breathe in their sleep?

  • Alexandra Mabel
    Alexandra Mabel Year ago +56

    The sad part is how people think ddlg is cute but it's not. I mean you have to be mental to want to act like a 5 yo on a daily basis and enjoy it (I don't have any problems though with the way she dresses though). I used to be subscribed to her but ever since she got her husband + the sponsored videos and stopped sewing I immediatly unsubbed to her. Her content just got boring, immature and unsettling (to say the least).

    • Marshmallow Pillow
      Marshmallow Pillow 10 months ago +2

      Yes ddlg sexualizes child like behavior, I am anti ddlg, I’m part of age regression where you regress to a younger self and sometimes involuntary, even if I do that I’m more mature than however old she is.

    • Discordia5
      Discordia5 11 months ago +4

      @Ari F DDlg is very much about sexual roleplay. Whatever these people are telling you about it not being sexual is a lie.

    • Alexandra Mabel
      Alexandra Mabel 11 months ago +7

      @Ari F I understand it if you want to escape adulthood because being an adult sucks, but the way she shows her relationship is sexualised without a doubt.

    • Roxyhun
      Roxyhun 11 months ago +8

      @Ari F yumi 100% sexualizes it tho

    • Ari F
      Ari F 11 months ago +7

      Well some people do ddlg for comfort and as a way to escape from things in life that stress them out. It's not pedophilia, unless you make sexual of course, because there is nothing sexual with a child. It's honestly a niche community and I think it gets a wrong perspective easily because people manipulate it and sexualize it so much.

  • Riachi
    Riachi Year ago +25

    Her clothing is so tacky it hurts my eyes.

  • swordmasterqueen
    swordmasterqueen Year ago +9


  • TMD SB
    TMD SB Year ago +8

    What’s her name in Chinese? Time for me to search on weibo and get some quality Chinese tea

  • Wendy Perez
    Wendy Perez Year ago +35

    Her husband has a problem for marrying a woman that looks and dresses like a little girl

  • A Thought Crime
    A Thought Crime Year ago +20

    The naive innocent little girl act is just not cute when you're a grown adult but this cringy behavior and being in a perpetual state of arrested development is actually viewed positively and encouraged by many in 'our' culture as opposed to in the west where kids grow up fast and mature faster. There's just a lot of ignorance too and belief in old wives tales, but they think they're so smart. You may think it's crazy that she can't speak good English despite living in the US for years but it's worse, there are Asians that can't speak any even if they have lived here for many decades, because they don't want to assimilate and they have no incentive to. A traditional Asian woman has no real aspirations or want to be independent, she's just a permanent housewife that leeches off her husband's paycheck while complaining about everything and her only worth is having kids.

  • jay ipman
    jay ipman  Year ago +26

    UPDATE: Yumi used REAL fur in one of her new videos, claiming that fur is a waste product and animals dont get killed for it. Girl i got some bad news for you...

    • penny
      penny Year ago +8

      @UnknownDarkShadow Can't you hear yourself? You call him/her a whiny fucker but all I hear from you is whining. You hate liberals who complain/whine but you're doing the exact same thing that you claim to hate.
      I consider myself to be a liberal, but I eat meat. Yet I don't support the fur industry because those animals are purely killed for it's fur. Meat has a purpose. Fur is purely for aesthetics, and there's also fake fur you could use.

    • J K
      J K Year ago +2

      jay ipman 😱

  • J K
    J K Year ago +9

    1:05 is so true! 🤣

  • Roxyhun
    Roxyhun Year ago +25

    yeah shes incredibly annoying, but tbh that doesnt bother me.
    what bothers me is that she has a very young audience and she is a horrible rolemodel

  • J K
    J K Year ago +39

    Her husband is the most disturbing thing about her. She would rather be treated like an idiot and have sex with an old hick than to get a job and support herself.

    • Nora Malone
      Nora Malone 6 months ago +1

      Really sad, actually... shes being fetishized especially look hin here latest vids shes definitely being manipulated.

    • Reese Abcde
      Reese Abcde 10 months ago

      pffffffff !

  • Pointless Hour
    Pointless Hour Year ago +22

    When you really only watch yumi for her clothes making videos because she makes them seem easy

    • Celeste Orchid
      Celeste Orchid Year ago +1

      her DIY clothes are sooo poorly made though... who the hell uses hot glue on clothes you wash? costumes sure, but dresses? no.

  • Lady Bug
    Lady Bug Year ago +11

    It's starting to bother me also I noticed her fakeness

  • corn queen
    corn queen Year ago +11


  • Neko yui Singer
    Neko yui Singer Year ago +6


    • Nusrət 努斯热提
      Nusrət 努斯热提 9 months ago

      You can't even spell fucking 🙃 go back to elementary school

    • J K
      J K 10 months ago +3


    • Delicious Music
      Delicious Music 11 months ago +6

      THE WEABOO PRINCESS QWEEN!!!!! Girl pipe the fuck down

    • sissy boo
      sissy boo Year ago +14

      you’re like 9 get off of RUclip

    • jay ipman
      jay ipman  Year ago +36

      Lmao thanks for proving my point at 1:13

  • Hayden Branham
    Hayden Branham Year ago +10

    Thank god im not the only one that hates her!!!
    Oops sorry forgot im on my bros account. XD

  • penny
    penny Year ago +21

    She seems problematic and her fans are so easily offended for her. Her husband is also problematic, when you find out about all of the shit that's going on between him and his ex.
    Her content isn't my cup of tea amymore either, I subscribed for those sewing tutorials 3-4 years ago. All she does is sponsored videos, because she has absolutely no passion for youtube, she obviously does it for money/views. I can't understand how her fans are fine with this type of content; she'll do a sponsored review of some shitty off brand shit and that's the whole damn video. Usually the sponsored part is just a small part of the video, but for her, it's enough content for one whole video.

  • シャーレットレビー

    A lot of these are pretty good points except just a few, but obviously those are opinions. I mean it's fine to act innocent but she hasn't really claimed to be tbh. Since she's into ddlg it makes sense but I can see why it's annoying

  • Gypsy White
    Gypsy White Year ago +21

    I'm surprised this hasn't had more views. Finally someone had enough guts to point out the obvious obnoxiousness of yumi

  • 채원Chaewon
    채원Chaewon Year ago +6

    1:04 - 1:07 😂 I agree on that