Education Secretary Pick DeVos Grilled Over School Choice | The View


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  • Clareese Bonsu
    Clareese Bonsu 7 месяцев назад

    I attend a charter school and it’s not like private school. My charter is very diverse and affordable. The students only have to pay for uniforms and athletic fees. My charter offers full IB and a better education than that of public school.

  • blueagle1100
    blueagle1100 7 месяцев назад

    let me break it down to y'all about Betsy DeVos. Jesus spoke to her telling her 2 get rid of public education. got it?

  • Lorenzo Potrich
    Lorenzo Potrich 8 месяцев назад

    Public schools should be the "better schools" Sunny!

  • Laverne Blaszczyk
    Laverne Blaszczyk 9 месяцев назад

    I *love* how polite Bernie was

  • Denita Wright
    Denita Wright 10 месяцев назад +1

    What the frack has she done for public schools.

  • Phil Leng
    Phil Leng 10 месяцев назад

    We need Betsy DeVoss and her great ideas. Competition always makes things better. The now failing public school system will also get better. I can see why they are terrified.

    • Rudi Hendricks
      Rudi Hendricks 9 месяцев назад

      Phil Leng they're terrified of dumb fucking ideas that are proven not to work. You're a moron

  • patinla777
    patinla777 11 месяцев назад +1

    My Grandson got kicked out of the second grade yesterday. His teacher was teaching them some anatomy. She drew a silhouette of a man and another of a female on the blackboard. She pointed to the breast area of the female silhouette and a little girl blurted out, “Those are breasts and my Mommy had two.” The teacher responded, “Good answer, Polly.” Then she pointed to the groin area of the male silhouette and my Grandson said, “That is a penis and my Dad had two of them.” The teacher responded, “Good answer, Billy, but your Dad doesn’t have two of them.” Billy replied, “Oh yes he does, he has a little one that he tee tees with and a big one that he brushes Mommy’s teeth with.”

    • Lady Cheyne
      Lady Cheyne 10 месяцев назад

      patinla777 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez Год назад +1

    Bernie talking about money she gave to Republican party, when we believed in him for president and he sold out to Hillary

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee Год назад +1

    Joey has masters degree in kindergarten? I do too.

    ALS ALS Год назад +1

    Give parents, kids chance/choice to go to a better school? Because schools should be funded equitably and based on need. Giving vouchers so SOME kids, families get a better education hollows out the public school system. Thus, a whole bunch of kids, families are failed by government and left to rot when school funds get diverted wholesale. And, what of the futures of THOSE children who are left behind? What are THEIR lives worth when THEY don't get a voucher, there are no more available slots,....Why should THEY be condemned to living out their lives as a permanent underclass? This country has, as its bedrock, a free public education system for ALL its children. Make. That. Work!

  • Kaiser Frost
    Kaiser Frost Год назад

    We need alternative education intead of these tax-funded government run brainwashing factories. 90% of Americans went to public schools. 90% of Americans are uneducated morons. Time to try something else!

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass Год назад

    The view is nothing but a group of feminist SJW leftist assholes; these women are just jealous they are not as classy & successful as DeVos

  • Michael Clements
    Michael Clements Год назад

    impeachment trump Mike

  • Dhruv Rao
    Dhruv Rao Год назад

    Whoopi's Michelle Obama sweater. YESSS!

  • TheMrmi22
    TheMrmi22 Год назад +1

    how on earth do these women menage to turn even the most obvious and important example of serious power abuse into something so laughable.

  • bradsicha
    bradsicha Год назад

    Obama wasn't qualified to be president but... you don't see people who did not support him acting like these left losers are acting

  • bradsicha
    bradsicha Год назад

    Public schools are a your homework and see the decline.

  • Maria Barales
    Maria Barales Год назад

    she so dumb and she is clueless of this feild of Secretary of education. why?

  • TheGatesOfFire
    TheGatesOfFire Год назад

    lobbying for decades makes you qualified to lobby, not running the education department of a country.

    • citizenxgen
      citizenxgen Год назад

      so if the system is so fucking broke why would you engage someone that is part of that very same system.

  • 0LadyV0
    0LadyV0 2 года назад

    This is about being able to teach creationism. Don't kid yourself.

    • 0LadyV0
      0LadyV0 Год назад

      citizenxgen It absolutely is true. She is a science denier. She thinks all schools should teach the Bible as historical fact. She is unqualified to be an educator. Has zero experience in public schools.

    • citizenxgen
      citizenxgen Год назад

      this is not even close to being true

  • Anthony Baldwin
    Anthony Baldwin 2 года назад

    DeVos shouldn't even be a thought as Secretary of Education

  • Jim Elliott
    Jim Elliott 2 года назад

    Yeah Sunny, The Kamehameha Country Club Mother Daughter talent show might promote charitable giving and empower parents, well Mothers in this case, too BUT thats not going to qualify the Chairwoman to be head of Honolulu County public schools.

  • John Lee
    John Lee 2 года назад

    Pfft, who needs to be "qualified". You can be President!!! TRUMP

  • Lt. Fireguy
    Lt. Fireguy 2 года назад

    you stupid whores!

  • TheNebraska402
    TheNebraska402 2 года назад

    imagine if monies were handed correctly and disbursed accordong to their necessities. i went to a high school in the third wealthiest county in my state and not only did the school receive new televisions (makes no sense) they also received iPads for a 1 to 1 system. State and federal money was not handled correctly. all about how resources are disbursed and giving tax payer money to private schools is ridiculous.

  • Simon Randall
    Simon Randall 2 года назад

    I learned how to read and some basic math skills k-12 back in the 70's - 80's. That is really about it.

  • Tesla Cumba
    Tesla Cumba 2 года назад +13

    My mother is a professor in a community college. She has more experience and would do a better job than this dimwitted woman.

    • Dee M
      Dee M Год назад

      College experience means nothing if you barely know how to teach or don't care to teach. I'm stating that as I had a high school geometry teacher who in college as well and as far I'm concerned, she should have been FIRED!

    • Tesla Cumba
      Tesla Cumba Год назад +1

      citizenxgen You are up past your bed time little boy.

  • Los BK
    Los BK 2 года назад

    Whoopi shirt is lit

  • Samaritans Mercy
    Samaritans Mercy 2 года назад +3

    Joy is an example of public schools case rested we need charter schools

  • Foxy MaryJane
    Foxy MaryJane 2 года назад

    president Eject Trump

    REAL TALK W. EMA STAR 2 года назад

    lol whoopie.. i love u man

  • TCt83067695
    TCt83067695 2 года назад

    who's the fool that edits these videos?

  • Tim Carroll
    Tim Carroll 2 года назад +4

    Its a good thing that DeVos isn't a Democrat and Sanders isnt a Republican.......if they were Sanders would be getting criticized for being anti-woman.

    • Tim Carroll
      Tim Carroll Год назад +2

      So.....please tell me exactly what is wrong with parents being able to choose what school their child attends.
      Preferably without childish insults.

    • Roxy MC
      Roxy MC Год назад

      Tim Carroll you do realize that you're the only one who thinks that way. It's not about rep. vs dem. or male vs female, you're an idiot to even not see the bigger picture. The fact of the matter is that this woman is unqualified. You obviously don't care about children's education. Go back to your little corner and cry about how feminism ruined your 3rd marriage.😂

  • Khourie Renee
    Khourie Renee 2 года назад +2

    No, Michigan schools are decaying!! Public schools in my city are being shut down, and brand new Charter schools popping up everywhere!! I'm looking towards Homeschooling my children due to the lack of public schools and someone should look into how these Charter Schools are being run and by whom!! My children spent 1 month in a For Profit Charter school and since have begged me not to go back. The staff is garbage the curriculum is garbage but there are so few choices since the closing of the public schools that parents in poor communities in Michigan such as Flint have no other option. And don't get me started on the Gerrymandering by the Republican party in Michigan. We're being poisoned and railroaded at the same time.

  • skittles7306
    skittles7306 2 года назад +3

    Charter schools are cheaper to run because they don't have to follow all federal and state regulations and they don't require teaching degrees in all cases

    • Qahir Makhani
      Qahir Makhani 2 года назад +1

      skittles7306 incredibly dangerous

  • Frank Ashley
    Frank Ashley 2 года назад +3

    Who cares what the view thinks?...LOL...they are idiots....

  • Peter Peter
    Peter Peter 2 года назад

    Rochell Barbra.. know your qualified go back to sleep.

  • headoverheels88
    headoverheels88 2 года назад +1

    "I've always felt why shouldn't those poor kids like me should be given a chance to go to a better school."
    Because they're not better schools. Where was she for the first 75% of the conversation?!

  • Herr Daly
    Herr Daly 2 года назад +1

    Free public education is afforded to every citizen in Europe 🇮🇪🇪🇺😜 only payment made are administration fees

    • lugalan95
      lugalan95 2 года назад +4

      Herr Daly yep, the same in most South America. From my perspective is so puzzling to look at a country like the US and that it has these major issues that a lot of us in the rest of the world have (not perfectly) figured it out.

  • Duricas
    Duricas 2 года назад +2

    A Masters in Kindergarten?

    • AliceinWonderland
      AliceinWonderland 2 года назад +7

      Duricas - she said that she is a product of public education from kindergarten to a masters degree

  • Theresa Williams
    Theresa Williams 2 года назад

    She is not QUALIFIED ,, !, and Jed, for the record !, Teachers will be Union members, shut up and educated yourself!

  • Dr Iggy shinbone
    Dr Iggy shinbone 2 года назад +3

    Behar your an keep proving that every day.

  • Rick Matsokotere
    Rick Matsokotere 2 года назад +15

    So this woman we hate coz she's not a Democrat 😂

    • Neojhun
      Neojhun 2 года назад +9

      Ignorant much. The problem of Betsy Devos as Education Secretary is soo crazy that it beyond partisan politics. Devos barely even understand basic debates like Standardised Proficiency VS Growth Improvement. She has no experience in actually providing education. The only thing she has experience lobbying to DeFund Secular Public school and to dump into into her pet "Christian Madrasas". The only reason she got the nomination even though she is totally unqualified is because her conman family donated hundreds million dollars into political campaigns. This is soo crazy stupid party politics is irrelevant.

    • The Sounds of the Suburbs
      The Sounds of the Suburbs 2 года назад +1

      She was chosen because she is a leader on school choice. There were other candidates considered including Michelle Rhee, who is neither a Republican, nor a billionaire.

    • headoverheels88
      headoverheels88 2 года назад +1

      No, we hate her because the "30 years of childrens education blah blah blah" has caused charter school kids in Michigan to have the lowest scoring in the entire state. Worse than public schools.

    • Esha Augustine
      Esha Augustine 2 года назад +1

      Dr Scott Hall yeah, it seems so.

    • Dr Scott Hall
      Dr Scott Hall 2 года назад +19

      Rick Matsokotere She's unqualified and was only chosen because she's a billionaire that's loyal to the Republican party and Donald Trump.

  • TheSpokenWizard
    TheSpokenWizard 2 года назад +3

    sunny is conflicted because devos is not a Democrat--that's all!

  • Fabian Pillay
    Fabian Pillay 2 года назад +1

    Whatever peoples' views on the education structure, people must remember that the fundamental issue here is Trump's corruption in getting his billionaire donor buddies into his cabinet (even Rex T). This is how Trump (and Republican 'fans') are ruining America. It's happening. Only thing this time around is that at the end of the road, in 2020, they won't be able to blame Hillary Clinton for everything wrong (since that's all they ever seem to do).

  • T Minhas
    T Minhas 2 года назад +2

    I want Whoopi's shirt!! :)

  • Ayanda Mabaso
    Ayanda Mabaso 2 года назад +42

    Sara should just do the view alone 👏🏾 calm,collected and to the point

    • Eva Adesuwa
      Eva Adesuwa 2 года назад +4

      Ayanda Mabaso Defiantly. Her statement can stand alone. Didn't need to hear from anyone else after that!

  • michael adams
    michael adams 2 года назад

    You made our point you joy an idiot that went to public school for why public school is a mess

  • Tina Grace
    Tina Grace 2 года назад +21

    They weren't tough questions, just AWFUL answers!! She needs to go!

    • Laverne Blaszczyk
      Laverne Blaszczyk 9 месяцев назад

      Exactly, the people who cry the loudest about gotcha questions are usually the least qualified

  • johnny cake
    johnny cake 2 года назад +9

    my god joy, youre not doing public schools any favors.

    • Laverne Blaszczyk
      Laverne Blaszczyk 9 месяцев назад

      Lol ikr, I think she realised how it sounded cos she laughed as she said "my second husband"😂😂

  • CJ O'Murph
    CJ O'Murph 2 года назад +3

    Joy Blowhard is a product of public education? The most obnoxious harpy on the view brags of going to public schools. Great argument for charter schools! Confirm Betsy DeVos immediately if idiots like Joy and Whoopsy are against her. First time I agreed with Sonny.

  • firednasty B-flame
    firednasty B-flame 2 года назад +37

    why can't all public schools be funded equally regardless of school district

    • firednasty B-flame
      firednasty B-flame Год назад +1

      Nolan Thomas if all public school were funded equally that wouldn't be an issue this is not a color issue there bad schools everywhere it affects the inner cities more but let give every child a fair chance to become successful

    • Nolan Thomas
      Nolan Thomas Год назад

      firednasty B-flame why can't i choose where I go to school?

    • ominous450
      ominous450 2 года назад +1

      +victoria hale
      we pay taxes to lift people up who've been left behind and to give them a chance to get ahead. it's good economics if you think about it. I learn this freshman year of college, economics 101.
      1) better quality public education == more ppl going to college == higher paying salary == more $$ the government can collect in taxes to invest == better infrastructure, education, healthcare, job opportunities, stronger defense, etc. Better everything in general. Basically it all starts with EDUCATION.
      the gov't can't collect as much in taxes from low income community and the community suffers as a result. If well-off communities can help out, we can raise smarter children in low income communities, and the country will be better off.

  • UniquelyMade
    UniquelyMade 2 года назад +16

    Wow joy got her masters in kindergarten? Tough school! Lol

  • Steve Reed
    Steve Reed 2 года назад +2

    Boy oh boy, every time, if your rich, according to Sunny then it's your fault that there are poor kids, poor people. She is the biggest proponent of well fair to fix the problem.

  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson 2 года назад +4

    Trump got in with no experience so he thought his rich friend could do the same. Democrats are NOT having it!

    • citizenxgen
      citizenxgen Год назад +1

      the democrats will bend over and take it.

  • remy reveyoso
    remy reveyoso 2 года назад

    this interesting

  • D-Bomb
    D-Bomb 2 года назад +95

    The Bernie clip isn't the one you should've shown. Warren and Franken were far more telling.

    • josh miller
      josh miller Год назад

      Houston Seller or the senator of CT or even Kaine

    • lancesamals
      lancesamals 2 года назад +1

      Houston Seller unfortunately this is the veiw

    • edwin washington
      edwin washington 2 года назад

      Houston Seller I know, asking her social policy questions

  • SCOTTYPization
    SCOTTYPization 2 года назад +9

    Why take large amounts of money from already financially strapped schools and give it out to a very few children to attend private schools when we can invest in the public school system in a more substantial intelligent way which will help all children. The fact is that the budget for education needs to be exponentially expanded and it is also a verified truth that most children don't have access to good private schools nor do the private schools have space for all the children who want to attend.

    • citizenxgen
      citizenxgen Год назад +1

      throwing good money after bad will do nothing.

    • Tim Carroll
      Tim Carroll 2 года назад

      We have decades of evidence proving conclusively that throwing more money at schools does not, in any way. fix the problem.
      The true definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.....

  • Eish Balu
    Eish Balu 2 года назад +5

    Thanks GOD today show no Trump

  • Raff P
    Raff P 2 года назад +78

    I'm sorry but the reason a lot of kids go to public school is because WE HAVE TOO. If they made it more accessible to go to private school I would've taken that in a heartbeat.

    • Zucchinna
      Zucchinna 10 месяцев назад

      private schools are a long game goal of right wingers to control education through religious indoctrination. They shouldn't even exist because they are proven to be worse than public schools ACROSS THE BOARD, so you are misinformed or lying :)
      but I think you are just misinformed

    • Carlos Lopez
      Carlos Lopez Год назад

      RJ P same

    • Victor Ibarra
      Victor Ibarra Год назад +1

      St. John Bosco had the best high school football team in the nation and they still rank among the top 10. But football is all they got going for them, my high school of Downey high school has An incredible amount of engineering, English, scientific classes compared to them, For example my school has 7 different engineering classes including one that is Aerospace engineering, while St. john Bosco does not even have auto cad or intro to engineering. My school gets alot of the money to buy the expensive equipment it has by competing in a program called skills USA and fundraising. We normally win many competitions while St. John Bosco does not even compete. The point is that if you were to choose between these two schools that rank among the best in california, would you choose A) school that gives your child many opportunity's, clubs, and choices to succeed? Or B) school that is just good in football + burden of paying $10,000 a year.
      PS Bosco does not even have an indoor cafeteria while my school does with many flat screen TVs and its own professional chief, money got again through fundraising and skills USA.

    • byBrandyn
      byBrandyn Год назад +1

      Nope. Sure, both of these people are some of the richest in the world, but that's not due to what school they went to. I should also point out that I would never send my children to a private high school, however when it comes to college my views are a little different.

  • nas yaas
    nas yaas 2 года назад +7

    DeVos is extremely flawed since she bought into Barry Barack's bribery of States with his Common Core money. Controlling education from Washington including Government propaganda is worthy of Jeb Bush not Donald Trump. Hopefully Congress will turn down this nominee.

  • Liyu Dibaba
    Liyu Dibaba 2 года назад +6

    I hope 🤞 will see this beautiful generation change the education gives equal opportunity for all of the ppl!!

  • Just CC
    Just CC 2 года назад +28

    Love Whoopi's shirt!

  • Dave Dee
    Dave Dee 2 года назад +13

    I don't care if it were Hillary nominating Jesus for education secretary. It won't work!
    Putting any amount of money into education is helpful but it doesn't address the problem.

    • headoverheels88
      headoverheels88 2 года назад +11

      Except despite Jesus was a backwaters uneducated bearded hobo, he would have at least been more qualified than Devos.

  • frediax10
    frediax10 2 года назад +2

    education is up to the student and if they are willing to learn and work hard I go to a school that it's infrastructure is pretty new yet the people are fucking dumb because they don't care so gtfo

    • Tim Carroll
      Tim Carroll 2 года назад +1

      I call BS......I grew up in poverty. Being poor NEVER stopped me from doing my homework and studying nor did it stop me from paying attention in class. Those things are CHOICES that have absolutely no relation to your family's level of wealth.

    • Sara English
      Sara English 2 года назад +10

      are you living in an alternate reality?? You can seriously say that outlying factors like HUNGER? ABUSE? POVERTY? aren't all barriers to learning?

  • Cunty Jackpot
    Cunty Jackpot 2 года назад +8

    Sunny is a slave and her master is george soros

    • Thomas Steven
      Thomas Steven 2 года назад +14

      is that all you talk about idiot

    • Ben Osama
      Ben Osama 2 года назад

      Cunty Jackpot 😂😂😂😂😂 omg

  • Rochell Barbara
    Rochell Barbara 2 года назад +141

    Amen she is not qualified at all

    • Lilly Yarney
      Lilly Yarney Год назад +1


    • Parveen Kaur Sarana
      Parveen Kaur Sarana Год назад

      Jim Elliott qq

    • Jim Elliott
      Jim Elliott 2 года назад +4

      Dear God NO and I am a Republican. Nice woman, but based on THIS I wouldn't hire her to run a lemonade stand. She can stroke a check - thats her credentials, sickening.

    • dsmithers944
      dsmithers944 2 года назад +2

      Rochell Barbara keep saying it it might make a difference...